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Female Degeneration Various TF
Emo Out of Time [F Goth Girl -> F Cave Girl][Age Progression] - Wrenzephyr2


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Jude Lane wasn’t expecting to find anything in the little hole in the wall shop. She had visited places like this all the time, places promising magic or charms or whatever, but 90% of their stock had ‘made in China’ stickers. Jude was looking for something authentic, something real. She wasn’t going to be one of those teen goths that pretended to be a witch while making love charms for the cute boys at school... she was going to be a real witch!

Browsing the shop, she was pleasantly surprised by the wares. There was a nice variety to the trinkets, potions, and such, and there certainly were a few items with a palpable aura to them. She finally decided on an old carved bone, wrapped in a leopard print fur cloth. She paid and took the bundle home. She set the the bone on her dresser, unwrapping the fur and lightly stroking the smoothed form of the bone. There was something calming about the trinket.

At first, Jude wasn’t aware of the tingling of her skin. She was too entranced by the relic to notice her clothes becoming tight on her. She wondered what sorts of magic the bone could be used for... divination? Her teen form grew slowly, her chest pushing out at her hoodie. Perhaps it could be used for conjuration? She bit her lip as her pants started to tear and dissolve, showing her pale skin growing a richer color. Couldn’t be Transmutation... she pondered as she scratched her hair, it felt far more coarse and rough than her usual silky smooth tresses.

she finally noticed something was wrong when a chill passed over her now much larger breasts. She looked down and gasped loudly. Her once 16 year old form was now clearly much older! She looked 23 or 24 at least! Her womanly hips on display under a thin, barely there fur loincloth! What had happened!? Why was this happening!? She looked to the bone, she had to find a way to reverse this before-

Juju blinked a few times. What she be doing? She itched her messy hair. Juju came search for yum yums before bright sky god go away... she looked at the bone on the ground. Not even a morsel or food left. She grunted disinterested before wandering back towards her cave. Mate be worried if gone too long... mate also good hunter... mate bring Juju yum yums and Juju make mate feel warm happy. She idly itched her groin, no longer as evolved or aware as she may have been just moments before.

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