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My sweet friend Sonia, I hope everything is going great for you there, and I'm sure it's going to get greater soon! As you probably have already noticed, I have sent you a potion with the letter. It's just a small present with big possibilities I found and I wanted to share it with you. Just open it and drink it all down, you'll see! I've already tested it on myself, so don't worry. Don't be so suspicious! I know I'm a prankster from time to time, but you know I'd never hurt you.
Sincerely yours, Nicole

Sonia places the letter on a table. When she arrived home earlier, she had found a small box waiting for her in her mailbox. Now she knows who it was from. “Oh, that girl…well, what do we have here, then?" She says as she grabs the tiny bottle and looks through the translucent, blue liquid contained within. Sonia gets comfortable in her seat and decides to open the small bottle. She raises it to her nose and takes a sniff. The smell is hard to describe; At first it has some bite to it but it quickly becomes sweeter to smell. “At least it doesn’t smell too bad.” Sonia holds it out in front of herself, doubting. “So she wants me to drink this…? Oh well, if it makes me nauseous, I’ll just have to kill her,” and with that phrase, Sonia drinks all of the blue liquid at once.
It’s cold and definitely sweet as it passes down her throat. “Okay, so I drank it..." Sonia waits for something to happen…some kind of feeling…anything. ‘Maybe it was just for the taste?’ She thinks to herself, ‘What the hell was I expecting? It was just a drink, not some kind of magic potion. I’ve still got more letters to read.’ "Let's see, what else do we have here…? Bank, blah blah blah, less money, boring. Hmm, another one from the bank."
Sonia sits there for a few minutes, sifting through her mail. The longer she does, the more she starts to feel a bit uncomfortable up top, her bra feeling a little tight, but she shrugs it off. Bra discomfort isn’t exactly uncommon, after all. Sonia reaches up nonchalantly and tries to adjust her bra. Normally it’s just the usual discomfort, but this time it’s much higher than the usual feeling.
"What's going on?"
Her attention finally drifts away from the letters as she looks down. Her chest looks somewhat bloated, noticeably bigger than it usually appears. She gently cups a breast in each hand. “They don’t usually fill my hands..." Her bra is feeling weirdly tighter as well, even making her breasts sore. The dark blue colour of her bra cups is easily visible through her white shirt as well, her breasts pushing them out against the fabric. “Ugh, this is getting insanely tight!” Her boobs are getting huge, nearly doubling in size already. “Ungh, it’s even hurting. I have to…”
Then Sonia’s eyes gets open in surprise again where she eyes the empty bottle. “Wait…it was you! What the hell did you give me, Nicole!?” In spite of the soreness from the tightness of her bra, she’s distracted away from it a bit by an ever-present feeling of pleasure from her growth.
All the while, though, the feelings of fullness and tightness haven’t just been focused in her bosom. Down below, her light blue jeans have been getting tight in the butt area, her dark blue panties sliding along her skin as she feels her ass cheeks suffering a slow expansion of their own.
Sonia's bra reaches its limit and her back clasp warps and snaps, causing her breasts to surge forward and flow free of their initial confines, bouncing and letting her nipples poke out against the shirt. The rubbing against the fabric causes them to stiffen and protrude outward as Sonia breathes heavier with the pleasure it brings.
"Mmh, you definitely made a great choice, Nicole." She grasps her breasts, feeling the nipples protruding into her palms, while her tits swell and grow, expanding faster in every direction. Each one already looks as big as a soccer ball, yet continues to grow.
Sonia tries to pull her shirt back down again, but her bloated breasts fight back, too big for it to fit over. She tries again, but to no avail, her shirt left only half-covering her breasts. "Oh, my... now my butt is joining the fun, too? Mmh, you're a naughty girl, Nicole. Ooh, but who cares? I can’t believe I’m saying it, but this is really enjoyable. I'm kind of having a lot of fun here...”
Her breasts push into and pull up her shirt in their growth, until finally her pointy nipples are revealed. First the pink areola appear and then the whole, stiff, pink peak of teat. Sonia doesn’t even hesitate and grabs each with one hand, playing with herself a little, carefully caressing and tweaking them, making her breathe harder and even let out a soft moan. She can feel the expanding flesh between her fingers and hands, but at the size of basketballs, each of them is beginning to get quite heavy.
Meanwhile, her jeans are getting rather tight as well. The back seam has begun stretching to dangerous limits, and her panties have slid into her butt crack, giving her more of a dark blue thong look. Her pants, in spite of the denim, stretch larger around her expanding butt and thighs. The fabric slowly draws tighter and tighter, her rear filling all available space within, threatening to rip out of them at any moment.
Even so, her breasts are giving her even more problems now. They feel amazing, but already passing dodge-balls in size, they are getting very heavy. "Ugh! These are getting too heavy…so much boob!" Starting to get a little constricted by her tits and her shirt, she lets go of her nipples and slips her hands underneath her rapidly expanding breasts to help hold them up.
Her butt has helped itself, though, and finally opened up a rip in the seat of her pants back. A loud tearing sound makes it known that she's going to need a new pair of jeans. A generous amount of butt flesh shows through the new hole, along with a blue thong that used to be a pair of panties a short time ago. With the splitting of her jeans, Sonia can feel her butt slowing down in its expansion, her breasts soon following suit as well until their growth stops altogether.
Her hands sit beneath each tit, supporting her beachball-sized breasts, which themselves counterbalance her watermelon-sized rear. "Nicole, for once, I think this is a prank I'm really going to enjoy."
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