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Female Literature Plant TF
The Plant byDrakon66

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Aug 11, 2019
Kate stood at the edge of a clearing in disbelief at what she saw. 'Am I imagining that enormous flower? Has the sun gotten to me or maybe it was all the Mia Tia's I've had today?' she thought. She had wandered off the scenic trail a mile or so back but wasn't sure what made her do that, since she had seen that missing person's flyer about Julie Metcalf, a young woman who'd disappeared just over a month ago. Kate pondered the possibility that Julie may have done the same thing and met with foul play. Like Kate, she had come with her friends to this tropical singles resort with hopes of hooking up with a hot guy or two...or three. Kate didn't care much for the jungle though, it was too hot and it smelled like wet rotting leaves but there was that wonderful aroma. It was sweet and seductive and it made her horny for some reason. She had followed her nose to find the source but seemed to have gotten lost in the process, and now she's looking upon an amazing sight; an orchid, or so she thought, whose pedals stretched over the ground nearly four feet in all directions from its center.

"That's one big flower," she said out loud.

The plant was in the shade of a huge tree that sat at the far side of the clearing. The lengthening shadows of the afternoon had placed the flower itself in the dappled light filtering down through the trees' broad branches. The center of the flower was raised a foot or two above the ground similar to a narrow park bench with a slight up turn like a saddle at the base where it met the stem. A line of raised bumps ran along the center of this curved section; a chain of velvety pearls embedded in the seat. The snow white petals draped down onto the soft grass like fine linen sheets. Kate thought it looked like a giant butterfly waiting to take flight. The stem itself was two feet in diameter and had a thin split running from the base of the up turned end to where the 'pearls' began.

The breeze then shifted, bathing Kate in coolness and the powerful fragrance of the huge flower. Her nipples went erect and her pussy began to tingle with the onslaught of the plants seductive perfume. She was lured closer and the closer she got the stronger the smell became. Her body felt hot...too hot for the skimpy bikini she was wearing. She tugged at the strings of her suit and it fell at her feet as she stepped out of her sandals. Kate's hands went to her natural C cup breasts and began to roll her aching nipples between her fingers. She could feel that familiar nagging itch deep in her loins begging to be scratched. From her moist valley, a river of juice started to run freely down her legs as she stepped ever closer to the huge plant.

Kate stepped onto one of the soft spongy petals then straddled the 'bench', settling her round ass against the up turned end. Her clit was protruding from its hood and came to rest on the firm string of pearls. She rocked forward and back grinding her swollen clit on the bumpy ridge. She ran her hands and legs over the velvety surface of the bench as she laid her body down, feeling it conform to her gentle curves.

The intoxicating scent filling her nostrils clouded her mind and focused her highly sensitive sexual organs on one goal; orgasm. Kate was so caught up in her own pleasure that she didn't notice the fleshy half inch thick petals closing up around her. The lower two came in contact with her back just above her waist and covered the entire lower half of her body except a small area from the crack of her ass to her pussy. The other two covered her arms and the remainder of her body leaving her head exposed. The more she bucked the tighter it closed until she wasn't able to move at all. The plants embrace was such that Kate looked like she was in a balloon with all the air removed. She appeared to be a part of the flower now. Her head was still free to move and she flung it side to side in frustration as the orgasm she was chasing eluded her.

When Kate finally was motionless, catching her breath, the split in the 'saddle' opened, spreading her ass cheeks and exposing her drooling sex. Inside the opening was a pool of thick syrupy nectar. Rising from the viscous fluid came a vine like appendage that was an inch in diameter with a line of short rubbery fingers hanging from the under side like miniature ice cycles. Eight inches from the tapered tip was the first of two bulging rings set about and inch apart. The appendage arched upward and moved toward Kate's gaping pussy. She would thrust her hips in an attempt to stimulate her clit and the phallic vine would stop, as if waiting for submission.

As the tip of the plants' sexual organ touched Kate's moist opening, she moaned in lustful desire. The plants 'cock' thrust into her dripping hole and as the 'fingers' drug across her throbbing clit, she went wild. When the first ring entered her, the phallic vine stopped and enlarged to fill her completely. The ring still outside Kate's clenching pussy began to swell and soon was so large it couldn't enter her. The plant withdrew then began to thrust in and out with mechanical efficiency. In seconds Kate exploded in orgasm. The phallus buried itself in her quivering pussy with the outer ring pressed tight to her opening. It began to vibrate rapidly inside her, heightening the pleasure she was feeling. When she finally began to relax, the plant withdrew leaving just the tip inside. Suddenly it flooded her pussy with its thick nectar pumping nearly a quart into her. It gushed out around the phallus and ran back into the pool. Again it plunged into her with its methodical rhythm bringing Kate to orgasm once more, and once more it filled her womb with nectar.

The plant kept Kate on an orgasmic roller coaster for more than an hour then on her last blissful release; the cocks' inner ring swelled and locked itself in place before filling her depths with its sticky liquid. It pulsed inside her for several minutes giving Kate mind blowing pleasure then swelled suddenly before shrinking away to its previous dimensions. It withdrew very slowly from her aching pussy and disappeared back into the pool but very little of its fluids trickled out of her this time. Kate passed out from exhaustion still in the plants embrace.

It was after dark when Kate finally awoke to the sounds of insects and tree frogs calling. She was disoriented but she felt refreshed and satisfied. She staggered back from the plant and even in the moon light she could see the petals were flushed a deep crimson and she could no longer smell its sweet scent. It was then she noticed her body encased in a skin tight cocoon similar to the surface of the plants petals everywhere they had touched her body, but that wasn't all. Her body itself had changed. Her legs were firmer, her ass tighter and her belly; wash board flat. Kate's modest C cup breasts had grown to large D's, her once shoulder length jet black hair now fell below her butt in silky waves and her finger nails were long and pointed with a green metallic sheen to them.

"What's happened to me?" she cried pulling at her new shimmering white second skin that appeared to be glued on.

Kate's clit had also grown to larger than normal proportions and her knees nearly buckled when her velvety hand touched that most sensitive spot. It was as big around as her little finger and stuck out an inch from its hood. Her pussy lips were different too; they were hairless and sealed shut by the syrupy substance the plant had shot into her.

Kate was frantic. She needed to return to the resort to get help with her...problem. Kate headed back the way she had come, disappearing into the foliage unaware of the walnut sized passenger she carried deep in her womb or how her life would be changed. The velveteen covering on her body was impervious to the clinging vines and sharp thorns she had encountered earlier. The jungle seemed to part before her as she went allowing her to make quick progress. It wasn't long before she could see the light from the Tiki torches that lined the scenic path she had left hours ago. There was a group of guests on the path running and laughing as they headed toward the resort followed by one lone intoxicated young man.

Kate was about to call out to them when she was hit by an overwhelming scent coming from their direction that filled her with an animalistic lust. She watched as the drunken man sat on one of the benches beside the path then made her way toward him. The closer she got the stronger the musky odor became. Her nipples ached and her pussy yearned to be penetrated. She stepped out of the foliage and in front of the groggy blonde haired man. He squinted trying to focus on the beautiful woman before him.

"Hey babe," he slurred, "I like your costume. Did you paint it on?"

He laughed as Kate silently starred at him. He wore a red t-shirt with his college logo and several beer stains on it, a pair of multi colored board shorts and sandals. He had a plastic crown on his head, a dozen strings of beads around his neck and his face was smeared with lipstick from at least a half dozen women.

"It's my birthday and you need to give me a kiss...cuz it's...my birthday," he said trying to sit up straight.

Kate stepped closer.

"C'mon...give old Tom a kiss," he opened his arms wide to embrace her but they dropped to his sides as if made of lead.

Kate pressed her lips to his. Her right hand went to his chest while her left closed on his semi hard cock in his shorts. The feel of his thick penis made her tremble with need. She needed his cum. She tore his shirt off like it was made of paper then grabbed his shorts, yanking them off and sending his sandals flying.

"You're into the rough stuff," Tom said with a belch, "I'm down with that."

Kate straddled him pressing her body to his as she ground her erect clit into his pelvis. The millions of microscopic hairs making up the new surface of her skin delivered their minute amount of organic stimulant to the unsuspecting Tom. It rushed to his brain in seconds causing his body to produce testosterone and sperm at a phenomenal rate. His cock became instantly hard and his balls began to swell with the massive amount of cum being produced. Kate stabbed her tongue into his mouth, kissing him hungrily as she squirmed on top of him in orgasmic bliss. The large amount of pre cum smeared onto her sealed vaginal lips dissolved the solidified nectar and allowed Tom's cock to enter her convulsing pussy. As it went deeper, his cock pushed through the warm viscous fluid still inside her. He thrust at her wildly trying to relieve the pressure in his aching balls.

Kate's pussy was contracting rhythmically with her ongoing orgasm, pulling at Tom's throbbing penis. He didn't last long in his current state and began to shoot his cum deep into her pussy. Kate's orgasm intensified and she could feel her pussy milking his cock for every drop of semen. He pumped a pint of his thick seed into her before he was finished and as his last spasm subsided, he slumped back onto the bench. Kate continued to tremble a few minutes longer on Tom's limp body; his cock still buried in her tight hole.

"Oh my GOD I came so hard," Kate panted, "That was amazing. I thought I was gonna..."

Kate looked into his lifeless starring eyes and realized what had happened. She quickly stood up and backed away. Long strands of thickening nectar hung between her and Tom's body. She looked down at herself and could see crimson where ever her body had touched his. At first she thought it was blood but there was none on Tom. Fear took over and she ran toward the resort.

When Kate reached her room she realized her key was back with her bikini in the jungle. She searched for a way in and found she had left the bathroom window open. She pried off the screen and climbed through the opening. She paced back and forth in front of the bed trying to decide what to do. Kate finally sat at the foot of the bed with her head in her hands crying.

"What am I gonna do?" she sobbed.

Fatigue began to take its toll and she looked at the digital clock on the night stand. It read 3:12 am June 4th. Her eyes felt very heavy and her stomach bothered her so she decided to wait until morning to tell her story to the authorities. Kate curled herself into a fetal position in the middle of the bed and drifted off to sleep.

A stabbing pain in her abdomen caused Kate to sit up in bed. It felt like a knife was in her guts slowly turning. Her hands went to her belly and she noticed it was bulging like she had drunk too much. The pain came in waves, radiating from her abdomen outward.

"Oh GOD it hurts!" she cried as another wave washed over her.

Kate stood up and got some relief but she felt dizzy. She grabbed the nightstand for support. The clock read 2:37 am June 5th. 'Could that be right?' she wondered, 'was I asleep a whole day?' Another wave shot through her and she went to the front door to find help.

Once outside she was drawn toward the path that led back to where she had left Tom. Her mind was telling her to go to the main office but she staggered down the scenic walk way instead. She reached a line of yellow and black tape surrounding the bench where she and Tom had fucked then continued on for another hundred yards or so. The pain was now a dull throb inside her as she left the trail. Kate was in a daze wondering deeper and deeper into the jungle. All rational thought had left her and now some unknown force was keeping her going.

Kate entered a small clearing by a swift running stream. She collapsed to her knees by the huge stump of a tree that had fallen long ago. She placed her back against it with her legs out stretched to rest. She sat there for a few minutes then she felt something at her pussy move. She looked down and saw a slim green snake slither from beneath her then another. She was terrified thinking she had sat on a nest of snakes. She tried to move but her body wouldn't respond. A third appeared and coiled around her erect clit.

A sudden rush of pleasure engulfed Kate. It was then she noticed that they weren't snakes at all but vines or tendrils and they were coming from inside her vagina. The tendril that attached itself to her clit squeezed then released her inflamed organ with a slow steady cadence. Kate orgasmed violently and her contractions pushed the swollen object that was inside her toward the opening of her pussy. Soon a long green cucumber looking object protruded from her body about six inches. It was covered with a dozen tiny flailing tendrils. The next orgasm forced the bulbous head out which the three large tendrils were attached to.

The seed she had been carrying was now ready for the next stage of its life. The small tendrils burrowed into the ground causing it to stand upright. It slowly sank into the fetal soil until only the head and the three large tendrils remained visible. Kate was in shock and in total bliss from the ongoing ecstasy she was receiving. Now her contractions were forcing the remnants of the nectar from the parent plant to spill out onto the ground around the seed. Her body was numb from exhaustion when the other two tendrils pierced the skin of her inner thighs, working their way inside and began to draw nutrients from her. In time even her bones would be consumed leaving no trace of her. Kate's body made one final jerk before her life slipped away.

Tammy Metcalf arrived on the island a week ago to check out the resort her sister Julie had disappeared from three months earlier. She had visited the local police to get any information she could but the investigating officer wasn't much help. When she went to the newspaper, she found a story of three missing women, including her sister, that all disappeared from the resort in one of the back issues. In another was a story about a young man who died and two others in a coma for reasons unknown, corresponding to the dates the women had went missing. The men were also guests of the resort. Tammy returned to the police station with what she had found. The officer began to question her intently about Julie because her DNA was found at the scene of Tom Keller's death mixed with Kate Turner's.

"How is that possible?" Tammy asked, "Julie went missing about a month before his death and Miss Turner's disappearance."

"You tell me. Are you sure she's really missing? Has she done this kind of thing before? Just went off and didn't come back for a while?" the officer inquired.

Tammy left the police station very distraught at the detectives' insinuations that her sister played a part in Tom Keller's death. She decided to visit the place where he had died. After stopping at the bench for several minutes, she walked further down the path following it for a short distance before heading into the jungle.

It wasn't long before Tammy stood in a small clearing by a swift running stream. She was drawn there by the seductive aroma coming from an enormous white flower sprouting from beside the stump of an old fallen tree. She began to remove her clothing as she moved closer.

The End?
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