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    Female Artwork Sam Mutations Various tf

    Artwork Gallery for dekotf -- Fur Affinity [dot] net WWW.FURAFFINITY.NET Fur Affinity is the internet's largest online gallery for furry, anthro, dragon, brony art work and more!
  2. Transgender Literature Bimbofication Breast Expansion Various TF Eric's Ascension (tg, dg, br, multi) | (bimbo) by Sen Oluguat

    Eric's Ascension By Sen Oluguat Chapter 1 What the fuck did Heather see in that guy!? Eric had been banging his head against the wall, and still could not for the life of him figure it out. Heather used to have taste - she *had* had him after all. She used to understand that the hottest...
  3. Female Growth Lingster's Stronger Girls 2,3 & 4 As zip or PDF... I already have part 1
  4. Anthro TF Madame Nefaria's Boutique by transform fan comics

    When four lifelong friends hit Las Vegas for a bachelorette party, they bravely venture into a store known as Madame Nefaria’s Boutique and Delicates. They’re immediately amazed. It’s filled with the most bizarre and collective assortment of intimate items, each more strange than the last. But...
  5. A

    Various TF Kelly Brion's By MrGrey (MC, AR, AP, BE, -IQ)

    Kelly Brion's By MrGrey "Hello shoppers, and welcome to Kelly Brion's. We will be having many special deals and sales going on today, so keep listening for my voice to let you know where to find them... Thank you for shopping at Kelly Brion's and have a great day." The soft murmur of the...
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    Various TF Misuse of Magic [M and F Humans -> Chimera][Merging, Furry] by Silverclaw1
  7. A

    Race Change Wren Trade {Comic} [MTF/TGTF; Race Change] - blackshirtboy

    /monthly_2019_01/image.png.b872e4a913bfc5ab28d9f88bc75e0f18.png" data-ratio="137.4"> /monthly_2019_01/image.png.04cabd99ad20ff2e1729b3ffa6df2847.png" data-ratio="137.4"> /monthly_2019_01/image.png.88765f332c453edf9a08a555c8dacce4.png" data-ratio="137.4">
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    Various TF Dog goo girl

  9. ?

    Various TF Holly and the reality processor (WG, MG, inanimate) weight gain

    Holly Marten was ravenous. Ever since she was able to regain her old body back – or have Fargo and Zane build her a new one from scratch – she has been very hungry.  Well, not actually hungry – not for food, anyways... well, not just for food – more for the amazing new tastes and sensations...
  10. ?

    Various TF A job well done ( various )

    ...Once upon a time, you turn on the TV and see none other but Ms. Big Spender, Mrs. President go out on some hinky-dink (but largely annoying) weight loss show and preach about the miracle of aforementioned weight loss. Can you imagine anything more annoying? Considering that the spokesperson...
  11. ?

    Literature Age Progression Gabrielle's diary (WG, AP, slight nerdification) weight gain age progression

    Gabrielle’s diary Disclaimer: Xena and Gabby aren't mine, though I wish... Entry XVIII Dear diary. Today, Xena and I, after saving Athens from Talos the angry bronze giant decided to take a vacation. We are going incognito to a small town in Arcadia, where we will spend two or three months...
  12. ?

    Various TF Rizzoli & Isles & ‘New U’ genetic alteration salon by Junketh71

    Rizzoli & Isles & ‘New U’ genetic alteration salon by Junketh71 (giantess) “Remind me, Maura, why have I agreed to your offer?” Jane Rizzoli grouchily asked her best friend Maura Isles as the two of them walked through downtown Boston. “I mean, I’m a police officer, when all is said and done –...
  13. ?

    Various TF The ring, part I by Junketh71

    Never take strange gifts – Part 1: Rick As soon as Rick Carrington saw the letter, he suspected turbulence on his horizon: the letter was different. It was not a plain white envelope complete with his parents’ hand-writing and colorful 20- or 50-cent stamps, nor was it an equally plain...
  14. A

    Various TF Dorki.fy by Cinnamon Twist and Duckhuntdoge (WG, Slob, Nerd)

    (This was a roleplay between Duckhuntdoge and I that we decided was worth posting as a story. The first post is mine, the second is Duckhuntdoge's, and so on. The breaks between posts/author switches are indicated by ---) Caroline couldn't believe what had arrived with her mail that morning...
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    Various TF Relationship Roulette wg,dg, preg, iq by audipwr87

    ***I had so much fun writing this story and I hope it shows through in my writing! It was just one of those ideas that pops into your head and you have to run with it!*** Angela and David were loving life. They had just gotten married a few days ago. After their wedding, David's parents...
  16. Various TF Hardcore Gaming. (weight gain, nerdification, slob)

    Hardcore Gaming. #weight gain , #nerdification, #slob Nancy, aka NancyZilla, cursed at top of her lungs after seeing the dire state of her donation pool. Twenty dollars! When she had given all those horny neckbeards what they wanted! She had played World of Warcraft for hours, dressed in a...
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    Various TF Yuri Mode Activated

  18. Various TF RPG Transformations

    Rpg girls turned into frogs piggies and busty faries
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