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  1. Female Artwork Animal TF G.M.O. by jitenshaSW

    Sorry for the bad quality found it on one of the imageboards they had to reduce images to be uploaded there. Will post 5 images daily. Support the creator:
  2. Female Literature Animal TF Oinking Out by kayemarquet

    “I just can’t seem to get any guy to last past a few dates,” Pam sighed as she munched on her lunch of carrot stalks. She was a voluptuous woman, a Latina, with brunette hair and tattoos up and down her right arm. Sitting on the bench next to her was her friend and co-worker Olivia who was...
  3. Female Literature Animal TF Escape Or Nothing by KateMarquetWritesIt

    Cassie trotted up on the fine stallion to the group of farm girls all waiting just inside of the stables. “He sure is a beaut, Cassie,” her friend Sally said as she admired the large animal. “Isn’t he though?” Cassie replied, leaning forward to pet the horse’s mane. “And where did you say you...
  4. Female Artwork Literature Anthro TF Animal TF Big tits female announcer is turned into a pig and made into livestock Rice koji

    Bought this a couple of months ago will upload it slowly. sauce: Any weebs who can translate it or give a tl;dr
  5. A

    Mass Effect: Transformed and Broken

    DISCLAIMER! I don’t own Mass Effect or related characters, they belong to EA and Bioware. WARNING! Contains examples of: non-con, rape, extreme body-mod, slavery, torture, BDSM, sci-fi racism, futa, apocalyptic bad-end. Commander Jane Shepard opened her eyes with a gasp. She was in a state...
  6. C

    Female Artwork Miyu Piggy App

    #獣化 美遊さんのこのTFが見たいですか? - 愛羅武勇のイラスト - pixiv WWW.PIXIV.NET この作品 「美遊さんのこのTFが見たいですか?」 は 「獣化」「transfur」...
  7. A

    Female Artwork Boar Dildo F Human to F Pig

    Anonymous poster hash: 414ad...23d
  8. Female Literature Animal TF Kill la Kill TF Satsuki to Sowtsukiby Benji-Blacksky

    Working for REVOCS was a joy for Nui Harime. As the grand couturier and a fairly impish being, she loved her duties. Fair was foul, foul was fair, excess and abundance filled her with joy, and wearing a smile as she taunted and toyed with others left her brimming with satisfaction. One such...
  9. Female Artwork Anthro TF You are a pig

  10. Female Animal TF Bad Review (Pig TF) by theterriblemistake

    Great story i found here! Tiffany checked her phone, her stomach rumbling as she waited for her delivery to arrive. There wasn't much on TV, but she had been lying on the couch for about twenty minutes, trying to kill...
  11. C

    Female Artwork The auctioned Pig sister

    I'm just using google translate to unravel this comic Top Right: Sister.... Top Left: I'm Okay, believe in your sister. Bottom Left: You are free to live as a human being okay? Top Right: This child can live...
  12. Anthro TF The Jungle's Guardian by Locofuria

    The Jungle's Guardian #15 A woman is offered in sacrifice during a strange ritual to summon the Jungle’s Guardian Spirit. Will upload the images later
  13. Anthro TF Sow Nose

  14. Anthro TF Porky Style

    Earth maiden's court IF story (beasting) Last time, I was allowed to draw a character of Pizo's work, but this time it is beastized.  I have received permission.  I am proud that pigification could be drawn lovely in my beastification, but horseification is difficult to draw cutely ... Please...
  15. Animal TF Sow Sensitive - by Aouzy

    After a nice long week of work, Alice was preparing herself for an evening alone. Her curtains covered the windows, making sure no outsiders could see through. With her living room dark, she turned on a dim light. The geeky brunette girl then pushed a recliner to the middle of the room...
  16. Animal TF Hog Ma (Pig TF, MC, WG) - by Elykzyr

    ----------------------------------------- (Woman to Pig) A TF Zoo Story The Tampa Fe Zoo is having a promotion! To participate, simply pick which exhibit you want to have a more up-close-and-personal-visit to, and you’ll find yourself swimming with the dolphins and soaring with the eagles...
  17. Anthro TF Potara Fusions By Locofuria

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