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[Morphingu] Alien Enhancements

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Two medical technicians rushed around the medical bay, grabbing samples and preparing to leave.
"How did that creature get into her suit?" Jason, the male lab tech asked, "They are completely sealed!"
"I'm...not sure," replied Natalie, "It was almost as if she voluntarily let it...attach?"
"Attach? Really? It was completely wrapped around her hips and inside her!" exclaimed Jason.
"I said I'm not sure! We've never seen creatures like this, at least we can be thankful it only injected half of the fluid it had inside it into her," Natalie said.
Jason sighed, rubbing his helmet, "I suppose that's true and at least it died shortly after we sedated her. There doesn't seem to be any deadly side effects from the fluid that was absorbed into her body."
Natalie looked at the creature and back to Jason before asking, "Are you sure its dead and not sedated?"
"I ran a full scan on it. There was no movements, no signs of life that I could see," Jason replied impatiently.
"But what if....," Natalie started to say before being quickly interrupted.
"We don't have time for this! Her life might be in danger from whatever substance that.... Hip Hugger injected into her," Jason said, "If we don't get to the lab with these blood samples soon, it might be too late!"
"Shouldn't one of us stay with her?" Natalie asked.
"Normally I'd say yes. However, with the number of tests we need to run and no one else here, we both will have to go. The computers can notify us in the event of anything....bad." Jason said, shaking his head as he opened the door as they both exited the room.

The door closed as the two med techs left the room, dimming the lights on their way out. Aeryn rolled around in a fitful sleep, visions of a speech and species she'd never seen before. As the speech was finished, the roar of the crowd filled her mind waking her almost instantly. Gasping and attempting to clear her mind, her senses slowly started coming back.

Aeryn sat up slowly and could see her skin was shiny and coated in a thin layer of what felt like oil and dark veins were forming on it's surface near her hips. She tried to relax her breathing as her senses started flooding back. Her body was so warm, her breasts felt almost hot to the touch and incredibly sensitive. Moving her legs together sent a quiver of pleasure through her body as her puffy pussy lips rubbed against themselves. Quickly spreading her legs apart she realized how wet she was and there was an urge inside her. She needed something so badly, but couldn't tell what it was. Finally looking to her left she saw the alien resting on the table, it's legs slowly moving as if it was waking as well. The memories of allowing it to penetrate her and injecting it's fluids that filled her body with pleasure flooded back to her. Aeryn bit her lip, was this was she needed? Her body got warmer at the thought. She was so turned on it felt like nothing could satiate her. Another wave of heat flooded through her body and the urge got stronger. In an attempt to cool off, she removed her top. The fabric sent waves of orgasms through her as it brushed against her hard nipples. Aeryn grabbed the creature, placing it's pulsing shaft near her sensitive pussy lips. There was no question to what she needed. She bit her lip at the feeling of it pressing against her puffy vagina and slid the thick bumpy shaft inside herself.

Aeryn's body quivered with delight as she pressed the creatures shaft inside herself. No sooner had ribbed shaft slipped inside did the creatures arms and tail move themselves into their hip hugging position, tightly wrapping around her body. Aeryn gasped as the creature wasted no time in going to work between her legs.

The shaft started working in and out slowly, it's ribbed length pulsing with each movement in that injected some of the creatures warm liquids inside of her. Aeryn's legs nearly collapsed from the resulting orgasm as she struggled to catch herself on the edge of the table with her arms, moaning with pleasure. Each time the liquids were pumped in, the pleasure grew stronger. All she could think about was being filled up with the warm fluids, as the creature continued its work downstairs. It began sucking lightly on her puffy sensitive pussy lips creating a seal around them preventing any fluids from dripping out. Her nipples slowly becoming more puffy and her breasts started feeling fuller as the process continued. As more of its fluids were absorbed into her body, the orgasms became stronger. At first it only emanated from her most sensitive areas but soon began spreading out, causing more and more of her body to quiver in orgasmic pleasure.

As the creature worked between Aeryn's legs, there was little she could do to prevent the constant waves of orgasms from flooding through her body. The shaft inside her periodically pumped more of the warm fluids into her which only increased her sexual desires. The creature's shaft continued to work itself in and out, as well as expanding inside to fill every inch of her. Was it all just one big distraction to it's greater purpose? Another wave of orgasms shook her body and the thought of that possibility disappeared, as Aeryn moaned in response.

The strength of the orgasms had done anything but slow down and Aeryn needed to try to get on to the medical platform before she fell over. Turning gently, her muscles movements felt surprisingly taunt and strong. Aeryn got a knee up on the platform and caught herself with her free arm on the cart before another orgasm caused her to fall forward. Breathing quickly, she could feel her breasts swaying much more than usual with each intake of air. The heat her breasts and body felt still saturated her skin as her mind slowly started to feel things changing. Each time she thought on what was happening a stronger orgasm pushed it from her focus. Her feet felt strange to her and she could feel a new presence, almost like a limb near her tail bone. "What is... ha...happening?" she managed to get out before another wave of pleasure flooded through her. The creature had pushed nearly half the liquid from its second sack into her and showed no signs of slowing down its rhythmic movements either. Every pump of fluids the alien injected caused a stronger orgasmic reaction and she had no desire for it to stop any time soon.

Aeryn fell forward on to the medical table as another orgasm rippled through her body. Her still growing breasts bouncing against each other as she positioned herself on the table as to not disturb the creature still pumping it's shaft and fluids inside her. She brushed her hair out of her face. Did her hair feel a little shorter? Maybe the med techs were forced to cut it shorter and she just hadn't noticed. She could see her body changing more. The more it changed, the stronger the orgasms became. It wasn't long before the pleasure had completely clouded her mind.

Aeryn's breasts were so warm and sensitive, each begging to be squeezed. They'd grown so much in size that she couldn't even fit them in her hands, but that wasn't about to stop her from grabbing a handful with her free arm. As each area of her skin transformed, that skin seemed hyper sensitive to touch. Just brushing against it could cause another orgasm to flair up. Seeing her already sensitive breast was in this state, Aeryn shivered at just the thought of touching it. As her hand gently brushed over the transforming skin, wrapping around her breast, she gasped. Her body begged her to continue. Biting her lip, she tried to prepare herself as she squeezed her tender, full breast. Milk shot from her nipple as orgasmic relief flooded her from head to toe and had her instantly cumming harder than she ever had. Barely able to hold herself up from the orgasmic exertion, Aeryn had to stop squeezing. Laying back, she tried to catch her breath, just as the creature injected another load of the transformative fluids that sent a fresh wave of orgasms through her.

Sitting up took Aeryn several attempts, but finally she managed, bracing herself with both her arms. Her breathing was quick as she attempted to clear her head and take in what was happening. Each time she tried, another orgasm would surge through her, keeping her from concentrating. Her hair fell into her face. She quickly brushed it away, but it fell right back. Why did her hair feel so short? Aeryn gritted her teeth and leaned her head back, moaning as another orgasm rippled through her and the final amount of transformative fluids was injected inside her.

With the full amount of the fluids finally inside and being absorbed, Aeryn could feel the changes to her body taking shape more intensely now. Her breasts hung heavily in front of her, bouncing with each labored breath. She wanted to squeeze them again, feel the pleasure course through her. She could see her legs and hips had increased in size as well, each swell in size causing another wave of pleasure. The creature now thickened it's shaft as much as it could to prevent any of the fluids from dripping out and began pumping in and out harder than it ever had, working the final amount of fluids into her. She could see the thick ribbed shaft moving her abdomen, the sensation completely taking her breath away. She never wanted this feeling to end, but at the same time, each passing second the pleasure increased as if building up to something much stronger. She couldn't even imagine a stronger orgasm than the ones she already experienced. Yet, as more transformations shifted her bodies shape and another orgasm rippled through her, all she could think of was more.

With the transformation accelerating rapidly, Aeryn started to lose focus on anything but the rhythmic motion of the creature inside her. It's thick ribbed shaft pumped in and out as the final amount of the fluids absorbed into her. Her body was becoming stronger. She could feel her new, taught muscles, now supported her weight easily and could even hold her up through the waves of pleasure without issue. Realizing this, Aeryn sat up on her knees, freeing her hands for much more important activities than supporting her body.

Her still growing and incredibly sensitive breasts bounced in front of her, begging to be relieved of the pressure building inside them. Eager to begin, her body quivered, but her enhanced muscles supported her easily enough. Her new tail swished lightly behind her. She nearly had full control of it now, even though she wasn't quite sure what to do with it yet. Reaching up, running her hands along her torso, she made her way to her breasts, cupping their massive size. Another orgasm was building and just the thought of squeezing them again, made it build even faster. Wrapping her hands around her tits, Aeryn put her fingers around her nipples, teasing them gently. She slowly began pressing her breasts together. Just slight pressure caused the building pleasure to flair up and take her breath away. Breathing quickly she prepared herself and squeezed again, this time, refusing to stop. The building orgasm surged as her breasts pressed into each other and milk gushed from her nipples. Her whole body shook from orgasms as she pressed until even her enhanced body gave out. Aeryn fell forward on her hands, milk dripping on the table as she attempted to catch her breath and the transformation of her body continued on.

Down on all her hands and knees Aeryn panted from the pleasure of squeezing her breasts, her whole body humming with sexual energy. She could feel the transformation working it's way through her entire body. Every shift and growth of her body felt so good and she couldn't wait for the next that would inevitably bring another wave of orgasms to flood through her. Her hair had completely shrunk back into her body, leaving her new elongated head, smooth to the touch. Aeryn felt the creature start working inside her even more vigorously than before as she bit her lip and prepared herself for the pleasure to come.

Pumping in and out the thick swollen shaft of the creature rubbed inside of her with renewed purpose. The feeling was building, the orgasm she been desiring this whole time, growing stronger. Aeryn's tongue rolled out of her mouth, her tail, which now dripped a similar transformative liquid as the creature, swished back and forth in the air, urging the creature on. Her breasts hung heavily from her chest, swaying back and forth as she tried working her hips to increase the feeling faster. Her body started shaking from miniature orgasms as the largest continued to build and she moaned louder. Everything felt so incredible, she had barely noticed how little of her original body remained. Only the pleasure mattered to her anymore. The orgasm was coming, Aeryn could feel it, she was right there, ready for the release in pleasure when suddenly the creature stopped. Releasing it's grip on her body it fell to the table, curling into a regenerative like state. Aeryn's body stopped moving for a second, the building orgasm hadn't died off but just stopped getting stronger, holding right at the peak of pleasure. She needed to finish it, needed the orgasms to flood through her. With the creature obviously spent, it was time to take things into her own hands.

Aeryn crawled to the end of the table, her whole body humming with the most intense sexual peak she'd ever experienced. Yet her body refused to satisfy her with the feeling of orgasmic release. As she sat on the edge of the table and pleasure herself by hand, she could barely think. Something was wrong, it wasn't enough. Almost instinctively she was reminded of her tail as it swished playfully behind her. The same fluids that urged on her transformation were not only inside that creature, but also dripping from her tails tip. Now in full control of her new appendage, she brought it between her legs and let the fluid drip onto her pussy, her body, quivering in response.

With the strength of the tail, pressing inside of her wet pussy lips was easy and she began working it in and out. She could feel the warm transformative liquids slowly begin dripping inside and her body, shifting to finish off the last of her transformation. Aeryn had thought she was at the peak of an orgasm, but it kept growing stronger. Her whole body burning with heat, begging her to finish, begging her to cum. She worked the tail faster and reached up to squeeze her breasts with one arm while rubbing her clit with the other. The feeling built stronger and stronger. As the tail leaked more fluid inside, every ounce doubled the intensity until finally, she reached the peak. The whole universe seemed to stop as the orgasms began. Her body quivered and shook as cum dripped heavily from her pussy lips and milk sprayed from the breast she squeezed in orgasmic bliss. Orgasms flooded through her for what felt like ages. Her whole body was a quivering, orgasmic mess, as it completed the last of the transformation, leaving Aeryn to physically and mentally attempt to recover from the last of the transformative process.

Epilogue: As Aeryn's body slowly began to recover from the transformation, she came to her senses more each minute. Everything about her body, in some way, felt enhanced. She had better hearing, sharper eyesight, stronger muscles and skin that was tougher but sensitive enough to even feel the medical equipment vibrations. Aeryn had an urge to do something new. She wanted others to feel what she felt throughout the transformation and what she felt now, she needed to create others just like her. Aeryn got wet at just the thought of that process and having someone else go through that same thing, excited her even more. There was only one thing she could think of to do. With her new tail now dripping with the transformative fluids she was ready to create more like her. Aeryn had a full ship of humans that needed enhanced. Turning toward the door she took one last look across the med bay before pressing the open switch. Time to get started.










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