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Gypsy Tricksy (Choose your own transformation edition)


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Sep 12, 2018
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Chapter 1: Madame Zina

Lyla was walking back home from work, because her place of work was near her home, she had no need to drive back and forth in the big city of Miami.
She was looking forward to see her hubby Liam, who she recently moved in with and loved tremendously.

Lyla was a very good looking 22 year old, green eyes, blond hair, cute straight nose, diamond shaped face, Cupid’s bow lips and milky white cream skin.

On top of that she had a height of 5'5 feet while weighting 130 pounds that distributed her fat in all the right places, like her bouncy bubble butt, hips, and D-cup breasts on her hourglass body.

Between her work and home was a gypsy trailer park that she regretfully had to pass daily, for that reason alone she would consider taking the car, so the gypsy kids would stop annoying her, with trying to sell the same old crap.

Luckily this time the kids where nowhere to be seen when she passed by, she picked up the pace in the hopes of skipping them in case they would show up, but in trying to avoid the kids she hit against an old lady flooring her on the curb.


Lyla: “Oh my... GOD! I’m so terribly sorry Ma’am... I’m such an idiot that I wasn't paying attention where I was walking.”

Madame Zina: “That’s okay dear, But... I... I... think I severely hurt my bottom, could you please help me up?”

Lyla: “Of course... Would be happy to, I feel so bad that this happened!”

While Lyla picked the old lady back up she noticed that she looked like a stereotypical Romanian gypsy, and when she looked at her face she estimated she would be in her late seventies.

Madame Zina: “Oh... my dear... thank you... that’s much better.”

Lyla: “Do you want me to call the hospital or a doctor so they can take a look if you have any injuries? Me and my boyfriend would be happy to take you there, and pay for all the expenses of course.”

Madame Zina: “Oh no no no no... no, we don’t take kindly around those types of folk, they are vultures who ask way too much for what they do.”

Lyla: “Well, if you have medical insurance it’s pretty affordable and we would pay, but if you insist I’ll respect that, I would gladly help you with something else if you need it, I feel so bad in hurting you with my clumsiness!”

Madame Zina: “Thanks dear... now that you mention it, there is something you could indulge me with, you see I’m living here in this Romanian community and would like you to help me to my home.”

Lyla didn't really wanted to go inside those dirty looking shacks but she knew she owed the old lady.

Lyla: “No problem Ma’am, it’s the least I can do.”

She held the old gypsy lady as best as she could, and slowly assisted her back to her home, while passing by many of the trailers, tents and wooden huts.

Naturally she drew enough attention that the kids showed up... the thing that she tried to avoid in the first place, but luckily the old lady only had to say 2 words and the kids ran away. Somehow they seemed to be very scared of her.

After a while she reached the biggest tent in the back of the whole settlement and the lady said that was her home. They both entered and helped the lady in a red couch.

Madame Zina: “Ooh thank you darling, much better, this couch is the only thing I need to recover.”

Lyla: “OK madam, Glad to be of help, and thank you for getting rid of those kids, they bug me often when I pass by, in fact I was trying to avoid them while I ran into you... anyways if that’s all I’ll be on my way again, once again sorry for hitting you.”

Madame Zina: “Those kids are a nuisance but they have good hearts they just do what they can to survive and get some money from people that pass by... I would be a terrible host though if I didn't give you a drink at least.”

Lyla: “Oh.. No... that’s no problem at all... I was...”

The old lady grabbed her walking cane and walked to a place that looked like a kitchen... of a witch, and started to brew something, forcing Lyla into staying a little bit longer.

Madame Zina: “So my dear, you said you had a boyfriend tell me more about him?”

Lyla: “Well euhm, he’s very cute and nerdy looking, hazel eyes with glasses, short brown hair, very skinny and tall like 6'3 feet, But I fell for his personality, oh, and he is so smart... he’s amazing!”

Madame Zina: “Sounds like a good man, oh I haven’t introduced myself so silly of me, my name is Madame Zina, and I’m the luminary of this town, I used to share this position with my late husband but he passed away a long time ago.

Madame Zina: "Coming back to your boyfriend, it’s very nice that you are genuinely in love with him, but... do you know the reason why he is with you?”

Lyla: “Nice to meet you Madame Zina my name is Lyla... Well we are together for 4 years now and he always said that he loves me for my personality, that I’m helpful, not rude and joyful.”

Madame Zina: “I see... interesting... I have had my fair share of experience with men and my conclusion has always been that like 80 or 90% of them just are interested in the girl’s looks.

Madame Zina: "You are very pretty one of the prettiest ladies I have ever seen so would you want to do a harmless little experiment, to proof that your boyfriend is being honest with you and that he belongs to the minority of men who really like you for your personality?”

Lyla: “Euh... why would I want to do that? I don’t doubt him he’s always been genuine with me.”

Madame Zina: “Just worried about you my dear, I have seen so many relationships that lasted for decades fail, because it was based on a lie, sure you are still in love with him now but what in 20 years from now? I myself had a cheating husband and when I realized what kind of a man he was it was too late, all my good looks faded and I was stuck with him.”

Lyla: “Well.... If you look at it that way maybe I should test our relationship a little bit, you said it was harmless right? I don’t know how you can though... other than hiring a private detective or...”

Madame Zina: “Don’t worry about that dear, I have already taken care of that with this special drink. This green liquid will prove that he unconditionally loves you for the inside instead of the outside.”

Madame Zina slowly walked with the green liquid to Lyla and gave it to her.

Lyla: “Ok sure... I guess it’s worth trying”

Lyla drank the brew in one sitting it tasted very slimy and sweet, not the best drink she ever had but it wasn’t bad either.

Lyla: “Wooo... Well... That sure was... Different”

Madame Zina: “Ok dear, I’m sure you are right and that you have nothing to fear... OOOHHH! my bottom... I’m sorry... I need to take a rest from that fall now, I take it you can find your way back home? If the kids annoy you again tell them Madame Zina will turn them into worms, if they don’t leave you alone... hehe, they believe I’m capable of that... silly kids.”

Lyla: “Of course and thank you for the advice, I will take it at hard with those meddling punks! I won’t trouble you any longer... thank you for the hospitality and the drink.”

Lyla and madame Zina said their goodbyes and Lyla was back on track to her house, looking forward to see her hubby.”

“Stupid punks if they didn’t annoy me constantly with their junk that nobody wants, I wouldn’t have almost killed that nice old lady.” Lyla mumbled on her way home

She had no idea that the green liquid had transformative effects on her, starting with her sex drive.

While walking she started to feel hotter and getting more hornier with each step she took, she was imagining her boyfriend Liam naked with his huge 8 inch dick... that was also a big reason she liked him but was too shy to tell madame Zina about that.

Lyla: “What is this feeling? I never felt so aroused in my life! My god I need my hubby soon or I will go insane! Almost there just a few more steps...”

She finally arrived at her mansion while the sky was turning dark, her nipples had turned rock hard and her pussy was never as wet as it was now. Her mind only wanted Liam. She opened the door and saw Liam with a concerned look staring at her.

Liam: “Hey babe... where were you? I was worr....”

Lyla jumped on his tall body and Liam had no choice but to catch her, while she was kissing him like..

Lyla: “No... Time... To... Explain... Babe... So... Horny... Need... You!”

Liam was holding his hot and sweaty girlfriend while taking her upstairs to their bedroom, Lyla was so horny he didn’t even have the chance to turn on the light and both dropped on their bed.

It took only like 10 seconds for Lyla to be completely naked showing her rock solid tits to Liam who began sucking them, marking the catalyst for the green liquid to start the changes in Lyla.

Her nipples started to grow while Liam was sucking them, making them at least 3 times larger, while 10 other small bumps started to grow under her breasts in 2 vertical rows they looked like 10 round pink rashes at first sight, and stopped developing when Lyla moved on to Liam’s cock.

Lyla: “Let me show that big white dick of yours... I wanted to suck that meat for hours now!”

She put his 8 inch dick in her whole mouth surprising her that it was the first time she could do that without gagging. She sucked it furiously, when her straight nose started to turn up making the nostrils more rounder and bigger.

Her ears started to slightly get more pointy, giving it the forbearance of what is to come. The last thing that happened was that 2 of her side tooth were beginning to become longer.

Liam: “Babe wow, that’s the best blow job I had, please stop I’m almost CUMMING!”

Lyla: “Okay hubby on to the main course then, I want you inside me!”

Liam did as he was told when Lyla was on all fours ready to receive him and started to fuck her doggy style, her pussy was so wet and his dick inserted itself in her with ease.

He kept fucking her while a small extension started to grow out of her tail bone, and it kept growing and growing, it took a u-turn and grew some more until it looked like a common pig tail with one small difference, a bush of blond hair grew on the end of it.

With each trust he took back and forth her body started to take on a little bit more weight that she gained mostly in her bubble butt, while her childbearing hourglass shaped hips started to narrow down a bit, marking the beginning for her body to barrel out like the common sow that she is slowly becoming.

Liam: “I’m cumming babe... you want... you want me to pull out?”

Lyla: “NO STUD! I want your babies I’m ready for it now!”

Liam: “I... I.... I.... LOVE YOU!!!”

With a couple of final trusts and after 15 minutes Liam finally came, his load was huge even Lyla felt his soldiers flowing into her womb, making it all but sure that she would get pregnant by this.
Liam pulled out when he was finished they gave each other a big kiss and passed out in each other’s arms unaware of all the changes that happened to Lyla in the dark.

The changes didn’t stop though, the sperm implied that she was still too pretty for Liam to stop loving her so it started to alter her reproductive system. The canal of the Vagina and Cervix started to narrow down and elongate, made fit for the long corkscrew penis of a boar, next were her ovaries that morphed into one of a swine.

The egg cells that would have given her a beautiful human baby were transformed made fit for creating piglets and with Liam’s sperm happened the same thing. The last changes happened to her reproductive system while the sperm impregnated her with at least 16 piglets.

Her vagina still looked the same on the outside but it would produce no longer anything human.

Her changes for the moment had stopped. And nothing had happened for the rest of the night.

What happens next?
Nasty Surprises
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Sep 12, 2018
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Chapter 2: Nasty Surprises

It was 5 a.m when Lyla noticed something weird going on with her, Her lower stomach felt soar and she felt bloated.

She went to the bathroom and did her daily routine after going to the toilet. The first thing she always did was weighing herself. she grabbed the digital scale and looked at it with blurry eyes

Lyla: “What!??? 160 pounds? I was 130 pounds yesterday you stupid thing there must be something wrong with its calculation again.”

Next she saw some weird round spots on her bloated belly, wondering what they were

Lyla: “What are these round things underneath my boobs? are they pimples? I feel small nubs on them in the center?”

Lyla:“Fuck this... what did that witch give me? I never felt so horny and now all thwaw weird things are happening... I need to check myself in a mirror.”

The bathroom was pretty large so it took a while for Lyla to notice the full changes that happened to her. When she was close enough to look at her naked self in the mirror she panicked.


Lyla: “What the fuck happened to my nose??!!!!!”

Liam woke up and ran towards Lyla wondering what happened to her.

Liam: “Hey babe something wrong I heard you yell.... WOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHH!!”

Lyla: “Thanks Liam as if I’m not panicking enough already!!”

Liam: “Sorry... Dear... what kind of make-up are you wearing is... is... this a joke?”

Lyla: “I don’t know! I,,, I... just woke up... I noticed that I gained weight, and apparently my nose got turned into that of a pig for crying out loud!”

Liam: “Euhm... babe... that’s not the only thing that changed your butt looks a lot bigger and you have a tail on it that looks like a pig. Hold on maybe a burglar came inside and placed it on you for some sick joke. I’ll try to remove it”

Lyla: “AAAAAHHHH! Dammit Liam it’s not! it feels like it belongs to me now, OH MY GOD! I can even twitch it.”

Liam: “Ok honey there must be an explanation for this, you were very late yesterday and... well... very horny... So did anything special happen to you yesterday when you came from work?”

Lyla: “Well... Yeah... you know about that gypsy trailer or whatever park 1 mile from here? I accidentally had a collusion with an old gypsy lady, and had to help her get home?”

Liam: “I... see... and anything peculiar that happened during her encounter?”

Lyla: “Well she kept saying that most men are only into women for their looks and she asked me if I wanted to test our relationship. She gave me a green liquid that would proof that you would love me for the inside and not my looks.”

Liam: “So... You hurt an old gypsy and went into her house, while she gave you some weird potion? I... see.... DAMMIT HUN! You know gypsies are into some weird shit! She probably wanted revenge on you and gave you some weird witch brew that is turning you into a freak, all because you didn't trust me!”

Lyla started to get tears in her eyes when Liam said that.

Lyla: “I know okay! she manipulated me into it! She said it would be harmless I didn’t know it was going to change me!”

Liam felt bad for her and tried to comfort his girlfriend

Liam: “Don’t worry okay babe, I don’t care what she did to you I still love you as much as before, She can turn you into a complete monster and I would love you!”

“Thank.... HU... HU... HU.... You... Baby... I’M Sorry!!” Lyla cried.

Liam started to kiss her perky lips, but in doing so changed her more.

Her ears started to get more pointy, and were protruding sideways out of her long blond locks, while Lyla’s nose started to turn up and protrude outward, merging her upper lip with her nose, he had to stop kissing when he felt her porcine nose pushing his face away form eachother.

He looked with shocked eyes when he noticed that her face had changed even more

Lyla: “What’s... Snort... What’s... Snort wrong babe? you look like you have seen a ghost... Snort I’m not that scary yet am I?”

Lyla looked back in the mirror when she saw that her upper lip merged with her nose and 2 pointy ears poking outside her hair.

Lyla: “AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD! SNORT!”

Liam: “Okay babe I’m done with this crazy voodoo magic! I’ll find something to cover your face and we go find that crazy witch in that settlement!”

It took a while for Lyla to find proper clothes, the sudden added weight of 30 pounds, and added extensions on her body, made every pants she had uncomfortable, finally settling with a jogging pants, winter coat and some anarchy mask that vandals use, to fully cover porcine/human hybrid face.

Liam: “Let’s go find that Madame Zilu or whatever...”

Lyla: “Yes snort... babe thank you for supporting me! I never should have taken her advice!”

They grabbed each other’s hands, while walking to the gypsy camp, Unaware by both of hem that even the slighted form of affection would have consequences.

It triggered changes in her hand and feet that were slowly malforming them, her hands where becoming more narrow while her fingers started to shrink into the palm of her hands.

They were so focused in getting answers, that they didn’t even notice the obvious changes.

Both of them reached the camp in a matter of minutes walking as fast as they could, encountering the gypsy kids on their way.

Lyla was so annoyed by them that she just removed her masked and yelled a big “SQUEEEEEELLLLL!!!!” at them, which made them run away while shocking herself and Liam.

Liam: “You okay beautiful? that even scared me! It doesn't matter.... Almost there and we can see the crazy hag!”

Lyla: “I’m... Snort... no longer... beautiful! My feet hurt and my hands feel stiff, but other than that I’m fine considering the situation, just want to see that ungrateful witch!”

Liam: “Well you are beautiful to me hon, no matter what happens to you! I can see that huge tent only a few more feet!”

They finally reached the entrance of Madame Zina’s tent, when Lyla dropped on her knees.

Lyla: “Damn my feet! I can’t walk anymore! I need to remove my shoes!”

When she tried to grab for her shoes she noticed the final changes occurring in her hands. The last remnants of her human hands were slowly fading into pig trotters.

Lyla: “WHAT... THE... FUCK?????”

Liam saw the new changes occurring again and tried to comfort her as best as she could when Madame Zina came out of her tent.

“What is this ruckus here!? An old lady is trying to sleep here you know! Oh... My... Is that you Lyla... Haven’t you turned for the worse.” Madame Zina smuggly said.

Liam: “Yeah because of you... you... crazy hag! I would slap you if you weren’t old... or a woman but what have you done to the love of my life!?”

Madame Zina: “Ah you must be the ‘hubby’ nice to make my acquaintance with you, well your girl had doubts that you truly loved her, and I gave her something that would proof it, by the looks of it you really do!

Madame Zina: "I guess she really did find a man that only looks for a girl on the inside... CONGRATULATIONS LYLA!”

Lyla: “You said it was harmless snort... you witch bitch!”

Madame Zina: “Language dear, you were so cordial yesterday and now you turn into a rude person! Well it is harmless, it didn’t do anything life threatening to you it just reformed you somewhat.”

Lyla: “Reformed!?? it’s turning me into a beast... and a fucking porker at that!”

Madame Zina: “Hehe... yeah that’s on me sorry for that... Anyways Lyla and boyfriend I have a couple of minutes to explain the situation that you are in, come in... come in...”

Lyla crawled on her hands and knees to a chair, while Liam tried to help her as best as he could. All 3 of them took a seat, while Madame Zina started to enlighten them on their current situation.

Madame Zina: “You must be aware by now that the drink I gave you has trans formative effects, the reason why the changes are occurring is because of your boyfriend, as long as he loves you and shows you affection physically or mentally, you will keep changing...
There are 4 ways it will stop... 1. you either turn into a full sow or 2, your boyfriend will stop loving you or 3. He must leave you... “

Liam: “What... is that it!? all those choices suck, I love Lyla and would never stop loving her!”

Madame Zina: “Well you can leave her behind, we can give her a job in the freak show, the pay sucks but she is perfect for the job...”

Lyla: “Yeah... snort... I rather die than to live in this shit hole!” Lyla said in an angry tone

”...Or she can turn into a happy swine, I mean her feet probably have changed into trotters like her hands so you have to carry her back home and you know what happens when you touch her.” Madame Zina said while looking at Liam

“You hag you didn’t tell me about these consequences when you gave me that foul liquid!” Lyla cried out

“I’m sorry dear, I only offer my service and you seemed to have a question that I could answer, at least now you know that you found the love of your life sadly all alchemy and magic has consequences.” Madame Zina refuted.

“Let’s calm down a bit babe... You said there was a 4th option what is it?” Liam asked

Madame Zina: “Oh yes there is a 4th one but that is a little bit more complicated and I need more time to figure it out... I offered my services to your ungrateful girlfriend for free last time though, so I need a payment for this option”

Liam: “Okay... fine, tell me what you want and I come back for it tomorrow... I hope it will be good, or I will drag you over to the police!”

Madame Zina: That's fine sweety... but... what are you going to do about your girl here? You want to let her stay until tomorrow? Our kids would take a liking to her curious form and...”

Lyla: “Fuck that you old hag! I rather turn into a complete sow than to stay here any longer than I have to!”

Madame Zina: “Ok that settles it then... I see you and your porker tomorrow... good luck carrying her home, you really are one of a kind... she is lucky to have you...”

Liam: “Liam... my name is Liam and I will hold you to our agreement tomorrow!”

And with that they left Madame Zina’s Tent trying to figure out how Liam would bring her back home. He first helped in removing her shoes which confirmed that her feet had turned into pig trotters making it impossible for her to walk.

“DAMMIT!!... What did I do to deserve this!” Lyla shouted when she saw her deformed feet.

Liam: “Don’t worry babe, I have a plan, I know it sounds Ironic but I will piggy ride you home as fast I can. You shouldn't change that much, and tomorrow I come back to this dump to get this solution that turns you back okay? Coming to think of it I should have taken the car... stupid move of me.”

Lyla: “it’s fine babe... Snort... the only stupid move is from me!”

Liam grabbed Lyla on his back and ran as fast as he could, if he did his best it would only take like 15 minutes.

Lyla on the other hand was so depressed with the changes that she had given up, she loved how her deformed body was hugging the love of her life, and now that she knew he loved her unconditionally she would never let him go! The green liquid was very aware of it and started to change her more drastically.

She started to fill out gaining at least 50 pounds on her previous 160 pound frame, the fat moved mostly to her upper body and her 10 nubs that looked like a rash started to grow further, defining the beginning of 10 sow teats.

Liam started to feel the extra added weight while running, not making it easy for him, but decided to keep quiet.

Lyla on the other hand didn’t care she wanted to have Liam’s piglets... or babies whatever, she just wanted him.

The changes proceeded to her face turning her ears into a triangular shape of a pig, she felt the air of her big flappy pigs ears at the sides of her face.

When she felt her nose and mouth changing shape, pulling outward she tried to say one last thing to Liam.

Lyla: “Hubby... Snort... Snort... I... I... just want to... SQUEEEELLL!!!! say that you snort... are the best thing... OOOINK! happened to me... And.... SNORT! sorry... for not... SNORT....SNORT... Trusting....YUUSQEEEEEEEEUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!!!!!”

Liam: “Don’t worry beautiful, we are almost there! all will be fine tommorow!”

Lyla’s last words as a human had been spoken, her lower face had been completely turned into that of a domestic swine, only her eyes,forehead and blond hair resembled Lyla somewhat.

Liam reached their house in record time but was totally spend, he opened the door, dropped Lyla,and collapsed on the floor.

Liam: “Oh great, you just got a little bit fatter and you face looks like a pig... Could have been worse... I guess... don’t worry I’ll fix you tomorroooo.....”

Liam passed out from carying a 200 pound human swine hybrid for 3 miles, while running.”

Lyla: “Oink... Oink.. Oink”

Lyla was just lost, she only cared about being close with Liam, she was removing her clothes with her trotters and then moved close to an unconscious Liam, she tried to remove his clothes, but when it was too hard for her pig hands she just decided to rip his clothes to shred with her porcine mouth

She started licking him with her tongue but no response, she didn’t want to spend her last moments as a human without having the best sex she ever had, so she moved to his flaccid cock and started playing with it,
After a couple of minutes of playing around his cock with her pig trotters it got solid as a rock, and she tried to insert her vagina.

However her insides were no longer fit for a human cock and his human penis didn’t manage to get inside of her, she tried as hard as she could, but to no avail, her vagina on the outside started to change because of it, losing all it’s complexity until it was only made fit for a corkscrew penis.

When she realized it was no longer possible she just decided to use her pig snout to please her hubby. She would give him one last great blow job until she is a common sow she thought, marking the end for her human appearance.

She was sucking his cock hard, and the final changes happened rapidly.
Her pear shaped body was barreling out, while her hips were narrowing down and resettling into that of a quadruped, marking the end for her to stand on 2 legs.
100 extra pounds was being added on her 210 pound body making her 310 pounds, the fat redistributed across her whole body until it looked like an exact barrel shape.
Her perky d-cup breasts started to lose its human form and merged with the row of 10 tits that pointed to all sides her pregnancy made them huge and filled them with milk.
Finally her arms and legs started to shrink into her body making them fit to carry her porcine body.

Liam reached his climax and ejaculated into Lyla’s snout who swallowed it whole. When she was finished she felt that her body was more natural, she hated what she had become, but at least she could walk by herself again.

The final changes happened to her forehead it was shrinking with her brain losing more and more of her gray matter and who she once was... not all of it but Lyla’s mind was in conflict with the sow that she had become.
Her skin turned into a pink hue and with that she decided to take a nap on the floor near Liam.

What happens next?
Sealing the deal.
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Chapter 3: Sealing the deal.

Liam slowly started to wake up while it was already 7 AM the next day, he felt violated like something raped him or something, and started to see a pink shape lying near him.

He picked up his glasses and was shocked at was he saw.

Liam: “Oh no... babe what have you done?”


Liam realized that Lyla had basically raped him when he passed out, and that must have accelerated the changes at a rapid pace. She now resembled a complete domestic pig other than her human blond hair that looked weird on her pig face and the green color of her eyes.

He petted her on the head trying to comfort her but soon noticed strains of blond hair were falling out of her scalp when he touched her.

Liam: "Oh my god! the changes are still continuing! I need to go to that trailer trash old cunt to see if she can fix this mess! Don't worry babe you will be back your cutie human self in no time!"

He took his car this time around and drove as fast as he could back to the gypsy park alone. He ran towards the huge tent in the back and waited for Madame Zina to respond.

Liam: "Madame Zina.... It's me Liam! You better have that solution ready or I will kill you right here you damn witch!"

Madame Zina: 'Oh hello dear... I was taking a nap since I was working the whole night on a solution for your pig... I mean Lyla... speaking of her... where is the misses?"

Liam: "None of you goddamn business! do you have the solution to turn her back human?"

Madame Zina: "Yes... I have it right here, but we need to talk about the cost. Please come in and take a seat so we can discuss the terms."

Liam: "Fine you skank, she wasn't in this situation if you didn't 'Help' her in the first place!"

Liam took a seat and Madame Zina showed him a green potion.

Madame Zina: "This my handsome fella is the solution to your girl's problems. When you are back home you are the one who should drink it, and then kiss the sow girl on the mouth, If both of you still love each other the potion will return her back to her former self. However... there is a catch... if one of you no longer love one another, you will both turn into swine. It's up to you if you are willing to take the risk."

Liam: "Nothing will stop me from loving her! I know how great she is! she is the love of my life! Now tell me how much money it will cost me so I can bring it back to her you hag!"

Madame Zina: "Okay dearie,.. Well... You have proven yourself that you love her unconditionally, but depending how far her transformation has gotten, she might be more interested in... other... types of males if you know what I mean."

Madame Zina took out her agenda and started to tell him the cost of the green liquid.

Madame Zina: "Now for the price.... Basically the price to return the love of your life back to her normal state is priceless, however you seem to be very rich so my request is simple. I want you to sign this contract that will give me your nice mansion to me, we will take good care for it...
On top of that you will have to write a cheque of 1 million dollars to me so I can spend my old days in luxury." Madame Zina said in a menacing tone."

Liam: "You evil witch... that was your plan all along wasn't it? You turned my girl into a pig so we would be desperate enough to give you all our belongings?"

Madame Zina: "My dear boy, I would never do such a thing, I just wanted for her to see that you truly loved her."

He had no other choice but to agree to her terms, A thought rose up to just push her over and take the potion, but there was no guarantee the rest of the gypsies would let him go, heck they might kill him if they realized he hit their witch queen.

He signed the contract and wrote a cheque of one million dollars, it was most of his money leaving him with maybe 50 000 dollars that he considered spare change. But to get his girl back it was worth it.

Madame Zina: "Thank you my boy, it was great doing business with you. I will come to your place tomorrow to see what assets I got from you."

Liam: "Fine! Just give me the potion time is running out!'

Liam grabbed the potion out of Madame Zina's hands, ran towards his car and drove with the speed of light back to his house where the sow Lyla was waiting for him.
He went inside the house as fast as he could and walked towards his girlfriend.


Liam: "There there hun, It costed everything I had but I got the remedy for your predicament."

Liam opened the green bottle and drank it whole, then he leaned in closer towards Lyla's porcine face.

"Don't worry beautiful, I will always love you and you will become your former self once I kiss you." Liam gently said.

Lyla was confused her mind now more porker than human and wondered why this human was standing so close with her, while her human remains still love him immense the pig side was clearly winning.

Liam leaned in closer and closer until his lips touched Lyla's snout and went in giving her a kiss.

Liam: "There you go hon, we did it! You will become human again!"

Lyla: "Oink?"

Liam was eagerly looking into the green eyes of Lyla, waiting for her to turn human again however the opposite thing happened.


He went from hope to utter despair when he saw that her beautiful green eyes started to fade into a soulless black, while the rest of her human blond hair fell out, she rapidly gained more weight reaching 450 pounds while her teats enlarged and started to lactate everywhere indicating the pregnancy proceeded at a rapid pace. Sealing her fate as a total sow.

Liam: "Oh no no no no NO!" WHY???? I... I... Feel sick!"

In the end Lyla the pig won over the human Lyla... she was no longer in love with Liam, Unaware that she sealed her own fate and her boyfriend into 2 total swines.

Liam knew he was going to become the same beast as Lyla and sat on the ground in defeat while he started to feel hornier and hornier and hotter and hotter. He felt itchy in his crotch and was getting so hot he decided to remove all of his clothes.

Liam: "Feel dizzy... what is happening to my dick?"

The first changes started to happen to his giant male genital, it got narrower and narrower but lengthened severely twisting and turning at the end until it resembled a penis of a boar.
Next his testicles and ballsack were enlarging transforming them into a porcine version.

Liam: "MY DICK! So long! Feels... Horny want... Lyla!"

He was staring at the behind of the transformed sow and wanted to use his new porcine penis on her. He didn't hesitate and inserted his corkscrew dick into Lyla's pussy.

Lyla: "OINK!?"

The sow was surprised what she felt from behind but it soon turned into pleasure. The same process that happened to her was now happening to Liam but at a much faster rate, his body barreled out, his leg and arms started to shrink, hands and feet turning into trotters, his nose turned up and merged with his lips turning into a boar snout, the same happened with his ears becoming that of a pig, His hair fell out, skin turned pink, a pigtail grew on his fattening butt, while gaining a weight of 5oo pounds,

When he climaxed into Lyla the sow, his eyes turned into the same soulless black making him a complete fertile boar with a huge corkscrew cock that was way larger than the average boar.

Lyla and Liam were made for each other, sadly they had to lose their humanity to proof it.

What happens next?
Madame Zina's Porcine Plan
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Chapter 4: Madame Zina's Porcine Plan

The next day Madame Zina was on her way to her newly acquired place with 2 henchman in case the lovely couple would refuse to leave her new home.
She reached their humble abode, and pulled out a key that Liam yesterday was kind enough to give her, and entered the house.

At first glance the house was a mess, a lot of the furniture looked destroyed and glass was lying around everywhere, giving Madame Zina the impression the couple's situation took a turn for the worse.

Madame Zina: "Hello sweeties! where are you? It's madame Zina coming to claim your house! I hope the medicine worked.... Oh...."

Madame Zina discovered the newly formed swine lying in the hallway asleep next to each other, with a grin she walked towards the beasts and woke them up by slapping their porcine butts.

"SQUEEEEEEELLLLLL!!!!!!" The pigs cried out in pain.

Madame Zina: "There there beautiful creatures... welll... I guess Lyla was too far gone to go back to her human form and preferred this monstrous form in the end,"

Madame Zina: "I'm sorry you had to go through this Liam, you were one of the better ones, Your bitch of a girlfriend on the other hand deserved what she got, that will teach her for looking with contempt at our culture!"

"Oink?" Liam the boar said confused not knowing what the old hag was saying.

"Hoi, look at that porkers nasty penis! it's huge I never seen a long one like that in our pig pen!" One of madame Zidane's henchman said.

Madame Zina: "You are correct my boy, this boar looks very fertile... I think we found our new alpha male for our sows."

Madame Zina looked at Lyla with an evil smile.

Madame Zina: "For you on the other hand... you will be the whore sow, all the boars that are being send of for slaughter will have one last enjoyment in their life by making love with you. We will place you in a pen filled with boars, you will be pregnant constantly and give the boars a good time on their final days"

The human remnant of Lyla understood a little bit of what Zina said and cried out in horror when she realized what her future will be like.

"SQUEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL!!!!!!" Lyla cried with tears coming out of her sow eyes.

Madame Zina: "There, there babe, you will get used to it....Pick em up boys we have 2 new porkers for the sty!"

And with that the 2 henchman dragged the former humans out of the house and in the trailer truck that they came with.

Liam the boar was very fertile and made all the sows in the gypsy's sty pregnant in record time, Lyla on the other hand gave birth to her first batch of piglets who sucked her giant porcine teats while she was getting fucked constantly by a bunch of boars waiting for their final destination.

The end.

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