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F.U.B.A.R. Mutant Guidelines

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You probably wonder how you ended up in a place like this? Not to worry you just have acquired a peculiar taste that many might find disturbing. We don't judge

This board is for all things transformation too controversial for the other boards.
Content posted here won't show up in the home page.

Some examples that will end up here are:

  1. Extreme male gay transformation content. Lesbians are cute and can be posted anywhere but male isn't.​
  2. Death transformation fetishes​
  3. Scat transformation fetishes​
  4. Diapers​
  5. Torture​
  6. dick, toilet, and other nasty object transformations​
  7. Extreme uglifications hairy, musk, smelly etc...​
  8. Disturbing Amputations​

Gray Area

  1. Onaholes can be posted here or in divergent unless really disturbing.​

Please be aware that people's taste are subjective and what is disturbing for some is not disturbing for others. Heck for most this whole website is disturbing.

We only move content to this place if it gets reported and we agree with the reports. don't worry where to post something if it's too controversial we'll move it.

If you decide it for yourself to post it here that's fine, we respect your own moral decision on it.

Nobody gets banned for posting anything on this website unless it's CP or Spam. So post whatever you want as long it's not those 2 things.


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