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Literature Race Change
The White Girls by Vivicious Transformations

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Miranda could only watch in shock as a wave of pigmentation flowed across her skin, darkening her pale, white skin. Her body seemed paralyzed as the coloration spread outward from her womanhood like watercolor from a brush. Her ginger pubic hair coiled and darkened, becoming tight black curls that barely lifted off her now-black skin.

The rest of her body, the unchanged parts, were as pale as could be, save for a smattering of freckles across her shoulders, breasts, and face. Out of the corners of her eyes she could see her freckles begin to darken and bleed together, but she couldn’t move her head at all. She wanted to scream out, but couldn’t seem to build the will to do so.

She felt Jack get up off the bed next to her and she heard him begin to dress. How can not see this?

“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to move again soon. That part is only temporary,” Jack said, coming into her field of vision, “The rest? Not so much…”

A surge of anger and confusion welled up within Miranda’s mind. What did you do, Jack?! She tried to make a noise and only managed to issue forth a pathetic

“Yeah, I guess I owe you an explanation. Not that it will matter. You’re gonna hate me no matter what. Always do.”

Jack walked over and ran his hand through her coarse new pubic hair, watching the pigmentation continue up towards her exposed breasts.

“Your new pubic hair sucks, rough as hell, but your skin still looks great. You’ll do fine one way or another, you’ve got brains and nothing changes that. Unfortunately, I won’t be around to see it. I really did like you though.”
He smiled.

“See when I was younger, I had the misfortune of crossing this voodoo bitch back in New York. I was a little prick back then,”

He shook his head, laughing,

“Still am a little bit. Well I called her a few names after she nearly knocked me off my bike rushing out her front door. She got it in her mind to curse me for that. Turns out she wasn’t playing and now I’ve got a quite literal fetish for white girls. Can’t even get hard for anything else. And any time I fuck a white girl I like…this happens.”
Miranda made another noise.
“Yeah, I know, sucks it had to be you, but you gotta understand I can only ‘control’ myself so long. And the curse still works even if I don’t technically fuck her. I got too into a camgirl once and cybered with her. Lets just say she had to change a few tags on her channel afterwards.”

Jack was almost fully dressed now. He sat down on the end of the bed, brushing his hair back and looking Miranda in the eyes.

“Your eyes are turning brown. I prefer blue, of course, but tons of people like ‘em brown. At least you aren’t going through what my first girlfriend did. I’ll never forget that girl. We were so young. It was senior year, my parents were out on vacation and we spent the whole day in my room building up to our first time. I actually came in the girl, thank god she was on the pill. It would have been even worse if she had ended up pregnant, too.”

Jack shook his head, reaching over and massaging Miranda’s feet. Before, her feet had been more or less the same color all over. Now there was a stark difference: light tan on bottom, dark brown on top.

“I noticed the changes immediately after I came. I was still inside her as her skin started changing. Unlike you, her hair changed much quicker. Yours hasn’t even changed yet. Her skin went from white to…yellow, I guess? Anyway, it happened pretty quick. Her pussy hair straightened out and shortly afterwards so did her blond hair on her head. Turned black and straight in the blink of an eye. She had this glazed over look, limp as a sack. Her skin just kinda, transitioned all in all. It didn’t spread like yours is. Guess everyone reacts differently.”

Jack reached up and felt her hair. Even without seeing it Miranda could tell it was changing, curling and darkening.

“Her mouth and eyes changed next. Thinking back on it, I should have been able to tell ahead what she would go through by the way her mouth changed. It kinda shifted in the way it rested, you know?”

Jack made a nonchalant gesture of the hand. Miranda’s changes didn’t seem to bother him at all at this point.

“Anyway, her eyelids changed first. It was weird to me at the time, I’d never even noticed that asians had different eyelids. Did you know that, Mira? If you think about it, really though, I am the weird one, I guess, by sheer numbers. Her eyelids lost that fold they have and changed her eyes pretty majorly. Then they pulled to either side. Her lips got smaller, her nose too. In fact, her whole body shrunk.”

On the bed, Miranda managed to move her hand slightly. She felt her face change. Her lips growing more plump and sultry, her eyes growing deeper. Miranda could tell she would look nothing like what she had before. Her entire bone structure was changing. Her lips were wider, her face lengthened and widened, her eyes grew larger.

She watched as her breasts grew and changed shape. From small, pert tits with soft pink nipples, to heavy D cups with black areolas. But that was not all. Her whole body seemed to be gaining weight. Her thighs and hips grew from thin to curvy. Her stomach lost its flatness. She would be heavier than she was, not fat, but curvier, softer. She found she actually liked the way her body looked below. Except for the closure of her thigh gap, which was long gone now.

“It was fucking weird finding myself balls deep in a tiny asian girl when I’d been fucking a completely different girl just moments before. But it was even weirder when she came awake and started panicking. At first she didn’t even realize she had changed. I think she was delirious from the change combined with her first real orgasm. She pushed me off her and started shouting, pointing at her pussy and the cum leaking out of it. She seemed concerned about me letting loose in her, but she wasn’t even making words. Just nonsense. And thats when I think she realized how bad I’d done her.”

Jack stood up off the bed again.

“You look good. I mean, I don’t find you attractive, but many people will. I barely find anyone attractive now. Almost ate a bullet instead of fucking you, you know. I caved again though. I probably will cave again in a few months.”

Jack sighed as he put his dress shirt back on. It was wrinkled from being tangled in the blankets.

“My first girl had this look of terror on her face as she realized that she couldn’t remember how to make the words she wanted to make. Everything that came out of her mouth was chinese, I think. She didn’t understand a word I said anymore. I think that blew her mind.”

“In retrospect, I really fucked her over. She couldn’t even pronounce her own name properly anymore. The girl had no identification, nothing. I took everything from her. She fucking hated me. I tried to let her stay with me because I felt bad. She did for a bit. I’d let her in at night. But she ended up finding work on her own, under the table of course. A year earlier I would have found the idea of an asian girl getting pounded by cock after cock hot. But to be honest, I can never get that image out of my head now. And it disgusts me. I humiliated her. I remember the time I went looking for her and found her sucking some guy’s cock at her “job.” Begging him for cock with the few english words she’d managed to re-learn.”

Miranda felt a tingling in her throat. Her throat was changing, likely changing her voice.

“She really had it the worst. I mean, its horrible of me to rob someone of their identity, of course, but looking different than you did before isn’t all that bad. Most other girls were able to adapt easily because they didn’t lose their language or were able to convince their family what happened. So far, it looks like you will as well.”

Miranda could feel her body revitalizing. She would be able to move soon. She began to panic. How would she be able to work when no one recognized her? Her ID wouldn’t even match. She strained, trying to shout at Jack. It came out weak, growling.

“How…dare you…” she said, “I cant work…drive…”

“Oh I’m sure you’ll find a way. It sucks, but, trust me, knowing my curse it could have been much worse. You already heard about my first girlfriend. You know what happened to my third? Not as bad as the first for sure, but she ended up not only as a different race but a different gender. Her clit extended out and became this floppy, tiny cock and her pussy got really fucking small. That one happened while I was still having sex with her. She went from the cutest little blondie to an Indian hermaphrodite. Even she made it work though. She’s some kind of intersex spokesperson or something now. I looked her up a year or two ago. College degree and everything.”

Jack bowed his head slightly, smiled sadly, and made to leave the room.

“Take it easy, Miranda. You’ll do fine, I can tell.”

Miranda wanted to stand up and chase him. To beat him to a pulp for leaving her alone after all this. But when she tried to move, she simply floundered and fell off the bed, landing right in front of the mirror, as he walked away.

She looked up and saw the person in the mirror, lifting a hand to touch. The feeling was foreign. Everything felt wrong. But she was beautiful. Her hair was a messy pouf of tight curls. Her face was round and pouty. Her eyes, a rich brown. Both her nose and lips were larger than before, but not extremely so. She ran her fingers across her face, but her hands had changed too, of course.

Miranda scanned her body. Her breasts were drastically different, easily touching the floor as she held herself up on her elbows. They hung so differently that even the tension they put on her chest felt different. She felt like a visitor to her own body. It was more like watching a movie than looking in a mirror, yet it was she who moved.

Miranda tried to rise, to finally get to her feet. She heard Jack’s car start and pull out of the driveway. It was too late. Too late. She stumbled down the stairs to the front door, watching her new curvy body jiggle ever so slightly with each step down. Jack had closed the door behind him.

Miranda swung the door open thoughtlessly, baring her body to the waning sunlight. Jack’s car was already gone. She was alone, exposed, and changed. Her dark skin warmed from the sunlight. She watched as the cool night air teased her black nipples stiff. She stood in the doorway for awhile, aimlessly posing in her new body as her thoughts drifted across the life ahead of her. Her legs were smooth and shapely, longer than before and more graceful.

She closed the door again, running her free hand across her body, feeling her new curves, her new skin, her new womanhood. Her cleft was longer than before, and more smooth. Her pubic hair was so different that it shocked her to feel it. But there was something sexy about imagining fucking someone with this body. Something exciting and new.

In spite her fear, the thought of a cock spreading her dark lips and revealing the sexy pink within filled her mind. Suddenly aroused, her fantasy ran wild for a moment. She imagined pure white cum in contrast with her skin. She imagined fingering her dusky, purple clit while a cock plunged into her. She couldn’t resist sliding her hand down across her curly pubes into the warmth of her pussy.

Seconds later, she had tumbled onto the couch, roughly fingering her new clit. Her long legs sprawled across the cushions, she moaned out, hearing her new voice issue from between lewdly opened lips for the first time.

She loved it, the sound of her voice. It turned her on. So she moaned louder, and louder, until with roaring climax something clicked within her.

As she bucked and arched on the couch, screaming out like never before, she realized the last figment of who she was before had disappeared. Somehow, in the span of a moment, she felt right the way she was. This was her body. This was who she was now.

And that only made her cum harder.
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