• This is a relative dead website.
    I use it mainly to learn more about web developing and to archive transformation fetishes in the meantime
    Feel free to lurk, contribute, share, etc... if you don't mind the constant changes and bugs.


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    Female Artwork A new pet collar by Jitensha

    A new pet collar by Jitensha WWW.FURAFFINITY.NET Commission for alphinecentury The first step was puttin on her very special collar. She was hesitant at first, but the collar... &nbsp
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    Rascal's new friend by Theshadowdemon

    Rascal's new friend By The Shadow Demon (Woman into dog) The series of a dog barking from behind the front door, a sound that sends a uneasiness to the courier standing at the front door awaiting for someone to open it. “Rascal, calm down!” a female voice calls out as the door slowly opens...
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