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    Anthro TF Extra "Thicc" [TF Sequence] - by StrawberryTFs

  2. Animal TF Stories Rebuilding the farm - by FinalCypher

    'Dude, how long do we still have to drive?', Kathryn asked with a very annoyed voice and sighed loudly. 'I'm dying of boredom.' This was actually the very first time she had said a single word since they had entered the car more than an hour ago. She even had taken off her headphone in order to...
  3. Animal TF The Cowgirls Club - by vleight

    Chapter 1 Ever since she was a little girl, Terri adored cows. She liked the way they looked, the way they moved around, the way laid down in the fields after eating. She thought a 'moo' was the cutest sound ever! Every time a cow came onto the TV screen, she ran up real close and stayed there...
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    Anthro TF Selfless Desire by Unidentified-TF

    After meeting Lily, Tamiya was insistent that we turn her into a cow girl. Supposedly, she's doing this for her friend, Alice. I'm not sure I believe that, though. Alice's form is a burden, but being a cow girl, besides the high rate of milk production they seem to have, isn't so much a burden...
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    Anthro TF wrong glass to drink from

    Uh oh, looks like Alice gave Riley the wrong glass to drink from. Just when they were checking out the plains too…. not quite sure how did she end up naked… on the grass…. Are we sure Alice isn’t just playing tricks on her? That milk seems like really potent stuff, judging by the size of that...
  6. Anthro TF Monk Cow TF

  7. Anthro TF Poof

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    The Rubber Farm

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    Anthro TF Cow ripped

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    Animal TF Accidents Happen

     The shelves were filled with old porcelain and glass objects, little souvenir cups or vibrantly colored glass candy dishes. 'Collectible' curios of all sizes were common and ashtrays of all sorts were more than abundant. Stemware of dubious quality was stuffed into the back, next to tacky...
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    Anthro TF R-Red

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    Anthro TF Cow Hormones angrboda

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    Anthro TF Emma's Udders

    Emma's Udders Emma's hands fused into cloven hooves, followed by her feet, forcing her down on all fours. She felt a tingling below the small of her back, and looked back in horror as a tail began to grow, a tuft of fur at the end. Her ears elongated as horns pushed through her curly blonde...
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    Anthro TF Magic cowbell

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    Animal TF Spontanious Cow by jithensa

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    Female Anthro TF Animal TF I guess the wand wasn't a prop after all by ScarletChange

    That moment when you loose control over your body because of an unexpected transformation, and you can't do nothing but enjoy the moment. Swollen, hard and aroused.