• This is a relative dead website.
    I use it mainly to learn more about web developing and to archive transformation fetishes in the meantime
    Feel free to lurk, contribute, share, etc... if you don't mind the constant changes and bugs.


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    Female Artwork Werewolf Transformation F Human F Anthro Wolf by lysergide

  2. A

    Female Artwork Wolf Bite F Human F Werewolf MidTF by kosica45

  3. A

    Artwork family session

    The color version was made by someone on Jollyjack thread on 18chan. the original comic
  4. A

    Artwork she-wolf by soty

    old commission by soty
  5. Female Artwork Literature Animal TF Chance the woods

    She decided to chance the woods. No way in hell would she stick around that crazy village. The people there warned her not to wander far away from the light and stay away from the trees. She grabbed a flashlight and did the exact opposite at the nearest moment. Sneaking away from the town’s...
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