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Some story I wanted to write but never got going. Good if you want to start a family revenge transformations story.
“Damn Sis, you were right about dating a perfect 10/10 girl, the paranoia is driving me crazy, Always wondering if she isn’t cheating on me, I’m even freaking out when she is just chatting with another dude. She fell in love with me because I was interested in her personality and not her good looks, like every other guy she had, but sooner or later she will get tired of me, I’m sure of it.”

“I told yah little brother, I never understood what a chubby black guy like you would do with such a fine thing, I thought you were more the type of man who liked a ghetto gal with huge assets. Sure Caroline certainly has the curves on her hourglass figure with C-cups breasts and bouncy bubble butt, but they still are nothing compared to our cultural genes.”

“Yes! I know, I know… You think it’s easy to break up with her? I fucking love her Sandy, and I would do anything to keep her with me, even though she is milking me dry and doesn’t do anything around the house. I have to work overtime just to keep her happy and had to accept an offer to work in another state for 3 months just to earn a little extra to give her everything she needs.”

What happens next?
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