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    I use it mainly to learn more about web developing and to archive transformation fetishes in the meantime
    Feel free to lurk, contribute, share, etc... if you don't mind the constant changes and bugs.

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  1. Female Artwork Monster TF Mythical TF Family Secret [TF Sequence] by StrawberryTFs

  2. Artwork Anthro TF [Amuai sweets Works (Fawn, Amuai)] the ultimate milk (TSF comics collection ultimate of milk) [English translation]

    [Amuai Okashi Seisakusho (KOJIKA, Amuai)] Kyuukyoku no Milk | the ultimate milk (TSF Comic Shuu Kyuukyoku no Milk) [English] [desudesu] [あむぁいおかし製作所 (こじか、あむぁい)] 究極のミルク (TSFコミック集 究極のミルク) [英訳]
  3. A

    Literature Anthro TF How Serena Got Her Stripes

    story from doc's lab. HOW SERENA GOT HER STRIPES By Umgestalten � 17 September 2006 Serena was having a bad week. Hell, she was having a bad year but this week was worse than most. First, she was temporally laid off from work for three months without pay. She was a research scientist working...
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    Male Artwork Anthro TF [Doomington] Avengers Altered

    comic by Doomington. tigra &hank pym after civil war and during Avengers academy became some sort of couple(cuz marvel plot writing is kinda meh).
  5. A

    Mythical TF Ocean Relic

    A 10 page sequence in which an archaeologist finds a relic at the bottom of the ocean, which has a hypnotic allure. JollyJack gave this comic very lovecraft vibe, but beside the woman becoming weird monster,it feel a bit lacking.
  6. A

    Anthro TF Links Media Human-lovers Committee by jyoka

    this one of the most tf hentai that I've found. I'm posting it here since it's contains: rape, forced transformation,bestiality. in short it's a bit freaky/wtf hentai and might not be everyone cup of tea. but I think it's worth reading mostly due the art style by Jyoka and how he handle...
  7. Female Race Change Birth of the tanned beauties. by Onoge

    Race change fetishes are hard to find... https://www.deviantart.com/onoge/art/Birth-of-the-tanned-beauties-773293033 Marie: Oh Charlie.... Everything is such a Madness... it's worst than when we were together at school. Charlotte: You only say that because you don't find a couple when first...
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    Anthro TF Buxom Wanderer by JollyJack

     A image sequence that follows a wastelander venturing into a not-quite-abandoned bunker.
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    Anthro TF Skunketch by Nisharu

    An artist enjoying a saturday night with his girlfriend using a magic tablet, finally turning her dream to be a skunkette into reality.
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    Anthro TF self-defence by soty

     A commission for Fernin by soty. Mary find out that self-defence class indeed "changed" her a lot.
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    Anthro TF Secret Admirer by soty

    Cearenbow's Anthro Skunk Commission by soty. Jenny unwittingly transform into anthro skunk by a gift from a mysterious admirer!
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    Monster TF Anubis servant by littleNapoleon

    A lucky female archaeologist is chosen to be the new Egyptian god servant!
  13. N

    Request Anthro TF Furry TF Transformational Geographic by w4tsup

    does anybody have Transformational Geographic from w4tsup thanks
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