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  1. "No, no, no...Not now!" Becky shouted, over the sound of her car up and fucking dying. Or, probably dying. It definitely made a lot of horrible sounds, and she saw the RPM gauge drop like a stone. The headlights started to flicker, and then they definitely died, plunging the car into darkness. She was forced to pull over, stuck in sight of a small town on one of the only roads to actually cut through the place. One little problem. That small town wasn't even where she was doing. It was an entire day's drive shy of the convention center, and her hotel reservations. The car puttered to a stop, and despite everything Becky tried, it wouldn't get going again. So she did what any reasonable person would do. She cried, and cursed, and slammed on the steering wheel, and generally poured out as much emotion as possible until she couldn't put out any more bitter sobs or call her car any more insulting names. Then she sat there for a while, by the side of this nighttime road until she calmed down. And finally, she got out her phone, and hoped to any one of the various deities that there was a 24 hour mechanic in that town. There, at least, her luck managed to turn around a little. She managed to get a hold of a mechanic, who was willing to come out with a tow truck even at this time of night. It was a good-natured dwarven man who showed up, his beard all formally braided even in this place. He hopped his way out of the tow truck, made his way over to her car, and popped the hood. "Ah, yeah, there's yer problem! Alright, lass, I've got good news and bad news." Becky tried not to sound too desperate. "What's the good news?" "Good news is, we can fix this. Bad news is, that's not happening 'til morning...So here's what I can do for you. Lemme get this girl hitched up, I'll drive it back to the garage, then drive you to the motel for tonight. Should have you rolling by lunchtime." Becky took a deep breath. Okay, okay, she could work with this. She'd intended to get into the city a day early, be a bit of a tourist before it was off to the con, but, okay. She was just losing one day of her vacation, and one night she paid for in the proper hotel. Just don't think about the money. "Alright...Alright. I'll have to make it work." "That's the spirit, lass." He clambered his way up to grab the lifted hood, bringing it back down with a heavy clang. "Now you just take a couple steps back for safety reasons, and I'll get us moving." Even at night, and from the distance of the truck cab, Becky recognized the town as they drove through it. Not the actual town, of course. She'd never been here before, specifically. But the kind of town. One of those small suburbs that didn't have a big city close enough to vitalize it. Almost all the businesses of any real size she saw, as they went down the main road, were all chains; the only local places were tiny, crammed into a few strip-malls without enough vitality in them. And all of it too spread out for anyone to even get around on foot, despite the utter lack of anything filling the spaces between. Becky recognized it all too well, as the same sort of place she'd grown up in. She didn't exactly begrudge anyone who liked being here in this limbo space, too big to be a small town but too empty to be much of anything else...But she'd sure be glad to get out. Behind the desk of the motel lobby, when Becky got dropped off, was a goblin woman. She perked up when the little bell chimed, smiling with a mouth that would have seemed too large on a human head that size. "Welcome, welcome! You must have had a rough night, hun. Room for one?" "Yeah, yeah, just me. Just the one night. Got to get back on the road as soon as my car's fixed..." Becky paid for her room, and received the old-timey actual key to the place...Not seeing the way that goblin woman's smile widened into a somewhat mischievous grin. Instead, it was right to her room for the night. Becky flicked the light switch, glad to see the room was actually decent. Sure, it wasn't exactly a luxury suite, but she'd been in far worse. Down went her backpack, her duffel bag, her other backpack, and she rolled her cosplay luggage case into the corner. For now, at least, she could breathe, relax, clear her head. Maybe she'd go find some food, there had to at least be a damn burger place open around here, right? Becky sat down, going to pull out her phone to get some videos going. And by the time her hand hit her back pocket, Becky simply toppled to one side, her head hitting the pillow. She was letting out soft little snores before she even settled, the sleep magic getting her by surprise and working with ease. She certainly didn't hear that same goblin woman slipping on into the room, already weaving another spell... Becky's night was full of weird, weird dreams. Not even the sort of weird that comes from a weird day, where your mind fixates on one thing and builds a whole night around it. No, this was a scattered, staccato mess of images, moments, sensations and ideas. Flashes of a wide, cheshire grin. Splashes of the color green. The feeling of compression, pressing down upon her. Jiggling, bouncing orbs across the land. And... Well, and sex. Images of cocks, of penetration, of rubbing and groping and moaning and fucking. None of it was orderly, none of it made any sense, but there it all was, piled on higher and higher, as Becky tossed and turned in her induced slumber... But finally, morning arrived. And with a groan, Becky awoke, feeling that particular kind of foggy exhaustion when you're dragged out of sleep in the worst part of the cycle. She was confused, at first, seeing less than familiar surroundings. It came to her gradually, the breakdown of her car, the trip into town, the motel room...And, her brain rationalized, she must have been utterly exhausted if she practically just walked in and fell asleep. All the stress, no doubt. Yeah, that was it... Becky held back a yawn, as she swung her feet down off the edge of the bed. And she had to blink, when she found her legs didn't reach the floor. "...Huh?" The bed didn't look that high, and yet...She hopped down to the floor, standing upright, and found everything was just a little...Off. Even her now-wrinkled shirt was hanging noticeably lower than it was yesterday, while her pant legs bunched up around her ankles. It appeared, in fact, that she'd lost several inches in height while she was sleeping. There were very few explanations for something like that, and they just about all involved magic. Had someone cast some sort of weird spell on her?! Something to, to shrink her down, or transform her, or... It hit her like a bolt of electricity to the brain, electricity that came in cherry flavor. A fresh spell kicked off, Becky's body going tense and her jaw going slack as something buzzed her thoughts down, pressed against her worry and conception of her height. It only took a few seconds, but it felt like a millennium. Becky swayed once on her feet, stumbling to one side to catch herself. "Wh...What was...?" she mumbled to herself, only a ragged confusion left in the wake of the magic. Then came a knock on the door. Becky shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs. "I-It's open!" she called, before she could consider the possible risks of such actions. It thus must have surely seemed like great luck, when the door opened to reveal just the goblin woman from last night. "Well good morning, sleepy head~ You must have been exhausted after all your car trouble. Feeling any better after some rest?" "I...I think so," Becky managed. Of course, that was about when her stomach rumbled, her early night having meant she entirely skipped dinner. "Um...Do you know where I can get some food around here?" The goblin woman smiled that big smile. "Of course! There's fast food down that way, but my sister actually runs a little cafe just up the road. You'll get better there, trust me. Just tell them Lulu sent you." And Becky found herself nodding along. She ended up heading out, walking past the pool guy as he arrived for the morning cleaning, and going right for the cafe that Lulu described... It turned out to be less of a cafe, and more of a...diner in a cafe sized building. Lulu's sister, the eponymous Emma Reld, worked the counter and the kitchen of Emma's, a little eatery tucked into the stripmall. The whole place rode the line between vintage and retro-chic, making it hard to tell if it had been this way for 5 decades, or if Emma just wanted it to seem like it had. Even her outfit, one of those old-fashioned waitress outfits with a cooking apron tossed on over it, made figuring the place out a bit...difficult. But one thing held true. Lulu hadn't been lying about the food. Once Becky tried it, she couldn't help but dig in, her body yearning for precious sustenance! Classic breakfast grub, pancakes and sausage and eggs and such, but it was all done for real, not the frozen stuff she could have gotten off some chain breakfast menu. Of course, had Becky been in her right mind, she might have considered the magical charge that had been snuck into the food. She certainly would have noticed the effects. But saying that Lulu had sent her, meant more than just a friendly discount for a weary traveler. It meant Lulu had prepped her with her spells, and Emma was free to use her alchemical training to its fullest. Becky had lost a few inches, in the hours that Lulu's magic had taken setting her up. And now that she was good and primed, she was going to lose quite a bit more. As she ate her breakfast, hunger and alchemy doing double-duty to keep her distracted, poor Becky began to compress. Her arms, her legs, her torso, all three were inevitably squeezing in. Flesh and bones alike harmlessly slid in on themselves, all of that spell-work helping convince the parts they weren't as rigid as they thought. Of course, they couldn't totally defy physics, just bend its rules a little. As Becky ate, and as those inches shrank away, all the mass still had to go somewhere. And it went everywhere. Those thighs got thicker, with hips widening out to compensate. Her ass swelled and rounded out beneath her, forming a soft cushion. Her bosom blossomed, and even her belly gained a layer of plush. It wasn't weight gain, per se. Becky wouldn't tip a scale any higher than she had yesterday. But, the same amount of pounds that left a young human woman of average height to be rather slim, was enough for a shortstack to be softly, roundly 6 curved, a thing of bouncy orbs...Thicc, you might say. And Becky didn't even realize it was happening. A hearty glug of else-problemis into her pancake batter, the bystander potion, kept her brain from being able to process the effect. It just became something for someone else to worry about, even as those inches lost on her own height were adding up to feet. The only thing that would break the spell, would be when she was directly and undeniably confronted with the changes. That direct confrontation didn't come, until she was done eating. Emma walked by with a smile, her little diner rather quiet at this brunch-ish hour. "Well, looks like you enjoyed the meal! You want any dessert, or a refill of your coffee? Or are you ready for the check?" "Oh, no, I couldn't eat another bite...I should get going, besides. Got to see if my car's fixed up yet." Becky smiled, her seated position keeping her from noticing what had happened... Until she slid out of the booth, to follow Emma to the front counter and pay. And found that, when her feet finally hit the floor, she was just about Emma's height. Which, given Emma was a goblin, meant Becky couldn't possibly be more than four feet. She stared, at first, confused. And then she looked down, and saw that while her clothes were tighter around the chest and hips, they were nonetheless draped over her in length, her shirt hanging like a dress and her pants completely bunched up around her legs. At that point, Becky began to scream. Began to, being the operative term. For as soon as Becky opened her mouth, before she could get any words or too much noise out, Emma moved. And popped a candy right onto that tongue. A candy made almost entirely of potion and sugar, boiled to a jeweled delight. The hard surface touched Becky's tongue, and in that instant, simply melted down to goo. Goo that washed over Becky's senses, her eyes crossing as the scream died in her throat. If tripping over Lulu's spellwork had been like a zap of cherry electricity, this was like a sour-apple thunderclap. She felt like a boom echoed out into her skull, one hard enough to knock her panic clear off of her mind. Emma's hand quietly closed Becky's mouth for her, the girl automatically sucking on the goo inside. It took several long seconds for Becky to swallow down the magical stuff, its effects sinking in. It wouldn't last for long, but for the next few minutes, she was in a rather potent trance of a state. Exactly how Emma wanted her. She smiled, looking at the girl. "That's it, nice and relaxed...You feel good, don't you?" "Good..." Becky repeated, her eyelids drooping and the pupils lost in the distance. "That's right...There's no problems. Being short isn't that big of a deal...Say it with me now. Being short's just fine~" "...Being short...just fine..." Becky, well, struggled wasn't the right phrase. Tried to struggle, was closer but not quite. It was more like she tried to try to struggle. Which was not very effective at keeping the idea from getting into her head, conscious thought set adrift. "You don't mind being shrunk down, you just need some new clothes." "Don't mind...shrunk...need clothes..." "And you sure love having some extra curve." "Sure love...extra curve..." And they went over it again, from the top. That being short was just fine. That Becky didn't mind, at all, having been shrunk down. That she just needed some new clothes. And that she sure did love this extra curve. And a third time, for good measure. Each time pushed the statements deeper in, further shrinking the gap between Becky's own thoughts and the ones being pressed upon her. Each time made the ideas more accepted, harder to reject. Emma knew how little time that small candy would give her, and she didn't want to push it. So after that third time, she stood back, letting the last minute or so wind down... A good thing she did, too. Becky's metabolism was quick, that youthful vigor burning through the potion ahead of schedule. There was a full thirty seconds left on Emma's watch when Becky shook her head, snapping out of it! "Wh...What happened? I feel...Soft..." "Mmm, you got a little smaller, hun." Becky looked down, and saw her compressed form once again. Standing probably three-foot-something, with a body that had crammed all of its mass together to end up plushly curved instead of leanly smooth. "Oh jeez...What am I gonna do about my costume..." Emma blinked. "Costume?" "D-Don't worry about it," Becky quickly spilled out. "Um, there's gotta be somewhere I can get clothes to fit this while I'm this size, right...?" "Of course! My gal pal runs a boutique, corner shop down at the end here, can't miss it. She'll get you set up with some proper fashion, don't you worry~" And Becky found herself relaxing, relieved. She'd figure out if she could(and if she wanted to) unshrink herself later. Right now, it was just fine, she just needed something to wear...And maybe think about keeping the curves... So, after she paid her check, with her pants rolled up all the way to the knees to fit, she managed to make her way out of Emma's and head for that boutique. While back in the diner, Emma made a quick call. "Hey, Lulu...That girl you sent? Check her things. She said somethin' about a costume...We might wanna put a twist on this one." TO BE CONTINUED  
  2. For System Error FURAFFINITY.NET Fur Affinity is a furry art community. When selecting a good book to curl up with, be sure it's not inhabited by demons or evil spirits. Especially ones with a thing for dairy animals.  
  3. Anonymous poster hash: 6e88c...a9e
  4. Beast Namemekuri (commission) It was a request to make Kukuri-chan a slug monster from the magic circle. It would be nice if the child of the body complex was piled up like a fool ... Click here for commission reception https://skeb.jp/@Axolotl_tf (Acceptance is currently stopped on August 14th. It will be opened when another work is completed.) You can view all images apart here: アホロートルのイラスト - pixiv WWW.PIXIV.NET pixiv Anonymous poster hash: 88c98...87f
  5. 大沌粉のイラスト - pixiv WWW.PIXIV.NET pixiv Anonymous poster hash: 644f1...617
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