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Female Literature Race Change
Cursing Negra

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Another story of mine that I never gotten around to to finish it. Guess I was a race change story.
Rose was a kinder garden teacher in one of the american ghettos of New York. She barely got out of highschool at the age of 18, and knew immediately what she wanted to do with her life, help those that are in need.. She believed that if you want to improve a community you have to start with the children and that proper education, listening, and caring when they are young would reduce all violence to basically zero in the entire U.S.

After 3 months though she still was an outsider in the community, Her progress was minor at best, She worked in an underfunded kindergarden and had to manage 30, three year old kids on her own. The only thing she could do was changing diapers, preventing conflicts which happened like every 30 minutes, give them food, and hear complaints of the parents non stop, when a small child got hurt or teased by another one.

Neither had she authority over the kids, they abused her good atitude all the time, It didn't take long before the little devils realised Rose was an easy target, she never used verbal or pyshical abuse against them, and always tried to talk with them when they did something wrong. However her way of treating them, didnt work at all, they called her cracker or bitch and made fun of her looks just because she was white.

Not that she was ugly, not at all. But she was different for them,

e basically was the only white person in school and their community hadn't many of them living their either.

She was a tall 5'11' feet, had an hour glass figure,leaning towards a pear shape with C-cup breast, wide hips and a firm jiggling booty.

Ooh demons of rapine vertility, I call upon you now in request of a favour. One of the divine human beings mocked one of the higher demon servants, and showed great dissrespect to our cause.

I ask upon one of you now to hunt her dreams and drench her in your hellish seed. Let her succumb to the demon power and turn her into a decadent, shape her form and mentallity like she was one of our own.
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