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ripped clothing

  1. A

    Artwork commission for Gen-Awesome by catchabird

    Don't you love it when Tardis malfunctions and floods the room with weird timey stuff that turns people into tittylizards?
  2. A

    Artwork Ransomware (By CatchAbird)

    Artist's description: For tomlloyd pic 1: Those damn nerds at the IT department let a pesky piece of ransomware get through the company’s firewalls. (Totally unintentionally I’m sure) Lenora here gets to experience what a curse laced malicious software can do to a person. pic 2: This malicious...
  3. A

    Artwork When You Wish Upon a Star by Catchabird

    A commission for araymba . Part 1: As the old saying goes: "If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme" Part 2: She must have really meant what she said...
  4. A

    Artwork she-wolf by soty

    old commission by soty
  5. A

    Anthro TF Connect with your roots by CatchAbird

    text from the artist: This girl of Serengeti feels a sudden strong connection to her roots via a magical talisman. Not quite the way Vanessa expected though.. Should have opened that package from mom after the big race. I wonder is she’s allowed to compete looking like that. Might be able to...
  6. A

    Anthro TF Be careful what you wish for by catchabird(Commission for yowza)

    you got to be very careful with what you wish for, even if you don’t necessarily voice the wish out loud. It just might come true. Especially if Zoe, my mischievous genie happens to be hiding nearby. Seems like she chose a random plastic magic lamp to inhabit. Got to admit Zoe has a very...
  7. A

    Anthro TF self-defence by soty

     A commission for Fernin by soty. Mary find out that self-defence class indeed "changed" her a lot.
  8. A

    Anthro TF Secret Admirer by soty

    Cearenbow's Anthro Skunk Commission by soty. Jenny unwittingly transform into anthro skunk by a gift from a mysterious admirer!
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