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    How Serena Got Her Stripes

    story from doc's lab. HOW SERENA GOT HER STRIPES By Umgestalten � 17 September 2006 Serena was having a bad week. Hell, she was having a bad year but this week was worse than most. First, she was temporally laid off from work for three months without pay. She was a research scientist working for a firm that primarily did medical research and development of new medications. The lab was starting up a new project and it required that they do some major remodeling of the research labs. Next, her boyfriend joined the Navy and decided that it wouldn't be fair for her to have to remain faithful to him while he was away for long periods of sea duty. Third, her folks were pressuring her to find a place of her own, again. They seemed to feel that twenty-six was more than old enough for her to leave home and live on her own. All of the combined stress was causing Serena major intestinal distress and a few other stress related symptoms. She decided it was a good time to just get away from it all and go up to the family cabin on Mephitis Creek. She loved that place for many reasons but primarily because it was secluded, had no phone or cell service and no one ever just showed up at the door. These reasons and a few more were definite plusses for her at the moment. She packed her car with clothes, food and a few other supplies that she would need for an extended stay that evening and first thing in the morning, she left a note for her parents and started out for the cabin. The drive was uneventful and boring. It took two-hours to get there but an hour and a half of that was the fifteen miles up an old logging road that her car barely managed to navigate. Serena was completely wiped out after fighting the road's slopes and ruts and as soon as she had taken her things into the cabin, she decided that a dip in the creek at the falls was in order. After wending her way down the steep slopes and along a narrow ledge, she arrived at a small clearing alongside the creek. The water of the falls drowned out all of the forest sounds and she found it very relaxing. She had discovered this spot when she was a small kid and always enjoyed a swim in the cool pond at the bottom of the falls. This day the combination of her problems and the afternoon heat would make it even more welcome than usual. Not having to fear an inquisitive public, Serena removed her top and dropped it on the ground while at the same time kicking off her sandals. She reached around behind her back and unhooked her bra, setting free a most respectable set of breasts. The cool mist from the falls quickly brought her nipples to attention and Serena gently massaged her recently freed chest. Feeling better already, she undid the button and zipper on her shorts and sensuously removed them and her panties both at the same time. She slowly ran her hands down her sides and over her thighs as she let out a long sigh of relief and thought to herself, "Yes. This was a good idea. I really needed to just get away from it all.' With that, Serena gently picked her way down to the water's edge and eased into the cold pool. After the water reached her firm abdomen she did a small hop and dove in head first coming up again in the middle near the falls. It felt good as she rolled over and floated on her back with her eyes shut against the bright afternoon sun. ********** Meanwhile, about a hundred yards or so up creek, several men were standing behind a truck talking. "Look, Doc. Are you sure this stuff is harmless? I don't want to find out that I'm killing off the fish or polluting this creek for the next hundred years or something like that. It's not going to hurt the animals that drink the water or the plants or anything is it?" "Ben, I never knew you were that into the environment. I just don't see you as a tree hugger." The man called Doc answered with a slight chuckle in his voice. "I'm not, Doc. A few years back I would have dumped this drum and never looked back but my kid brought home this stuff from school and it showed what illegal dumping has done to some of the animals and plants. The papers said that some of them were changed at the genetic level and would pass their mutations on to their offspring. I saw the pictures of what the toxic waste dumping has done and I don't want any part of that." "No chance of that here, Ben. This isn't just a randomly chosen dumpsite and this isn't really toxic waste. I've calculated the flow of this creek and in less than a mile of run the contents of this drum will be diluted to the point that it's absolutely harmless. The slope of the sides on this ravine are too steep for wild life to use it for water and there are no fish this far up the creek. The flow of the water is too swift for anything to live in the water without being carried away downstream." "If it's that harmless then why didn't you just dilute it back at the lab and dump it down the drain?" Ben asked. "Ok, Ben. I'm the doctor and scientist. You're the maintenance man and driver. You have no idea of the quantity of water required. We would need hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and with that increase of flow into and from the lab there would most certainly be questions like what was in the water and I don't want to answer that. But, enough of this discussion. Let's get it done and get back to the lab." "Ok, Doc. Sorry for all the questions. I just want a clear conscience after I do this." And with that, the hydraulic tailgate on the truck was lowered and the drum rolled over to the edge of Mephitis Creek. The drum was opened and the contents drained into the creek. ********** Meanwhile, downstream, Serena was frolicking in the pool below the falls. For the time being, all of her problems forgotten, she was living only for the moment. She worked her way across the pool to the base of the falls and dove through them to the ledge behind. She always enjoyed standing behind the falls in the misty spray looking out through the falling water. It was then that she noticed that the water coming over the falls was turning a strange reddish color and was getting darker. Suddenly she had a strange feeling all over. It started out like full body goose bumps but soon turned to something akin to a bad sunburn all over. It was starting to get painful and Serena decided she had to get out of the water. Unfortunately, the only way out was to dive through the falls back into the pool and swim to shore. Bracing for the expected shock she dove through the falls and swam hard across the pool. The burning sensation increased but then faded and by the time she had reached the edge and pulled herself from the water there was very little discomfort. She looked at her arms and then the rest of her body and all that she noticed was a deep reddish pink color something like a burn from getting too much sun. Her skin felt strange as she ran her hands over it. It was as if it was dry and flakey even though it was still wet with the water. Serena didn't know what to think other than she needed to get back up to the cabin and quickly. She slipped her feet into her sandals, picked up her clothes and started the climb back up the slope. By the time she reached the top her skin was feeling a lot better but it still had the reddish pink color. The problem now was that she felt a cold chill that penetrated to her bones. Serena headed directly to the cabin to start a fire in the wood stove. "Oh of course!" She said aloud. "It would have been too much to expect there to be some wood inside!" She continued as she angrily threw her clothes down on the chair next to the woodstove. With a cold chill running all through her body Serena headed back outside. Only her frustration kept her slightly warmed as she threw back the tarp from the woodpile and she started piling some cordwood in her arm. As she placed the third piece of wood in the crook of her left arm there was a sudden sharp pain in her left nipple as two pieces of cordwood came together with only that very cold and very erect bit of flesh between them. "Yeow! Son-of-a-Bitch!" she yelled as she dropped all of the wood on the ground and started massaging her wounded nipple. That was when she first heard the churring and hissing sound. Then she saw it. The small black face with the white blaze from its snout straight up and between its ears. She knew that she was in trouble when the creature arched its back and its white striped black fur stood on end. She was backed into a corner and the only way out was past the skunk that had made its home in the woodpile. Serena stood as still as she could in hopes that the skunk would not feel threatened and just turn and leave. The cold that had been permeating her body now turned to a cold sweat that chilled her very core as she watched the small black and white animal doing its best to convince her to leave it in peace. All to no avail though as she had no way to leave. It continued its hissing and made small aggressive movements. Its tail was erect and the fur on its back and tail standing out to give the enemy the impression of being larger than it really was. Sweat was running into her eyes and stinging. Serena reached up to wipe the sweat from her forehead and eyes and that was all it took to send the skunk over the edge. Taking the movement as an aggressive action and feeling itself to be in mortal danger, the skunk bent into a U-shape and Serena now saw both its head and its hind end. A moment later, the air filled with a yellow mist. Serena began to wretch as the acrid odor hit her and at the same time, her nose and eyes began to burn. She dropped to the ground as the nausea overcame her. While Serena remained on her hands and knees, naked, blind and wretching with dry heaves, the skunk slowly left its home in the woodpile, turned and with an unconcerned meandering gait, left its victim to recover. ********** A short time later, Serena managed to get to her feet and stumble, still half blind and nauseas, into the cabin. She wanted to just collapse on her bed but knew that she needed to get the spray and the smell removed from her skin and hair. She searched in the kitchen cupboards and found a bottle of cleaning ammonia and two large cans of tomato juice. She mixed them in a mop bucket and, using a sponge she started cleaning herself. Her skin never lost all of the odor but it was greatly reduced and bearable. She did notice, however that the reddish hue of her skin remained from her time in the creek at the falls and if anything it was darker. Later that evening Serena had a fire going in the woodstove and the cabin was nice and warm. She sat in a comfortable chair in her pajamas and robe watching the flames through the glass door and thinking, "Well, I've certainly gotten away from all of my troubles by coming out here now haven't I? I've beaten my car half to death coming up that road. I've developed some sort of rash all over my body and I've been sprayed by a skunk. I don't even want to ask or think what else can go wrong.' Serena sat there for a while longer then decided to go to bed. She turned back the covers, blew out the kerosene lamp and got into bed. She spent a restless night but did sleep through it. Her first thoughts when she woke were, "So what's going to go wrong today?' It didn't take long to find out. The skin on her hands was even darker than the night before and looked loose and bumpy. As soon as she removed her pajama top she could see that it wasn't limited to just her hands. Not only was her skin darker but it looked like it was getting ready to peal like a bad sunburn. "Damn, what was in that water? I've never heard of getting burned from a swim in a creek." Serena started to pick at a spot on her arm but her fingernail pealed away from her fingertip and stuck out at a ninety-degree angle from her finger. She touched it with her other hand and it fell to the floor. As she looked at her finger, she saw there was no blood and the nail bed was completely healed like there had never been a fingernail there. "What the hell is going on? What's happening to me?' Thoughts ran through her head as she touched her other fingernails and they too came loose and fell to the floor. Serena's mind was moving from one thought to another but none of them really registered. She sat down hard on the bed and stared at her hands. She looked at the darkened skin color and the missing fingernails, but there was more. The small web between her fingers seemed larger. "I have to get out of here. I need to get to a hospital and quick.' She got up, stripped off the rest of her pajamas and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Serena grabbed her purse and headed for her car. She gave no thought to the clothes or other things she was leaving behind. She just needed to get out of there and get some help, quickly. Her fingertips felt strange as they gripped the steering wheel. She was driving down the old logging road trying to stay out of the ruts and avoid the other obstacles when she hit a large rock that had rolled into the road. Her car veered off the edge and down into a small ravine and went head on into a large tree. "Shit! Shit, shit, shit!" Serena screamed as she hit the steering wheel with her fists and then broke down crying with her face buried in her arms against the wheel. A short time later she sat back against the car seat and took a deep breath to clear her head. "Ok. Now what?' she was thinking when she saw the blood on her fingers. It was then that she noticed the hard black things poking out of the ends of most of her fingers. "Oh my God! My bones are coming out of the ends of my fingers!" In a state of near panic, she pushed open the car door, grabbed her purse and got out. Back up on the road she headed back to the cabin. In her mind, it was the only safe place in the midst of nowhere. ********** Serena stumbled through the door of the cabin and fell into the chair by the woodstove. Her hands were worse. The fingers looked worse and she could see that the black things coming from the ends weren't her bones… they were claws. Long curved black claws! And she had a web like skin between her fingers. She reached down and pulled the sweatshirt off over her head and looked down at her now almost flat chest. Her dark skin looked like it was loose. She clawed at it lightly and it split and ripped easily. Every rip or tear that she made revealed small tufts of black or white hairs. The more she clawed at the loose skin the more fur appeared. Serena's rational mind mercifully shut down about this time as she stood up and ripped off her shoes and jeans. Some of her dark reddish, almost black, skin ripped loose as she undressed. She was left naked, standing in the small cabin as she continued pealing and ripping loose layers of dead flesh from her body and letting loose the compacted black and white fur that had grown beneath. As she continued to tear the old human flesh from her body and let loose the fur beneath, her body was undergoing other changes. Her feet underwent changes similar to her hands. Her feet looked much the same shape as before but as her toenails fell off they too were replaced by claws. They weren't as long as those on her hands, but were claws nonetheless. As the last of her necrotic flesh was pealed from her face, Serena began to slow down. The frenetic activity of the past hour was catching up with her. She couldn't maintain the pace. She was worn out and needed to rest. As she slowed her mind began to clear slightly. It cleared enough that she knew she needed to take a good look at herself but not enough to know she really didn't want to see what had happened. First, she held up both hands and looked at them. She still had five fingers but no real thumb. They were all covered with short black fur and long black claws stuck out from each fingertip. She turned her hands over and revealed black pads as if they were paws rather than hands. Shocked, but still curious, Serena continued as she ran her clawed fingers through the white fur covering her stomach and the black fur on her arms. It covered every part of her body that she could see. She knew she needed to see more so she slowly approached the full-length mirror on the wall. Her father had installed it for her mom because she was always worried about how she looked, even fifteen miles out in the woods. If Serena was shocked before, she was even more shocked by what she saw reflected back at her by the mirror's silvered surface. Her face was covered with short black fur with a white stripe running from the tip of her nose straight up between her eyes and up her forehead. Her nose was black and rough and the nostrils were turned up. Her eyes were completely black and looked smaller. Her ears were small and rounded and had moved higher on her head. Her head was more pointed and her lower jaw and mouth were as far out as her nose like the muzzle of an animal. Specifically, a skunk. Serena began to feel lightheaded and left the mirror for the bed. She sat down and was soon lying on the bed. She felt a queasy feeling but strangely, no panic. She felt that her lack of panic should concern her but it didn't. She felt shocked, surprised and strangest of all, curious. She found herself wondering what had caused this to happen and started to think back. She immediately connected her current appearance to being sprayed by the skunk the day before. "That has to have been the catalyst but the catalyst to what?' She ponders. "The rash from the water. There had to have been something in the water, but what?' Serena continued to think but all she came up with was the same things. The skunk spray and something in the water. Her mind slowed down and was soon overcome with sleep. While she slept the mutations continued. Unnoticed by her conscious mind her body shifted and altered. Her arms became shorter and her shoulder blades changed their orientation as her arms became forelegs and her hands finished their transition to paws. At the same time the weight of her upper body shifted lower down and enlarged her hips and thighs giving her an overall teardrop shape with smaller shoulders and a larger rear. Her pelvis articulated to a different angle and changed its configuration to accommodate quadrupedal locomotion. The bones of her legs also reconfigured to allow for the slow meandering gait of the Striped Skunk. As her pelvis reoriented, her spine began its alteration. The coccyx reversed its bent and bones were added to form a long tail. As her tail pushed its way out from the base of her spine the blended black and white hairs grew. It eventually reached the long full plumed glory of the American Striped Skunk. Serena's face began to contort as her tongue pushed teeth from her mouth that had been displaced as her new teeth pushed their way in. As her muzzle extended slightly four extremely long, pointed canine teeth grew from her upper and lower jaws. Twelve new incisors, better adapted for cutting and tearing her food replaced her old ones. In the back, two new molars grew from the upper jaw and four new ones came in on her lower jaw. In her sleep, Serena rolled to her stomach and rested her head on her front legs and paws and drifted into a deeper and sounder sleep. The changes were all but complete. Only some minor alterations needed to be completed to her internal organs. Some changes to her reproductive system and the addition of two scent glands just inside her anus. Serena was now a typical American Striped Skunk with one notable exception. Instead of being about the size of a large housecat she was about six foot long from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail and weighed in at about a hundred and fifteen pounds. ********** Serena awoke mid morning feeling well rested. She stretched and tried to get out of bed but soon found that rolling to her back and swinging her legs and feet out of the bed was not an option. She rose to all fours, stepped down from the bed, and walked to the mirror. She found that her curious scientific mind was even more intact than it had been the day before. When she reached the mirror she rose to sit on her haunches and starred at the reflection in front of her. What she saw was a fine example of an adult Striped Skunk. She noted that sitting on her haunches she was about four feet tall. She had long sleek black hair covering most of her body with the stereotypical two white stripes running down her back. She turned in all directions and checked every aspect of her changed appearance with the detached curiosity and detail of a trained scientist. Well, not completely detached. With every new angle came a new discovery and with every new discovery there was a moment where a cold chill hit the pit of her stomach. She fought to control her emotions and keep her panic in check. It wasn't the easiest thing to realize and come to grips with the fact that she was an animal and not human anymore. She was, however, heartened by the fact that her human intelligence seemed to be intact. As she made note of her new muzzle and teeth she attempted to speak. It didn't go well. Her altered vocal chords were not structured for human speech. Neither was her tongue or lips. But, Serena reasoned, if this was the final state of her transformation, and given her apparently still human intelligence and knowledge of speech, she might well be able learn how to speak again. In the meantime, she would just chirr, hiss and screech. After completing her self-inspection, Serena knew that she had to find out what caused the rash that she had gotten while swimming. To that end, she decided to head for the creek and the falls. She dropped back onto all fours and ambled to the door of the cabin. With a little effort, she was able to turn the knob and open the door. Once outside she headed towards the creek. She noticed right off that her eyesight wasn't very good at any distance but that her sense of smell and hearing were increased many fold over her human senses. She could hear the tiniest noises and smell things distinctly that she had never smelled before. Serena reasoned that whatever was in the creek that caused her reaction and subsequent transformation had to be dumped in upstream from the falls and that was where she headed. Once she reached the edge overlooking the falls she headed up stream along the ridge. It was strange to be walking on all fours but she adapted quickly and soon found it a preferable form of locomotion in the uneven and rough terrain. Her heavy fur protected her from the branches and barbs of the brush she walked through better than any clothing she had ever worn and the somewhat pointed shape of her altered body cut through the brush easily. Not far up the creek, Serena caught the scent of some sort of chemicals. Serena traced the scent to the edge of the ravine above the creek. There she found the ground and the side of the ravine streaked with a red chemical stain. "That has to be it! The water was a reddish color and my skin turned red from contact with the water.' She nosed around further and found two distinctly different smelling sets of footprints. "There were two men up here and they dumped the chemical into the creek. I can smell the chemicals and see the marks where the drum was rolled to the edge of the ravine.' Tracking back away from the edge she located the tracks of the truck, stuck her nose to the ground, and sniffed the tracks. "I know that smell!' She sniffed again. It was faint but she knew the odor. "Where have I smelled that before?' She sniffed it again. "The warehouse at the lab! This truck came from the lab.' Serena's thoughts ran wild, "They dumped something into the creek and that caused my skin to form the rash and was probably absorbed into my system. Then when the skunk sprayed me, it became a catalyst that mutated my entire body into that of a giant skunk. Most likely the powerful chemicals of the skunk's spray mixed with the chemicals already in my system and altered me at the cellular level using the skunk's DNA.' Serena was convinced that she had the answer. Now she needed to get help, but from whom and how would she get to them? She walked back to the cabin deep in thought. By the time she reached the cabin, she had at least a partial plan but it all hinged on her being able to communicate verbally. She needed to learn to talk again, quickly. She reasoned that if she could talk she could walk towards the main road until she reached a place where cell service was available. Then she could call Jim, her lab partner, and get him out to the cabin. Once there she could explain it all to him. If he survived seeing her, she knew she could convince him about what happened. He was the perfect choice. He had been to the cabin several times when they dated a couple years back so he knew the way. Back at the cabin, she spent the rest of the day attempting to speak. She would get a word and then lose it. Serena kept trying again and again until her jaw ached and her tongue could barely move. She took a break, ate a box of whole grain cereal, and then tried again. She was making progress but the sun was going down and she was tired. She wouldn't be making that call today. When she lay down in the bed to sleep, she found that her mind continued to think about her problems. She needed to distract herself so she tried to think of other things. She wasn't having much success until her thoughts turned to sex. Serena rolled onto her back and reached down between her legs to touch her sex. It started out to be quite satisfying. She closed her eyes and began to make small chirring noises but as her pleasure began to increase, so did the intensity of her ministrations. That quite quickly brought into play her long claws and an immediate pained hiss, a low growling scream and cessation of all pleasure. She curled into a ball and looked between her legs. All seemed to be ok and no damage had been done. She curled tighter and looked closer. She sniffed at her sex. As she sniffed, she extended her tongue and began to lick herself. Serena was soon lost in the waves of pleasure that her long tongue was providing and continued through three orgasms. When she finally lay back on the bed again it was with a very satisfied feeling. She remembered an old joke. "Why does a male dog lick his balls? Because he can.' Serena chirred and thought, "Well now I can too.' Then she drifted off to sleep. ********** The next morning Serena ate the bacon and eggs that she had in the cooler. She thought about cooking them but the smell of the raw bacon overwhelmed her. She ate them raw and found them to be very tasty that way. After eating, Serena continued trying to speak. The more she tried to manipulate her tongue and lips the more success she had. She found that the chirring sound that came naturally to her provided the best source of sound for her new voice. By noon she had the vowels down. The "O" was the hardest. Her tongue was working quite well but her lips still presented some problems. By evening she had the entire alphabet and could understand every letter. She knew it would work. She was also pleased that there was no sign of degradation in her intellect. She was sure that this was as far as the mutation was going. She wouldn't lose her mind. The practice continued for two more days before she felt confident that she was capable of communicating over the phone. The morning of the forth day she put her cell phone into her purse, got the strap around her neck and headed out for a place she could get a strong signal. She easily walked down the old logging road. Over the past five days she had become quite adept at walking on all fours and found it to be very stable and easy to move around. Balance wasn't nearly the factor it was back when she had walked on two legs. Serena went through the woods and cut across the many switchbacks in the road and by midday, she reached a bluff several miles from the main road. She opened her cell phone and turned it on. The bars indicated that she had a strong signal. She found that it required a little more care dialing with her long claws but the phone rang and she waited. Three rings and she heard Jim's voice answer, "Hello?" "Jim, it is me, Serena. I need your help. I'm at the cabin. Please come quickly." "Serena? What's wrong with your voice? Why are you talking so funny? I can barely understand you." "Jim. I have a problem. I'll explain when you get here. Please come up to the cabin. I need your help." "Ok, Serena. I'll leave right now. Will you be alright until I get there? Do I need to bring anything?" "I'll be fine. I need you to bring something to take samples with for testing. Something's been dumped up here and I need to find out what it is. Get up here as soon as you can." "Ok. I'll leave right now. Bye." "Bye, Jim" Serena hung up and shut off her phone. She put it back in her purse and hung the purse back around her neck. "I have to hurry now if I'm going to make it back to the cabin before Jim arrives. Good thing I didn't have to go all the way to the road to get a signal.' She was back at the cabin shortly before she heard Jim's F-150 working its way up the road. She went into the cabin and put her back up against the door. The last thing she wanted was for Jim to see her before she had a chance to explain things. This was it. Now she would find out if Jim would accept what she told him or run screaming back to his truck. Serena was nearly hyperventilating by the time his knock came at the door. "Serena? You in there?" Taking a deep breath she answered, "Yes, Jim. Don't come in yet. We need to talk first. I need to explain things to you." She then started into her semi-rehearsed story trying hard to get the explanation out before she revealed the state of her physical condition. Jim, on the other side of the door, didn't know whether to laugh at her ludicrous story or take her to the men in the white coats. He decided he had to determine if she was serious or joking. "So, Serena, you say that you took a bath in some unknown chemicals from the lab that were dumped in the creek by persons unknown. Then you were sprayed by a skunk which caused a mutagenic reaction and now you have turned into a giant skunk creature. Does that about cover the essentials?" "Yes. That's all of it, Jim. We have to go to the dump site and get samples and find out what was dumped so we can find a way to reverse the effects." "Ok, Serena. This has to be the most unusual story I have ever heard. You could have just asked me to come up here for some fun and games and I would have come. You didn't need the science fiction." Serena was afraid this would be his reaction. "I guess its time for plan B." she thought. With that she unlocked the door and said, "Ok, Jim. You obviously don't believe me so I'll have to show you. Please step back from the door and prepare to see the truth." And with that she slowly opened the door a crack. "Step back, Jim. Back about twenty feet away." As he backed away, Serena swung the door the rest of the way open and slowly walked on all fours into the front yard of the cabin. For Jim, a trained scientist, it quickly became apparent that what he saw was real. No human in a costume could move or look like what he saw before him. Even so, his reaction was one of disbelief. "Holy shit! How did you do this? It looks so real. It can't be real. Serena?" "Believe me, Jim. Its way too real. Especially for me." Jim saw the creature's mouth, lips and tongue move and heard the words come out. He slowly approached her and reached out to touch the fur. Serena sat up on her haunches and let Jim have free access as his hands covered almost every part of her body. She just sat and occasionally twitched her tail or let out a small contented chirring sound. Jim was satisfied. No zippers, buttons or Velcro. It wasn't a costume. It was all too real. What he saw sitting in front of him was his work associate, friend and past lover, and she was a giant skunk. "Satisfied?" Serena asked, with what Jim supposed would pass for a smile on the giant skunks face. "Yes. It's amazing. You're amazing. I know its real and yet I still find it hard to believe. What are we going to do?" Serena took him back into the cabin. He sat in the chair and she got up on the bed. Serena explained exactly what her plans were. She went into great detail as he sat there listening and staring at the skunk that was talking to him. As she spoke, her control of human speech became better. The more he listened and looked at her, the more he found himself attracted to her. As she finished explaining her plans, Jim shifted in his chair and crossed his legs. A feeble attempt to hide his growing attraction to Serena the skunk. Serena made a low chirring sound and did her skunk smile thing again. "You know Jim, in my new form I have a greatly enhanced sense of smell. Would you believe I can actually smell sexual excitement?" Jim knew an invitation when he heard one, and despite his uncertainty about making it with a skunk and his mind telling him it wasn't a good idea, he rose from the chair and approached her. At that particular moment he found this creature more attractive and enticing than any woman he had ever been with, including the original Serena. Unknown to Jim, or even Serena, she was emitting some very potent pheromones and had been since he ran his hands over her body. She slowly rolled from her position on her haunches to a prone position on her side. The bed made small creaking sounds as she moved but neither of them heard. She reached up and her claws fumbled with his belt and zipper. He removed his shirt. When his pants and shorts dropped to the floor he pried his feet out of his shoes without untying them and slowly moved onto the bed. He laid in front of her and she pulled him close. The feel of her soft fur against his body was more sensuous than he ever thought possible. His manhood grew harder and became almost painful. His balls were beyond blue. Serena felt a need and a craving greater than the night before and she had thought that was the ultimate. She moved away from him and rolled to her stomach. Her hind end did an inviting twitch and shifting motion as her tail rose to a vertical position and cleared the way for Jim. Whether it was natural instinct or something else, Jim knew the signals and moved into position. His arms wrapped around her upper body as his manhood sought its goal. He laid his head in the soft fur of her back and found himself nuzzling his face between the two white stripes. His cock felt like it grew an additional six inches before it found the target and started to penetrate her warm wet inner recesses. Jim humped like a madman. Serena chirred and pushed back at him as he pumped. He threw back his head let out a loud moan and she let loose with a primal scream. They both collapsed. She was wrapped in his arms and he in her four legs. It was over, but not for long. They repeated their dance of passion three more times before they both dropped in total fatigue and fell asleep in the small bed. ********** The next morning, Serena woke first and stretched. She was feeling very contented and satisfied. She could still feel Jim's warmth next to her. She turned her head to look at Jim and let out a scream and jumped from the bed. "Oh nooooo! No, no, no!" And she started to cry as she approached the bed and the large male skunk that was lying there, just starting to stir. "Oh, Jim. I'm so sorry. I didn't know." It didn't take Jim long to figure the reason for Serena's screams and other sounds. After opening his eyes, just one look down the long black muzzle at his small black nose was all it took. He bounded from the bed and fell over on the floor making hissing, chirring and screaming sounds as he rolled around. He tried to stand and fell again, still screaming. Serena yelled at him and told him to calm down and stay on all fours. He didn't listen. As Jim continued to thrash about in his panic, Serena moved in and tackled him. She, being more used to the physical shape, easily subdued him and managed to get him calmed down, somewhat. "Jim! Jim. You have to calm down. You're a scientist. You know that panic will achieve nothing." Jim tried to answer but only made random hissing and chirring sounds. The harder he tried the more agitated he became. It took awhile longer for Serena to get him calmed down. "Jim, it took me the better part of four days of constant practice to learn how to speak again. Give it time. I'll help you. The main thing now is to calm down and work with me. We have to figure out what we're going to do." Serena moved in and held Jim with her front legs and talked to him gently and quietly. She caressed him with her paws and ran her claws gently through his thick black fur. As she comforted him, she started to formulate a plan and told him about it. He nodded or shook his head to show agreement or not. At the same time she started to teach him to speak again. By evening they had a plan and he was able to somewhat verbalize to a limited degree. They slept together in the small single bed again that night but without the extracurricular activities. Serena was more than wiling but Jim was not in the least interested. The next morning they put their plan into action. A call to an old college friend of Jim's that worked for the EPA brought him out to the cabin. After a long, long explanation and a little show and tell mixed with promises of anonymity they were able to get him to the dumpsite for samples. The samples were tested and traced through markers in the chemicals directly to the lab. Arrests and convictions followed. Serena and Jim's situation was kept a secret throughout. The arrests and conviction were only for the illegal dumping. Jim's friend contacted their parents and let them and the direct families know what had happened. Once they knew what the chemical cocktail was that Serena took a bath in they were able to replicate the results in a lab with test animals. Unfortunately, reversal of the effects were not possible. No matter what they tried, it didn't work. Jim and Serena would remain as large Striped Skunks for the rest of their lives. ********** Epilog: Unfortunately, the world outside just was not ready for giant skunks with human intelligence and the ability to speak so they had the road to the cabin improved and a large gate put across it. Power and phone lines were run to the cabin and dish TV was installed. Other improvements were made to make it livable on a full time and very private basis. A very understanding minister married Jim and Serena in a very private ceremony and they lived in complete secrecy at the cabin. The fenced in four hundred acres surrounding the cabin became their world. Their parents and siblings were their only visitors and they made sure they had all the food and other supplies that Jim and Serena needed. Jim had a larger bed brought into the cabin and slept with Serena but the drive for sex just wasn't there for some reason that neither of them could figure. However, late that winter, around the end of February, Serena came into estrous and Jim was driven wild with an intense and uncontrollable desire. He jumped her every time he had the chance and Serena didn't fight him. Serena became pregnant and gave birth to five Kits at the beginning of June. One male and four females. Serena nursed them for several months until they were able to take care of themselves with Serena's guidance. Jim and Serena loved their Kits but knew they didn't want to bring any more giant skunks into the world so they had all of the Kits neutered. They considered doing the same to themselves but Jim put a stop to that. He decided that he would have a vasectomy but that Serena would remain fertile. When Serena asked him "why?" he answered, "We both know you're monestrous and can only conceive once a year. If you were to be neutered, you would never again go into heat and I don't think I could stand that. When you went into heat, it was the best sex I ever had in my life. I'm already looking forward to next year. Serena laughed as he gave her his shy little boy skunk smile. The end of the story but the beginning of their lives. By Umgestalten � 17 September 2006 (AKA Persephone)
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    skunk transformation thread

    [ATTACH]7907._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7908._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7909._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7910._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7911._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7912._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7913._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7914._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7915._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7916._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7917._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7918._xfImport[/ATTACH] &nbsp
  3. Noir et Blanc, the new fragrance from Chanel. Some will tell you the world is a riot of colors and uncertainties. Some will tell you that you need a new perfume for every occasion, and for every day of the week. Some will tell you that things are complex and confusing... But we say, no. Everything can be... Noir et Blanc.
  4. you got to be very careful with what you wish for, even if you don’t necessarily voice the wish out loud. It just might come true. Especially if Zoe, my mischievous genie happens to be hiding nearby. Seems like she chose a random plastic magic lamp to inhabit. Got to admit Zoe has a very generous personality. Always gives people far more than they wished for. From artist description: Continuation of the skunk tf sequence I did a while ago. Seems like she chose to test out her new body straight away. So much for warding off the extra attention. Well I guess one way to get rid of the problem is to tackle it head on. Have so much sex with your coworkers that they’ll be afraid to approach you. No milk version for you lactose intolerant people out there.
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    SkunkTube by Blackshirtboy

    from Interludes by Blackshirtboy. the last picture is a gift drawing by Wat. a male YouTuber try out a new Perfume with unexpected results!
  6. Guest

    self-defence by soty

    A commission for Fernin by soty. Mary find out that self-defence class indeed "changed" her a lot.
  7. Guest

    Skunketch by Nisharu

    An artist enjoying a saturday night with his girlfriend using a magic tablet, finally turning her dream to be a skunkette into reality.
  8. Guest

    Secret Admirer by soty

    Cearenbow's Anthro Skunk Commission by soty. Jenny unwittingly transform into anthro skunk by a gift from a mysterious admirer!
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