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  1. Clare

    Morbius movie

    I liked the Venom movie hope it gets good. all of spidy's transformation villains are being maded yay!
  2. Two tomb raiders search for a female artifact lost in southern Nigeria. While researching the history of the relic, they find a story depicting a matriarch who was able to give birth multiple times a year. This was both a gift and curse that her ancestors granted her for survival. After a cave-in, one of the explorers shatters the artifact in frustration. As atonement, both of the archaeologists endure transformations to continue the legacy of the divine mistress, each becoming a modern Idol of Fertility. A 23-page transformation comic. Written by _aliased, Illustrated by TRIXX, and Colored by Venus. [ATTACH]7648._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7649._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7650._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7651._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7652._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7653._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7654._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7655._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7656._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7657._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7658._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7659._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7660._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7661._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7662._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7663._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7664._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7665._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7666._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7667._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7668._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7669._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7670._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7671._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7672._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7673._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7674._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7675._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  3. [MEDIA=twitter]1207015282142826496[/MEDIA]
  4. Recently watched this cartoon. Contains a lot of villain transformations into anthropoids. It was decent to watch. would give it a 7/8 out of 10 Download Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019) [WEBRip] [1080p] [YTS] [YIFY] Torrent | 1337x 1337X.TO Movie info: Batman, Batgirl and Robin forge an alliance with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to fight against the Turtles' sworn enemy, The Shredder, who has apparently teamed up with Ra's Al Ghul and The League of Assassins.
  5. Just a moment... WWW.FURAFFINITY.NET
  6. Pheagle wanted to get home as soon as possible, and a nearby alleyway initially appeared to serve as a neat shortcut. He entered it but quickly began to wish he hadn't. Every sound resonating there -- from the waterdrops falling on the ground to the Zigzagoon digging through the multiple trash bags -- projected a different nightmare in Pheagle's minds. Those circumstances, combined with the darkness of the area, caused his body to tremble. He could have gone back at any moment, but Pheagle purposefully chose not to. The young man disregarded each and every bad feeling he had, picking up his pace every time a shiver ran down his spine. The exit got closer and closer, causing a faint smile to decorate Pheagle's face. He began to run, ignoring the few shadows appearing on the corner of his eyes. Everything was going to be all right, he thought. He was mere seconds away from the exit, after all. But as soon as he took another step, his optimism quickly faded away. "C'mon, give us your wallet!" a rough, deep voice said. Sweat ran down Pheagle's brow as he glanced at the men in front of him. They didn't hold any weapons in their hands, but their muscular, brawny figures were enough to send fear into Pheagle's mind. They blocked the exit, and behind him, only the long alleyway stood. There was no point in running. No way he'd able to outrun the two men. He scratched his head, attempting to play it cool. "H-Huh? What do you mean?" "Are you deaf?" asked the other man, taking a step forward. Sunglasses obscured his eyes, preventing his identification through any nearby cameras. "We're mugging you, man!" "W-Well, I don't have a wallet!" Pheagle insisted. "Fine, then give us your phone!" He averted his gaze, unwilling to face the men. "I don't have a phone!" "Are you fucking kidding me?! You're literally holding it right now!" Pheagle glanced at his right arm, noticing his overly-expansive phone still in his hands. Fuck. Amidst all the fear and adrenaline from the unexpected assault, he had forgotten about that. Giving the men his phone seemed like the most obvious -- and safest -- choice, but Pheagle couldn't do that. He'd spent countless Pokédollars on that thing, and it would take him months before he could purchase it again. He took a deep breath, puffing up his chest. "No." "What do you mean, no?! It was an order, not a question!" "I'm not gonna give you my phone!" he exclaimed, clenching his fists. "Now, run before I beat you up!" One of the men furrowed his brow, taking a step forward. "Oh, so it's gonna be like this, huh? Well, get ready to --" He didn't finish his sentence. Instead, he stared at Pheagle's jeans, noticing the blue cloth ripping as something pushed against it. Without any feasible explanation, Pheagle's thighs had begun widening, growing larger and larger with each passing second. "D-Dude," the other man said. "Y-Your legs..." Pheagle smirked, crossing his arms. "See? I knew you two weren't brave enough to fight!" "No, dude! Y-Your legs, they are..." He had noticed the burning sensation and his legs, but Pheagle couldn't do anything about it. At that moment, he was considerably more concerned about his phone -- which he had safely placed in his pocket. Regardless, fat started being produced on his legs, causing them to grow considerably. Pheagle's thicker lower body clashed against his clothes, escaping through the few holes it was able to create. At the same time, his skin started writhing, hurriedly changing. Not only did its pale color shift to a light-purple, but its appearance morphed as well. Pheagle's skin became moist, thickening as it transformed into something rougher -- something more resilient. Needless to say, his skin was transforming into scales. "C'mon!" Pheagle said. "Fight me!" His opponents didn't respond. They were paralyzed, unable to comprehend the situation. Pheagle's belly bulged out, pushing forward as it grew. Such a change continued the trend of ripping Pheagle's jeans, accidentally causing his belly button to become exposed as well. In fear, the two men watched Pheagle's belly button disappearing, sealing shut in the blink of an eye. Pheagle's legs began crackling, prompting the two men to fearfully watch the changes in his lower body. At a snail's pace, his legs started receding into his body, drastically shrinking. Pheagle lost part of his height, and as a side effect, his pants slid off his body, falling to the ground. Without Pheagle's pants on the eye, the two men noticed his moist skin, which produced a green liquid of unnatural viscosity. His feet furiously quivered, gradually shrinking. Pheagle's feet lost their length and their width, consequently forcing his toes to morph as well. One by one, his toes retracted into his body, shrinking. Although the changes seemed to continuously slow down, three of Pheagle's toes refused to stop, retracting into his feet until they merely ceased existing. His two remaining toes approached one another, nearly fusing together. "H-Hey, dude!" one of the men said. "C-Call an ambulance right now!" "Oh, so you're already preparing yourself for your beatdown?" Pheagle couldn't believe his strategy was working, but he had no time to question why. The men glared at him. "What are you talking about?!" Pheagle didn't respond. His spine began aching, and in response, the changing man tightly clenched his fists, enduring the pain. His tailbone gradually extended, stretching as it slowly escaped from his body. Muscle, fat, and scales followed suit, creating a massive appendage that graciously slithered on the ground, lifting dust with its movements. Pheagle's tail curled its tip at the same time that scales started adorning it. Purple plates of varying hues appeared, allowing green spheres to decorate each side of Pheagle's newfound appendage. The scales appeared on his belly, shifting their color to a deep tone of purple. As expected, the plates crept up his torso, tainting it in their colorful shade. Consequently, however, Pheagle's figure started to grow narrow, losing more and more fat with each passing second. His entire body seemed to burn as if a sudden heatwave had afflicted the poor man. It ended in seconds, though, and what remained of Pheagle's clothes uneventfully fell onto the ground. As soon as the light-purple scales emerged on Pheagle's arms, they began cracking, receding at an alarmingly fast speed. They started producing the familiar green liquid as they changed, becoming moister and moister the further their length decreased. Eventually, his hands started to shrink, causing his fingers to morph as well. On each of Pheagle's hands, three of his fingers quivered as they withdrew, sinking into his hand. His remaining fingers became glued to one another, with a thin line diving the two of them. Pheagle's hands weren't those of a human anymore. His neck elongated ever-so-slightly, doubling in length in the blink of an eye. The two men could no longer stand the sight of Pheagle's changing body, but they remained there, frozen in place, watching the transformation occur purely due to their morbid curiosity. Nevertheless, once the purple scales appeared on Pheagle's face, the transformation approached its completion. Pheagle's brown hair fell off his scalp, being carried by the wind as it detached itself from his head. Soon after, two protrusions appeared atop his head, lengthening sightly before turning into a pair of small antennas. Behind them, Pheagle's skin -- or rather, scales -- bloated, growing before it curved slightly, lengthening while thickening. Two more protrusions began adorning Pheagle's heads, allowing their tips to morph into adorable curls. His ears ceased to exist, sinking into his changing face. Beneath where they used to be, two green spheres appeared, decorating Pheagle's face. Soon enough, his nose was afflicted by the same cursed, shrinking further and further, eventually disappearing. As a side-effect, his skull crackled, slowly but surely pushing forward. A tiny muzzle was birthed on his face, and at last, the transformation ended. Pheagle was now a Goodra, but he didn't react to the changes at all. But the two men did. "L-let's go, dude! That guy's some sort of monster!" "Y-Yeah, let's run!" said the other men, fleeing the scene as fast as he could. Pheagle didn't understand what was happening, but he couldn't stop his facade at that moment. If the two robbers sincerely thought he appeared to be intimidating, why wouldn't he take advantage of that? It's not every day that you're able to scare off two burly men, after all. Without thinking twice, Pheagle let out a ferocious roar, raising his arms as he ran after the robbers. Their chase went on for minutes, sending Pheagle to different parts of town as the two men continuously shouted, asking for help. None of the passersby seemed to offer their assistance, however, as they undoubtedly thought the two robbers were merely irresponsible trainers, whose Pokémon decided to turn against them. It wasn't a usual sight, but it wasn't unheard of, either. Pheagle eventually lost track of them, and he unhurriedly made his way back to the alleyway -- he still needed to go home, after all, and he had spent the past ten minutes walking in the opposite direction. Once he arrived there, however, he noticed one thing: His phone wasn't in his pockets. In fact, he didn't have any pockets at all! He desperately looked around, wondering if he'd dropped his phone somewhere. And on the ground, near a pile of clothes, he saw it. His phone laid on the ground, its screen cracked beyond repair. "Goddammit," he grunted. Mugged - Goodra TF [Commission] by Roundabbout on DeviantArt WWW.DEVIANTART.COM
  7. The snap assembly had been called and left everyone in the lurch as to what exactly the assembly was for. Even teachers were left wondering as everyone gathered in the large auditorium for the 18-19 year old prep school. It took a while but even the rowdier kids were tamed and the whole place was quiet as a woman, in a very traditional looking wool gray matching ankle length skirt and cardigan. Her heeled footsteps echoed in the large room and put a fear into everyone. “I am the new mistress of discipline at this school, Miss Sersee, and there are going to be some changes around here. Those kids found to be in violation of even basic rules will now be punished by cleaning and tending after the farm animals in a new barn we’ve had built in the back,” she said in a voice that was stern as stone. A groan spread throughout the student body. But that wasn’t all. “Now, as for the children most troublesome, they will take on quite different roles and be effectively suspended from school for one year,” she then stated. This sent hushed words through the crowd as the length put many off guard. “And those children are already among you and as I call your names, I want you to come up to the stage,” she continued. More whispers as she pulled out a note card and read the names off. “Thom Johnson, Matt Huang, Audrey Stone, Hank Gagnon, George Keeterman, and Suzy Doll. All of you get up on this stage. Now,” Miss Sersee called out without the aid of the mic. Each of the named children felt a sort of cold chill down their spines they couldn’t explain other than to pass off as latent fear. All six students eventually found their way to the stage. They all had some look between ready to start a fight and thinking their parents would get them out of this written on their faces. Each crossed their arms before Miss Sersee whipped Thom’s knuckles which had his hands go down to his side quickly. Thom was around six feet tall, with a runner’s body, glasses, a short beard, brown hair and eyes, and was in the standard male uniform for the school with dark slacks, dress shoes, a button down blue shirt with tie. Next to him was Matt, who was Asian and slightly shorter than Thom was more slender, with glasses as well and a cocky smirk on his face. “You two, Thom and Matt, get over here,” the woman demanded in a way that made either rather stubbornly comply. She eyed either before reaching into deep pockets in her skirt to pull out two leather collars and handed it to either boy. “Put these now now,” she told them. They looked at each other and then back at the woman. “You can’t be serious,” Thom argued. “My parents will hear about this,” Matt said as he affixed the collar to his neck. It snapped close on its own using something like magnets to lock the collar around his throat. “Just do it or you’ll get even worse,” she told Thom in particular. “Even worse?” Thom jokingly said, thinking this was just made to humiliate. In a way, he was right. “Do it,” she repeated. “I won’t ask again,” she threatened with harsh eyes. She was maybe in her mid-thirties but she almost looked younger with the stark makeup she had on. Thom sighed and did as he was told, feeling the thing lock tightly on him neck. “Now what?” Matt asked, not yet realizing he wasn’t the same already. “Oh my gosh, look at his ears!” someone in the assembly turned audience screamed. This started murmuring before Matt made a confused look. “My ears? What are you talking… about...” but his voice trailed off as he did feel a warm feeling in the cartilage of his ears. Reaching for either, he was shocked to find that his once rather small ears had grown at least two inches longer. “My ears!” he cried out as he felt them grow longer and quickly escape his grasp. “Holy shit!” Thom cried out, backing away from Matt as the others did the same. Matt’s face went beat red as the eyes of everyone in the assembly were turned to his head. There people saw his black hair get slightly more scruffy and long before brown hairs start to sprout on those elongating ears of his. “N-no! This can’t be real!” declared Matt even as he felt his nostrils start to feel hot as well. “His face! Look at his face!” someone screamed as Matt’s nose started to widen across his face. The boy could distinctly hear his nose cracking and shifting as a pain in his jaw started spreading. His glasses tipped off his face and broke on the ground. Meanwhile, Thom was starting to act slightly strange as his hands slapped behind him to his ass where his pants were feeling suspiciously tight. He backed away from Matt as more attention was paid to the man who was now having a strange snout pushing from his widening face. This is when the back of his pants started to seriously strain and when Thom reached back to his ass where he felt a strange sensation; it felt like his asshole was puckering up oddly while the same hardening sensation found his cock and balls. “Looks like Thom enjoys the show!” some boy in the front row said as he noticed the bulge in the front of Thom’s pants. “No! No, it’s not like that at all,” Thom tried to cover even as he felt a strange sensation on his cock. Like an invisible hand was stroking him carefully and getting him all the way to his solid seven inches. Seconds later, pre was starting to leak from him and Thom wished he was somewhere else. “He’s about to cum his pants!” said one girl as she pointed out the strained face Thom had on. Moments later, against every will in his body, Thom started to cum and cum hard. Meanwhile his ass swelling even more, with a bulge also growing at the base of his spine. “They’re both changing!” someone astutely pointed out while the others on stage backed away from the two boys. Just as the last drop of cum was squeezed from Thom’s cock, he felt a bubbling sensation in his gut which led to him clenching his teeth and trying to hold it in. “No, no, please, help me!” Thom begged, his hands leaving his ass to cross over his stomach and gut. “The worst students are to BE the farm animals to be taken care of. Starting with a new pair of breeding donkeys,” Miss Sersee stated loudly. Thom and Matt looked at each other, both noticing the others oddities and only vaguely understanding what was about to happen to them. “We gotta get these collars off-off-offfFFFEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW!” Matt brayed loudly as his face pushed out further into a snout. He clapped his hands over his face as he blushed red all over and heard the laughter of the student body. Thom was meanwhile struggling with his own oncoming embarrassment as he started to let horrible stinks from his ass on stage. What also was worrying him was that it felt like his erection hadn’t softened and yet the bulge in the front of his pants was shrinking down. He tried to shove his hands down his pants but his waist band was too tight for that. Then there was a loud ripping noise as Thom’s ass finally outgrew his pants and tore open the back side. This allowed nearly five inches of hairy gray donkey tail to flop out just as Thom’s ass cheeks spread. When they did, he could feel his asshole opening up on its own and after that, he would have to live with the consequences. Large donkey-like turds started tumbling from his ass onto the stage and Thom felt more embarrassed than any other time in his entire life. He wished he was dead rather than being changed into this animal in front of everyone like this. His back legs spread about more, allowing his ass to split further apart while the inseam on his pants tore away. His pants were now hanging on by threads and Thom felt his balls were being pulled up into his torso. The sensation was other worldly and made him slightly nauseous for a second. When he felt the urge to pee come, his body simply let it happen and a hot spray shot from the back of his ass from a newly formed piss hole above fattening lips of a bestial donkey cunt. His now pathetically small cock was pulled into the lips of the donkey and soon Thom was no longer officially a man anymore. Even more proof of that could be found growing under his waist where two teats were pushing out in defiance of masculinity. “Help! Help! I can’t stop… no! No my feet!” Thom cried as the changed pulsed down his back legs, causing his stance to widen further while simultaneously changing the fundamental shape and bone structure of the legs. Matt was still too afraid to talk again, as he didn’t want to bray. Because of this, he never spoke another human word before the change completed. His nose was now bigger and into it he breathed new scents. The ones most intriguing were coming from his friend’s ass. Shaking his heavy head, he didn’t notice his hair growing down his somewhat lengthening neck. When he did notice that his head was getting heavier, that’s when he felt that his neck was longer and more than that, his hands were starting to cramp. Thom’s shoes burst open and the looks of heavy black hooves was taking shape. His lower half, starting at his waist, was now almost entirely donkey and not only that but female too. “Ohhhhhh, owwwwwww, it feels so weird,” Thom moaned at the sensation of his cunt winking and asshole puckering, more turds tumbling out of him uncontrollably. “You think you’re so much better than everyone else, Thom? A Year as a jenny will change your mind I think,” Miss Sersee said as she put her hands behind her back. Every breath was now starting to expand his ribs and his udder finished growing. His vulva swelled with heat as Thom somehow knew he was going into season and that he was very female in part of his body. For Matt, the transformation was wracking his hands as they cramped into hooves, dark and heavy. It was then that a warm feeling took his cock and what human seed he hand was forced out of his elongating shaft. Matt’s once tiny cock was growing substantially and swelling bigger. Part of him even felt a bit of pride as the thing widened and started to shift species into a equine member. Thom, a friend since grade school, was now the hottest thing in the vicinity. Matt’s nose came around to Thom’s backside and sniffed there and this only grew the cock more. Part of the shaft disappeared into a growing sheath but much of what was between his legs was equine with two feet of donkey cock hanging under a growing belly. “Matt’s gonna fuck Thom!” someone yelled from the front row. “Language!” the mistress yelled, pointing her finger at the boy- James- and the boy had a weird sensation come over him. A moment later his nose was being pulled out ahead of him and a ropy tail was growing out over his ass. He let out a squeak of horror as he then started to shrink into his clothes. He was sprouting fur as he shrunk into his clothing. His girlfriend yelped as his hand shrunk out of hers and into the sleeve of his shrink. To James, everything was just getting bigger and more loud all around him. The fur that was growing all over was welcome and warm but he shook his head as he tried to reason. In the end, there was little more than a white lab mouse in James’s old seat. One of the teachers grabbed him up while he was in a daze and took him out of the room. He was added to a cage in one of the science labs and was forgotten. Thom was tearing up as his arms lengthened against his every bit of will. Hands transformed into hooves and then came his neck lengthening. Matt’s back was starting to turn into that of a jackass with his tail sprouting over his graying ass. The only thing that was keeping Matt from mounting was his rather underdeveloped legs but those were soon not to be an issue. A bewildered Thom felt his glasses fall off his warping face as his last words were choked by on oncoming donkey. “Help! I don’t wanna be a girl! I-EEEE HAWWWWWW HAWWWWW!” he brayed with a blushing face as his cheeks swelled. Matt was now physically a jackass only the gray fur needed to cover him. This did not prevent him from mounting his still not completely donkey in the face friend Thom. Shoving the cock in, the donkey brayed loudly in victory as the jenny was successfully mounted. “NO-EEEE HAWWWW HAWWW HE HAWWW!” the former man brayed desperately as the force of the new cock in him forced his face out into a long snout. Several more thrusts fucked out the humanity from his face until he was a hairy mess. His mane grew in and ears grew out. The blues of the boy’s eyes were faded into a brown and while they were somewhat conscious of who they were, the donkeys took over moment to moment function as they mated right there on stage. Kids could not help but laugh as the two animals bred where they were with the other four on stage scared. The collars that they wore had the names ‘Jack’ and ‘Jenny’ on them and the two were now fully donkeys. Soon after, Jack exploded into Jenny and there was little doubt of the Jenny’s pregnancy. “Next, you two. Put these collars on,” the woman said to Audrey and Hank. Both students looked at each other and then back at the woman. “I ain’t putting that on!” the boy said, fearing what it may do. “Do it or I’ll make you put it on and you’ll never take it off again,” she said, tossing the collars to them. The two troublemakers and couple affixed the collars to their necks, not noticing the names on either collar and getting them mixed up. Hank’s says ‘Mare’ and Audrey’s ‘Stallion’. It takes only moments for either to feel a pang of heat come over them and settle in their crotches. Hank’s asshole changed first, puckering into something equine very quickly and soon horse turds filled his pants and stained the back as he blushed. While this happened, Audrey’s panties were feeling… full. As a bulge started to grow in the front of her pleated skirt, the girl reached down below herself and felt around. She was quite amazed at what she found. Several inches of hard and thickening cock and behind it was a pair of what could only be testicles growing out from her old slit. So large were they that she had to part her legs just for comfort. “Audrey is growing something between her legs!” someone cried out, unaware just yet what it was. Some assumed tail and while that was budding behind her, it wasn’t what others were expecting. Her skirt kept rising in the front while her ass started to pulse and feel bigger and stronger. Finally she felt a rip develop across her ass as her panties could no longer hold the growing cock and ball combination. It ripped open and down came dangling some more manly looking parts. The blood drain from her body to the new member was enough to cause Audrey to go somewhat dizzy. Meanwhile, Hank was going through different sorts of feelings in his own crotch. Turds were rolling down his inner leg as the audience giggled and laughed. Nearby, Matt the new donkey was doing something similar with his tail up. Hank could hardly believe it but he gradually also felt his balls getting smaller. The flesh of his taint felt almost like paste as the area changed in form and function. Once a slit had formed up to the testicles, they soon absorbed the balls into themselves. Before it was even finished, the slit was taking on large proportions with a gray and black hood forming a winking pink cunt. Shaking, Hank looked over at the donkeys and Thom in particular who now had oozing cum leaking from his cum stained back end. Hank shivered as he felt his cunt change and grow while a tugging sensation at the base of his spine got him going. “Always remember to put on the proper collar,” Miss Sersee said harshly while either of the changing students felt compelled to hide their changing crotches. Audrey was suffering the most as her growing member was becoming harder to conceal. It was already a foot long and thicker than her wrist. It poked out of the bottom of her skirt which drew laughter from several rows of students before the mistress shot them a look that silenced them. Hank fell to his knees as his pants started to rip open and turds rolled out. ‘I’m turning into some kind of stinky animal,’ Hank thought with desperation while feeling his cock shrink into the folds of his very equine looking cunt. He still was able to keep it hidden with the front of his pants but he knew there was only one way this would end. With his cunt starting to pulse with heat and lurid need, Hank was very aware he was no longer male or human either. The man glanced back and saw his ass swelling out of his pants while the tail was growing longer hairs of its own while flicking from side to side. Audrey let out a desperate and sad cry as she came down with his morphing hands onto the wooden stage, making a loud clatter. “N-n-no! Stop!” she begged her hands which were quickly merging into a hard, black hoof. Her wrists thickened and disappeared while her elbows cracked to a new shape and stance. Her shoulders separated and ribs cracked as everything just got bigger for the big. She tried to speak again but whinnies started escaping her mouth so she stopped. Soon Hank was no longer able to stay on his knees as the transformation spread down his legs. His thighs got thicker and more muscular while his ass spread out and asshole kissed the hot air of the auditorium. His cunt was also laid bare though he kept it turned away from the crowd for now. “I don’t wanna be a fucking mare!” Hank cried loudly, begging the mistress desperately to be freed. Instead more of his pants ripped open to reveal the equine look that his lower extremities were taking on. When one shoe popped open to reveal a weighty hoof, it was only a matter of time before the other foot caught up. He could feel his big toes being pulled up before the rest of the appendage hardened away. Next came a growth on either of their lower bellies. For Hank, it was the grow of udders and a pair of teats that greeting him while Audrey grew a sheath gradually which made having her hide the cock she was growing untenable. Finally she lost her grip with her new hooves and the massive member sprung up. Audrey let out a loud, shaky whinny that carried with her so much embarrassment at the fact that this was happening in front of everyone she knew. Worse than even that were the intrusive thoughts having her look over at that smelly rear of Hank to see what was up. The girl finally tore at the front of her skirt, allowing it to fall away and her massive set of horse testicles- nearly the size of soccer balls- to hang free. She took a deep breath in which he smelled the heat coming off Hank along with the sweat and tears coming off her own body. Her skin was taut across most her body as the changes kept pace with the her only just. Her warped cries for help came out entirely inhuman and could be passed off as nothing more than panicked neighs. Both lost their dress shirts while Audrey lost her knees high socks among her thickening back legs while her bra popped off as her chest flattened but grew bigger along with the leg muscles changing. Light brown hair was starting to sprout all up and down the mare with little regard for the old body’s species. A mane made from Hank’s old hair weave its way down his neck to meet the coming fur from the body. There was little Hank could do now but allow a stream of hot scented piss down onto the stage floor before dumping a large load of turds on his old, soiled clothes. Audrey meanwhile was bucking a bit and still feeling the black fur sprout on her. Her own mind was being bested by incoming thoughts of a primal and more heated nature. Her cock wasn’t just growing but it was also getting erect too. Thicker it grew, until it was over a beer can around and long enough to pull penetrate any mare in the county. This new cock, and the swollen heavy testicles near it, the messages being sent to Audrey’s brain were getting all sorts of mixed. When the new stallion smelled the mare piss, it was a big moment. Audrey tried to resist going around to the back of the horse but did anyway. Hank turned his lengthening head and saw the former girl now quite hard as she stood behind him. The former girl could now feel her cock bump up against her belly while more brown and darkening skin took hold. Her own face was being pulled forward into a snout while her ears and eyes grew in size. When her once precious green eyes faded into brown, there was little more to hold the stallion back. Audrey mounted Hank and the mare was willing and accepting of the fact now. The two started mating right there, with Audrey’s massive cock finding a warm home inside the newly minted mare. They went at it for minutes, with their hooves making a clattering noise as they moved around. When the stallion finally came, the mistress was walking across the stage with two more collars, holding them out to George and Suzy. They had watched in abject horror as their friends were changed right before them into donkeys and horses, both of which had successfully mated so it gave either of them some pause at putting the collars on. But the threat of life imprisonment as an animal was too much and so, after checking the names on the collar- boar and sow- they placed them on and shut their eyes. Both stood there, eyes closed, shaking for a few minutes before anything started to happen. It started with either getting more plump in their uniforms. Suzy, a string bean of a student with very perky tits, had to shut her mouth to ensure that the burp she felt trying to rise in throat didn’t get out. Despite her best effort, the girl burped loudly and then blushed, draw some laughter from the crowd. “They’re both looking chunky!” someone shouted out as either student did indeed look a few added pounds heavier. George was meanwhile feeling his nose twitch and nostrils flare. He couldn’t quite understand why until it started to turn up and poke out more. Slapping his hands over his face, he hoped to hide the growth. Instead, a loud burp escaped his lips and turned his face a scarlet red. What followed were some more noises, partially from his mouth or ass, but sometimes from his gurgling gut. He then moaned loudly, his hands this time going to his belly. “What’s the matter, boy? Stomach hurt?” the mistress questioned with a hard tone of voice. It felt like two fingers had hooked his nose and was pulling it out while more snorts came from the growing snout. ‘I don’t deserve this humiliation!’ George thought as his body groaned and his hands filled with more and more of his engorged belly. Suzy reached back above her skirt line to find the start of a tail. Giving it a tug, she felt it all the way up her spine to where her ears seemed to ring. They were growing as well and were starting to sag down. With little shame left and knowing how things would go, and feeling hot all over, Suzy started to strip out of her clothes where the once barely one hundred pound girl was now nearly double that with a belly that poked out, ass that swelled and bled into fat legs. The girl looked nothing like her previous self just fifteen minutes before. Their squeals became more prevalent as both felt their arms and legs pulling into their body. Both of them fell forward onto their hands, feeling their body weight press down on them. “I don’t wranna be a pig- a pig- a piggEEEEEEEE WRREEETTTTTT! WRET WRET!” Suzy let escape her mouth even as her naked body wobbled. With her chest bare and still sweating, people could see additional breasts growing up under her belly. Teats hanging down, Suzy was more concerned with her shrinking arms as they grew fatter at the same time. George wanted to stop shrinking but that was a lost cause because even as arms and legs got shorter, he was blowing up with fat elsewhere. His gut and belly grew to soon encompass his massive chest. Skin was pinking all over the boy as a watery mix of cum squirted from his straining cock. Meanwhile his testicles were swelling up and up, growing to the size of softballs and bobbling between his legs. When his sheath start to form at last, the other two sets of animals on stage were led off by some farmhands while another worked to clean up the stage which was left a mess by the four animals. George dared to think what that would mean for him. Looking over at Suzy, George could already snort and smell something on her. Something like knowing she was female, even with his eyes closed. His face would push out more and more with tusks pushing up and out of his gums, causing drool to drip down his chins. “Help WREEEEEEEEE MEEEE-SQUEEEEE SQUEEEEE!” George squealed as he was now looking down his own snout. Kids in the audience that had been bullied by any number of the brats on stage were smiling and enjoying watching their former tormentors get some payback. Both of their butts burst from their pants at last and were bouncing out with their twirling tales atop them. They also both felt their rears spread so their assholes greeted the air. The farmhands that had gotten rid of the animals returned to pick up clothing and also helped strip what clothing was left on George. They left again, leaving the man embarrassed but strangely aroused. From his piggy sheath came a twisting red pig cock in all its glory. George squealed more, despite dagger looks from the mistress that asked him to control himself. Though he wasn’t sure how that was possible. Suzy could feel her cunt changing, becoming bigger and more pronounced. And then, like so many before her, she started to feel the heat of season setting in. She thought idly about being mounted by George and his ever expanding girth. Hair was growing on him in spots and making him look like quite the messy boar. She was fairing no better as her ass got piggier and her torso somewhat longer. By now, they were both far more beast than human and instincts were starting to bleed into their every thought. They looked at each other, somewhat already knowing what would happen whether they wanted it or not. George’s cock was still hard and at the ready when he noticed the dripping wet backside of the sow. Part of him was disgusted by what he was seeing while the other side could not look away. Within minutes, his resolve was breaking down and it became much easier for George to imagine all sorts of nasty and hot things that would occur with the aid of the his piggish body. Suzy was far more gone mentally when compared to George as she was already hungry for anything and everything while also being horny as all hell. Noticing the boar behind her, she wiggled her rump and even went so far as to piss to try and attract the curious male nearby. One minute George was sure he could hold out and the next he was hopping on top of the back of the sow to try and mount. ‘I can’t believe how badly I want this. Just once can’t hurt, right?’ he thought while shuffling up the backside of the sow. Both were now almost completely pigs now, with their eyes and part of their faces still retaining some vague shapes of humanity. But those were fading into the still changing porcine face. “So now that everyone sees the punishment for acting like an animal on campus, I believe we shall have far fewer infractions moving forward,” Miss Sersee said with a stern and loud voice. There were many nodding heads in the audience and everyone else at the very least understood what was what now. It did not take long for the boar to burst into the sow but it took nearly twenty minutes for that to finally end, as George experienced the best orgasm of his life. By now, there were little more than two pigs on stage and they were quickly shuffled off to the farm with the rest of the animals. “Any questions?” the mistress asked, hands on her hips.
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