• This is a relative dead website.
    I use it mainly to learn more about web developing and to archive transformation fetishes in the meantime
    Feel free to lurk, contribute, share, etc... if you don't mind the constant changes and bugs.

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    Artwork Anthro TF Furry TF zebra girl

    by JollyJack.
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    Literature Anthro TF How Serena Got Her Stripes

    story from doc's lab. HOW SERENA GOT HER STRIPES By Umgestalten � 17 September 2006 Serena was having a bad week. Hell, she was having a bad year but this week was worse than most. First, she was temporally laid off from work for three months without pay. She was a research scientist working...
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    Anthro TF bunny season

    Our latest unsuspecting victim of fernin's, getting her boyfriend a bottle of Easter Ale - now with extra hops! Seems she gets distracted along the way. I know the latter two images in the series won't be up everybody's alley, so I went ahead and posted a wet and a dry version for y'all ;)...
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    Mythical TF Ocean Relic

    A 10 page sequence in which an archaeologist finds a relic at the bottom of the ocean, which has a hypnotic allure. JollyJack gave this comic very lovecraft vibe, but beside the woman becoming weird monster,it feel a bit lacking.
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