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    Animal TF Huskie family

    by trixythespiderfox. the story of a lonely huskie dad continues! What’s gonna happen next? Will pups finally have a worthy mom?
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    Female Artwork The hive 2 by transformfancomics

    Anonymous poster hash: d25c1...258
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    Female Artwork shark girl

    Anonymous poster hash: 3e970...3db
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    Female Artwork Duck By Dawn by MereChristianity

  5. Female Literature Animal TF Paws and Fifi by Princess_Lil

    I had a pretty nasty bout of insomnia so I sat down to write and wrote this up as a gift for two dumb dogs I know. <3 --- “Are you sure this is what you want?” the woman across the small table from Ellah and Pauline asked. She fulfilled many odd requests, but this seemed a little strange even...
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    Female Artwork NKEN/YMBK Thread (mostly animal transformations)

    Admin Note: This thread origin was from YMBK but got confused with NKEN So this thread is now a place for both artists.