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Literature Race Change
Wrong Luggage by Tservo96

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“Welcome to Chicago” the flight attendant’s message came through the tinny speakers as the plane touched down “Local time is 1:18 and the temperature is 58 degrees with rain forecast. We will be disembarking at gate C22 in just a few minutes time. We at United Airlines once again apologize for the delay; if this is your final destination we ask if could please remain seated so those passengers who need to make connecting flights can get off the plane first. We know you have many choices when it comes to travel and we want to thank you for choosing United”

22 year old Riya Patel sighed and slumped further down in her seat “I’m not going to make it in time!” she screamed in her head as people around her began to stand up and clog the aisles. “The first time I get invited to give a speech and I’m going to be late!”
“At least I can use my cell phone” she thought as she began to text her contact at the convention ‘Plane just landed; be there as soon as I can!’

Riya looked down at herself and wanted to cry. She had dressed for comfort thinking that she would have plenty of time to spruce up in her room but delay after delay had pushed her arrival time back from 9 A.M. to now. “I’ll have to go to my room and change” she said picking at her zip up hoodie and jeans.

A few rows ahead of her Monica Dyson also let out a long sigh and felt her stomach flip in nervous anger “The biggest speech of my life and I’m going to be late!” she thought frustrated. She could see the Hilton sign, so close and yet so far. “Can this day get any worse?”
Dr. Monica Dyson decided to stand up and fight the crowd to get out. “Wouldn’t have worn my heels if I had known I was going to have to sprint through O’Hare” She had on black heels, black hose, a black skirt and a white blouse. She was on a team that had just perfected a new surgical technique and was presenting her finding to the American Medical Association today. Her initial flight from Boston had been delayed and then rerouted to Washington D.C. making her schedule extremely tight.

She grabbed her purse and laptop and stood in line waiting to go. As she began to inch her way forward, she swayed and caught her pantyhose on the corner of an armrest. With a silent pop, a hole formed and her hose began to run.
Monica hit the jet way and began to weave her way through traffic. It was a long walk to baggage claim and she intended on getting there as quickly as possible. In the concourse, she picked up speed and passed by the long line waiting for a shuttle to the main terminal.

Riya’s wait was longer. She was seated in row 31 but the man in row in front of her couldn’t get his bag down; it was shoved in too tight. After precious lost moments, he got it free and limped towards the front. Riya only had her purse and tried to not be impolite as she rushed past him at the first chance she had.

Riya was a recent graduate of Georgetown in education. She had written a thesis on early childhood development and it had been very well received. She was travelling to Chicago to present it to the American Education Society and was very nervous and yet proud of being asked there to present it personally. “If I’m late, I’m going to look like such a joke” she thought as she rushed through the airport.

Monica hesitated only once as she stopped to read the sign informing her where her luggage would be coming out at “Carousel 23; great even further away” she said to herself as she readjusted her purse.

The luggage was just arriving “Finally some luck!” she thought as she saw her large black bag emerge first. She grabbed it, pulled out the handle and headed for the hotel shuttles.

Riya ran down the escalator and almost slammed into a tall red haired woman who was heading for the sliding doors “Sorry!” she yelled at the woman who was in such a hurry she gave no indication that she had heard or cared.

Riya saw her flight number was all the way down at carousel 23. She sprinted now feeling the crush of time “Thank God for remote check in” she told herself patting her phone in her front pocket. She was already checked in to the Hilton, knew her room number and the app was even ready to unlock her door for her.

Riya didn’t see her bag already making the journey around in circles so she waited for what felt like an hour. In reality it was probably three minutes before she saw a large black bag come out from the back. She rushed up and
grabbed it and took off for the shuttles.

Monica saw a shuttle for the Hilton just about to take off and was lucky enough to jump on in time. She finally exhaled and sat down “Oh Shit!” she said finally seeing the run in her hose. “Ruined…I guess I can take them off and go bare legged into my speech” she thought as she drummed her feet up and down.
As the bus made its way around the access roads, it began to lurch and make a funny noise. About 200 yards from the Hilton, smoke poured out and the bus came to a sudden stop. “This can’t be good” flashed into her mind.
The driver was swearing into his radio as Monica and the other passengers began to stir. “I have to get to the Hilton” she said grabbing her bag. The driver opened the doors and she got out and began to walk.

“No, No, No!” she said as she felt the first few drops begin to hit her head and shoulders “How can this day get any worse?!” Monica began to hurry but the heavens opened in a sudden downpour that Midwesterners know all too well.
No umbrella was available so she put her purse over her hair and face and began to run <CRACK>

Suddenly, Monica’s right foot kicked out sideways and her heel impacted the ground “ARGH! MY fucking heel just broke too!”

Finally under the awning she looked around and down at her soaked shirt and skirt. Her legs were wet and her heels were ruined “Great. Just fucking perfect.”

Once inside she strode to the front desk as best as she could, limping on one bad shoe. “Monica Dyson: I need my room key now please. I’m an absolute mess and I have a speech to give in less than half an hour”

“I am so sorry Ms. Dyson, let me see where you’re at…” the front desk lady said as she typed. “Room 314” she swiped a key and gave it to her “If there’s anything we can do for you just let us know” she called out as Monica walked away to the elevators.

Riya’s shuttle bus went right past the broken down bus and to the front doors of the Hilton. She grabbed her bag and headed straight through the lobby “No, Please hold the door” she called out but the tall red haired woman must not have heard her because the elevator doors closed as Riya ran toward them. “I’ve got to get changed” she said as she pressed the up button.

Finally the doors opened and she went to the third floor “Room 315” she said as she went down the hall and went in.
Monica slipped her feet out of her broken heels in the elevator and picked them up. She rushed down the hall and into her room. As soon as the door swung closed behind her she was yanking off her torn pantyhose not caring that she was demolishing them in the process “Ruined anyway…” she thought as she unzipped her skirt and unbuttoned her soaked blouse. “Even my bra and underwear are wet!”

Monica reached up behind her back and undid her bra allowing her 36C breasts to fall free. She stepped out of her panties as well and let out a long sigh. Now totally naked in front of the mirror, she grabbed her purse and did a quick brush though of her long red hair and began to touch up her make-up.
“At least my hair isn’t a mess” she said puckering her lips and reapplying her dark red lipstick.

Monica was 36 but aging very well. She had very pale skin and had always protected it from the sun; natural red heads with light green eyes always do. Tall and slim at 5’10” and 130lbs, she had fought hard to be taken seriously for her work and not her looks but her wide smile and dimples could be used for her advantage.

She spun on her heels and opened up her bag which was lying on the end of the King sized bed. As soon as she unzipped it and flung back the top; her stomach dropped and her heart raced in panic and dread “Oh Shit; these aren’t my clothes!”

Monica was shocked “No! NO!” She yelled at the contents of the bag “This is by far the worst day of my life! I can’t believe how bad my luck has gone today!”

She grabbed the tag on the handle; the tag she had not looked at until that moment she realized “Riya Patel…Falls Church Virginia…”

“What am I going to do? Think Monica think!” Monica paced back and forth “You have the biggest speech of your life in…18 minutes!” she looked at the clock on the nightstand. She bit her lip “This Riya Patel person is probably still at the airport…I can call United when I’m done. I can’t believe I’m doing this but I have no other choice; I have to look presentable and I have to give this speech on time!”

She looked at the clothes and saw they looked dressy, if not quite up the standard she was used to. “Better than going there in the nude or looking like a drowned rat”

Putting her feelings of regret and trepidation and just being generally grossed out by wearing a strangers clothes, she leaned forward and sniffed. When it smelled clean to her, she thought “I’ll wear them for the hour…sneak back up here; by then my clothes should be dry; I’ll contact the airline and head back over there and hopefully get my own bag”

Monica gathered up all of her wet clothing and put them on the room heater and turned the fan on “Hopefully that works… now what do we have…”
She started going through the bag “I can go commando or I can…she picked up a pair of nude colored panties. She closed her eyes and danced for a second as she stepped into them and pulled them up. They fit pretty well, a bit loose in the hips but only a size off from her normal. There was a black skirt and a maroon blouse that looked to be the pick of the litter “Hopefully this woman has big feet” she prayed as she saw a pair of black peep toe heels in the netting on the flap.

Monica had big feet; size 10 and kind of wide “Ehhhh” she sighed as she pulled the heels out and read the inside “Size 8…shit but at least they’re open toed…I can make it work!”

She scrounged around to the bottom until she found a bra “34B…I can live with it!” she said at the smaller bra size. She slipped her arms forward through the straps and worked to adjust them as much as she could to make it looser. She reached up and fastened it and while it was a bit tight and her boobs were a bit squished “At least I won’t be flopping around up there like some kind of slut” she said to herself.

It was the blouse that now made her nervous “I hope it’s not too short on me” she muttered as she put her arms down the sleeves.

Monica let out a sigh of disappointment through her nose and closed mouth as the cuffs of the blouse stopped above her wrists “Hopefully no one will notice” she mumbled as she began to button it up.

The blouse was a bit tight and a bit high on her “Just don’t raise your arms up and you’ll be fine” she reminded herself as she grabbed the skirt.

The skirt fit pretty well although it came to the top of her knees instead of below them as she was sure that was the skirts’ intention. “Whatever; I’ll be standing behind a podium anyway”
Eight minutes to go, she perched on the end of the bed and put her right foot into the right shoe. “Man this is tight…my feet are going to hurt and be all red by the time this is done”

Her right big toe and the next one to it were visible through the peep toe and she was glad she had sprung for the pedicure the last time she was at the salon. She curled up her toes with their red nails slightly so they didn’t hang over the end. She repeated it with her left foot before she gathered up her notes and grabbed her laptop and sprinted out the door and back to the elevators.

Riya looked at the clock and saw she would be cutting it close but it could be done “I’m going to make it!” she said as she smiled tossing her bag up onto the bed. She unzipped her hoodie and pulled her t-shirt off over her thick jet black hair, her dark tan skin glistening from her run. She undid her belt and pulled her jeans down as she kicked off her sneakers. She managed to pull off her socks as she took her jeans off as well.

Riya was just 22 and stood just 5’3”. Her dark tan skin, black hair and big dark brown eyes all showing off her obvious Indian heritage, she stood in just her black bra and panties as she did her hair and make-up as fast as she could to look presentable.

She spun and opened up her bag and gasped; her hands flying to her mouth in shock “This isn’t my bag! Oh NO! What am I going to do…this is awful!”

She grabbed the tag; the tag she hadn’t looked at until now she realized “How stupid of me…anybody could have a plain black bag like this…I bought the thing at Kohl’s”

“Monica Dyson…Boston Massachusetts! What am I going to do?” she repeated. “I have to give this speech or my life is ruined!”

Her eyes crept back to the bag and its contents “I don’t want to do this…but I think I have to” She began to rummage through the bag. The clothes were very nice if a little big for her but, to her luck, everything was light colored. “Tan pants or a tan skirt?! White silk blouse!” she was beginning to panic “My underwear will show through! I’ll look like an idiot!”

She bit her bottom lip and thought the unthinkable “Unless…” she stomach flip flopped at the thought of wearing a stranger’s underwear. A glance at the clock settled it for her “I hate to do this to you Monica Dyson of Boston Massachusetts” she said as she took off her bra and pulled down her panties closing her eyes. “Your stuff looks nice so I hope you’re clean!”

Riya reached up and unhooked her 36C bra and slipped her panties down over her brown thighs. She took a long breath and closed her eyes as she brought out the nude panties and bra. They were both quite a bit lighter than her skin tone “It’s not the best look for me anyway…I don’t think I’ve ever owned an outfit this color before”

She pulled the panties up and hooked the bra which was a bit large on her “Roomy” she quipped but didn’t linger for long as she tightened up the buckles on her shoulders. She pulled out the slacks first but stopped when she saw how long they were on her “Never going to work…must be a tall woman” she mumbled as she grabbed the skirt instead.

The skirt came to the bottom of her knees and was a little bit loose “Should be okay once I tuck her blouse in” she said as she quickly got the shirt up onto her shoulders and began to button it up. She undid the cuffs and folded them back since it looked better than having them cover half her palms up.

She tucked in her shirt and made sure it wasn’t bunched up before she pulled out the tan heels.

“Shit she’s got big feet” she saw her dark right foot swimming in the shoes “These are at least two sizes too big” She grabbed them and her purse and ran out the door barefoot. “I’ll put them on when I get there, can’t run in those”
She dashed to the elevator and took it down to the lobby level before running to the sign where her convention was meeting.

Skidding to a halt, Riya stopped just outside the door. She dropped the shoes and stepped into them before making sure to take small steps to hold them on with her heels popping loose as she walked. She shivered as a tingle of what she thought was nerves ran through her body. But as she took her next step, her feet got slightly larger.

Monica had made it to the staging area just off to the side of the auditorium. She smiled as she saw Max Devine, the doctor who had invited her to talk about her breakthrough. Finally feeling a bit more composed, she shivered and let out a slight hiccup “Excuse me” she whispered. She flexed her toes which were beginning to feel a bit cramped in her shoes. She slipped her right foot out, balled up her toes and then slid it back in “Feels better” she thought “Must be stretching them out a little bit. But as her toes settled in, they slid back just a bit, getting smaller.

She repeated the action with her left foot which responded the same way; getting slightly smaller once it was back in the shoe.

Unseen, her smallest toes, got smaller and the nails repositioned themselves slightly. This was followed by the next toes in line and the next. If she had been looking down, she would have seen her exposed second toes pop and slide backwards to the ends of the peep toe opening as the nail polish darkened on a wider nail bed.

She lifted her big toes as she stared out at the audience. They too got smaller, the knuckle of them sliding inward and her toenails adjusting in size as the rest of her feet began to shrink down slowly changing from a size 10 to a size 8. Her heels no longer pinched and the sides fit better now too as she was introduced and began to walk from the side to the podium.

Smiling, Monica cleared her throat and adjusted the microphone up closer to her mouth “Hello; thank you for your applause and your attention” she began as her feet now fit her shoes perfectly, as if they had been hers all along.

Riya slowly opened the door and made her way to the side of the stage. She smiled and waved when she saw her friend Jenny. Jenny Freedman made her way over “You made it! I was so worried you wouldn’t get here in time when I saw your texts about your flight”

“I know right” Riya responded nervously working her knees back and forth “Funny story about my clothes too but I’ll tell you later” she added as the speaker preceding her wrapped up and left stage left. “Wish me luck”

“Good luck…you’re going to do awesome out there” Jenny told her.

Riya walked as confidently as she could across the front of the room toward the podium. The lights were turned way up and quite harsh but she had memorized her speech after having gone over it so many times and knew what she wanted to say. Handouts had been passed around to go with her talk and she had those memorized too.

With each step she took, her feet grew a little bit more; a millimeter became a centimeter until a full inch had been added as she stepped to the podium. Her heels stretched back slowly gliding backwards until they came into full contact with the backs of the tan heels. They pulled tighter and fit snug as her toes began to grow longer and thinner. Toe cleavage even began to emerge as they reshaped inside the expensive heels that were becoming a better fit with each passing second. Her nails went from a dark maroon color to a bright red as her nail beds narrowed and thinned. Her big toes bulged outward and settled into the pre worn grooves as she dove headlong into her speech in shoes that fit her whitening feet perfectly.

Riya rocked her ankle and foot backward, never thinking that it should be flopping loose on her foot as she talked but the shoe never moved.

As Riya gained confidence in her speech and could see interested faces in the crowd, she began to relax and talk freely. As she did, other small changes began to happen to her body. Her skin began to fade out in color, becoming paler by a shade as she spoke.

Her legs began to grow; just ever so slightly to begin with but by the time the first half hour was up; Riya was a full inch taller than she had been when she began.

Her arms began to lengthen out along with her legs and the rolled up sleeves of her blouse rose up slightly higher on her longer and paler arms.

Under her shirt and her bra, her skin also lightened in tone and color as her stomach rumbled once. Riya knew no one could hear it but was still self-conscious of it rolling on her. The rolling was merely a side effect of her stomach changing and elongating, becoming slightly flatter and toned as it did.

The first time Riya leaned forward, she felt her small breasts move and jiggle freely in the borrowed bar that was too large for her. But once again, slowly but surely, her breasts began to enlarge on her chest.

Mass and weight and fat built up; her nipples even lightened and shrank down on lightening and shrinking areolas as her breasts changed shape and size. They grew the cup size needed and came into contact with the soft silk cups, slowly lowering and settling into place naturally.
In the next auditorium over, Monica paced a bit in her now comfortable shoes as she talked and ran her presentation from her laptop. Power point slides came and went as she spoke and guided the audience through her new procedure. The skin on her feet thickened completing their transformation fully as the skin of her legs began to darken a shade in tone and color. As they darkened, they also began to shrink down and become fuller and more compact and the inch of height that Riya had gained, she had lost as she spoke.

At one point, she instinctively adjusted her skirt. It was sitting on her knees now instead of on top of them but it wasn’t an active thought for her. She shimmied her hips slightly as they began to creep slowly outward and made sure her blouse remained tucked in even as her back and chest began to shrink smaller and another inch of height dropped off of her tall frame.

As Monica’s arms began to shrink smaller, the cuffs of her blouse began to slowly work their way back down closer to her wrists. She failed to notice.

Monica pulled her shoulders back in a quick stretch and flex as her bra straps slipped and readjusted on them. Her breasts were getting smaller and her bra was fitting better “Might have stretched it out some” she thought as she continued to talk. Unseen but marked by a bit of warmth that washed over her, Monica’s areolas spread and darkened as her nipples plumped up and out even as her breasts shrank down in size.

The skin on her legs began to darken but with the low lighting of the room, no one could tell.

Riya had picked up speed as she went along even adding in additional points as she went. She adjusted the microphone down as she plowed into the second part. Her back and legs were stretching and growing again and she was now up to 5’6” as her hair began to show a few tinges of red weaving their way in under the bright lights.

She was winding toward her conclusions as her hips and thighs began to narrow and her skin continued to lighten. The tan skirt, which had begun at the bottom of her knees now sat above them, exposing them to the audience as she stepped out from behind the podium. She put her hand up and clasped them in front of her as she asked “Any questions?”

As her fingers intertwined and locked, they began to grow longer and thinner.
A few questions did follow which she answered adroitly before finishing

“Thank You all for your attention” as she walked off.

“That was great Riya” Jenny told her before her brow furrowed “Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, why?” Riya asked.

“You look really pale is all” Jenny told her.

Riya put the back of her hand to her forehead “I mean it was hot standing up there but I feel…” her voice drifted off as she caught sight of her hand.

“What is it?” Jenny asked.

“I…” she looked at her friend. They were mostly text and skype friends who had only met in person twice before but something was wrong; off to Riya

“Wasn’t she taller than me?” she thought looking slightly down at Jenny “I’m not sure” she finally said out loud.

“Well if you need something to drink, we have water at the table over there” Jenny told her before going out to tell the crowd that they would be taking a break before the next speaker.

“Yeah…” Riya answered confused. She took a step toward the refreshment table and realized that her shoes were not sliding on her. She looked down and stuck her foot out “Something’s wrong!” sprang to the forefront of her mind. Her eyes took in her foot and then went up her leg.

“Something is very wrong here!” her mind was reeling “What’s going on?! That doesn’t look like my leg!” Riya hurried from the room into the hallway. She spun her head back and forth looking for a bathroom but none were near. She began to rush back to the lobby, swinging her arms as she went. Her rolled up cuffs came undone as she went and she raised her eyebrows seeing that the sleeves now ended at her wrists.

Before she got to the lobby, she took a quick right and ran up the stairs to the third floor “Shit! I left my phone and my purse downstairs” but she saw the housekeeping cart outside her door. Her door was open and the maid was just finishing up “Excuse me” she mumbled as she shot past her, into her room and locked the door behind her.

Monica continued to get shorter and shorter as she spoke. She fidgeted with her top and skirt trying to not be obvious about it as she shrank into her clothes. She was down to 5’6” and she readjusted her microphone down to keep it in front of her mouth.

Her skin continued to darken and her hair started to thicken and strands began to turn black in the back of her head. Her mouth and lips tingled as they began to get slightly smaller, pursing up as she spoke. She was coming to the end of her presentation and the audience was rapt. Her stomach gurgled as it popped out slightly and her ass began to grow rounder under her tightening skirt.

Monica put her hands down to the front of her skirt and intertwined her fingers, they began to shrink back shorter, thicker and the skin began to darken more on the tops than on the palms. “I hope I’ve shown you the benefits of our procedure and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have on technique or viability at your leisure; thank you all so much for having me here today”

The audience applauded as Monica closed up her laptop. The lights came back up to full as she strode off the stage, 5 inches shorter than she had been when she had walked on.

“Great speech Monica I am so impressed by your work” Max Devine said as she drew near.

“Thank you Max, coming from you that is quite the compliment” Monica said itching at her nose. The itch was deep seated and very annoying. As she scratched, her nose began to widen and grow broader.

Max and Monica caught each other looking up and down at the other one “Something’s not right!” jumped into Monica’s mind “What’s wrong, what’s off about this picture? Oh! When did Max get taller than me?”

Max Devine was just 5’8” and Monica now found herself looking upward at him. She looked down at her feet in their heels “Still on me what the heck?!” her mind took off in a million directions at the sight of her feet in the black peep toed heels. Her mouth opened in shock and she gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked.

“Um…” she began “EVERYTHING!” Her mind screamed “Can you excuse me a moment Max?” she said and began to leave as quickly as she could.

“Of Course” Max replied shaking his head slightly trying to place what was wrong about Monica.

Monica stared straight ahead, a nervous look on her pursed lips until she was around the corner and out into the hall.
“What the hell?!” she said to herself leaning forward and looking at her feet “Those don’t look like my feet!” she slipped them both out of the heels

“What the fuck?!” she felt like screaming but was paralyzed afraid to make a scene “What do I do? What do I do?!”
Her eyes trained up her legs then to her mid-section “I have to get to a mirror; something is seriously wrong right now” Thinking “Why do my feet fit in these shoes now?” as she slipped her feet back into them, she headed to the lobby but at the last minute spotted a staircase and took it up to the third floor.
“Shit! I left my laptop and purse down there…Housekeeping!” She saw the cart outside of her room and she rushed forward to it “Excuse me” she said as she made her way around the maid and closed the door behind her.

“What the fuck what the fuck!?” Monica repeated as she slapped at her chest “What the fuck is happening to me?!” she let out a very nervous laugh as she flipped on the light to the bathroom which was just inside the front door.

“AH!” Monica let out a quick scream as she put her hands on the wide mirror in front of her. She stared in fascination, in shock, in horror and mostly in utter confusion “Who am I?” she said afraid.
Monica reached up and pressed her fingers down hard against her cheeks; cheeks that were a darker shade than her skin had ever been before. They felt flatter and the skin even felt rougher. She smoushed and squished her face around, running her fingers over her broader and wider nose and thicker yet smaller lips.

“Oh My God!” she said as she watched her eye color darken from green to deep dark brown. The shape of her eyes widened to more almond shaped and the eyes themselves shifted slightly outward further away from her nose.

“Oh shit NO! Hell NO!” she yelled at her changing reflection.

Monica couldn’t see the lower half of her body so she stumbled back and headed for the full length mirror on the wall just outside of the bathroom. The doors to the room closet were full length mirror and now she got a sight of her entire body “I look like I’m…” she slowly turned her head to the open suitcase on the end of her bed and the name of the owner popped into her mind.

Riya stood with her back against the door afraid to move even an inch. She dug her heels into the thin industrial carpeting and pressed her hands, back and butt against the door. “You have to look” she told herself as she looked down at her longer pale legs “What is going on?!”

She stood up and took a few steps cautiously forward until she saw her reflection in the full length mirrored doors of the closet “HOLY SHIT!” escaped her mouth. “What the fuck; who the fuck?”

“Is that…?” she leaned closer to the mirror taking a very shaky step. Her ankle failed and she stumbled forward “What…?”

Her hands went to her hair which looked reddish black in the light. It felt thin between her fingers and as she pulled a few strands before her eyes, it was her fingers that grabbed her attention. She let go of her hair as if it had burned her. She splayed her fingers out in front of her face, her mouth a round O of shock. “That’s not my hand? Whose hand…?” she spun around never more confused in her life.

She wiggled her foot and found it tight in the shoe “This was too big for me an hour ago”

With some effort, she popped her right foot free “Ah…Ha-ha…what kind of…that’s not my foot!” she said loudly to herself as she lifted up the long thin toes at the end of her foot and wiggled them around.

Her hands slapped at her bare legs “Not my legs…too long…too skinny and way too pale…where’s my color?”

“How tall?” she said seeing herself in the mirror again “I’m taller somehow…” She turned around again “How is this happening?!”

Riya felt a tingling sensation in her face; her lips were numb and she began to smack them “Maum, maum…Mmm” she hummed. She leapt back as her lips quivered and began to change shape size and color. They paled, grew longer and thinner before her eyes “AH!” she screamed.

Curious to the last though, she leaned forward as her nose began to itch. It twitched and began to shrink.

Riya’s hands flew to it and covered it up but she could still feel it moving on her face. Her hands stifled her scream as her cheekbones rose up. By the time her hands pulled away, the whole look of her face had changed. Her chin and jaw had moved, her nose and mouth were different and now she felt her eyes pulling inward, rounding and watched them as they faded and changed color from brown to green.

Thinking she was going to pass out, Riya crumbled to the floor and began to sob. As her body lurched, her hair continued to change growing longer, thinner and red in color. Her ears shrank down, her body continued to grow longer as her hips and ass flattened and her legs trimmed.

By the time she looked up again, she didn’t recognize a thing about the reflection looking back at her.

Monica’s hair continued to thicken and darken and change on her head. She could feel it moving and felt her hairline creep down her forehead narrowing it as her eyebrows thickened and lengthened greatly. Her eyelashes even popped out thicker as she continued to shrink. Down to just 5’3”, the clothes now fit her body like they were made for her. “This is impossible” she made her way to the open suitcase. She looked around for her own wet clothes that she had changed out of but she didn’t see them.
“Where could they have…? Shit, the maid must have gathered them up!” Monica was in her room but only had the suitcase of a stranger now with her. Her purse and laptop were downstairs and her own clothes were riding away on the maid’s cart.

She returned to the mirror and took in the reflection of a stranger there “I don’t even recognize a bit of me!” she said to the reflection “Shit! Even my voice sounds different!” She bared her teeth to the mirror and saw that even her teeth looked different; smaller and closer together as she ran a foreign looking tongue out over them as well.

She closed her eyes for a moment and her hand went to the front of her skirt where it patted and pressed down “That means even…” she looked down “I have another woman’s…oh my god this is not happening!”

Her hands flew around to her larger and rounder ass and gave it a squeeze too. She lifted her skirt and looked at her upper thighs and how they touched. She poked at the soft and yielding flesh there and drew her finger back abruptly to find herself staring at the unknown woman in the mirror in front of her “Who are you? Am I Riya?” upon saying the words, images flashed through her mind so fast she couldn’t make them out.

Looking closely she noticed “I’m young” she said still adjusting to the sound of her voice “But how old am I?”

“22” came an instant voice in her head “Born August 20th 1994…your parents are Kapil and Chandra Patel…”

“What is this?!” she reeled back clutching at her head “Am I going insane?”

More thoughts began to work their way in and as such more of her own thoughts and memories began to leave without her noticing or being able to stop them. “You are a recent graduate of Georgetown University, born and raised in D.C. Thomas Academy High School going for your masters and doctorate in Education” Scenes came one by one into Monica’s mind. From simple sights like swimming in a pool to a Hindu temple to a dark skinned Indian male asking her out on a date. "This isn’t my life; these aren’t my memories” Monica said but she tried to remember her own parents and couldn’t picture them or name them. She dropped to her knees and curled up.

Riya was taking in how tall she looked “How big am I now?” she asked her reflection. The Boston accent coming from her mouth had surprised her the first time she heard it.

“Five foot ten…” came the answer to her mind. Riya looked concerned at how quickly and definite the answer was for her. She remembered the nametag “Monica…” she began before more was filled in by her own thoughts “Monica Elizabeth Dyson from Lowell Massachusetts…born May 12th 1980, John Hancock High School, softball team, honors graduate, Tufts University…Harvard Medical School…surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital…parents are John and Louise Dyson…sister is Janet brother is Matthew”
“Why do I know this?” Riya asked holding up her hands in front of her face “Surgeon hands?!”

She looked back to the mirror “I’m…a doctor now…” she saw a house among other images. She shook her head violently back and forth before collapsing back onto the bed.

<Knock, Knock, Knock> “Ms. Dyson?”

Lying on the bed, Monica heard her name being called from a long way off. She was confused and disoriented.

<Knock, Knock> “Are you there Ms. Dyson?”

Monica looked around as she sat up. Her red hair swayed over her shoulders “Yes” she called out “Who is it?”

“My Name is Ken Ms. Dyson, I’m one of the managers here. I have your laptop and your purse Ma’am; you left them behind at the convention this afternoon”

“Oh” Monica remembered suddenly leaving after her speech in a hurry but for the life of her; she couldn’t remember what had made her leave so fast. “Coming!” she called out.
Monica stood up and smoothed out her tan skirt and white silk blouse and walked barefoot to the door. She peered through and saw a young man in a blue oxford shirt with a name tag emblazoned with Hilton across the top. She opened the door cautiously though still.

“Hello Ms. Dyson” Ken said “Here is your laptop and case and your purse. A Max Devine gathered them up for you and brought them to the front desk when you didn’t return”

“Oh thank you” she said taking her purse and laptop.

“Here’s an additional room key since it came up that the girl who checked you in only gave you one at that time; you know, just in case”

Monica took the small key in the paper sleeve with 315 written on it. “Thank You”
“Oh! I almost forgot!” Ken said turning to the small cart he had behind him “I believe the housekeeper gathered these up by mistake from your room” he handed a laundry bag over to her.
“Yeah…thanks again” Monica said as she stepped back. She smiled and nodded as she closed the door.

Peeking into the bag she saw her wet blouse and skirt from earlier along with her bra and panties “Why do I have such a weird feeling about today?” she asked herself as she went back into her room and sat down on the edge of the bed.
Monica looked down at her pale feet as they sat flat on the floor. She closed her eyes and thought hard about her day. It had been bad...weird…she saw a dark skinned girl that seemed familiar but the image faded as quickly as it came to her.

She shook her head and stood up. She dug into her purse and brought out her phone. She pulled Max Devine up and sent him a text and offered to buy him dinner as a way of saying thanks.
Back out in the hall, Ken pushed his small cart to the next door down; Room 314: Riya Patel. He knocked three times and called out her name.

Riya was curled up on the floor deep in sleep when she heard the distant knock on her door and her name being called out. She sprung up “I’m up!” she said to no one as she looked around the room quickly “What the…why am I on the floor?” She put her dark hand down on the carpet and pushed herself up. She smoothed out her black skirt and maroon blouse and ran her hands over her wild thick black hair slicking it back.
“Coming” she said heading to the door.
“It’s the Manager Ma’am…I have your purse for you” Ken called back.
“Oh thank you so much” Riya said swinging the door open. “I had left it behind after I gave my speech. I must have been more nervous than I thought I was” she giggled.

“I’m sure you did great” Ken said as he pulled a laundry bag from the small cart he was pushing. “Also, it seems that the housekeeper gathered up some of your items by mistake”

“Oh; I was wondering about that” Riya said peering into the bag. She saw her zip up hoodie, her t-shirt, jeans and underwear and she could feel her clunky sneakers in the bottom of the bag.

“My phone!” she added excitedly as she opened up her purse.

Ken smiled and backed up a step “I also brought you a room key” he handed her a paper sleeve with a card in it and the number 314 on the outside. “I see that you used our check in app but just in case”

“Thank You” Riya responded sincerely. She bopped up and down as she closed the door and went back into her room. She bit her lip, still a bit confused as to how she ended up on the floor.
She sat next to her luggage at the end of the bed, her dark feet dangling above the floor, kicking back and forth energetically. She stared at the wall wondering how exhausting and strange her day had been. A vision of a red haired woman popped into her head but faded quickly as she thought about all the things she would have to do once she got back home to D.C. “I’m hungry” she realized “I need to get something to eat”

Riya pulled her thick hair up into a twist on the top of her head and found her black peep toed heels. She slipped her feet in and grabbed her purse. She tossed her key and phone back in and slung it up onto her shoulder. There was a restaurant downstairs and she thought she would check it out.

Monica couldn’t get the nagging thought out of her head that something was wrong about something. It was just a vague feeling that something wasn’t right ‘I’m hungry” she thought at last. She looked around and saw her nude heels by the door. She walked over and flipped them upright before slipping her feet into them. She stepped into the bathroom and fluffed out her long thin red hair. “Good enough” she laughed.


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