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race change

  1. Female Literature Degeneration Trait Swap Race Change Jamaican journey [Race Change, IQ-Loss, Trait Swap, DG] Post Bimbimind

    The characters: The main character is Martina. Martina is a brilliant young woman, age 26. She is petite, well educated in economics. For a young woman she has had fast carrier. The MBA diploma from university. She has good job in Miami and the corporate management recognise her skills, Martina...
  2. Literature Race Change Wrong Luggage by Tservo96

    “Welcome to Chicago” the flight attendant’s message came through the tinny speakers as the plane touched down “Local time is 1:18 and the temperature is 58 degrees with rain forecast. We will be disembarking at gate C22 in just a few minutes time. We at United Airlines once again apologize for...
  3. Literature Race Change The White Girls by Vivicious Transformations

    Miranda could only watch in shock as a wave of pigmentation flowed across her skin, darkening her pale, white skin. Her body seemed paralyzed as the coloration spread outward from her womanhood like watercolor from a brush. Her ginger pubic hair coiled and darkened, becoming tight black curls...
  4. Female Literature Breast Expansion Race Change Weight Gain Stereotypical (DG, race, BE, AG, WG) by therandylion (UNFINISHED)

    Stereotypical By therandylion https://mydirtyhabit.tumblr.com Jake's girlfriend Rose was the type of person that would go to almost any lengths to prove she wasn’t a racist. She and her friends were all so eager to prove their non-racism to each other that one night after their book club they...
  5. Female Race Change F2F by Zapoved

  6. Female Literature Race Change Weight Gain Champion (Magic, Race, WG, Muscle, AP) by CelebrityChanger

    Magically induced racial transformation, complete with weight gain, muscle growth, and age progression. A celebrity is used in this work of pure fiction. —————- A minute remained on the scoreboard. Jordan Alexander was quickly advancing up the field, but a flock of vigorously trained defenders...
  7. Transgender Race Change Hottest Grass Around - TG Transformation by Grumpy-TG

  8. Female Race Change Surprise

  9. Female Race Change Breaking the Mirror

  10. Female Race Change The Necklace

  11. Female Race Change Thai Earrings

  12. Female Race Change Competition Winner

  13. A

    Race Change The Little Mermaid Remake

    I feel kinda bad that it came from the " "the-little-mermaid-remake-controversy", the picture is a joke,try not to take it too seriously.
  14. A

    Race Change nessa

    so we had the nessa Controversy over the net,you can read more about it on kym. the whole thing died out but I wanted to share some pictures cuz it's kinda fit into the fetish category.
  15. Female Race Change Tribal Mask

  16. Female Race Change The black mermaid

    Disney now is the #1 fetish artist for race change
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