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    Anthro TF Christmas surprise by lunate

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    Anthro TF raptor tf by catchabird

    Mira Martinez had been teaching for decades, but never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd get this close and personal to the subject of ancient lizards. Cursed chalk strikes again! It's been a while since it claimed a victim. I'll probably finish this later.
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    General Request Anybody willing to share this comic?

    It would be a great service to this nation but also my pants
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    General Request A few feet bigger anyone?

    I really need to bust my friend. My balls are sad and blue
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    Animal TF Huskie family

    by trixythespiderfox. the story of a lonely huskie dad continues! What’s gonna happen next? Will pups finally have a worthy mom?
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    Anthro TF aliasdraws werewolf tf

    by aliasdraws.
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    Body Modification nice girl bike

    https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/nice-girl-bike ok,apparently this hyped on kym for some reason, it's tf-related, kinda. don't try to take it too seriously.
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    Anthro TF c-3matome wolf girl tf

    c-3matome is Japanese? artist on Twitter,check his stuff. https://mobile.twitter.com/c_san__
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    Random lemonfont's "Drawn Girl"

    https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/can-i-be-drawn-better https://the-conservatory.fandom.com/wiki/That_Girl_You_Drew lemon futa girl comic, when this meme comic was a thing.
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    shapeshifter animation by skudd

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    Artwork Race Change race card by blackshirtboy

    race card series by blackshirtboy.
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    Artwork The Red and the Black Panther: Royal

    Takamaki Ann-->Panther transformations by perditafound.
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    Artwork Family of Bitches by catchabird

    For psychedelickimchi Money can't buy class or manners...What a shame. Mother and daughter, both complete bitches. Or at least that's what Lillian thought about them and so she decided to give them more fitting forms. ( larger tits and asses are part of the whole boobdog deal ) Then again...
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    Artwork Ransomware (By CatchAbird)

    Artist's description: For tomlloyd pic 1: Those damn nerds at the IT department let a pesky piece of ransomware get through the company’s firewalls. (Totally unintentionally I’m sure) Lenora here gets to experience what a curse laced malicious software can do to a person. pic 2: This malicious...
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    Artwork Three Heads are Better Than One by soty

    old transformation by soty.
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    Female Artwork Cat Leash

    #2022613: jamsnjellies - e621 E621.NET   &nbsp
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    Female Literature Anthro TF Going Green Female Goblin Transformation story by sinknighteye

    "No, no, no...Not now!" Becky shouted, over the sound of her car up and fucking dying. Or, probably dying. It definitely made a lot of horrible sounds, and she saw the RPM gauge drop like a stone. The headlights started to flicker, and then they definitely died, plunging the car into darkness...
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    Female Artwork Draenei Transformation M Human F Draenei; MTFTGTFWorld of Warcraft OOrbis

      Draenei Transformation by HopeTG on DeviantArt WWW.DEVIANTART.COM    
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    Female Artwork Full power goblin / orc transformation

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    Female Artwork Goat girl transformation by catchabird

    For System Error FURAFFINITY.NET Fur Affinity is a furry art community. When selecting a good book to curl up with, be sure it's not inhabited by demons or evil spirits. Especially ones with a thing for dairy animals. &nbsp