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Female Artwork Anthro TF Animal TF
The Canine Potion [F Humans -> Anthro Dogs] [Breeding] by Dragović

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"Bottoms up, girls!" said Megan, smirking as she pulled two bottles of beer out of her backpack and handed them to Claire and Lynn.

"Thanks, dork." said eighteen-year-old Claire as she untwisted the cap and took a swig. "Maybe sometimes you're not such a total loser." added her best friend Lynn as she tipped the bottle back.

"No problem, girls." said Megan as she smiled knowingly. Claire and Lynn had always treated Megan like dirt, but when Megan told the two that she could sneak them beer behind the school, the two popular girls' interest was piqued. Little did they know, however, the drinks had been magically infused.

"Do you feel hot, all of a sudden?" asked Claire, absent-mindedly scratching an itch behind her ear.
"Yeah...I'm feeling...kind of..." Lynn started to act like she was placed under a trance "kind of horny..."

Claire looked wide-eyed as her best friend began pulling off her shirt. "Lynn, are those... nipples?"
Lynn, now topless and unzipping her shorts, glanced down at her chest, as small nubs began growing beneath her boobs, expanding more and more until she had three sets of tits. Lynn fell to the ground on all fours. "There's something...growing..." she gazed back as something tented her panties outward. She reached back and pulled them down to find a furry tail growing out of her backside.

"Oooohhh" moaned Claire as she fell to the floor, "What did you do to us, you bitch?"

Megan simply smiled. "Who are you calling bitch, bitch?"

Claire begrudgingly stripped as she felt her own tail pressing its way through her shorts. Lynn's ears were now twice their original size, pointed and floppy like dog's ears. As she felt her feet shifting, it finally dawned on her what was happening, but she was now too lost in thoughts of sex to care. She began frantically rubbing her dripping pussy. Within minutes, two neighborhood dogs had smelled them and run up. By now, other students were taking notice and were circling Claire and Lynn to see what the commotion was.

"Don't...don't fucking look at me!" yelled Claire as one of the dogs mounted her and began thrusting. The feeling was indescribable, however, and her new canine instincts were quickly taking over. The onlooking students began taking out their phones to film the spectacle.

"Ohh goddddd," moaned Lynn as one of the dogs thrust in her, "I need it! Make me your bitch! Make me pregnant with your puppieeeeeeees!" she suddenly gasped as the dog unloaded its seed into her fertile pussy.

Megan walked away, contentedly. Before long, she knew, she was going to be the most popular girl in school, and nobody was going to fuck with her.

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