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Privacy Policy

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We take privacy very serious considering this is a Transformation fetish board and I assume most of us don't want to reveal said power-level to the real world.
For the default privacy explanation please go here: Privacy Policy

You are free to post content here without registration which removes all the sensitive information you use about yourself other than your IP address, however you can post here with VPNs or tor networks we recommend Opera, Tor Onion, & Firefox + FireX Proxy since those are free.

Your IP Address will only be shown to the Administrator and if we won't get hacked only @Chiaki and the hosting company will be able to see it. The glowies probably see it also, so better to use a VPN.

I don't add cookie warnings because at this point everyone knows what they are for. It's to remember your password so you don't log out every time you refresh this website.
If you don't register barely any cookies will be used other than to remember a theme choice or the sidebar toggle.
you can find more information here: Cookies

If you do register best to use a password that you don't use anywhere else, and don't use your real name or profile picture.

Posting as anonymous. Only the admin and Author can see who the original poster was.

Henceforth what you decide to share about yourself is entirely up to you.

Profile Privacy
You can disable your profile to be viewed by other members and visitors.
Your joined date will be shown, but the last time you visited will not.


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