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    Female Artwork Wolf Bite F Human F Werewolf MidTF by kosica45

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    Female Artwork Dog Transformation by arzarin

    Anonymous poster hash: 6e88c...a9e
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    Female Artwork TF picture practice: Dog Saegusa Saegusa, Doberman

    I tried to make Ms. Saegusa more beast than Eroge, the theme of beasts that was released the last time . I want to be able to use it differently according to the application, such as painting that draws hair at the time of wrinkles and paint with such a blurry feeling w This girl then...
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    Rascal's new friend by Theshadowdemon

    Rascal's new friend By The Shadow Demon (Woman into dog) The series of a dog barking from behind the front door, a sound that sends a uneasiness to the courier standing at the front door awaiting for someone to open it. “Rascal, calm down!” a female voice calls out as the door slowly opens...
  5. Female Artwork Anthro TF Animal TF The Canine Potion [F Humans -> Anthro Dogs] [Breeding] by Dragović

    "Bottoms up, girls!" said Megan, smirking as she pulled two bottles of beer out of her backpack and handed them to Claire and Lynn. "Thanks, dork." said eighteen-year-old Claire as she untwisted the cap and took a swig. "Maybe sometimes you're not such a total loser." added her best friend Lynn...
  6. Female Artwork Anthro TF Animal TF Furry TF Unintended Spell Effects by bendz

    Unintended Spell Effects I bet she feels silly making fun of that love spell the her coeds found online, especially since she gets to reap the rewards without even participating. Though she certainly would have preferred a human pairing, alas the spell doesn't discriminate species in the...
  7. Female Artwork Animal TF New Trick

  8. Female Literature Animal TF Paws and Fifi by Princess_Lil

    I had a pretty nasty bout of insomnia so I sat down to write and wrote this up as a gift for two dumb dogs I know. <3 --- “Are you sure this is what you want?” the woman across the small table from Ellah and Pauline asked. She fulfilled many odd requests, but this seemed a little strange even...
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    Mythical TF Links new soty art

    several transformation commissions by soty that the human characters showing up in all of them. gallery
  10. Animal TF Stories Rebuilding the farm - by FinalCypher

    'Dude, how long do we still have to drive?', Kathryn asked with a very annoyed voice and sighed loudly. 'I'm dying of boredom.' This was actually the very first time she had said a single word since they had entered the car more than an hour ago. She even had taken off her headphone in order to...
  11. Anthro TF A store - by RoboPonyDrifter

    Written at far too early, and not edited at all o' clock, and hopefully it stays formatted in the discription ---  The air outside on the street was somewhat cold as it was becoming night swiftly, three teens stood in an ally looking over the street and to a storefront that had no sign...
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    Animal TF Not munch by SenorIncognito69

    (Woman into dog) The picture said it all, a perfect happy one of a mom and her teen daughter, mom with straight chestnut hair, daughter’s curly and golden, hugging and smiling during a happy day at the pool. The golden frame of the picture was hanging on the chimney breast , looking directly...
  13. Animal TF 48 By The Shadow Demon

    48 By The Shadow Demon (Woman into dog) This couldn't be right, she must have the wrong place and yet this was where her GPS told her to go here to this place so this must be the right. Cassandra looks around the dock finding large building, hangers and left equipment sitting around, and...
  14. Animal TF bark by kawaideska

  15. Anthro TF Why are these popular?

  16. Animal TF What's wrong good girl?

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    Animal TF Mangy Mutt

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