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    COUNTRY CLUB CLIPPED! author: sceej Female Uglification. Rita Stone worked as a waitress at an exclusive country club. Plain and simple, she was the darling of the male members and despised by the wives. Rita was the sort of woman who made men drool and women instinctively jealous. A...
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    Bimbofication Chain by Riobiotic (be, bimbo)

    Chain by Riobiotic (be, bimbo) Jane sat down in her chair and moved her mouse, the screen clicking back as the light filled the dark cubicle. Putting her double shot latte down on the desk, she placed her head in her hand and looked out of the window. It’d been dark for a few hours now, the...
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    Bimbofication ACT IT OUT! by Whiterabbit (BE, MC, Bimbo)

    ACT IT OUT! by Whiterabbit (BE, MC, Bimbo)"You stole the disc from him? Wow, you really are a master-thief Sara…" Robert said to his wife Victoria. "Oh well, you know Stanley, you learn some techniques along the way to extract certain objects from people" Victoria replied. "Well, how did you...
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    Bimbofication Third Date by Ghost (BE, -IQ, Slutification)

    Third Date by Ghost (BE, -IQ, Slutification) “Bill wait!” I looked up over the roof of my car to see Melinda running across the parking lot. Melinda was in my English class. She was nice, but we really didn’t know each other. “I heard that you are going on a date with Michelle tonight.”...
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    Bimbofication Mall Daze By Theo Winters (Bimbo, BE, MC)

    Mall Daze By Theo Winters (Bimbo, BE, MC)I was in a silly mood tonight, so I thought I would write a quick Bimbo TF story for your enjoyment. Nothing major, just some silly fun. Enjoy! Oh yeah, it's not a furry story this time ——- Mall Daze By Theo Winters Alison walked quickly through...
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    Bimbofication A Clean Mouth by Volt Namazuros

    A Clean Mouth by Volt Namazuros “God, this place is a mess….Jie?! Jie, get in here!” I tapped my foot impatiently as I looked around my study; I could see fingerprints on the glass tabletops, there was dust on the mantle, and my brass, full length mirror looked absolutely filthy. I took a...
  7. Bimbofication The solution to the SJW problem

    Anyone willing to invest in a potion that turns SJW's into bimbo's? their mind is not a problem only their appearance