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  1. Female Artwork Anthro TF Cow Transformation by Pharaoh-Sauron

  2. Female Literature Anthro TF Bitch I'm A Cow

    Chapter 1 - Bitch I'm A Cow Day 1 Greetings. I am Doctor Angela Ziegler, and you are reading a live dictation of my research notes, chronicling my experiment, the Bovine Hormone Therapy and Enrichment Program. As with all first day dictations, the purpose of this log is simply to gloss over the...
  3. Female Literature Animal TF Weight Gain Fat Cow

    "Moo!" Elizabeth panted as her husband drove into her. His hips were staggering, a sure sign that he was close. She hadn't completed yet, but honestly it was probably for the best that the game wrap up. "You like that, you fat cow?" Steven growled out as he started to shoot. "Yes, mooo!" She...
  4. Female Literature Anthro TF Assault on Varus Keep byizenrann

    Varus Keep. All who lived in the Kingdom of Arshelm knew of it. Nestled deep in mountains, past valley and forest, home to demons and a host of other things too foul to describe. Many heroes had tried and failed to breach its defenses, to cleanse the world of what lay within...but all had...
  5. Female Literature Anthro TF Animal TF The Warlock's Milkmaid byQuixerotic1

    Light from the tavern spilled out into the muddy road. An old villager, drunk and half asleep, leaned against the wall beside the door. The old man didn't want to make the ten minute walk down the hill to his home where an angry wife awaited him. The sounds of cheer from inside the tavern kept...
  6. Female Artwork Anthro TF Animal TF Overflowing with problems by Mastailster

    Sweet little Isabelle forgotten her daily milking and paying the prices. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/33524227/
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    Female Artwork Koenig Creamery Author JoeForest

    “Jonn~yyy, how much longer till we get there?” Heather Koenig sat in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s pickup truck, as they trundled down some ill-lit back road, the only light coming from the radio (currently off). “Calm down, babe, you’re gonna love it!” “Hmph…” Slumping down in...
  9. Female Literature Anthro TF The Automated Dairy by msound1

    Disclaimer: All individuals in this story are eighteen or older. This is intended as a work of fiction. The author does not condone sexual acts with non-consenting participants. Please enjoy. Constructive feedback is appreciated. ***** My eyelids were still heavy when I finally woke up. No...
  10. Female Literature Anthro TF Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm byHeather26

    It was by no means an uncommon thing to see a hucow out in public, yet I always found myself staring whenever I found one. The way her huge breasts were constrained beneath her shirt and the curve of her wide hips were enthralling. Sometimes, if you were lucky, you could even see a small stain...
  11. Artwork Anthro TF [Amuai sweets Works (Fawn, Amuai)] the ultimate milk (TSF comics collection ultimate of milk) [English translation]

    [Amuai Okashi Seisakusho (KOJIKA, Amuai)] Kyuukyoku no Milk | the ultimate milk (TSF Comic Shuu Kyuukyoku no Milk) [English] [desudesu] [あむぁいおかし製作所 (こじか、あむぁい)] 究極のミルク (TSFコミック集 究極のミルク) [英訳]