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    Anthro TF aliasdraws werewolf tf

    by aliasdraws.
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    Artwork Anthro TF Furry TF zebra girl

    by JollyJack.
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    Literature Anthro TF How Serena Got Her Stripes

    story from doc's lab. HOW SERENA GOT HER STRIPES By Umgestalten � 17 September 2006 Serena was having a bad week. Hell, she was having a bad year but this week was worse than most. First, she was temporally laid off from work for three months without pay. She was a research scientist working...
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    Anthro TF bunny season

    Our latest unsuspecting victim of fernin's, getting her boyfriend a bottle of Easter Ale - now with extra hops! Seems she gets distracted along the way. I know the latter two images in the series won't be up everybody's alley, so I went ahead and posted a wet and a dry version for y'all ;)...
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    Mythical TF Ocean Relic

    A 10 page sequence in which an archaeologist finds a relic at the bottom of the ocean, which has a hypnotic allure. JollyJack gave this comic very lovecraft vibe, but beside the woman becoming weird monster,it feel a bit lacking.