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Female Literature Animal TF
Oinking Out by KateMarquetWritesIt

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“I just can’t seem to get any guy to last past a few dates,” Pam sighed as she munched on her lunch of carrot stalks. She was a voluptuous woman, a Latina, with brunette hair and tattoos up and down her right arm. Sitting on the bench next to her was her friend and co-worker Olivia who was white, blonde, and had on bright red lipstick.

Both were larger ladies but not in the realm of obese. Just very curvy and in that moment, feeling a bit down on themselves.

“I hear ya. I mean, most of the men aren’t great I’ve seen. Just interested in a quickie, more often than not,” Olivia said, wiping her forehead on the hot day.

Across from them in the park was a small petting zoo and farm that was meant to showcase working animals to kids and the public. From where they were sitting exactly, they only saw- and barely smelled- the pig sty and the one lonely pig in the midst of it all.

It was a fat, hairy boar that was wallowing in his own muck.

“I’m kinda open to going to a different seat. The view, and smell, here isn’t the best,” complained Olivia.

Meanwhile Pam sighed and felt some compassion for the animal.

“I mean, he lives the life. Just eating and sitting around all day. No worries. No cares. Just animal bliss,” Pam surmised with a loving sigh.

Olivia raised an eyebrow at that. While trying to cover for that slightly awkward moment, Olivia reached for her phone but couldn’t fine it. That’s when she remembers leaving it in her car’s center console.

“Damn, I forgot my phone. I don’t want anyone to steal it so do you mind if I run and go get it?” Olivia asked.

“Sure. I’ll be here,” Pam said softly with a smile.

As Olivia leaves, up walks a man from the pig farm. He smiles as he gets closer.

He’s a taller man, with a farm worked body with muscles and broad shoulders, and an easy smile on a rough face.

“I couldn’t help but overhear your interest in the pigs. Not often a person shares that kind of appreciation,” the man said with his thumbs in the loops of his belt.

“Oh, yes. Sorry if I was too loud or anything. I was just saying, compared to the hustle and bustle of our lives, a pig’s must be a lot simpler.

“Well, if you’re interested, I can show you what a pig’s life is like. A little behind the scenes tour?” he offered, extending his hand.

Pam hesitated for a moment but after glancing over her shoulder and still seeing Pam walking away, she decided what the hell.

“Sure, I’d like that,” she said, feeling almost hit on by the handsome man.

They enter the barn and see how the sty is connected to it through an open door from the inside. The lone boar there trots nearer to the man.

“You hungry, Buck?” the man asked as he bent over and grabbed a slop bucket.

“If he’s Buck, then who are you?” Pam asked nicely.

“I’m Paul, miss,” he answered.

“You can call me Pam,” she said before being asked.

“Pleasure to meet you, Pam. Don’t mind the smell, the pig wallow in the mud and muck because they don’t have sweat glands. As a result, they do stink a good bit,” he joked.

As Pam watched, she could almost feel the heat coming off the boar herself. She started to sweat more and more, wiping her brow as it was dripping into her eyes. She looked over at Paul who seemed to be perfectly comfortable in what felt like to Pam was a gasping heat.

“And you can understand why they’re so hot when you think of how much they eat a day. Typically six to eight pounds of feed each day to keep them satisfied,” he said as he tossed a bucket of feed into the trough near the closed door to the sty.

“Mmmhmmm,” nodded Pam as she felt more hot but also more hungry. Watching the feed come into the trough made her lips wet with desire.

Feeling hungry, she rubbed her belly which seemed to have much more of a roll to it than she remembered. Still, she followed the man who could not help but glance at her whenever he had the chance.

“What else can you tell me about the piggies?” she asked, restraining a snorting noise that almost came out when she spoke.

“Well, they are rather large animals. Some show pigs can be well over a thousand pounds. Can you imagine that? Being that huge?” he said, again sneaking glances at the girl.

“That would be a lot of weight to deal with, I’ll bet. I’d sit around all day too if I was that big,” Pam said, smiling at the man before he turned away.

Once he had, she let out a loud fart she had been holding in for a couple moments. She also covered her mouth as a few burps joined the gases being expelled from her body.

The blouse she was wearing was starting to feel tight and uncomfortable but she tried to ignore this to the best of her abilities. Nothing could have possibly changed so she just needed to ignore it until it got better.

“Laziness is a big like trait though if you get a mating pair together, you’d be surprised at how lively they’ll get,” the farmer explained, looking over at the boar.

That she had gained almost forty pounds in the matter of a few minutes was lost on the girl who was desperately trying to act normal. Her face was flush red with the heat that was coming off her. She was hot but felt like her body wasn’t sweating at all despite that. What she wouldn’t give to dive into a pool or even fall in a muddy puddle.

That relief didn’t come though and she just continued to feel tight in her work clothes. Her pencil skirt was the next to feel comfortable as her belly pushed and sagged. The once rather curvy woman was now leaning more towards the just fat side of things.

“They’re not the most cleanly animals, to be sure, but their sense of smell is quite powerful,” he added as he picked up another bucket. This one smelled rank by any account.

“Gross, what is that?” Pam asked, covering her nose.

“Slop. It’s an extra treat and it’s filled with, well, leftovers basically.” After explaining, Paul dumped this into a trough in the pig sty. Buck appeared to ignore this while eating the feed that was provided.

“Just smells so… so…,” but she was at a loss for words for how to describe it as the smell seemed to be changing while in her nose. At first it was sour and rotten but soon became sweeter and more salty, begging her to just try a taste.

Instead she groaned and let out more farts before having to wipe her face of some drool leaking from the corners of her mouth.

“So bad? Yeah, I know,” the man said, noticing how the girl was sniffing at the air and, more than that, her nose appeared more rounded around the edges.

It became harder and harder for the girl to talk without a snort escaping her lips or worse.

Soon her stockings are stretched to their limits while her blouse and skirt were looking poured into rather than clothes that she actually fit into.

“And doesn’t Buck have the cutest little curly tail?” the man pointed out.

Pam was only vaguely aware that Paul was talking as her stomach grumbled that it was hungry.

“Uhhh, yeah, yeah,” she agreed dully.

As the girl turned to face the sty, Paul caught a glimpse of her fattened back end. And in the space just above her skirt he saw something wiggling to get free. When she bends over slightly, out pops the tail that’s starting to twirl and Paul grins in delight.

Pam notices this but thinks Paul’s eyes on her were more flirtatious than anything.

She batted her eyes back at him in an attempt to look cute but by now her nose was sticking out forward somewhat and her face could certainly be considered somewhat piggish.

“Perhaps you would like a really closer look at the sty?” he offered, unlocking and opening the sty door.

Pam shakes her head at first, trying to process what he was saying but he mind couldn’t do it. Instead, it focused on the smell of the slop and how it had her mouth watering. She took slow, gradual steps towards the entrance of the sty, not truly thinking about what she was doing.

As could be predicted from her direction, Pam stepped into the muck of the sty and could smell the pungent odor of the food in the air. The more she sniffed, the longer her piggish nose grew until it was undeniable what it was.

She bends down in front of the trough on her knees which causes her skirt to finally rip down the back. Her black lace panties did the same. Though her bare ass and puckered asshole were now exposed to the air, she was more concerned with the food in front of her than anything. Head dipping down, he starts lapping up the slop happily.

As she continues to eat, more and more of her clothes start ripping apart and it’s only now that something rings odd to the girl. Still, she can’t stop. Not now when she is as hungry as she is.

Time passed quickly as she devoured the slop provided like her life depended on it. As she did, her face was pushing out more and more into a snout while she drooled. Chewing got easier as her teeth grew and soon enough tusks were pushing up from her extending mouth. This change man it easier to scoop up few and choke it down into her plush belly.

Her blouse had completely ripped by now and her distended belly hung low below her.

Pam farted several times and finally lifted her head up to snort and partially squeal as she caught her breath. Blinking her eyes, now somewhat sated from the food lust she had gone through, Pam lifted her head and looked up at Paul who was standing just in front of her on the other side of the fence.

“What’s *snort* happening to me?” she asked sympathetically.

Paul grinned. “You’re getting that sweet life that you commented on before. Nothing but simple days of sleeping, eating, fucking, shitting, and doing it all over again. Just like you said when you were looking at Buck here,” he answered.

She shook her head, recalling the words she said but never really expecting anything like this.

“You’ll turn into a sow eventually. A big, fat and hopefully, in season sow. Kids love to see piglets,” Paul smiled.

Things start to get worse and she’s forced from her knees by shortening legs and hands that were cramping. More farts escaped her ass before a flood of pig shit came out and soil what remained of her panties and the ground under her. She squealed with embarrassment as her face pushed out more and more while the long hair on her head started to fall out.

Ears got floppier while her frame got bigger and bigger, adding more and more weight. Pam’s every breath seemed to swell her lungs and tummy bigger while teats grew down her fattening torso.

“Help! Help me! I don’t wanna be a pig!” she protested, looking down and seeing her shortened arms now had strange trotters on the ends of them and she couldn’t move her fingers anymore.

“But just think of how wonderful your life will be. You said so yourself so you should really be thanking me,” Paul said sternly as Pam’s next words were lost in squeals and oinks.

She just kept blowing up with weight, making the man grin even more.

“And you don’t have to worry about staying skinny. The boars will love you no matter how big you are. Hell, the bigger the better probably,” Paul joked as he saw that Buck was starting to turn away from his own trough as a heady scent filled the air.

Paul smiled and watched as the remaining clothes on Pam were all straining to the very max.

“That’s it, girl. Just accept your lovely fate. I’ll take care of you,” he said as she came to the same realization.

Life would just be better as a big fat pig. Letting out a squeal and wiggling her body, Pam tore away at her clothes that happily shredded off her body, leaving it bare and naked and slightly soiled.

In the wake of those clothes stood a massive, long and fat sow that was ready for the boar. Paul came around to the door and walked in, picking up her clothes as he did before they were soiled too badly. He noticed that her tattoo still remained up her arm though it was partially covered by mud at this point. Paul even took out the girl’s earrings before disposing of everything in a manure bin nearby.

“Sowhood really fits you, Pam. Perhaps you should go outside and introduce yourself to Buck,” suggests Paul.

Pam the sow does just that, with the boar following quickly behind.

She’s struck by how the sty, once smelling so awful, could now smell so wonderfully. She snorted and sniffed around for a bit, occasionally rolling in the muck to cool herself out. Eventually, she rolls and nearly bumps into the boar. Upon standing up and looking face to face with the beast, she thought that he didn’t look so bad now. Shamefully, she enjoyed the way the boar was looking at her.

Pam could feel that her cunt was in season, somehow, and she knew that that boar could smell her just like she could smell how much of a man he was. Without even realizing it, she had come around in front of the boar just to allow it to sniff her rear end. Pleased, the boar quickly started to rut right then and there with the sow.

The girl was aware of herself and the feel of the pig’s cock growing inside of her. Being out in the open, she should have been ashamed but for some reason, she didn’t care. In fact, it felt rather good to fuck in the open. Just as the boar was starting to thrust, into her, she noticed Olivia across the way looking confused and somewhat upset.

Pam should have felt disgraced and embarrassed for what she was doing in full sight of her friend like that but in a lot of ways, she didn’t care. In other ways, though, it just turned her on more. That she could be fucked like this and Olivia would never know. It was turning her on even more, making her sow’s cunt even wetter.

Paul walked up to Olivia and smiled big, acting proud of the sight taking place.

“Is this your farm?” she asked, noticing his overalls.

“I would be one of the caretakers, yes,” he answered.

“You shouldn’t let animals just… fuck like that in the open,” Olivia said, fairly disgusted by the sight.

The man shrugged. “They’re animals. Pigs do what they want when they want to do it. These two want to fuck and a pig’s orgasm can last for thirty minutes or more,” warned Paul. When he said this, the boar finally climaxed and started his orgasm into the sow.

The woman shuddered. “Have you seen my friend, Pam? She’s about my height, same body type, but with dark hair, tattoos down her arm, and darker skin.’

At first Paul wasn’t sure how to approach the situation, knowing what he knew of Pam’s fate.

Meanwhile, Olivia was looking around for any sign of her friend when she spotted something strange.

“Is it normal for pigs to have tattoos?” she asked, noticing the tattoos down the sow’s arm.

Realizing he might be caught, the man smiles and steps back. “I do know where your friend is. She offered to help me with something in the barn. Come, we can surprise her maybe,” Paul said.

Olivia raised an eyebrow at that, not believing it at first until she remembered Pam’s strange words before she left about pigs. Maybe she did accept this guy’s favor because he is kinda cute.

“Sure,” Olivia finally replies, smiling as they leave the park and enter the farm.

Olivia does her best to shield her gaze of the two pigs fucking on her right as she enters the barn. The smells were terrible the whole way.

As they go from the light of outside to the dark of the shaded barn, Olivia doesn’t catch Paul opening the gate to the sty.

“I’m so sorry, right this way,” he said in a friendly and inviting tone.

Olivia followed the direction as she shielded her eyes briefly from the sun before entering what turned out to be a sty. Her heels got stuck in the muck immediately, leaving her treading in the gross stuff in only her stockings. She goes to turn but by the time she does, the gate is shut and locked.

“Hey! What’s the big idea?” Olivia complained loudly.

Paul now just wanted her to quiet down as to not attract a crowd. He walked away and closed the barn doors. Meanwhile. Olivia walked her way slowly around to the gate where she tugged at it uselessly. She was then about to reach over with her hand when she noticed something wrong. Pulling her hand closer, she gasped when she saw fingers merging together while the tips hardened from the nail. Her thumbs were also receding and with it any hope of managing the lock to let herself out.

“That sow you saw outside, getting fucked, was your friend Pam. She, willingly, joined the sty and so will you in good time,” Paul stated flatly.

The woman laughed and crossed her arms. “Let me out of here and stop this weirdness with my hands,” she demanded.

Paul walked up to the gate and stared at the woman. She tried to ignore the fact that her hands were changing but it came hard to hide as the two pig trotters made their appearance.

“No, I don’t think I’ll be doing that,” he told her, already seeing the weight being added to her arms and midsection. “Besides, in not too long, you’ll be happily thanking me for this.”

Olivia slumps over, holding her belly as it gurgles loudly. She belches loudly and feels her legs get weak.

As she looks down at herself, she could see her gut starting to protrude more and more with it being a big roll to get over her belly to where her cunt was. There, things were getting hairy despite the girl’s waxed skin. Just above the stretching cunt, her asshole puckers.

“You know, I pick out curvier women because you keep your relative shape when you transform and the boars and stallions around here like’em curvy,” Paul tittered as Olivia felt fat fill her ass over and over, swelling it up. “Isn’t that right, Pam?”

Olivia looks over and sees the other sow and watches her nod.

“This can’t be real,” moaned Olivia.

“You’ll understand soon enough,” Paul said. With a snap of his fingers, Olivia’s ass exploded out of her dress pants and spilled out everywhere. Completely transformed into a pig below the waist, Buck the boar sniffs the air having just hopped off Pam and made his way back into the barn proper.

“What does he want?” Olivia asked with a heavy sigh in her voice.

“You, dear,” Paul answered as the boar sniffed at the girl’s ass for a few moments before hopping onto her back.

‘Oh fuck, I’m being mounted!’ was written all over Olivia’s face as the boar did just that. Getting in position, she soon felt her new, bigger sow cunt was filling with the boar’s cock.

“That should speed things up for you,” Paul said of the partially changed pig girl.

Sure enough, while at first it was merely her piggy rear end that was full sow, the changes rapidly spread through her body. Her arms and legs got shorter and her feet soon joined her hands in being worthless trotters.

“Oh no! Oh no, no, *oink*, no!” a desperate Olivia said at first as the pig’s cock grew inside of her. Every thrust seemed to fuck more fat into her as her shirt started to rip open from the growth of her underside teats. “I don’t wanna be an ugly piggEEEEEEEE! WRREEEEETTTT!” squealed the pig as her face pushed out.

“You’ll be as beautiful as ever, just a different species,” Paul told her while grabbing bits of loose clothing off her frame where he could. Soon she was bare naked in front of the man and the other sow that was happily distracted by the feed in the other trough.

“SQUEEEEE! SQUEEEEEE!” squealed the changing pig as her weight soars and belly gets bigger and bigger.

Her face kept pushing out as the hair shed off her scalp to reveal a bald head between the two piggish ears.

Her body lengthened as well, allowing more space for fat to pack on as she neared and surpassed Pam in weight.

She wanted to cry out for help but something about her piggy cunt being rocked by this boar made everything better. The squeals coming out of her were less pained and more enjoyable as Olivia started to give into the feelings she had pumping in her veins. Soon the girl was much more sow than human and the last of her features started to fade as the minutes rolled by and the boar kept on fucking her.

With a combination of the shame of what was happening mixed with where it was occurring and how much she loved it, the pig’s tongue rolled out of its mouth to drool down as Olivia reached her first piggy orgasm. As she did, the last vestiges of humanity were squeezed from her face as the boar also finished in the sow. All that was left of the old Olivia was her red lipstick and her earrings.

Paul unlocked the gate and headed in, gathering the remainder of her clothing and her earrings. As he wiped away the lipstick on her snout he asked, “So, was it worth it?” and she nodded enthusiastically.

“Well, I’ll leave you two new sows to it. Piglets in both of your futures should be fun, eh?” he said with a clap of his hands before taking his leave.

The two new sows looked at each other and there was understanding between the two. It should have embarrassed them and felt shameful but parts of them loved their new lives. The two snort and shrug and exit the barn and walk into the sty proper to wallow in some mud like the sows they are.

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