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Strigis Guidelines

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Strigis is a transformation community that wants to archive all transformation fetish content.

Global Rules
  1. No CP fictional or real. Fictional minors in non sexual encounters are fine.
  2. No real bestiality, fictional ones are fine.
  3. No real death fetishes, fictional ones are fine.
  4. No spamming like blatant unrelated advertisements, same messages over and over, unrelated comments etc...

Free Speech Clause
I try my best to uphold as much freedom of speech and expression as possible on this website.
Unlimited free speech I can't allow since I would have to allow spam and CP here which would be a detriment to the operation of this website.
Some extreme content might get "censored" in a way it doesn't show on the homepage but it's welcome here nonetheless as long it doesn't violate the legality of the law.
I won't ban anyone for saying the forbidden words, insults, or if you have to let your morals be known how wrong transformation content is. It's my believe that once you start
censoring people you turn a website into a hugbox and that's the last thing I want.
Off-topic, duplicated. broken or bad content might eventually get removed to reduce server space.
I as the owner would never judge about transformation content posted here even if it's the weirdest shit ever.

Copyright Content

Leaked content available on other websites won't get censored.
Content that you made available somewhere else for public display will not be censored either.
If you see someone's content here without accreditation please reply to it with the original source.

Controversial Content
Really disturbing transformation content will be moved to the F.U.B.A.R. board, It depends if it's get reported, feel free to post it wherever you want though, I'll move it myself if I agree with the reports.

Keep politics, off-topic talk, etc... in Random Board please almost anything is allowed there other than the global rules. If this website becomes active random board will get split up based on activity.

Please be aware that these guidelines can be changed at any moment.

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