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The femutation interviews (WG, MG, SW, GW, AR, RC)


Dec 10, 2017
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This is a story I tried to write, it's short and I'm not sure if it turned out good or not, I got the idea of a story about a series of short interviews with several women mutated by unknown means, the changes have already ocurred years before and they just talk about how their lives changed after that.

My name is Jessica Whalen, I'm a 37 years old plus size model and activist and I became fat 7 years ago, before mutating into my current form I was a normal woman with average weight, I was quite stunning but not model material exactly, now I weight 107 kg and my breasts, butt and thighs are fatter than ever, I even have a small tummy that is so cute, I had to buy lots of new clothes such as custom made bras and panties, my old clothes barely fit now.

I was a rather small-time entrepeneur before I changed, I sold clothes but I wasn't very successful really, in the beginning I wasn't doing too bad, but I lost steam after half a year and the business sank before I could do anything, but then I was offered to be a plus size model for a large clothing company and now I'm activist for the rights of mutated women, while I can understand some girls don't like their changes, those of us who do need to make our voices heard before they are drowned in the sea of misery.

At first people weren't treating me very well, they used to call names I dare not to talk about in this interview, but after becoming famous because of my activism, people have become far friendlier, I'm greeted on the street every day by mutated women of all types, they all love me so much because I speak what they want to speak, I talk about how mutating changed our lives for the better and accepting this change can make it even better.

My family life is largely the same, nothing changed between me and my husband Noah, I could say the same about my relation with my 17 years old son Paul, sometimes they think my body is kind of funny and they joke about it, but it's all in good fun and I laugh with them, Noah in fact admitted he always had a kink of chubby women both of us can say my transformation improved our sex life, I never had as much fun in bed as I do now.

I must confess, at first I was feeling quite down for being so plump, but I felt better after I started working as a plus size model, it was like I was shoved into a world I didn't understand, I never thought fat women had it so bad, but after I was hit the headlines of world news many people started seeing us from a different angle, we are no longer lazy chicks who can't control our hunger, we are beautiful women in a different way, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

I am a member of the Association for Femutant Rights, acronym AFR, the international organization advocating rights for femutants, the name given to mutated women, our organization aims to expand rights for us mutated women happy with our new identities, as well as making social changes to accomodate our new biology, we have our very own office here in downtown New York and I often go to our reunions and make speeches on being fat, this is why I agreed to be part of this documentary.

Fat women like me have it quite good compared to other femutants, we have the second highest rates of employment and marriage stability, I assume it's because our mutation is rather tame compared to other types of transformation, still I'm quite surprised about this, I was expecting us to have far worse outcomes, I suppose this is my lesson on expecting the unexpected, even the media doesn't make fun of us as often as it does to other types of change.

I understand many people won't understand what I'm going to say, perhaps I won't even blame them for that, I definitely love being fat, no fingers pointed at me please, let me explain myself, first I only became a plus model when I got fat, this is the coolest job I ever had and I'm not giving it up ever, there is this secret I must tell, I earn at least 20 times more now than I did before, don't call me money hungry yet, my only hunger now is for food.

I know what you're thinking, I can't forget about my social work with my wonderful mutated friends, these include girls subjected to every type of mutation, but I only help those happy with their mutation, I understand some women may not like their new body, but I do and my best friends now are those who do so as well, I absolutely love talking about this mutation improved my life and how it can improve the life of other women too, change can be good.

I'm not sure about the future, I was thinking about starting my own TV show about cooking, it certainly fits my new body and I can in fact cook very well in cause you are doubting, I used to be a cook for a small restaurant before I started my own business and my food was loved by pretty much everybody, the problem is that I won't have time for modeling or for my social work, this is a very hard choice and just don't know what to pick.

My name is Lydia Omiata, I'm a 25 years old athlete and computer programmer and I became fat 3 years ago, I was very athletic and even a little muscular before I changed, I exercised regularly and I think I was very attractive, it's not like I had so much muscle I no longer looked like a woman, now I weight 114 kg, my belly is quite swollen and my whole body is full of fat, I'm not morbidly obese, but I can say I'm well above average weight.

Before changing I was a runner, I could run so fast I was among the fastest runners of New York and I won several races, I was also a pro volleyball player and my team won so many games I don't even remember how many exactly, I believe I'm gifted by nature and I'm glad my relatives pushed me into sports at a very early age, now I'm so fat I can barely run, in fact I can't even reach half the speed I had before, it's like I'm wearing stone shoes, all because of this cursed fat body.

Nowadays I'm still an athlete, I and several distressed fat friends started our own teams and we compete among ourselves, all because we can no longer compete against normal women, it's pathetic to watch us play while our fat wiggle, but it's all we can do, I started working as a computer programmer because it's one of the few fields where people don't make fun of me because of my body, I found several understanding friends in this new job.

Buying clothes can be quite hard, my entire wardrobe had to be replaced by larger clothes, including panties and even bras, our breasts are so fat and huge now, often saggy as hell, we're lucky our skeleton changes to fit our new frame, otherwise we'd barely be able to walk without breaking our back with breasts like ours, don't even talk about how we spend so much money to sate our great hunger, it's like it never ends.

Life with my family is pretty much the same, my kids don't treat me much different and neither do my husband George, the problem starts my relatives and parents, it's quite awful they think it's their right to mock my condition within the earshot of other people, I understand they don't mean to make me feel hurt, but I think they should stop but they don't no matter how many times I tell them to, I think they don't understand my pain.

Of course I still have a normal sex life and my husband doesn't mind very much that I am fat, he says he doesn't think I'm ugly now anyway, but sometimes I think he's lying to me, the way he speaks and the way his eyes move when he speaks, makes me think his heart is not pointing at the same direction as his words, I don't get as many compliments on the street as I did before, it's like men can't even see me anymore, I know I'm no longer attractive.

Lately I've been part of latest project of curing our disease, many women have tried it before and they do go back to normal, but they always turn fat again after a few hours, this direct process of changing back to normal works on all types of mutation, all we do is take successive massive doses of experimental drugs several days in a row and wait for their effect, after some hours we start changing back, but it's a really painful process, at first we feel dizy and throw up for several minutes before the mutation begins, then after some hours we change back to our new shape.

There is another choice of mutation back to our real shape, but it involves cosmetic surgery and it doesn't work on all types of mutations, in our case it's common weight loss surgery, the very same kind that normal women are subjected to, we don't look the same as we did before and we still change back after a while, nobody knows why this happens, I heard it's because the mutation is caused by an alien pathogen, I used to think this idea is quite ridiculous but nowadays I'm starting to think it might be true, we still need to find a way to stop our bodies from mutating back to our new shape.

I joined the Society for the Cure of Femutation, acronym SCF, our own international organization, we have an office and clinic here in downtown New York and most of us members are women unhappy with their transformation, we also seek to improve our lives by educating people abour our plight and how to treat us better, I love the work we do and I hope we expand it in the future, so many women like me need it, I'm already donating money every month.

For now we are focused on trying to reduce the price of bras made for us by clothing companies, our breasts are too large and too saggy for normal bras, currently the price of our bras are so absurd some of us can't even afford them, it's not fair we are mocked because of our tits, it's not our fault we were made to look like this, we need help from the government to be feel comfortable and it's their duty to take care of us, no mutated woman left behind is our motto.


Dec 10, 2017
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My name is Sophia Kaur, I'm a 27 years old painter and I became a muscle woman 6 years ago, I was very skinny before changing, and I mean pretty much a stick woman with a lifeless flat butt and small breasts, now I have a lot of muscle and my breasts are larger and much rounder, they look as if they were bolted on my body, what I like the most is my new clitoris, it's long and engorged, much more sensitive then ever, like a blessing in my life.

I've been a painter since I was a teen, I'm known mostly for work depicted natural landscapes and cities, but my work consists of much more beyond that, several of my paintings depict abstract art such as random colors, shapes and faces, many people say abstract art is ugly and it has no meaning, I say I have very little respect for their ilk, the meaning of my work is in the eye of the beholder, each person is unique in the way to see the world, therefore each person will have an unique view of what my art means to them, simple as that.

I can't talk much about my family life because I was never married or had children, I date infrequently and I understand many people think I'm a freak because of that, but I can definitely say I am currently in love with a rather weird pothead with a fetish for muscle girls, we're thinking about geting married sometime during the next year, but it's proving to be a challenge because my parents hate him just because he loves his weed.

My sex life improved since mutation, in fact, I never had sex before transforming into the beautiful form I have now, boys weren't interested in me before, most of them aren't interested in me now either, but some dudes have a kink for chicks with muscles and I fill this niche like a queen, sometimes I'm invited to shoots, that includes naked shoots, I confess I now enjoy orgies and my significant other doesn't mind it and takes after me.

My social life is better than it was before, I was so unassertive when I was still thin as a stick, something as simple as stating I wanted some water seemed impossible to me, it was like my mouth was covered by duct tape and I couldn't speak, now I can openly assert what I want with no problem, I'm not agressive in the slightest, it's just that I can openly state what I want without fear, it's like I'm a whole new woman after this transformation.

Several of the new friends I have now are other women happy with their mutation, most of them are muscle women like me, but many others have distinct mutations, it's true that I prefer to befriend women with the same kind of mutation I have, but I'm open to friendship with every type of mutation, we're all in this together any way and we must always stick together, we have so much to teach the world and express the way we feel.

One of the things I love about being muscular is the increased strength, I can tell I'm much stronger than before and I can lift weights far heavier than an average woman can, I weight lift regularly but it's just for the hell of it, I can't gain any more muscle than I already have and I can't lose any either, it's mostly a way to kill time and show off my body and might, I just like the way people admire my body, it's not wrong to like attention.

I'm not particularly active in the AFR, but I do occasionally go to our reunions and I donate money to our organization, I think our work is very important and irreplaceable, helping transformed women to come to terms with their new body and accept how amazing their lives can be is divine work, it's always good to look at the bright side of things, we definitely must have the right to define ourself the way we see fit and be proud of our new identity.

I enjoy being muscular a lot, my social improved and people treat me better than before, people approach me much more and they are much more open to me, now and then somebody makes fun of my body but I don't care, I shouldn't have to pay atention to people inferior to me, they're just jealous that I get so much attention now because of my super beautiful body, my mood improved since transforming, I no longer mope and hide from people.

My future is certainly going to be even better than the present, I'm thinking really hard about becoming a muscle model and I'm already talking to some people working in the field to give me a hand on achieving my dream, whatever happens I know my future is going to be pretty bright anyway, I really am enjoying my life much more after my transformation, I hope I'm never changing back to my original body, that's awful to think about.

My name is Elsa Alden, I'm a 30 years old librarian and I turned into a muscle woman 7 years ago, I was a very beautiful and my body was very feminine, I had an hourglass figure and pretty breasts, now I have a lot of muscle on my body, my legs and arms are very buff, my breasts kind of merged with my pec muscles and they are now hard and small, my clitoris is now much longer than usual and easy to notice through my panties, it's extremely sensitive.

I was the host of a children's cartoon TV show before I changed into this, some people say I only got the job because of my looks, the truth is that I never wore anything too revealing on the show, it was aimed at children in case nobody noticed, I was too ashamed to keep working on national TV with a horrible body like this, now I'm a librarian in a quite corner of this city and hardly anybody bothers me, I don't like being noticed anymore.

I can't say my life improved since transforming, many of the people who once treated me well no longer talk to me and sometimes they mock my disease, I'm glad not everybody turned against me, some of my old friends still cheer me up when my mood could be better, this is one of the reasons I love the library, hardly anybody even notices I am here and so I am free from their stares, still I miss the days I was noticed and desired.

I have to be very careful about what I wear now, I no longer wear anything that is too revealing, no skin of my arms and legs can ever be shown, sometimes I have to order custom made clothes because my muscles are large enough to get in the way of normal clothes, my bras are smaller than they used to be and it makes me embarrassed, my panties are usually custom made as well to hide my oversized clitoris, I wish I could shrink the damned thing back to its normal size.

My married life has changed so much since my mutation it barely resembles what it was before, my husband Oswald has become much colder toward me since the day I changed, he doesn't hide the fact he thinks I'm ugly now and sometimes he laughs at my body, we still have sex like we used to do but this enlarged clitoris is just so sensitive sometimes it's painful, I can't wait for the day I turn normal again so our married life will be normal once again too.

I befriend many women with the same problem I have, none of us are happy with all the muscle we have now, I know everybody thinks we're complaining and feeling down for nothing, but we feel it's very important to us, many of us wear badges stating openly we are rejecting this new identity forced upon us, women suffering of other types of mutation wear them too, specially those who can no longer be recognized in their new form.

One thing I have to watch for now is my strength, I swear I couldn't care less about being strong or weak, no normal woman should think about that, it's just that this extra prowess I now have is proving to be more of a burden than a blessing, there was one day I punched my mother by accident and I almost broke her shoulder, I was so sorry and devastated I cried and she forgave me and offered her support, she knows it wasn't my fault.

Right now we are trying to find a way to change us back to our actual selves, we've tried changing our bodies directly but it only works for some hours before we start mutating back to our current form, we have another option which is being subjected to cosmetic surgery to reverse our transformation, it doesn't work as good as the first option and we still change back after a while, but maybe it's going to be the only option for us in the future, we have to be careful with scammers, many desperate women lost all their money on scams promising to change them back to normal.

We muscle women aren't doing that bad, our rate of employment and marriage stability are the third highest of all types of mutation, I actually expected us to do worse than that, maybe I'm simply thinking so much about my own kind of transformation I forgot about the others, anyway I like the way all of us femutants unhappy with our mutation are united on the search for a cure of our illness and seeking to improve our lives by making our problems understood by people.

Nowadays I'm a commited member of the SCF, I'm often present in our reunions but I haven't talked about the problem on TV and the internet very much, I'm just too ashamed of this body to expose myself so much, still I give my full support to all bold women willing to expose themselves to help all of us distressed femutants, I hope all our work will be worth something one day, if we just keep researching we'll be back to normal sooner or later, it's our only hope.


Dec 10, 2017
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My name is Lucy Vaduva, I'm a 28 years old porn actress and I turned into dwarfess 4 years ago, my height before the mutation was 1.77 meters tall, now I am only 52 centimeters tall, my transformation took about 4 hours to be complete and was really painful, just like every other transformation, I never heard of one that wasn't or took much shorter or longer, it's so bad it became a common procedure to sedate women right after they begin mutating.

Before changing, I was an engineer, a civil engineer to be exact, I never liked my job, I only pursued a career in this field because my father pressured me into it and because the pay was good, but I never fell in love with my work, I still worked in that field for 2 years after my transformation, it was harder than before, many people didn't take my work serioursly anymore, as it's common among dwarfesses, but I was bold enough to keep going.

I quit that soul-killing job and I do porn now, I am the officially the world's shortest porn actress, the work is fun and the pay is even better than before, I never actually desired to be a porn actress, but the opportunity was so good it couldn't be missed, I had to take it before another dwarfess did and I must say it's the best decision I ever made, working in porn is the only way to work with pleasure, which is the only thing worth chasing after in life.

Like all women who became shorter, I don't have a normal sex life, my body is just too small to do it, any normal penis is now too large for my tiny vagina, in my movies, when I have sex, it's only tricks to create the illusion it's happening, I read stories of dwarfesses who tried to do it for real and they usually end with a trip to the hospital because their small bodies can't handle it, if you changed into a dwarfess just don't do it, listen to the pros.

I was never married, my love life consists of a long series of short-term relationships, I never had children either, I have very high expectations from a man, I'm yet to meet one who can be all I expect him to be, I have dated several times after becoming a dwarfess and it's not much different, you just to take care to not get hurt due to the difference in size, once my partner almost broke my arm by accident, always be very careful dating when you are this short.

Many people recognize me when I on the street and they want to take pictures with me, I'm kind of a mini-celebrity now in both meanings of the word, I was invited to act in some normal movies but I turned down all offers, I really prefer adult movies, they are much more fun, some people are judgemental but I ignore them, I don't need to listen to what they have to say, they know not the glory of being a dwarfess, it's something they can only imagine.

My work in the AFR is based on talking to the public about the problems faced by us femutants and how to improve our lives, of course my focus is on us dwarfesses, many people stereotype us as silly and harmless and quite often even useless, I want to let them know what nearly all of us are hard-working girls and we contribute to the development of our countries just like any other women, don't stereotype us just because we're different.

We dwarfesses are often injured because we are so small and fragile, and let's not even talk about how our size gets in the way of our daily lives, this is why we fight for better access as well as campaigning for extra protection because criminals often target us due to our weakness, it's well known we are robbed and kidnapped far more often than average, just last week it happened to 12 dwarfesses and we have no law to deal with that.

Many of my new friends are dwarfesses, we all enjoy our newfound short height and celebrate every day for this amazing change in our lives, for many of us changing was very much welcome and improved our lives, I still can't understand why some women are so upset about becoming this short, my friends are equally puzzled by such behavior, but we laugh at these silly unhappy women, they deserve nothing good for rejecting their gift.

I defninitely like being a dwarfess, I can't think of going back to being my old self, I'd really miss being this short, it makes me unique and special, I thank the heavens that most well-known brands have clothes for us now, I heard that wasn't the case in the early years of this mutation, but they quickly caught up with the times. I think my future is really bright, I'll keep doing porn for as long as I can, look at how big my life became when I turned so small!

My name is Emily Ziemniak, I'm a 36 years police receptionist and I became a dwarfess 8 years ago, I was 1.66 meters tall before changing, now I am only 63 centimeters tall, too short to be able to fend for myself, I have to rely on my family to do many simple tasks, new clothes and furniture were needed, I had to spend a lot of money on them and it almost got me broke, I'm lucky to have supportive relatives who helped me when I was short on cash.

I had to learn how to do many simple tasks again and I'm terrified of being around people because I'm so weak and vulnerable now, even kids are frightening, and that's not even talking yet about animals like huge dogs and quite often even large cats, they're like monsters to me now, it's so good we keep our normal body proportion to their new height, at least we can still look as good as we did before, or as bad as before, it could be much worse.

I joined the police when I was 23 years old, I wanted to prove I could be bold and defend myself, I wasn't doing too bad when you think about it, I was very skilled with weapons, specially the shotgun, I won several shooting contests because of my accuracy and speed, once I won the contest two years in a row, I was training to become a sniper, I think that could finally prove I could take care of myself, I was even getting quite skilled at sniping.

I tried to keep working in the frontline after my mutation, I could aim and fire a pistol with much difficulty, I tried firing the shotgun but I couldn't even hold it, now I am the receptionist of the police station, I cannot think of a more boring desk job, giving people the same instructions for the 100th time every day makes me almost kill myself, I wish I coud work outside chasing criminals once again, but I know it's not happening.

My fellow cops still treat me with respect and help me in any way they can, they even expect less from me than they did before, it makes me very sad but I can't blame them for that, there are people who mock me but they don't do it openly because my friends always stand by me as I can't stand up for myself anymore, I made friends with other dwarfesses who wish to be normal again, but I don't have much free time to talk to them very much.

Bobby and I are still married, he's a cop so we kind of understand each other, he's become a little less nice to me and often mocks my height, sometimes he doesn't even bother to disguise his mean-spirited comments, but then he says it was a joke and he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, we never had children but I wish to have one soon, we're looking for a surrogate mother, my small body cannot hold a baby and both of us know I would die if I got pregnant, I'm too useless to even be a mother now.

My social life is different, so many people make fun of my predicament I spent half a year alone at home before I had the guts to step outside, I befriended many women unhappy with their short height and we get along really well because we understand each other, I like giving and receiving emotional support to and from women like me, we need to stick together and make our voices heard, we don't have to like being this way, nor should we be expected to.

Right now the SCF research wing is trying to change us back to normal, but most of us change back to our new form after a few days at most, I swear this is far harder than I thought, still our research never stops and I'm sure we'll find the cure for all types of mutation one day, even if takes several decades we will still get there, I just hope we can go back to normal before I'm too old to still enjoy my life, maybe I'm too hopeful for my own good.

Dwarfesses have the third lowest rates of employment and marriage stability among all types of mutation, the problem is actually working due to our physical limits, many companies only hire us for jobs that involve being cute and sometimes working with kids, I think they should definitely take us more seriously, we don't like being judged solely on our height, it's not like we even chose to be this way, it happened against our will.

Sex is out of question to me, I tried it once and it hurt really bad, it was enough to go to the hospital because it made me bleed real bad, it's true I never had a great sex life, but still it would be nice to depend on anything other than tiny sex toys, no woman should have to rely solely on them, I've tried to changed back with the current technology, we grow a little but we shrink again after some hours, we don't know how this mutation prevents any change to the body, but I know we're going to find the holy cure one day, that's for sure.


Dec 10, 2017
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My name is Kirika Ishikawa, I'm a 33 years old company administrator and I became a giantess 3 years ago, my original height was 1.79 meters tall, now I am 2.96 meters tall and much stronger than before, buying clothes is harder but many brands sell clothes for giantesses, a bit more expensive than I hoped though, I have to eat much more than before, but that's no problem as I have enough money for that, I had to buy a lot of expensive new furniture for my bigger body.

I've worked as the administrator of a food packing company for the last 7 years, I wasn't always respected by my employees and often they talked back to me, after becoming a giantess my work life has improved a lot, not only they respect me much more, they don't even talk back to me anymore. As I got bigger so did my company, many other companies want to work with us now, people think me getting taller also made me better.

I'm much more assertive now as a giantess, I was never scared of asserting myself but now it's so easy I don't even have to try, people simply treat me like I'm the boss by default and it's amazing, nobody will ever dare to step on me again, I can simply stare at them and my size makes them dread me, once I lifted an idiot who made fun of me off the ground and I still remember his terrified look on his face, it felt so good I wish I could do it more often.

I don't have a normal sex life anymore, my vagina is too wide and deep for a normal penis, I tried having sex but I get no pleasure out of it, my official sex partner now is my yellow dildo made for huge ladies, I can't hide sex is what I miss the most from my old life, but still I wouldn't change back even if I was paid for it, I enjoy wearing sexually suggestive clothes to make up for it and I get a lot of compliments from guys, I was never so noticed.

I'm not as domineering at home as I am at work, I and my husband Thomas and our two kids get along as good as before, sometimes I think they fear me, but I reassure them I mean no harm, sometimes I like to act submissive to them, it's a nice change of from having to look so tough all the time, which does get boring if you do it for too long, he says I should try modeling, but I think it's not for me, tough chicks don't do modeling.

People fear me now and I love it, many people want to to befriend me because they think I'm so cool and badass and I get stared a lot when I'm outside, even by other giantesses, certainly because I'm among the tallest of them, some people are mean to me, but I know how to look threatening to put them back in their place, of course these actions led normal people to have funny ideas about us, perhaps it was bound to happen anyway.

We the giantesses of AFR are doing all we can to improve what people think of us, it's not an easy task, we are usually stereotyped as violent and always dangerous to everybody, even kids cartoons always have giantesses as evil characters, teaching kids we are all bad, the truth is just we are just normal women except our bodies are much larger, we aren't out to get anybody, we just want to be allowed to be proud of our height without being judged.

Some of us fear that if a cure to femutation is found, it will be forced on all of us, we strongly oppose this idea and we assert our right to remain the way we are, this is actually a very real fear I have, I dread having to change back to my original self, it's like my worst nightmare coming true, I love being a giantess so much I can't even imagine being normal again, we must assert our pride of our new height, our right to our great height.

We just started our latest social program, it's meant to combat the idea of forced mutation back to normal, I know it may seem like I'm talking over and over about the same thing but we really love being the way we are now and we're willing to do anything to remain this way, it's our real self now and we're not changing our minds to please some women unhappy with their newfound superiority, we shouldn't have to change just because somebody doesn't like us.

Despite all the challenges that come with such an unbelievable height, I love how people look so scared of me now, it's like living a power fantasy all the time, I want to be a giantess forever! I plan on expanding my company as much as I can and work as hard as humanly possible, I believe a giantess needs giant plans for her extra-sized future and I have all of that, as well as the ambition needed to seek it no matter the cost.

My name is Caroline Nieves, I'm a 31 years old teacher and I turned into a giantess 2 years ago, before changing, my height was 1.84 meters tall, quite tall for a woman but not as tall as I am now, my current height is 2.81 meters tall, I don't need to explain what this means to me, increased strength, bigger clothes and furniture, more money spent of food, more hardship on navigation life and not hurting anybody in the way, I mutated quite late at 29 years old, all types of transformation can only happen to women between 20 and 30 years of age.

I was a news anchor before, I worked in that field since I was 18, I was never very popular or well-known, but I wasn't a forgotten wallflower either, I still worked in the same job for one year after the mutation, but the public didn't like me very much and I was fired last year, I remained unemployed for half a year until I got my current job as a pre-school teacher, many of the kids won't stop staring at me but I can deal with that, but I have to be really careful so I won't hurt them by accident, I often catch myself dreading that.

I no longer have a sex life, I was never too crazy for it but I miss it anyway, I've tried before, but with a vagina like mine, that is more like a cave, normal sex brings no pleasure, I could fit several dicks inside me at once, it's all masturbation now but it's not that I'm complaining, it's just that sex toys aren't like the real thing, it's shameful to rely on dildoes, I feel like I'm not doing it the right way anymore, it's one of those things I gave up on already.

My husband Lester is supportive but he's scared of me no matter how much I calm him down, we've become more distant since my change and I don't know what to do, my oldest son Alex is only 7 years old and he's worried about me and we are still close, my youngest son John is almost 1 year old, my pregnancy was fine as my huge body can hold several babies at once, I actually thought about becoming a surrogate mother, but I have mixed feelings on the subject.

Many of my new friends are women who were changed against their will and want to change back and the people who care about us, I just wish everybody wasn't so scared of me now, I try to be friendly but they run from me, it's not like they are to blame, my size makes me a threat to normal people, the only thing I enjoy is carrying my friends in my arms and when they sit on my lap, it's quite funny and almost like I am their mother.

I am a member of the SCF but I'm not particularly active really, sometimes I go to reunions, including those of the support group for giantesses, I even talked about the subject on TV several times and plan to keep talking about it in the future, but I really think the average member of our organization is miserable and they make me feel worse, I know it sucks being changed against our will, but we could try to be a little more positive.

We giantesses are doing quite bad when you think about it, compared to other types of mutation, we have the second lowest rates of employment and marriage stability, our partners are often terrified of us and companies only hire us for physically demanding jobs. I think that when thess mutations are finally cured, it should be mandatory for all mutated women, specially for giantesses, we are too much of a danger to everybody, imagine if I tripped over somebody.

I really don't like being a giantess but I believe a cure is on the way, so many diseases have been cured I can't believe this one is impossible, research has been done since the first case of mutation in 1990, yet no permanent solution has been found because we always change back to our new form after a few hours and nobody knows why, it's only a matter of time until we are changing back to normal again, the current method is extremely crude and painful, some women get ill for some days due to the massive overdoses of drugs, it's also very inefficient.

Of course my life hasn't halted, I'm still the same and I'm studying science because I aspire to become a great scientist and work on the search for the cure of our sorry condition, it's very important to have many goals in your life and chase after them, life shouldn't stop just because you're unhappy, look at how I'm always trying to change back to normal despite growing again after a while, still we go on because we know we have to become our true selves again.

I recently joined a podcast for giantess, a place for us to talk about our experiences and how bad our lives are now, just try taking the bus when you're this tall, we really need better public transportation for us and the government is doing nothing, or how you alienate people and terrify them when you're this tall, people must understand we are still normal women deep down changed against our will, we are no different from normal women, we're not this tall inside.


Dec 10, 2017
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WARNING: possibly uncomfortable chapters

My name is Jane Meinhardt, I'm a 26 years old child actress and I became a child 5 years ago, I was a normal woman before changing, I wasn't particularly beautiful because my body never developed properly in a feminine shape, I didn't have much curves and my chest was small, I could say my height was slightly above average, but then I was changed into a 5 years old, I look exactly as I did when I was that age, short and only slightly less developed than I was in adulthood.

I was an actress before my transformation, I acted on several movies and I am very proud of my work, now I still am an actress, a child actress, I've played the role of young girls on many films since my transformation, 13 to be exact, and I still am expecting many more, people say I don't behave with the natural enthusiam and I don't have the body language of children, maybe they are right but I'm still relearning to be a kid, it takes time anyway.

Right now, I'm casted as the main character of a new movie I cannot talk very much about, the plot is about a very young girl finding a flying saucer in the woods, based on the rumor that the first woman to ever mutate was abducted by aliens, too bad she was slowly cooked alive from the inside out before she could say anything else, so we are filling the blanks with a plot I'm not talking about yet, all I can is that it's very loosely based on the true story, emphasis on very loosely.

I know what everybody wants to hear about, I'm a virgin, sex never interested me and I'm not doing it ever, it's true that women turned into children still have their normal sex drive and menstrual cycle, we can even get pregnant but it's very dangerous, I just think it's immoral to do any of that when you have a body like this, I was never married or had children either, I still live with my parents and now they are bound to be forever my legal guardians, I already talked about it, now stop thinking about sex only, there is more to life than that.

Nowadays a lot of people think it's weird when I ask them to treat me like a kid but they do it anyway after I beg so much, many people think I'm a freak for giving up on a normal life doing adult things like working, driving and drinking, but I really don't miss any of that, believe it or not, I enjoy being a child again, I was never very much interested in adult things anyway, I still can't figure out why everybody is so surprised when I say that.

Each of the six types of mutation affects 1% of women and we new kids have the worst life after mutating, we have the lowest rates of employment and marriage stability, most of us are abandoned by our partners and the few of them who remain with us are strongly disapproved of by society and risk being attacked and injured in the street by angry crowds, last month one of them had his leg broken by an angry crowd because he didn't leave his wife after she changed.

We at the AFR are campaigning to allow us to choose to be treated as children by the law, then we can have legal guardians to take care of us and we'll never have to work again, certainly it must be forbidden to marry and have sex with us as well, we are children now so we shouldn't have these desires, we are trying to make the government give free libido-killing drugs to girls like us, I think all women changed into children should be forced to take these.

I understand many people find it weird I wish to live in the world of children forever, but it's so wonderful, I have few duties and I don't have to make important decisions, I love being taken care of and I want to remain a child forever, some people insist I have to act like an adult again but I really don't want to, I'd be really sad if I changed back to my original shape, having to have so many duties again and not having time to enjoy life.

Many women who become children are depressed, I wish to be a role model for them, second childhood is the best part of life, they need to open themselves to new perspectives, there's a whole new world waiting for them and I want to be their guide, we can play together and let the adults take care of us, I'm not saying they have to accept their new childhood, but I think they could at least give it a try, maybe they'll like it after some time.

My motivations for identifying as a child are simple, I have a very strong desire to be taken care by a powerful figure because I am unable to take care of myself, they must also make all hard decisions for me for I cannot do that either, this is why I think becoming a child was a blessing, no more adult life for me, I get to be parented and pampered forever, I don't even have to work anymore, I think all new children should be banned from working.

My name is Anastasia Orlova, I'm a 35 years old clerk and I became a child 6 years ago, I was a very beautiful woman before, often on the spotlight because of my amazing body, but that's all in the past, now I have the body of an 8 years old, no more hourglass figure and my large firm breasts are gone, my chest is flat and lost all sensitvity, I'm no longer attractive and even my voice is that of a kid, the singing career I was planning for my future is over before it begun.

I used to be a professional model, I was often invited to shoots, including naked shoots, I just loved showing off my goddess body, of course I cannot work on that field anymore since changing, I was hired as a clerk of a clothing shop, it's boring and uninispring and I really miss being a model and being on the spotlight all the time, now all I do is helping rude people who don't care about me and being made fun of because of my condition.

I used to love having sex, my libido was always very high, but now I can no longer get what I need and I have to rely on mysef to get much needed relief, I feel so empty and incomplete without my breasts and curves, like I'm less of a woman, this transformation took sex and dating away from me and left me trapped in this flat child body, sometimes I get so frustrated I scream and break things in anger, it's even worse when I hear women talking about their sex life.

I have a 10 years old daughter named Anne, I got married to Scott when I was only 18 and we lived together for 11 years, he was a notorious womanizer and sex-crazed, he left me only 6 days after I mutated, suddenly came home with a normal woman and they mocked my condition and kicked me from my own house, this would never have happened if I was still normal, thus the reason I hate this cursed body, at least Anne still lives with me she treats me like an adult and as her mother.

We are currently living with a friend and her family, they are nice and actually treat me as an adult, it's so amazing to go home and talking to them and being acknowleged as an adult, they're like my real family now, the people who truly care and understand my problem and offer support, this is very common, most of us are abandoned by our partners and families, we usually have to live with our parents for the rest of our lives.

I can't look at normal women lately, their fully developed bodies make me so sad when I remember all I lost, I can't stand thinking about them kissing and having sex, it makes me really angry, nobody ever showed any interest in me after changing, yesterday I cried watching a romantic movie and when the main girl kissed her man I was so enraged I broke a vase throwing it at the wall, it's unfair I will never experience romance again because of this body.

I also befriended many women who turned into children and wish to change back, we wear a large IDs card with a pictures of our true adult selves and our ages written in bold letters, the clothes we wear are normal adults clothes because we are adults, of course we wear nothing sexually suggestive, we have nothing to show off, at least we can vent our anger and frustration in our reunions, it feels much better than pretending everything is alright.

Because we are effectively locked out of our love and sex lives, we at SCF started a campaign to make the public understand our problems and see us as the adults trapped in children's bodies we are, our researchers are currently looking for a way to make our bodies develop into adulthood again, we now have experimental drugs meant to start puberty and they work, but we soon change back after a few hours, some think the cure is to be found on cosmetic surgery, such as breast implants for all of us, but I think it looks ridiculous.

I was part of one such experiment, my body actually began to develop very quickly and I even grew very small breasts, but soon they deflated and even the barely noticeable curves I gained were lost, I can't help but stare at women's breasts, not because I'm attracted to them, it is because I miss mine so much very often I cry when I see large breasted women, my chest is now completely flat and I miss looking down and seeing my huge breasts swinging from side to side.

I really want to believe I'll have a normal adult life again, all of us do and we don't know what we're gonna do if we can't change back, I just can't wait to have my large breasts back, and my hourglass figure, and my ass, I don't want to take libido-killing drugs, a normal adult woman has a normal sex drive, I have to change back into an adult, I can't deal with this body anymore, I can't stand this horrible sexual frustration any longer.


Dec 10, 2017
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WARNING: possibly uncomfortable chapters

My name is Erika Legrand, I'm a 25 years old actress and I became asian 3 years ago, I was black before the transformation, my skin was brown and my hair was kinky, after mutating I got very straight hair, thinner lips, even my skin is now very light and I have to take care not to get a sunburn, my eyes are slanted and very exotic, it's not that I wasn't beautiful before, but I think I looker better now, I know some people have a problem with that.

I was just an acting student before the mutation, I was always praised for my talent and I knew I could become really famous one day if I tried hard enough, but then, one day, my life changed forever, after becoming asian my career took off lightning fast, I now act as an asian woman in movies and series and I'm very well paid for it, many women who changed race become actresses after mutating, both in normal and adult movies, it's even more common in racially homogenous countries.

My parents are more accepting that I thought they would be, sometimes they try to reintroduce me to the black community, but I stand up for myself and make it known I am no longer part of it and I have no interest going back there, my boyfriend Nash is asian and he accepts me and never tries to make me black again, I plan to get pregnant soon, my child will be mixed race because our looks change but our genetics don't, this is true for all kinds of mutation.

Sex is still the same, but I get more compliments and many people think I'm exotic now, I was even inviting to some shoots, clothed of course, I enjoy that I'm more noticed now and I expect to be noticed even more soon, taking care of my body is different now, it's proving to be a challenge, I have to wear sunscreen if I stay outside for too long and applying makeup to my eyes is much more difficult, still I am learning and enjoying the experience.

I never got along well with blacks and I never liked being one of them, my lifelong interest in asian culture made me a misfit among my peers, I always secretly wished to be asian and I got my wish granted, asian people talk to me much more openly and they no longer seem to fear me, I can be immersed in asian culture and nobody thinks bad of me for it, both women who love and hate their new race agree that people treat them very different now.

My distate for black culture is not a recent idea, since my childhood I saw how rappers were idolized and their lifestyle promoted to the sky, but I never understand any of that and I could never relate to them, it was like I was an alien stranded on a strange planet I understood none of, now I'm among my people and I finally found my place, this genuine feeling of belonging is so new and pleasant to me, I never felt like this before, it warms my heart.

We who changed race have it better than all other femutants, our employment rate and marriage stability are the highest of all, women subjected to other mutations only wish they had it as good as we do, we must say we are also very proud of our new race and we expect people to understand we are fine the way we are, my new friends are women very happy with their new race and none of us wish to change back, it can't be so hard to understand.

We now have our own public awareness program here in the AFR to talk about how our new identities are not being respected by the government and we oppose forced transformation back into our old selves if the cure for femutation is ever found, this is a very real issue for us, some of those pathetic women unhappy with their new race want to change us all back whether we like it or not, I hope they have to live unhappily trapped as their new race forever.

I really love being asian and I'm very proud of it, I think people ought to always experiment with new things, I identify fully as asian now and I left my black life behind, I don't want to go back to my old self, I never liked being black anyway, it was asian culture that always fascinated me, I'm not alone about this, I have a black friend who used to be white and a mixed race white and black friend who used to be asian, both of them love their new races and identitfy completely with them.

It's very important to me and my happy mutated friends to express ourselves as we truly are, our feeling of joy must not be hidden, we have in fact become different in body and even in soul and nobody can take that from us, I want to show all race changed women how amazing their lives can be if only they are willing to remake themselves, I swear this mutation was the best thing that ever happened in my life, embrace your new race.

My name is Catherine Milano, I'm a 32 years old social worker and I became mixed race black and asian 8 years ago, I was white before changing, my hair was straight dark brown and my eyes were dark green, now I have many new features like dark brown skin, slanted eyes, thick lips and flat nose, I had to buy new pants because my ass is now so huge and my thighs are so thick my old pants no longer fit, I even had to change my hairstyle to a ponytail because my hair is now extremely curly.

I was part of a heavy metal band before I changed and I still was a member for 1 year after the mutation, I mean real heavy metal, not the distorted noise and cheesy growling that is so common nowadays, we didn't even release music videos and we seldom played live, we broke up because our fans no longer took me seriously, I was sought to be a model but I'm not betraying myself modeling with a body like this, nowadays I dedicate my life on social work helping unhappy mutated women.

Now I'm much pickier about friendships, I only talk to people who understand how I feel and agree with me, so my social circle is rather small now and consists mostly of women uncomfortable with their new race and people who accept us, we just love talking about our problems, my husband Carl and my 8 years old daughter Elizabeth have been really supportive and they treat me the same as before, they accept me as I truly am and give me strength when I'm not feeling well.

My sex life is the same as before, I always loathed looking too sexy, my clothes are never too revealing so I always loved long dresses, I only show my body to Carl and I'm very faithful, now it's impossible to hide my ass because it's too big and many people make fun of how it's always sticking out, race changed women always gain extreme traits of their new race, it explains why my skin is now very dark brown and my eyes are extremely slanted.

We at the SCF wear huge ID cards with pictures of our real selves and our real race written in large letters for all to see, I and many of my friends use only pictures of our original bodies in our work and social media profiles, I guess I'm too sensitive to what people think of me, but it's very important to be identified correctly, we treat each other as members of our true race, we need acceptance and understanding, not people making fun of us like they often do.

My identity never changed, I'm a white woman and I feel very uncomfortable being trapped in the body of the wrong race, it's true that this body being very beautiful, but it feels wrong and I don't like it, I haven't changed my wardobe to experiment with foreign cultures and neither have my race distressed friends, we don't like being a different race and there's nothing wrong with that, we are still the same inside and we aren't changing our identity to please anybody.

It's not true that only mutated white women reject their new race, women of all races often feel distressed about their mutation, my black friend, activist for black rights, turned mixed race of asian and white and still wears her black and proud t-shirt, my asian friend, TV host of a show about Chinese culture, turned white and still wears her traditonal chinese clothes, both of them are excluded by some of their people and are very unhappy with their new race.

We are researching experimental cosmetic surgeries to turn us back into our normal selves, such as changing our skin color by increasing or decreasing melanin, changing the shape and size of the eyes, nose, lips, hips, ass, hair texture, we're even working on several types of surgery in the skull to bring back our normal face shape, but it doesn't work yet because our bodies always change back after a few hours at most, but I hope we'll make it one day.

We want a cure that can change us directly without surgery, I volunteered to change back directly and my skin became light again, but few hours later my skin turned dark brown again, my black friend did the opposite and her skin darkened to some degree, but the color was drained as she turned pale again, my asian friend changed her double eyelids back into monolids and her high bridged narrow nose back into her flat wide nose, but she too mutated back into her new form after a while.

I want to keep working as a social worker, many women like me need help and I can't let them suffer alone, I love soothing their pain and sharing our affliction, people must know we can't be happy being trapped in the body of the wrong race, we still are members of our birth race despite looking very different and we just want to be accepted for who we truly are, this is why it's very important for us to talk about problems on TV and the internet.


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