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  1. Female Artwork Body Modification Other TF Haru Nerdified

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    Various TF Amy's Nerd Speedrun

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    Bimbofication Bimbofication

    Nerdy no longer
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    Race Change From Lara to Tara (race, WG, nerd/slob) weight gain

    A while ago I was discussing a Lara Croft-centered story that involved an artifact of some sort. For a while nothing came to mind, so I asked my muse to help. Here's what turned out: Lara Croft, the great and famous tomb raider, just stared in mute shock at her latest find (supposedly)...
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    Literature Age Progression Gabrielle's diary (WG, AP, slight nerdification) weight gain age progression

    Gabrielle’s diary Disclaimer: Xena and Gabby aren't mine, though I wish... Entry XVIII Dear diary. Today, Xena and I, after saving Athens from Talos the angry bronze giant decided to take a vacation. We are going incognito to a small town in Arcadia, where we will spend two or three months...
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    Female Weight Gain Revenge of the maid by Junketh71

    Part 1 Basking in the sun was Carrie Austins, daughter of the big inventor Peter Austins. For her, and her friends life was good – Carrie’s father was usually absent, busy day and night in the Silicone Valley, developing various new pieces of software day and night, and Carrie, who was 24...
  7. Animal TF Agenda 2030 Female pig transformation ALMOST FINISHED.

    Full story is now made in the first post. Amy's compensation is the last chapter. There will be one final version of this in the future removing most spelling mistakes and adding an epilogue.  AGENDA 2030 Amy was a ditsy girl, not that she was stupid, but… she was very gullible, you could...
  8. ?

    Animal TF Reversal By Digital Circe ( woman to pig transformation )

    Reversal By Digital Circe (woman to pig transformation) Story warning: nudity, sex Elissa deMaray would have described herself as having an insatiable curiosity.  Others might have described it as an unwarranted entitlement complex.  But regardless, it wound up causing her a lot of...
  9. Female Anthro TF Animal TF Making a good bitch cover - by repeatedmeme_42

    There is a story in link below: Rich wasn't quite certain why he'd agreed to be Evelynn's second for this demon summoning. They'd been dating for nearly two years now, but witchcraft had always been her thing, not his. He supposed that her preparations and the sudden absence of her friend...
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    Animal TF Stay Ch. by Lycandope

    Brandy sat at the end of an over-stuffed brown couch with a glass of red wine in one hand. Her other hand held a white envelope. Kevin sat at the opposite end from her, one leg crossed on the couch. Light music played from the stereo system while Brandy stared suspiciously at the young man. ...
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    Various TF Dorki.fy by Cinnamon Twist and Duckhuntdoge (WG, Slob, Nerd)

    (This was a roleplay between Duckhuntdoge and I that we decided was worth posting as a story. The first post is mine, the second is Duckhuntdoge's, and so on. The breaks between posts/author switches are indicated by ---) Caroline couldn't believe what had arrived with her mail that morning...
  12. Body Modification Hardcore Gaming. (weight gain, nerdification, slob)

    Hardcore Gaming. #weight gain , #nerdification, #slob Nancy, aka NancyZilla, cursed at top of her lungs after seeing the dire state of her donation pool. Twenty dollars! When she had given all those horny neckbeards what they wanted! She had played World of Warcraft for hours, dressed in a...
  13. Body Modification Spells R Us Commercial (TG, AR, AP, WG, MC)

    There is a best buy commercial that is out that I see all the time. It's a bunch of quick cuts of what a person's gift will do for the person receiving the gift. The commercial is called "What will your gift do?" This is a parody of that commercial...
  14. Various TF Bullies by itsme (mc, tg, ar, ap, various perversions)

    Bullies Part 1. By Itsme When Larry arrived at the rear of the school, he found three boys from his school waiting there. He hadn’t planned on meeting them. He didn’t even know why he decided to go to the back of the school. He was just walking aimlessly and found himself at the rear of his...
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    Race Change Blond Bombshell to Asian Nerd by Darkoshen

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    Bimbofication Nerdified & Bimbofied by Darkoshen

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    Bimbofication From nerd to bimbo by darkoshen.

  18. Body Modification Going the Extra Mile (degeneration, Mind Control, And more)

    Going the Extra Mile (degeneration, Mind Control, And more) Part 1 Karla looked at her sister Linda with desperation. She was complaining again. That only made Karla furious but Linda seemed to be oblivious to Karla’s feelings. “I lose the game against that stupid Susan once again. I am...
  19. Race Change Filling Out the Role(BBW,Corrupt, BE,Culture change)

    Filling Out the Role(BBW,Corrupt, BE,Culture change) MC FD GR FT SF NC Model Bethany finds herself slowly becoming a burlesque bad girl when she tries out for a plus-sized troop. Filling Out the Role By Joel and Edward Hyde Bethany Bishop had made a more then comfortable living modeling for...
  20. Race Change The Competition ( culture change, wip, good story, degeneration)

    The Competition ( culture change, wip, good story, degeneration. Liam smiled as he saw his friend up ahead. "Hey Carson!" He walked over, smiling. "Ready to do this, man?" Like many young men their age, the two often butted heads over certain issues, each seeking to prove they were the better...