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    Shrinking White whale

    So hey there, new to this place! Uh... I have a white whale of an image that I can't seem to find the artist or any information in general about other than the 8 other images in Association with it, and like, 3 pieces of fan art. Are you up for the challange of finding my white whale of images?
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    Male Artwork Anthro TF [Doomington] Avengers Altered

    comic by Doomington. tigra &hank pym after civil war and during Avengers academy became some sort of couple(cuz marvel plot writing is kinda meh).
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    Female Artwork Lara Croft bimbofication comic

    Does anyone have Stephanie Michelle’s Lara Croft bimbofication comic? https://www.omylewds.com/tomb-raider-comic
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    Anthro TF Furry TF Transformational Geographic by w4tsup

    does anybody have Transformational Geographic from w4tsup thanks
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