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Race Change A Soul Still Yearns byWrenzephyr2


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Heishiro Mitsurugi had fought in these tournaments many times. Though the arenas and combatants were always changing, the results were always the same, the battle never truly ended. There were times when the samurai would long for an escape from the constant fighting, a passing fancy certainly, but he wouldn't deny ever having it. However, after a duel in a South American jungle, he gained a strange prize from the defeated; a pair of gold earrings.

It was unusual that a battle would result in loot, it didn't feel very honorable to take the treasure. However, as he tried to return the pilfered pieces, there was a sudden sting in his ears as his hand became empty. He had no time to react as the world began to swirl and pull away around him, his body twisting and warping as he fell through space. He fell in a heap, the blow cushioned by her now larger rear. She shook her head, feeling her long black hair tickle the back of her neck. She opened her eyes, where... where was she? Around her was a stone city, gold and ancient, yet advanced and new... Every inch of it glimmered and shone. The people walked passed her without a second glance. Shouldn't a Japanese samurai stand out more? She blinked, now aware of the weight of her body. She looked down but wouldn't believe it. She needed a mirror, a reflection, she needed to see herself! She found her reflection in a drum of clear water. Looking back at her was a young tribal girl, one who truly looked like she belonged to that golden city. She gulped, realizing that she had gotten her wish... everything had changed...

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