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    “And…done!” The two young men frowned at Catherine as the woman emerged from the adjacent room to pluck the headphones from their ears. “That’s it?” Brad asked. “We didn’t even have them in for a minute.” “And all I heard was, like, this weird droning noise,” Tom added as he narrowed his eyes at his mother. “You’re sure that this is enough to get us off the hook?” “Positive.” Catherine smiled as she crossed her arms and looked down at her son and his best friend. “All you have to do is come back tomorrow so that I can make note of what effect – if any – the recording has had on you. Once the experiment is complete, it’ll be as though the…incident never happened. In the eyes of the trustees, anyway. It’d still be good of you to apologize to the young women you – ” “Yeah, yeah, thanks mom,” Tom mumbled as he and his friend got out of their chairs. “Yeah, thanks Cathy.” The woman frowned at the pair but neither saw as they were already on their way out the door. “Don’t mention it,” she sighed. “Remember, I need you back here at twelve noon tomorrow. Be sure to take note of anything that happens between then and now so that I may – ” “Keep track of the way you fucked up our heads for science,” Tom called out over his shoulder as he and his friend turned the corner. “You got it, mom.” Their laughter echoed back into the lab as the two young men strode down the hall, loudly telling rude jokes to one another as they debated each other over which one of them had just been turned gay by the subliminal treatment. Catherine looked after them until she couldn’t hear their voices any longer. She shook her head and set about removing any evidence that the experiment had taken place. The trustees would, indeed, be very interested in knowing what she was up to, but not because they had any interest in rehabilitating her boneheaded son or his burnout friend. Try as she might, even a researcher of her standing lacked the sway to convince the university to not indefinitely suspend the pair for an ill-advised prank on the young ladies of Zeta Alpha Zeta, a shortcoming that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Learning that she wouldn’t be able to get Tom off the hook – again – finally gave her the motivation she needed to resort to the nuclear option, to lie to her son and his friend, to conduct the experiment that was as groundbreaking as it was unethical. She had presented it to the young men as not only their one chance to escape punishment for their prank but as a subliminal cure-all for the bad habits that had sabotaged their college careers, a quick and easy way to give them a new lease on life. Brad and Tom – being Brad and Tom – paid little attention to those promises. All they cared about was that they’d found a way to keep skating through their adulthoods, a realization that confirmed for Catherine once and for all that she was doing the right thing. Catherine smiled as she finished putting away the equipment. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. *** “Alright man,” Brad said as he and his friend strode out onto the sidewalk. “You gonna be at class later? I guess we should at least go for the next couple weeks.” “Yeah,” Tom sighed. “Just until my mom and the rest of the university get off our asses.” “I dunno. I kinda like having your mom on my ass. Maybe she’ll eventually warm up to me and let me see what she’s got going on under that sexy lab coat of hers.” “Fucking sick, dude.” Tom laughed as he shoved his friend off the sidewalk. “Save that for psych class. You can ask the professor what it’s called when you wanna fuck somebody else’s mom instead of your own.” “Oedimilf Complex,” Brad grinned. “Catch you later, man.” “Later.” The two young men bumped fists and went their separate ways. Brad jammed his hands in his pockets and hummed to himself as he made his way up the walk, going over the myriad ways he could kill the time that stood between that moment and his afternoon class. He could head over to Derrick’s dormroom to see if he had a blunt or two he could spare for his good buddy, or try and sweet talk one of the girls that worked the cafeteria into grilling him up a free cheeseburger, or maybe – Brad stopped in his tracks. His eyes fell upon a gaggle of young co-eds talking and laughing by a tree on the common green – specifically, upon the quiet young creature that flipped through a university handbook as she stood just apart from the rest of the group. He grinned, adjusted an imaginary tie, and headed her way. “Still getting used to the place, huh?” Brad asked. The young woman looked up and smiled. “Kinda,” she said, a little bashfully. “I didn’t realize just how gigantic this place is. When they took me around on my campus tour we only saw, like, a tenth of it.” “Well, I’d be happy to show you around a little, if you like.” Brad flashed his most winning grin. “Maybe I can introduce you to some of the places on campus that don’t make the official handbooks.” “…all right.” Her smile widened. “We gotta be quick about it, though. My friends and I have a class to get to in an hour.” “They won’t even know you’re gone,” the young man promised as he extended his hand. “Brad.” “Julie.” The young woman giggled as she shook it, as Brad led her away from her friends and through the green. “Are you an upperclassman?” “Junior,” Brad confirmed, lending himself the status common to his age if not the amount of credits he had earned. “And one that’s all too happy to help out a freshman in need.” “I guess it’s pretty obvious that I still don’t really know what I’m doing.” Julie sighed as she looked around at her surroundings. “Three weeks in and it still feels like the first day of school.” I know the first day of school is scary, sweetie, but can you be brave for me? Something like nausea rippled through Brad. He staggered and held his head. “Are you okay?” Julie came to the young man’s side as he groaned and tried to shake her off. “I’m fine,” he managed. “Just…don’t you hear that?” “Hear what?” “It sounds like…like…” C’mon now. Be a big boy. Be a big boy for mommy. Brad closed his eyes and groaned. He felt as though his brain were turning to jelly, as though it was seeping out of his ears as colors exploded in the darkness behind his eyes. Dizziness swamped his senses and it took every bit of the young man’s focus to not let himself be knocked off his feet, to stay standing, to pull himself back from the brink. Brad gasped and cursed himself for letting his mom fuck with his head, resolving to march right back over to the lab and demand that she undo whatever it was she had done to him. There was only one problem with that, Brad realized when he opened his eyes. The university was gone. The young man went numb as he looked around at the much, much more simple institution of learning that had taken the place of the hallowed halls of academia. Piles of toys. Fingerpaintings hung from the walls. Tiny colorful plastic furniture. Squealing little boys and girls laughing and jumping and running all about. Preschool. Brad gaped at his infantile surroundings. Though he struggled to wrap his mind around how he could be standing on the commons one second and on an alphabet rug the next, he may very well have been able to do so were that the only thing the dumbfounded young man had been forced to deal with. Any number of things could’ve explained his sudden transportation into the realm of sing-alongs and naptime, but none of them would account for the reason why he didn’t tower over the kids that were playing all around him, why he seemed so close to the square on the rug that declared that P was for Panda, why he was seeing the room not through the eyes of an adult but through the eyes of a – Brad felt himself trembling as he slowly brought his eyes downward, the high little cry that escaped his throat perfectly fitting his tiny, stubby hands and the smooth babyfat-plump arms they were attached to. The dizziness returned with a vengeance and only grew with each new childish detail he took in, the young man turned four-year-old nearly passing out as his eyes passed over his adorable shortalls and his Velcro-strap sneakers and the bright cartoon dinosaur socks that had been pulled up his chubby little legs. Everything last little thing about him suggested that Brad was perfectly at home with all the other kids in the room, that he should feel just as comfortable as they appeared to be with hugging a stuffed animal or smashing a couple of action figures together or picking their nose and smearing its contents on their clothes. He wasn’t comfortable, though. And it wasn’t because he knew that he was sixteen years too old for any of this, but because he felt utterly alone despite the fact that he probably couldn’t take two steps without bumping into a fellow juicebox aficionado. Everything was so big and so different and he didn’t know anybody there. He was alone. He was scared. He wanted his mommy. “Brad?” The boy looked up, mind reeling anew when he saw the person to whom the friendly voice was attached. “Is everything okay, sweetie?” Julie asked, smiling as she knelt to Brad’s level and put a hand on the little boy’s shoulder. A colorful smock with a nametag affixed to its breast hung over her clothes. She wasn’t just here to take care of him – she worked here. Brad squirmed under her touch and avoided her eyes, ashamed of himself for not being brave like his mommy had told him, for being scared even though everything was bright and colorful, even though Julie and the other kids seemed nice. “I…I don’ wike it here,” he peeped. “I wan’ my mommy.” “Aw, sweetie…” Julie giggled and gave the boy’s shoulder a squeeze. “I bet your mommy misses you too. But I also bet that she wants you to have fun while she’s away and makes lots of new friends.” Brad frowned and dug his shoe into the carpet. “If there’s anything you need to do to feel more comfortable, you can go ahead and do it,” Julie reassured him. “All that’s important to me and your mommy is that you’re happy here.” Brad paused. There was one thing that would make him feel better, but… Go on, sweetie. Brad’s eyes widened. Was that…? It’s okay, sweetie. Go on. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The little boy hesitated. It would make him feel a whole lot better…and if mommy said it was okay… Julie beamed at Brad as the boy slowly raised his right hand and pushed its thumb into his mouth, giggling and rubbing his back as it bobbed between his lips, as his eyelids fluttered and a wave of relaxation came over his tiny young body. “There. Doesn’t that make you feel better? Doesn’t that – ” Julie stopped when her hand brushed over something beneath his shortalls, something that made a rustle when touched. “Oh…I didn’t realize that you were still having potty troubles.” Color rushed to Brad’s cheeks as he sucked with greater fervor. Julie bit her lip and ruffled the boy’s fine hair. “Aw, sweetie, it’s okay,” she assured the boy. “Lots of little boys and girls your age still have accidents every now and then. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. All that’s important is that you’re comfortable.” That’s right, honey. How do you feel? Hm? Do you feel better? Brad nodded and blinked heavily. I’m so happy to hear that. Just relax, Bradley. Just relax and let all your worries go. The boy did just that. And the effect was immediate. Brad giggled, closed his eyes, and grinned around his thumb as wet warmth flooded his training pants. He hadn’t meant to start wetting himself, but he had become so relaxed that it just flowed out of him – not that he minded one bit. The little boy squirmed and pressed his free hand against the front of his Pull-Ups through his shortalls, letting loose a little gasp at how good it felt to squish the saturated padding up against his pee-pee as the tickling wetness wicked up between his legs and over his chubby little bottom. The boy twitched off the last few drops. He sighed and opened his eyes. Julie – college student Julie – and a crowd of decidedly grown-up onlookers was there to greet him when he did. The commons and all its occupants – a great deal of whom were alternating between laughing at Brad and taking pictures of him – had returned. A quick check of his perspective revealed that his adult body had returned. In fact, the only two elements of his brief and bizarre fantasy that had remained were the thumb in his mouth and the…the… “Did…” Julie looked as though she couldn’t decide whether to retch or laugh. “Did you just piss yourself?” Brad didn’t even need to look down to find the answer to that question. His legs had already started to itch. Every little movement squelched his soaked boxer-briefs up against him. And his hand…his hand was just where he had left it as a four-year-old, the young man fondling himself as though he were a toddler looking to squeeze every bit of pleasure out of his soaked diaper. The young man sputtered for a moment…and then he turned and ran in the direction of his dormroom, tears stinging at his eyes as the insults and laughter of his classmates echoed within his ears. *** Tom, meanwhile, was already within his dormroom – and he wasn’t alone. “You promised me that we were going to study together,” his girlfriend scowled as she paced back and forth in front of the seated and bored young man. “I got up at eight in the morning specifically so I could come over here and help you out before I go to work, and you don’t even have the decency to be here when I get here.” “Sorry, babe,” Tom muttered. “It’s always sorry.” Maria sighed and took a seat at the foot of the bed. “It’s always sorry.” Tom bit his lip as his girlfriend fell silent and looked out the window. “I was hoping to keep it a surprise…” he began, the story coming to him word by word. “But the reason I wasn’t here this morning was because I was putting together something special for your birthday.” Maria gave him a wilting look. “My birthday isn’t for another month.” “Which is exactly why I got started on it today.” Tom grinned as he gained confidence in the tale. “Trust me, babe – something this awesome requires some proper planning.” The young woman eyed him for a moment. The tiniest of smiles crept across her lips. “Can I get a hint?” Tom chuckled and leaned back in his chair. “Can’t do it, babe – you’ve gotta at least let me keep the surprise of what it actually is. Trust me…it’ll be worth all the mystery and then some.” “Awww,” Maria laughed and gave a mock pout. “All right. I’m sorry for doubting you.” “Don’t worry about it.” A glint came to his eye. “So…how much time did you say you had before you had to get to work?” Maria grinned and rose to her feet. “Plenty.” Tom chuckled and stood, planting himself in that spot when Maria motioned for him to stop. “You just stay there for a second, sweetie.” Though annoyed – he never did like it when she got coy – Tom complied just the same, rewarded for his patience when Maria slowly stripped her shirt from her body and tossed it aside…when she, eyes locked on her boyfriend’s all the while, unhooked the back of her bra and let her breasts free. “You like what you see?” Maria giggled as she casually fondled herself. Tom beamed and nodded. “Then come to momma, baby.” Come to momma, baby. Come to momma. Tom planted a hand against on his chair and swore. Suddenly it seemed as though he desperately needed to vomit – the only difference being that it felt like it was the contents of his head that needed expelling and not those of his gut. Come on, sweetheart. You can do it. One step at a time. “Muh…mom?” He groaned as another wave rushed through him, as he held his head in his hands and fell against the wall. His body was a migraine – the slightest sensation was torture. Closing his eyes and shutting everything out was the only thing that prevented him from being overtaken, the only thing that kept him stable until the sensation, mercifully receded. Tom opened his eyes. Suddenly the brain vomit didn’t seem so bad. The light that streamed in from a great sunny window flowed through the bars of the crib that had once been his bed. In the corner sat a pile of stuffed animals where there once laid a pyramid of beer cans. A fully-stocked changing table stood in place of the entertainment system that had housed his TV and PS4. Posters displaying violent videogames and scantily clad women with an apparent appreciation for muscle cars had become Winnie the Pooh wallpaper. Everything was happy and safe. Everything was adorable. Everything was gigantic. “Something wrong, sweetie pie?” Speaking of gigantic… Tom felt his jaw drop as he craned his neck up and met Maria’s eyes, as he marveled as the bare-breasted colossus that stood smiling on the other end of the nursery. Though she was in the same state of undress as in his so recently-departed dormroom, Tom couldn’t help but feel that there was something…different about her. Though it was clear that she still wanted Tom to come to her, her expression and posture suggested that his reward for doing so would be distinctly disparate from the one he would have received as an adult. Everything about her was warm and comforting. She seemed almost… “Mommy’s right here, sweetheart.” Maria lowered herself to one knee and opened her arms. “You can do it. One step at a time, honeybun.” …motherly. Tom very much wanted to go to her – but he hadn’t even taken a step in Maria’s direction before he became aware of how wobbly his legs were beneath him, how it suddenly seemed as though he needed every bit of his balance and strength just to stay on his feet. The challenge only became greater when he lowered his eyes, when the shock of the sight that awaited him nearly knocked him right on his bottom. It became immediately apparent why something as simple as standing proved difficult – the pudgy little legs he propped himself up on seemed unsuited to supporting any but the most delicate of weights, to say nothing of the tiny bite-size feet that had all been swallowed up by the thick soft carpet. Even seeing his legs posed an issue thanks to the wobbly tummy that had replaced his meticulously-maintained sixpack, that provided near-perfect cover for the precious little pee-pee tucked adorably between his chubby, milky thighs. “You can do it, Tommy,” Maria giggled as she inched a little closer to the baby. “Just one step at a time, sweetie pie.” He didn’t know if he would actually be able to make it. He felt so tiny and weak. But if mommy said that he could do it, he could do it. He trusted mommy. He loved mommy. He wanted mommy. Mommy was his world. “That’s it!” Maria beamed as Tom took his first wobbly steps towards her, holding his pale plump arms out in front of him as he reflexively wiggled his tiny sausage fingers. “There’s a good boy! There’s a big boy!” Tom gave his mommy an open-mouthed grin as he clumsily but with determination mashed his tiny tootsies into the carpet. He giggled at the tickle of the fringe on his delicate little soles, at the feeling of his dinky bobbing about with each wobbly, uncertain step. He was doing it! He was really doing it! He was showing mommy what a good boy he was, what a big boy he was! Though the three feet he had traversed thus far had all but expended his infantile strength, there was no way Tom was giving up now that mommy was almost within his reach. So close…almost there…almost…almost… “Yaaaaaay!” Maria cried as she took Tom by the underarms and swept him into the air the instant before his legs could give out on him. The baby kicked and squealed with joy as she held him high above her head, as she celebrated the child’s accomplishment with the flair befitting a proud mother. “That was wonderful, sweetheart! You made mommy so happy.” Mommy’s so happy. Mommy’s so proud of you. Though Tom had been exhilarated by the feeling of being spirited off his feet – of feeling completely weightless and free as he was held way up high – it was nothing compared to what he felt when mommy told him that he had made her happy. A warm glow appeared in his tummy and radiated out over the entirety of his pudgy, wobbly, adorable little self, a glow that only intensified when Maria brought Tom down and cradled him against her bare breast. The baby released a small murmur of pure satisfaction as his tiny hands idly pawed the perfection of her motherhood, as his pee-pee was tucked up against her soft, warm skin. “I think a certain little someone’s earned a reward,” Maria cooed as she adjusted her grip on the baby, one hand cradling his chubby baby bottom while the other supported his head. Gently she guided Tom to her swollen areola, stroking the baby’s hair as he stared in awe at the drop of milk that shimmered on her tender nipple. Tom didn’t even hesitate. His lips were on her as at once, the entirety of his infantile form shivering in ecstasy as he suckled greedily at her sustenance, as he filled his mouth with mommy’s milk. The warm, nourishing liquid trickled out of the corners of his mouth and dribbled onto his tiny naked body as he nursed her fertile breasts, swallowing and swallowing and swallowing everything she had to offer and letting her love just fill him all the way up. “There…there’s a good baby…” Maria moaned. “Oh…Oh God…you’re getting me so hot…so goddamn hot…” Tom frowned around the nipple and looked up at his mommy – who was no longer that but his pleasure-wracked girlfriend, whom he had to bend in front of in order to reach her nipples with his lips. The young man cried out and jumped back from Maria, who opened her eyes and frowned at her confused and shaken boyfriend. “Babe? What’s the matter?” “I…I…” “Please don’t tell me you want to stop now,” she pleaded, advancing slowly on Tom as he backed away from her. “This is the most you – or anybody else – has ever turned me on. When you started acting like a baby and toddled towards me…when you called me mommy…when you started sucking on my tits…oh God, I just wish I’d known earlier that you were into this sort of thing.” Tom felt a cold sweat roil over his skin as he pushed himself up against a wall, as his girlfriend giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Don’t you worry, baby. Mommy’s here to take care of everything. Why don’t you just wait here and relax for a little while so mommy can go the store and get you a paci and a teddy bear and some dipees – ” Tom broke away from the woman. He escaped the room and dashed up the hall, avoiding the eyes of confused passersby as Maria shouted after him that she hadn’t even given him his baba yet. *** “So, even though Jean Piaget was a pioneer in the field of child psychology, there are many aspects of his work that have been…” Brad and Tom nervously looked around at their surroundings as they sat side by side in the back of the lecture hall, never knowing when a nearby desk might become a changing table or a chair a tiny plastic potty. The hallucinations that they had suffered through earlier in the day were still very much fresh in their minds, Brad unable to so much as squirm without remembering the squelch of his soaked pants and Tom unable to take a drink from his water bottle without recalling the flavor of Maria’s milk splashing over his tongue. Though both young men had separately scurried back to the lab in order to find Catherine and demand that she undo whatever it was she had done to them, neither had managed to find the researcher – and neither dared mention their respective incidents to the other. Putting aside that they each feared being thought of as crazy, neither of them were particularly anxious to reveal the details of the vivid visions they had experienced, to describe how little they’d become and how infantile they’d acted…to confide in one another that they’d loved every last babyish humiliating moment. “So, um…” Brad coughed after they sat in silence for a few minutes. “Do you happen to have your mom’s cell phone number handy? I just thought that it’d be nice to, uh, have it if I had any questions about her experiment or whatever.” “No point, dude. I’ve been trying to call her all day with no luck.” Tom’s cheeks went red. He avoided his friend’s eyes as he backpedaled. “I mean, ‘cause I had to talk to her about other stuff, not ‘cause of the experiment or anything like that.” An uneasy silence settled back in. With both young men needing a distraction, the lecture their professor was giving suddenly seemed very interesting indeed. “…one of the main criticisms of Piaget’s work was that he underestimated the abilities of young children, particularly babies. We know now, for instance, that even infants are capable of concepts once thought too advanced for their age.” Look at what he’s making with those building blocks! I think we’ve got a little architect on our hands! Brad went pale. His hands gripped the sides of his desk. This little guy just said my name! C’mon, sweetie, say it again for my friends – Stay-cee. Can you say it for them, sweetheart? Such a clever little boy, using the potty all by himself. Mommy’s going to be so proud of you! Tom’s gut churned. His breath caught in his throat. That’s right, that is the sound a doggy makes! Such a smart little baby. Both young men wanted nothing more than to flee the lecture hall but their legs seemed suddenly to be made of concrete, neither of them unable to do anything more than sit and let themselves by overwhelmed by their mounting panic as the voices multiplied and intensified in their minds, as the motherly coos and encouragements filled their heads and drowned out their own thoughts. That in itself would’ve been unsettling enough were it not for the fact that both Brad and Tom knew that the murmurs and giggles were but a precursor to what was coming next, to the reshaping of their realities into something decidedly less grown-up. “It’s always important to be gentle with your babies,” the woman at the front of the hall smiled, no longer a professor of psychology but an instructor on childcare. “You should think of every child you take care of as your own.” Brad and Tom trembled and groaned as the changes spread outwards from the former professor, looking around in horrified awe as their shared infantile fever dream reshaped their surroundings. Before their eyes the men in the crowd shrank into clothes that transformed right along with them, the men turned boys turned toddlers and infants giggling and squirming as their jeans and t-shirts became rompers and Pull-Ups and crinkly white diapers. The women, meanwhile, suddenly seemed more concerned with their infantilized classmates than their studies, descending on the babies in groups to coo at the babbling little boys and fuss over their infinite adorability. The desks and chairs, no longer needed for their intended purpose, were kind enough to transform themselves into everything needed for a proper babysitting class. Some sprang into changing tables. Others collapsed into piles of toys. Still others retained their purpose if not their form, squirming and shifting as they turned into cute, plastic, colorful appointments for the newly-minted kids to play on and around. The soft scent of baby powder filled the air. In each part of the room there was a new aspect of the nightmare to behold. The teaching assistant turned two-year-old grinned a dopey open-mouthed grin at his young female audience as they praised him for tinkling in the potty. The school’s star point guard giggled his head off as he toddled naked through the middle of the room, one tiny hand clutching the diaper he had ripped off his bouncy little bottom. The know-it-all in the front row sat his padded tush on the carpet and smashed a pair of toy cars together, smile getting wider and wider as his Pull-Ups grew warm and squishy beneath him. But as precious and adorable as the members of the class were, both Brad and Tom knew that the roster wasn’t quite yet complete. It wasn’t until they had gone through adolescence in reverse that they became aware of their shrinking, the two little boys whimpering and squirming as they sank deeper and deeper into their grown-up clothing. Unlike their compatriots, however, neither Brad nor Tom had the benefit of their outfits changing into something more befitting their new ages – in their case, their clothing merely vanished and left them naked as the day they were born, a day to which they were growing closer and closer with each passing second. Both of the little tykes sniffled and pouted and covered up as they looked up at the young women that were closing in on them, at the giggling co-eds that were clearly charmed by the boys’ attempts at modesty. Those attempts proved useless when Brad and Tom’s chairs disappeared beneath them and left the boys to fall right on their pudgy rumps as they passed into infancy, as they found themselves lacking even the motor control to shield their dinkies from prying eyes. “Aw, looks like we’ve got a couple of little jaybirds on the loose!” One of the girls laughed as she knelt before the baby boys, who kicked their tiny tootsies in the air and waved their little fists as they lay on their backs side by side. “Who let you out of your dipees, hm?” Brad and Tom could do nothing but gurgle in response, gurgles that became giggles and happy little babbles when the girls tickled their tummies and munched on their toes and nuzzled their soft little baby bodies. They smiled. They grabbed at the pretty hair that tickled their torsos. They clumsily slapped their hands together to show how good all the attention made them feel. “Much as I’d like to let the two of you stay nakie…” The girl grinned as she produced two thick, white disposables. “Every good babysitter needs to know how to diaper their little ones.” She and another girl worked in tandem as they slid the puffy, crinkly baby pants beneath the little boys’ bottoms, Brad and Tom giggling and squirming anew at the feel of their tushies being cushioned by garments so pillowy soft. Their thumbs found their mouths as the girls tenderly powdered their most private and sensitive of areas, both babies whimpering and fluttering their eyelids as they were treated to a gentle, infantile massage. But even that was topped by the sensation of the diapers being brought up and taped securely around their chubby waists, of their pee-pees being nestled into the comfy padding that promised to keep them safe and dry. “Aw…I think these little sweethearts like their baby pants,” the girl cooed as she put her palms on their tiny tummies. She paused for a moment when she felt a little rumble come from deep within their bellies…then grinned when she realized just what that rumble meant. “And I don’t think they want to wait to make good use of them.” Though it made Brad and Tom happy to have the nice lady touch them so gently and to smile down on them so warmly, they couldn’t help but be concerned by the tightness that was growing within them. They whined and frowned around their thumbs as they grew more and more uncomfortable, wishing someone would help, wishing someone would tell them what they had to do to feel okay again. Oh – it looks like someone’s ready to make a present for mommy! That’s right sweetie…you just push all those nasty yuckies right of your tummy. The smiles returned to their angelic little faces. Suddenly they knew exactly what needed done. Brad and Tom closed their eyes and tensed up as they directed every bit of their infantile strength towards emptying their bowels, towards messing their diapers with a proclivity that only the littlest of babies can lay claim to. Both boys grinned around their thumbs as the girls that surrounded them made no effort to hide how charmed they were by how shamelessly the little guys were voiding themselves, fawning over the way they each looked so delighted by the mere act of it. The diapers that had been fresh and clean a moment prior ballooned to accommodate the enormity of the mess that had been shoved into them, each crinkly, babyish garment stretched to its limit as Brad and Tom finally finished their purge. Both boys rocked back in forth in the warm muck they had made for themselves, giggling and kicking and drooling and squishing as they reveled in the most infantile of pleasures. Such a good little baby. Mommy’s so proud of you, sweetie pie. “Uh…are you guys all right?” Brad and Tom blinked. The nursery vanished. In an instant they had been returned to their boring grown-up lecture hall, where the professor continued to drone on about developmental stages as though nothing had happened. They each turned slowly to the young woman two rows in front of them who was looking over her shoulder at them in a mixture of concern and confusion, no doubt mystified as to why two twenty year-olds had been babbling and drooling all over themselves. Though the shock of finding themselves back in their adult lives so suddenly took a few seconds to get over, Brad eventually managed to clear his throat and meet his classmate’s eyes, sure he’d be able to concoct some story that would explain their babyish behavior. He leaned forward and smiled. Squish. The sound was a dagger. Neither of the young men could bring themselves to so much as breathe as they became aware of the souvenir they had brought back with them from their trip to infancy, as their noses involuntarily wrinkled at the vile and growing scent of what mushed in the seat of their pants with every little movement. It wasn’t until they saw the young lady’s nostrils similarly cringe that the two of them could force themselves into action, muttering apologies over one another about the Mexican they had for lunch as they hastily gathered up their books and hurried bowlegged out into the hall. *** “Tom?” Catherine frowned at her son as she opened her front door. “Is something wrong?” “Is something wrong…” The young man laughed bitterly as he stormed past his mother and into the house, pacing back and forth in the foyer as Catherine closed the door and watched her son with concern. “You fuck with our heads and then have the nerve to ask if something’s wrong?” “Sweetie, what are you talking about?” “That…noise or whatever it was. It did something to us. We’ve been seeing shit all day and…doing things without even realizing it.” “Really?” She drew closer to her son. Her eyes were alive. “What sorts of things?” “Don’t do that,” Tom spat as he backed away from the woman. “Don’t you go all mad scientist on me. I’m not telling you shit about what’s been happening to us. The only reason I’m here is to reverse whatever it is you did to me.” “Just you? Where’s Bradley?” Tom faltered. “He’s…in his dormroom.” “Why didn’t he come with you? Hasn’t he been experiencing the same thing?” “He just couldn’t come with me tonight, all right?” Tom didn’t think that Brad would appreciate anybody else knowing that he had curled up under his covers after changing his pants, muttering to himself as he wrapped his arms around his knees and rocked back and forth. “You can reverse it for him when he comes to see you at the lab tomorrow.” “Honey, I can’t do a thing unless I know what it is you’ve been experiencing. Your mind isn’t just a bunch of switches that I can flip on or off. If you tell me what’s been happening to you and Brad I can pinpoint the area of the brain that’s being affected and administer the proper treatment.” Tom groaned and ran his hands through his hair. What choice did he have? “…and by the time we snapped back to reality we realized that we had…done the same thing in the real world,” he finished as his cheeks burned crimson. “When we got back to Tom’s dormroom he told me that he’d had an episode like the one I had earlier in the day, only he was in preschool or something like that.” “That’s…that’s astonishing, Tom!” Catherine gushed as he took hold of her son’s hands. “Do you realize how important a breakthrough this is? With this research I could – ” “Mom.” Tom jerked his hands away. “Oh, of course.” The woman switched back into mom mode and cupped her son’s cheek with her palm. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that, my poor baby – ” Tom sighed and pulled away as Catherine winced at the poor choice of words. “Right. Sorry.” She cleared her throat and made for the stairs. “I’ve got a compound upstairs that should make you right as rain.” The young man eagerly followed his mother, all too ready to put the experience behind him and begin working on a plan to repair the reputations that had been devastated by the day’s events. “Right this way,” Catherine smiled as she opened a door and motioned for him to head in. Tom, head hung in embarrassment, didn’t realize the reality of his destination until he raised his eyes, until he took in the details of the room and came to understand the purpose of everything that had happened to him. The walls were a soft baby blue and played home to a host of smiling cartoon animals. A pile of stuffed animals – of fuzzy, happy faces – waited patiently in the corner for a little one to play with. Against the wall stood a brand-new changing table loaded with stacks of diapers and untouched supplies. And right in the center of the room sat a virgin white crib complete with a fluttering butterfly mobile that spun lazily overhead. It was every bit as cute and warm and inviting as the nursery in his vision. But this – this was real. Tom trembled as he backed away from the adorable trap that had been set for him. He spun around so as to dash out of the room, to burst out into the night and scream for help from anyone that would listen – but his plan fell apart before the first step could even be taken, fell apart when Catherine misted the contents of the spray bottle in her hand in her son’s face. The young man sputtered and coughed as he stumbled backwards into the nursery, flailing his arms against unseen assailants as his mother sighed and stepped into the room. “I really wish you could’ve waited until tomorrow,” Catherine said as she tucked the bottle back into her robe. “The final stage is so much more pleasant when it’s allowed to happen naturally.” The young man was far too occupied to appreciate the full meaning of his mother’s words. His head was all colors as the room spun in the direction opposite his staggering, staggering that came to an abrupt end when he tripped on shoes that were suddenly too big for his feet. Tom’s world seemed to crash down around him as he cried out and went tumbling to the floor, thrashing against garments that seemed more and more intent with swallowing him up with each passing second. “There was one little thing you left out of your description,” Catherine chuckled. “One teensy little detail you didn’t want your mommy to know about.” The woman bent over the terrified adolescent, who clutched his clothes about him as his horrified eyes met hers. “You loved every minute of it.” “No!” Tom squealed, voice cracking. He scuttled backwards on his hands, abandoning his pants and leaving himself dressed in naught but a long-sleeved shirt that draped his shrinking body. “Aw, sweetheart, don’t you think your mother knows when her son is telling a fib? Don’t you think she knows what that glint in your eyes means and what you’re thinking of when your cheeks flush just so?” Tears started streaming down Tom’s increasingly chubby cheeks as his palm caught on one his shirtsleeves, forcing the boy’s shoulders through the neckhole of the garment and leaving him completely bare before the woman. He curled up against the wall and wailed as he sank into toddlerhood, not comforted in the slightest by the manner in which his mother cooed at her baby and gently stroked his fine blond hair. “I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me, sweetheart,” Catherine cooed. “Even though I knew this had to be done, it still tore me up to think that you might resent me for it, that it’d make you unhappy to be mommy’s sweet little baby again. It’s such a relief to know that that’s not the case. It’s such a relief to know that you just couldn’t wait to be back in diapers.” Tom wanted to scream at his mother that she was wrong, scream at her through his tears that he’d rather suffer through a lifetime of hallucinations than become a drooling little pants-shitter for real. But the words just wouldn’t come. They seemed swallowed by the memories of the visions that had visited him throughout the day, of how warm and safe and comfortable his temporary returns to infancy had been. His thoughts were not of his lost maturity but of how proud he felt when he toddled to mommy all by himself…of the utter contentment of suckling at her breast until he had filled himself with her milk…of the idea that all he had to do to make people happy was suck his thumb and fill his diaper like a good little baby. When Tom next opened his mouth the sounds he made were not screams or sobs but the gleeful squeals and giggles of a tiny child whose mommy was tickling his tummy and munching playfully on his itty-bitty tootsies. He gave the smiling woman a delighted open-mouthed grin as he slapped his fat little hands against the carpet and kicked his chubby little baby legs wildly in the air, expressing his happiness as best as a one-year-old with limited motor control can. “There he is!” Catherine declared as she swept her son off the carpet and up in the air, spinning him around and around as he filled the room with the melodic laughter of an elated infant. “There’s my Tommy baby!” The woman hummed a cheerful tune as she pulled her child into a loving embrace, nuzzling her sweet little baby as she held him against her breast and gently rocked him in her arms. Tom stared up at her in wide-eyed wonder as he grew re-accustomed to the all-encompassing comfort of being held so easily, so completely, of his whole world consisting of nothing but the warmth of his naked little body against hers and the perfect happiness of her brilliant smile. The baby gurgled and squirmed in her arms as he pushed his thumb between his lips, sucking slowly on it as his eyelids fluttered shut, as he pawed sleepily and lovingly at the soft warm pillows his mommy had cuddled him up against. “Such a sweet boy.” Catherine whispered. She kissed her son’s forehead and giggled softly. “I only hope that your brother ends up half as happy as you.” *** “Come in, Bradley, come in.” Catherine smiled at the young man as she opened the door to the lab. “You look well.” Had Brad been a little less out of it he might’ve scoffed at the woman for her apparent lack of observational skills, at her inability to notice his milk-pale complexion and the way he darted his eyes around the room while scratching his arm like a strung-out junkie. At that point the young man wasn’t even entirely capable of discerning what was real and what wasn’t. A restless night – one in which his brief drifts into unconsciousness led to lifelike dreams of nursery rhymes and diaper changes – and a morning that had been marked by his breakfast turning into strained peaches and his Camry into a stroller left him feeling as though reality and the infantile world he visited in his visions had started to blend together. “The uh, the experiment...” He shook his head as he muttered. “The experiment’s over, right? You can undo this whole thing as soon as I tell you about what the…effects were, right?” “Of course, dear.” The woman put a hand on Brad’s shoulder and chuckled good-naturedly when he flinched at her touch. “Just relax and tell me everything that’s happened.” Brad looked around the room. He shrugged off the woman’s hand and eyed her suspiciously. “Where’s Tom? He wasn’t answering his phone this morning.” Catherine opened her mouth to answer but was cut short by a high whine from somewhere outside of the lab. Brad’s ears perked up as he turned in the direction from whence the sound had come, as the woman sighed and gave him a patient smile. “Excuse me for one moment.” She said as she strode out of the room. Brad stared after her and felt a chill slither over his skin when the lilt of babble and baby talk floated into the lab. His hands trembled. A cold sweat broke out on his brow. Dimly he wondered if this was what it felt like to have an episode of PTSD. Though an inner voice of growing volume commanded the young man to get the hell out of there, his legs stubbornly refused the order and kept him planted right where he was, kept him standing in the middle of the lab as the sounds of a proud mother and her happy baby grew closer and closer. “I’m terribly sorry,” Catherine said as she returned to the room. She bounced a year-old tyke in the crook of her arm, a fair-haired infant who wore nothing but a diaper as he chewed on his tiny fist and looked around the room with wide and curious eyes. “I was so excited by the experiment that I completely forgot to feed the little guy. You don’t mind, do you?” Catherine didn’t wait for Brad to respond – she merely pulled down one side of her blouse and bared her breast. A pink tinge came to the young man’s cheeks as the baby squealed with glee and squirmed in her arms, as he immediately latched on and started to suck. He mashed his tiny hands into Catherine’s breast as his lips tugged greedily on her leaking nipple, the woman moaning softly in maternal ecstasy as the infant gorged himself on mommy’s milk. “You…” Though Brad eventually found the nerve to speak the words came out in little more than a whisper. “You don’t have a kid that young.” “Of course I do, silly.” Catherine giggled and looked at the young man through eyes half-lidded with pleasure. She bounced the infant in her arms as thin white rivulets dribbled down his cheeks and chin. “He’s right here.” The gears turned in Brad’s mind as he stared in horrified awe at the suckling child, as he drifted quite unwillingly back to the vision that had visited him during last afternoon’s psych class. He had been so immersed in the sensations of his temporary return to babyhood – of the sights and sounds and the feelings of complete love and protection – that he had hardly paid any attention to the babbling little tyke that was right beside him through the whole thing. But the longer he looked at the baby at Catherine’s breast the more familiar the little guy felt, the more convinced he became that he had seen those rosy cheeks and those blonde curls and those big bright eyes somewhere before. The child turned to Brad. He stared at the dumbfounded young man for a long moment before he, still feeding, grinned around his mother’s nipple, grinned as her essence dribbled onto his chest and flabby tummy…grinned in recognition of his future cribmate. “No.” Brad staggered backwards. Vomit bubbled in his throat. “There’s no way. You – you…” “Oh, don’t be so dramatic, dear.” Catherine smiled and stroked her son’s hair. “Tommy also acted as though this wasn’t what he wanted and you can see how long that lasted. There’s nothing to be afraid of, sweetheart. Just think about how wonderful yesterday felt. Just think about how beautiful it’ll be when those moments are your life.” Brad backed up against the wall, his eyes wide and his chest heaving as he trembled from head to toe. Catherine chuckled and used her free hand to heft her free breast. “Whatcha say, kiddo? Room for one more.” The young man made a guttural sound as he bolted from the room, blood thumping against his skull as he raced down the long hallway that led to the building’s main entrance. Aw, looks like we’ve got a little track star on our hands! To think that the little streaker was still crawling a couple years ago. Brad tucked his head in his hands and shook it back and forth but never stopped running, never slowed even as Catherine’s voice flooded his mind, as he was inundated of memories of a childhood he had yet to experience. Though he blocked them out as best he could, the young man could do nothing against the final stage of the treatment, could do nothing but stumble and crash into the carpet when his feet slipped out of his shoes and tripped on the dangling cuffs of his jeans. The young man wailed as he scraped his forearm from wrist to elbow – but the pain was nothing compared to the terror that swelled in his chest when he watched the wound vanish before his eyes, when its disappearance was followed up by the pricklypin tingle of the hairs on his arm curling back into his skin. Please don’t cry, sweetie. Mommy’s here. Would you like a kiss? Hm? Would you like mommy to kiss the boo-boo and make it all better? Brad wiped his burning eyes with his newly-denuded forearm and scrambled back to his feet, choking on a sob when he realized that he could only run if he were to abandon his now-massive jeans. The adolescent’s socks flopped on his shrinking feet as he dashed down the hall and relinquished their tenuous grip altogether when he passed into childhood, the hallway growing cavernous with frightening speed as years’ worth of growth spurts were reversed in seconds. Though his sprint grew more taxing with each passing moment, the boy kept himself going by never taking his eyes from the daylight streaming in through the front entrance, by telling himself that he needed only to get outside and get help to escape the infantile prison Catherine was intent on trapping him into. I’m gonna get you, Tommy! The mommy monster is gonna eat you all up! Aw, he’s trying so hard – I think he wants to run before he can walk. A high-pitched howl echoed down the hall when Brad’s legs became too weak to support anything more strenuous than a toddle, the indignity only amplified when his slight shoulders slipped through the neckhole of his shirt and put chubby little baby body on full display. He waved his arms for balance and used every bit of his remaining composure to fend off the tantrum he wanted to badly to indulge in, tiny dinky bobbing between his pudgy thighs with every staggering, unsure step he took. Despite the monumental will it took to stay on his feet, Brad managed to waddle all the way to the lobby – where he fell right on his bouncy little bottom as a trio of co-eds entered the building. “Oh my Gooood,” the lead girl cooed as she kneeled by the baby’s side and immediately started comforting the distraught child. “Aren’t you just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!” “Look at those tiny toes!” “And those wittle bitty fingers!” Tom drummed his heels against the carpet and wailed in frustration when the girls proved too busy gushing over his adorability for him to vocalize a cry for help. Whenever he did open his mouth, whatever words he had planned on saying seemed swallowed by the giggles that bubbled up from within him whenever one of his new admirers gently poked his tummy or tickled him beneath the chin. “Does your mommy know where you are, little guy?” The first girl teased as she played with his tiny tootsies. “Does she know you’re out here sweet talking three big grown-up girls?” “He’s a real charmer, all right.” Catherine chuckled as she walked up behind Brad, cradling Tommy in her arms as she did so. “I’m sorry if he bothered you, ladies – little Bradley here was right in the middle of a diaper change when he slipped out of my grasp. Would one of you mind holding his brother while I finish the job?” One of the girls was all too happy to volunteer, fussing over Tommy as the baby gurgled and cooed and squirmed in her arms. Catherine, meanwhile, pulled out a single double-thick disposable and slid it underneath Bradley’s bottom – right before plucking a baby-blue pacifier from the pocket of her lab coat and pushing it between his lips in order to silence his cries. The child immediately latched onto it without even meaning to do so, the dummy bobbing rapidly as he kicked and squirmed and whined in futile protest. Even the gentle application of baby powder to his tiny privates and soft little baby bottom – the tender massage that had brought such comfort in his vision – failed to do anything more than deepen his bottomless humiliation, failed to do anything but serve to remind him that he was now very much in need of such an infantile means of protection. “Therrrre we go!” Catherine declared when she brought the front of the diaper up and taped Bradley into it. “Snug as a big in a rug.” The woman’s coos could hardly be heard over the wails that filled the entrance when Bradley spit the pacifier out of his mouth and expressed his terror in the means befitting his new form, Catherine and the co-eds merely giggling at his mortification as he screamed and flailed and struggled while being plucked off the ground and snuggled into his regressor’s embrace. “I’m sorry that he’s making such a fuss,” Catherine grinned as she rubbed the boy’s tummy. “I get the sense that he’ll be feeling better in juuuuust a moment.” Bradley’s wails came to a sudden halt when his stomach audibly grumbled, when it churned and tightened just as it had when he…when he…the baby’s eyes widened as he stared down at himself in slack-jawed horror, when he pressed his tiny hands against his tummy as though that would prevent what was about to happen. He whimpered and whined as the hot knot grew bigger and bigger inside of him, as he slapped his stomach in frustration of his miniscule strength proving useless in his attempt to avert what his adorable little one-year-old body insisted must happen. There was nothing he could do. Bradley pooped his diaper. The sensation that accompanied the act was not what he had expected. When the knot unfurled within him Bradley released a tiny gasp at the relief of release, his lips parting as his eyelids fluttered and his toes curled in infantile ecstasy. The child grunted and whimpered as he pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed, not caring about anything but how fantastic it felt to shove his mess into his diaper, focused only on the utter bliss he was rewarded with for voiding himself. As such, he paid no attention to Catherine’s chuckles or the sounds of pure adoration the trio of girls made as they watched him completely and shamelessly mess himself. When Bradley came back to reality it was with a dazed grin and a string of giggles, the baby’s eyes meeting the loving gaze of his mommy as he jammed his thumb back in his mouth and squished about in his thoroughly ruined diaper. “Never fails,” she smiled as she took Tommy back from the girl that had been minding him. “I’d better see about getting the little stinker into a new diaper before I put them down for a nap. Thank you so much for your help.” “Oh, it was our pleasure. We work at the lab up on the second floor – don’t hesitate to come by if you ever need someone to watch those adorable little sweethearts for a while.” Catherine promised that she would take the girls up on that as she turned and headed back down the hall, lovingly cradling a baby in each arm. Tommy and Bradley sucked their thumbs and burrowed as deeply into their mommy’s warm embrace as they could. Sleepy giggles filled the hall as they idly played footsie with each other, loving how it felt to push their tiny, sensitive soles together, loving the knowledge that yesterday’s visions were but a taste of the beautiful reality that lay spread out before them. ***
  7. Description: Leif gets a strange surprise the day he decides to visit his roommate's family. Not only are they excellent cooks, but their daughter has a secret all of her own. Is it good or bad? That's for Leif to decide, isn't it? Either way, he's in for much more than he bargained for. (This is a story I commissioned to praedatorius [from DeviantArt] Need Help: Send Tuna by praedatorius Leif sat at his computer on a gloomy Friday afternoon. The internet, despite its infinite possibilities, held no interest for him that day. He had no classes that day, so he had been inside all day because of the rain. He could have watched a movie, but he had seen everything that he owned. Hector owned no DVDs, and the school library was on the other side of the campus. There was nothing to do except sit around for the rest of the day, hoping that something interesting would happen, then order dinner, and finally go to sleep. After that there was the weekend to get through. Hector Catalunia, Leif's roommate, in the midst of packing some stuff to go home, walked into the bedroom to pick up a shirt he had forgotten. He saw Leif sitting at his computer, exactly where he had left him an hour ago, and gave him a look. After a few minutes of silence, Leif noticed Hector's disapproving stare. "What? Aren't you supposed to be gone by now?" "Come on, Leif! Why don't you come to my house this weekend? Is it really worse than sitting here, watching porn for the next three days?" "For your information I'm not watching porn tonight: I'm streaming the entire first season of Code Geass, and I'll be glad to watch it again. Hmph!" "Oh yes, how silly of me. Will you just come already?" "For the last time, I really don't feel like going to your house. I appreciate the offer, really, but going to other people's houses overnight is weird. You have to sleep on the floor, you have to make sure you don't use the wrong towels, you have to use table manners…" "Is that all?" Hector opened up his closet. "If it makes you feel any better you can use my towels if you like." "That just makes it weirder! No offense, but I think I'd rather just stay by myself this weekend." Hector sighed. "Just do this for me as a favor, please! My parents have wanted to meet you for weeks and they keep telling me to invite you over for dinner or something. Will you come with me just so I can get them to shut up?" Leif thought about it for a moment, but did not change his mind. "No, I really don't feel like it." Hector then decided to play his trump card. "We're having spaghetti for dinner tonight." Soon Leif had his bag packed and was standing by the front door of the apartment building, waiting for Hector's mom to show up. Soon Hector pointed out her car cruising through the parking lot, and they both rushed out in the pouring rain to get inside. "It's raining cats and dogs out there! Get inside, quickly!" As Leif crawled into the back seat Mrs. Catalunia's eyes lit up. "Is this the man we've heard so much about?" "Yes, Mom. He wasn't doing anything this weekend so I invited him to join us." "That's fantastic! It's so wonderful to finally meet you, Leif. So, tell me all about yourself." Leif was a bit annoyed, but this type of thing he had come to expect from parents. If he was going to get spaghetti, meatballs, and savory Italian sausage for dinner, he was going to have to earn it. He began reciting the same introduction he had given numerous times at college: he was studying English and he wanted to be a writer. Mrs. Catalunia's listened attentively as she navigated the flooding streets. "Very nice! I hear that your parents live in Florida, is that right" "Yeah. We were going to move before I went to college, but I kind of wanted to stay up here for a while. Florida's really not that great." "I see. Very good." The car went silent for a while and Leif began to feel a little awkward. However, this was not as awkward as he felt after Hector's mom asked her next question. "Do you have a girlfriend up here, or someone like that?" Leif was kind of taken aback, looking to Hector for some kind of reprieve. "Geeze, I already told you that Leif's not seeing anyone." "Hector!" Mom snapped. "It's important to know things like this. Please go on, Leif." "Well…" Leif began with some with a kind of exasperated sigh. "I used to go out with a girl, but I haven't seen her in a while." "Aww, I'm sorry. Maybe you'll find someone new, eh?" "Yeah…maybe." Mrs. Catalunia seemed satisfied at that answer. Leif gave Hector a look, to which Hector shrugged his shoulders. Leif stayed polite and calm, but he feared with this kind of questioning, even if he got his nice Italian dinner, this weekend might not be worth it. At the house Leif soaked in the smell of garlic and basil emanating from the kitchen. Hector's dad had already started dinner, but when he heard the door slam he walked into the living room and shook Leif's hand. "About time we met you…" Searching for the right name, Mr. Catalunia turned to his wife who mouthed it to him. "…Leif! Hey, is that like Leif Erickson, the Viking?" This was another common question. Leif sighed. "No, unfortunately I was not named after the Viking, but my family did come from Sweden or somewhere around there." "Awesome! Well I hope you're hungry: well, actually I hope you're not too hungry. We have to wait for our daughter to come home." Hector groaned. "You mean she's late again?! How long is band practice supposed to be?" "Well, when I dropped her off she said she had to borrow something from one of her friends, so they're stopping at her house after marching band. Still, she keeps getting later and later every night. She knows that we're having company tonight. Poor Leif is going to starve to death!" "That's okay: I don't mind waiting a little longer." Actually Leif was starving, though he knew better than to make a fuss. As long as he could sit in the living room and smell whatever was cooking in the next room, he would survive. An hour later, however, Leif was beginning to lose his patience. He kept silent, but Hector and his parents were quite vocal in their frustration. The more they complained the more Leif began to wonder why it was such a big deal. He had two older sisters and they never had any guilt about starting dinner without him when he was late. He would be lucky to get anything when they were finished. He knew that some people liked to eat together, but this was ridiculous. He betrayed no discontent, however, even though his hosts continually showered apologies upon him. While trying to distract himself from his hunger, Leif noticed and interesting book on the coffee table in front of him, buried under a pile of magazines and newspapers. He dug it out and to his surprise discovered that it was manga. It was a strange one too (strange manga was the best kind of manga), about a teenaged girl who finds a naked, handsome young man, who was meant as a gift for her, on her doorstep. Leif had read lots of stories with a similar premise, but it was kind of funny to see the sexes reversed. Most interesting, however, Leif realized that it could have belonged to only one person living in this house. Leif glanced through the book until he heard a noise coming from outside. There was the sight of headlights pulling into the driveway, the sound of a young girl's voice thanking her friend's mom, and then splashing footsteps that got closer to the house, and then finally the door opened. In walked a girl, thin, wearing a green sweater and baggy sweatpants. Her brown hair was done up in a ponytail, which has soaking wet from the rain. She didn't seem noticing Leif as she rushed past, but Leif noticed her, especially the Bleach stickers that were stuck on her backpack. 'Could it be?' Leif asked himself. 'A fan girl?' "Rosalyn! Where have you been, young lady? Didn't I tell you that we we're having company tonight?" "Again? Mom, we have someone over like every day! I just wanted to hang out at Jenny's house for a little while." "Young lady, you were supposed to come right home, now dinner's probably cold and poor Leif is probably starving." Rosalyn turned and gave Leif a cold, nasty look which caused him to recoil. "Why do we do this every time I want to have fun. I can't ever go out!" Mom pulled Rosalyn into the kitchen to have a little talk. Leif felt more than a little uncomfortable as he listened to the muffled, unpleasant voices coming from a few rooms away. A few minutes later Rosalyn stomped out, giving Leif another dirty look as she cleaned up and got dressed. She then turned to Hector. "I hope you're happy!" With that she stomped up the stairs and slammed the door to her bedroom. Hector sighed. "Sorry about that. You should be thankful that you don't have any litter sisters, eh?" Leif smiled. "Yeah, I guess so." Fortunately the awesome spaghetti dinner lived up to the hype that Hector had given it. Leif was busy shoving spaghetti into his face while everyone asked him questions about himself; everybody, that is, except for Rosalyn. As Leif ate and ate, asking for more helpings, Rosalyn quickly finished her plate and asked to be excused. "Not so fast, young lady! You should stay for dessert." "I'm not hungry, now excuse me." "Don't worry, Mrs. Catalunia." Leif interceded. "I'll eat her share of the dessert." While Mrs. Catalunia laughed at this lame joke, Rosalyn made her escape, looking back at Leif, perhaps in recognition of the distraction he had given her. Mrs. and Mr. Catalunia seemed irritated at the fact that their daughter was being so bratty that evening, but they decided not to press the matter further. In any event, dessert was served: a thick, creamy cheesecake that nearly made Leif squeal with glee. Later that night as Leif laid back on his air mattress he was quite content. He had forgotten all about eating late now that his stomach full to bursting, and with the taste of that cheesecake still fresh on his tongue he looked forward to sleeping in late the next morning. The Catalunias may be over-inquisitive, he reasoned, but they were wonderful hosts. He should probably come over again next week too. 'Maybe Rosalyn will be in a better mood by then.' Leif woke up the next morning, a beam of sunlight shining annoyingly into his eyeballs and forcing him to get up. Disappointed at the fact that he wouldn't get to sleep in, he sat up to at least make Hector share in his misery. Hector, however, was not in his bed. Leif stood up and wandered into the hallway and called Hector's name, but there was no answer. Leif walked downstairs, expecting Hector to be at the breakfast table, but no one was there. He found a note on the dining room table written by Mrs. Catalunia. It explained that the family had to take care of some urgent business, and that he could help himself to anything in the refrigerator for breakfast. Leif thought it was strange to be left all by himself, but at least he wouldn't have to wait for breakfast. Leif opened up the cupboard to see what his options were. There wasn't much there, except for some cereal and, oddly enough, a very large supply of canned tuna. An entire shelf was dedicated to the stuff: cans and cans stacked atop one another in a solid wall of aluminum. Another oddity revealed, Leif shrugged his shoulders and turned to the refrigerator, wherein he discovered some eggs. Leif started making himself an omelet when suddenly he heard footsteps on the stairs. Leif wondered who it could be, having thought that he was the only one in the house . The footsteps left the staircase and approached the kitchen, and soon Rosalyn appeared around the corner, rubbing her eyes with the oversized sleeve of her pajamas. Her drowsy eyes widened at the sight of the strange man standing in the kitchen wearing only a t-shirt and boxers. "Yaaaah-wait…you're that guy from last night." "Yeah, Leif: Hector's roommate. You do remember that part, right?" Rosalyn didn't answer, but gloomily walked into the kitchen and opened up the cabinet. Leif caught a glimpse of the pattern on her pajamas: tiny red hearts over a white background. 'Wow, that's actually really cute.' "Do you want any eggs?" "Hnn? You make food?" "Well, yeah." Leif cracked a few more eggs into the pan. "I live in a dorm: I have to make some of my own food. If had to live off of the cafeteria food at school I would have disemboweled myself months ago." Rosalyn gave Leif a mystified look as he scrambled the eggs, then threw some bacon in the pan for good measure. "But Hector said you have cafeterias and pizza and stuff." Leif smiled, "Yeah, but its a lot of crap, and your brother has no taste." He put the omelet on a plate and brought it out to the kitchen table. "Here, sit down." "Why don't you eat it? You made it for yourself." "Nah, you can eat first. I have to make another one anyway, so go ahead." Leif returned to the stove. "Besides, I learned to serve other people first before you eat." "Thank you." Rosayn picked up a fork and took a small bite. In an instant she perked up. "Hey! This is really good!" "Thanks, now can you convince Hector to change his mind? He says that my cooking sucks." "Hector's stupid: just ignore him." "I try." Leif finished cooking his omelet and sat across from Rosalyn as she finished hers. "Can I ask you a question?" Rosalyn swallowed her juice. "Sure, I guess." "Do you like manga?" "Yes!" How did you know?" Leif smiled. "I had a hunch. Plus I saw that book on the coffee table and I figured it didn't belong to Hector." "So you like manga too? Hector continued eating as he talked about all of his favorite anime and manga, while Rosalyn joined in. She talked about all of the books that she owned, and Leif talked about all of the stuff that he had seen in the manga club at college. "There are manga clubs in college, for real?" "Yeah. I'm too busy to join one, but I sometimes sneak into meetings and talk to some of the other members. We talk about the anime we've watched and stuff like that, then we just sit around eating Pocky. It's awesome." "Wow, that sounds really cool." "Don't they have stuff like that in high school?" Rosalyn replied that there weren't. "No one else in my school really likes it. My friend and I asked the librarian to get some for the library, but she said no." "That sucks. Did she say why?" "No, but I think that she thinks they're…they're…" Rosalyn's speech slowed. Leif looked up from his plate and saw that she was breathing heavily and sweating like she had just run a marathon. Her face turned bright red, and then pale. "She thinks… they're dirty…or something." Leif stood up, dread seeping into the pit of his stomach. "Are you alright? What's wrong?" Rosalyn held up her hand and struggled to her feet. "I'm fine! I-" Suddenly she passed out, crumpling onto the floor. His heart racing, Leif ran over to her, then proceeded to panic. 'Great! They left me alone with the girl and I killed her with eggs! Is she allergic? Why didn't she tell me!' He reached down to loosen her clothes, but he realized that underneath her pajamas she wore no underwear. Should he take off her shirt? What would happen if someone came in and found Leif undressing her? What if this was a common thing and it was no big deal? Were people even allergic to eggs anyway?' "L…L-leif?" 'Thank God, she's talking! I'm not in trouble…I think.' Leif bent lower to listen to her weak voice. "What is it, Rosalyn? What should I do?" "M…mm…" "Mmm? Me, my, mom…is it your mom you want?" "M…mmm…meow!" Leif frowned. "What?" Leif had little time to puzzle over this strange utterance, because suddenly Rosalyn's body began to change. The soft cloth of her warm pajamas began to stretch as she grew taller. Leif held on, not knowing what to do as she grew more and more, her waist thinning out and her hips growing wider. Leif was at a loss, but he was shocked even further when he looked down and saw Rosalyn's chest began to expand: her small teen breasts maturing, ripening into big, soft orbs. Slowly her pajamas stretched, and stretched... "R-r-r-Rosalyn-" "Yes…Leif, are you still there?" "Yes." Leif swallowed. "D-do you-" "What's that, nya? I can't hear you." "I-I want to ask…you. Do you…feel…" "What? I can't hear you; move closer, nya." Leif placed his mouth near Rosalyn's ear, or rather where her ear should have been. It was gone, replaced by smooth skin on the side of Rosalyn's head, but out of the corner of his eye Leif noticed that something had replaced it. On the top of Rosalyn's head, sticking out from between the long strands of her hair, were two pointy ears. They were covered in fuzzy little hairs and were bright pink on the inside, twitching ever so slightly whenever Rosalyn heard a sound. Leif dropped Rosalyn on the floor and backed away. "Ow! That hurt." Suddenly Rosalyn's body shrank back to normal, but her pointy ears remained. She sat up on her knees rubbing her aching head. "Leif, what happened?" "Nothing! Don't touch your head!" "What? Why-" The big, cat-like ears suddenly twitched, and Rosalyn realized in horror that there was something up there that shouldn't be. She touched them, and then glanced at Leif. "What happened?" Leif didn't answer, unsure of what to say. "Tell me!" "You …got bigger." "What?" "Actually, never mind. We need to get you a hospital." "But what happened? Why do I have cat ears?" "I don't know; I don't know!" Leif composed himself and then lowered his voice. "You were eating and all of a sudden…" Leif fumbled for words, not wanting her to know too much. "Do you have any food allergies?" "No, of course not! What kind of allergy makes a girl grow pointy ears?!" "Right, well…never mind then. I'd better call your Mom. What's her phone number?" Rosalyn was about to give it to him when suddenly she started feeling short of breath again. Then she cringed, "My back! There's something wrong with my back!" Rosalyn collapsed again as Leif rushed to her side. "Where does it hurt?" "My back, you dummy! I said it about a dozen times!" "I mean where, Rosalyn! Where on you back does it hurt?" "Down by my butt!" Leif placed his hand on Rosalyn's lower back. "Is it here?" "No, lower!" Reluctantly Leif moved his hand down near the waistband of Rosalyn's pajamas. "Is it here?" he asked hopefully. "No, go lower!" "You know, I don't think it's a good idea to do that." Suddenly Rosalyn let out a pained squeal, and suddenly Leif could see the source of the trouble. There was a small bulge under Rosalyn's pajamas, coming out of her back. It rose out of her skin like a little lump, but Leif saw it grow bigger and longer. It pushed stiffly against the fabric, growing longer and longer, until in agony Rosalyn stood up and rushed to a nearby bathroom. The door closed. Seconds later Leif heard a piercing shriek, followed by minutes of silence. Leif waited, unsure if he should knock on the door and ask what had happened or just wait it out. More minutes passed, Leif heard gentle sobbing, then more silence, and finally the door opened. Leif saw nothing unusual about Rosalyn when she walked out. The cat ears were still there, but everything else seemed normal. "Rosalyn, what hap-" Then it whipped itself into a view: a long, thick tail covered in dark brown fur. Rosalyn clutched at it to bring it under control, but it slipped away from her like it had a mind of its own. She was finally able to grab it, but a look of discomfort spread over her reddened face as the tip of her tail twitched in her hands. "I can feel it." she whispered. "I feel the muscles twitching, and it really wants to move." Tears welled up in Rosalyn's eyes and she let go of her tail. Leif had no idea what to do, but seeing that Rosalyn was about to cry, he realized that he should do something to comfort her. Awkwardly he reached out his arms, meaning to give her a small hug and whisper that it would be alright. Unfortunately Rosalyn wasn't looking, and at that moment decided to go lie down on the couch. Stepping forward, she was surprised as Leif's hand touched her in a very inconvenient place. It took a second for both to realize what happened, but both recoiled. Leif turned red as he tried to stammer out an apology, but Rosalyn would have none of it. "Pervert!" She rushed past Leif and ran upstairs. Leif stood frozen for a minute, and once he heard Rosalyn's bedroom door slam shut he slapped himself for being so clumsy. "Stupid, stupid, stupid! Idiot! Now what are you going to do?" He couldn't leave Rosalyn like she was, but chances were she wouldn't even speak to him now that he had accidentally groped her. Sighing, Leif sat down on the couch and waited. Maybe Rosalyn's parents would come home and he could explain everything. Tense and embarrassed, Leif wondered what horrible things Rosalyn was thinking of him up in her room. Rosalyn tried to catch her breath as she threw herself onto her bed, but a million thoughts were rushing through her mind. She had cat ears now, and a tail! What the hell was going on? Her family was gone, and the only one around was that weirdo Leif, and he'd just touched her chest! Disgusting! Now her chest felt all weird, like she had to wash herself. Actually, now that she thought of it, her chest felt really weird. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but when Leif had grabbed her, her boob felt…well, a little more plump. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath her pajamas, so she could feel them touching the fabric of her pajamas. She felt her boobs really starting to rub against the cloth, and the more she thought about it the more it drove her crazy. Her clothes felt…weird: like they were clinging to her body, like they were tighter. Rosalyn, still out of breath, walked over to the mirror in her room, ignoring her ears and tail to take in the whole picture. Something didn't look right. Nothing was out of the ordinary, but Rosalyn knew that something was off. Suddenly a small pain ran through Rosalyn's body. She tensed up and wrapped her arms around herself. It passed quickly, but as Rosalyn moved her arms across her chest she felt a little strange. Now Rosalyn noticed something strange in the mirror: her shirt seemed a lot tighter around her chest. Her chest actually seemed…bigger. She looked down and saw the evidence with her own eyes: her normal-sized tits were sticking a little further out from her chest. She cupped them both in her hands and felt their weight. They felt soft, firm, and plump. Rosalyn ran her finger over her nipple, gently rubbing this sensitive point as she had countless times before. "Oh!" Rosalyn released her breasts as the sensation became too great. Suddenly, however, Rosalyn felt another twinge of pain, and her pajamas grew tighter once more. "Ooh…" Rosalyn's breasts grew again, but there was more. Rosalyn felt her pants stretching as her small hips began to curve and widen. Allison's flat little bottom started to mushroom and swell, but remained firm and toned. With one arm wrapped around her bosom, Rosalyn reached down and stroked her firm, tight butt with her free hand while her tail waved gently back and forth. The fabric of her pajamas was stretching out, letting her full figure show through and leaving little to the imagination. The buttons on her shirt began to pull apart. The waistband began to ride down around Rosalyn's ample hips as her legs grew longer, and her shirttails began to rise up as her torso grew taller. Her flat, firm tummy was exposed, showing off a cute little belly button. Growing taller, limbs stretching, nails growing, hair lengthening: Rosalyn looked at herself in the mirror once more. As the top button of her pajamas gave way and her ample bosoms created a marvelous display of cleavage, Rosalyn was no longer panicked. She admired her marvelous body and pondered the things she would do with it. However, now was not the time. She had something important to do, and she would enjoy it very much. Leif waited downstairs for a half-hour, sitting awkwardly in the living room by himself, too nervous to turn on the TV now that Rosalyn was in trouble. How was he going to explain this to her parents? Where was Hector, and why had everyone left them both alone in the first place? Leif had no idea what he should do, though he decided that he had better go check on Rosalyn. Perhaps she would listen to him now that she had time to get over their little hand "incident". She had been rather quiet since she slammed her door. Maybe that meant she was alright, or maybe that meant that she was actually worse. Leif ran up the stairs and didn't slow down until he got to her door. Then, however, he was stuck. How should he proceed? Certainly he should knock, but what if she didn't answer? Did that mean that she didn't want to be seen, or did that mean that she was unconscious and choking to death? Why hadn't he checked on her sooner, damn it! 'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' Leif cringed at the thought of having to barge into Rosalyn's room and finding her unconscious. So, hesitating no longer, Leif knocked loudly on Rosalyn's door and waited an eternity for some kind of answer. 'Please be alive! Please!' "Come in…" a voice softly replied from the other side of the door. Leif let out a big sigh of relief and calmly twisted the doorknob. Inside the curtains were drawn, and Leif stared into the dimly lit room, searching for some trace of Rosalyn. "Rosalyn, where are you?" No answer. Leif searched for a light switch, but he couldn't find one. Groping along, waving his hands over the walls Leif searched and searched, but came up empty. "What happened? How do you feel?" Still no answer. Leif could dimly make out the outline of Rosalyn's bed, in disarray, but empty. He had to find her somehow. Was she even in the room? He thought he had heard a voice; he was pretty sure he had heard one. If so, then where was Rosalyn now? "Nnyeeh…" Leif turned around, sure that the tiny moan came from the corner of the room. "Listen, about that...thing that I accidentally did downstairs: I didn't mean to…you know." Leif stumbled through the darkness, picking his way through the darkened room. He walked towards a dim shape huddled in the corner, curled into a ball on its side. Leif reached out his hand to tap it on the shoulder. "Please, forgive me. I didn't mean-" Suddenly Leif was hit by something from above. He could feel arms, legs, hair: and as he fell to the floor he heard a delighted growl. Leif scrambled to his knees to flee, his mind a blur, but quickly he was pinned by a strong pair of legs, and was choked by a strong pair of arms around his neck. Soft strands of hair fell into his face as his captor moved closer. "Calm yourself, Leif, my love. Let me hold your body next to mine forever, nya!" Leif continued to struggle. The voice sounded like Rosalyn's, but it couldn't be hers. It sounded so much older, more mature: much sexier. 'Concentrate!' Leif shouted to himself. "Let me go! I want to get out of here!" "Oh, you're strong! You want to play, do you?" Suddenly Leif felt hot breath on his cheek and a wet tongue plastered against his neck. That gave him the incentive he needed to wriggle out of this woman's grasp. He crawled away, but his pursuer pounced on him again, scratching and trying to get a hold of him. Leif could feel her long, sharp nails poking through his clothes as he struggled, panic-stricken, to get loose. He turned onto his back to fight her off, but suddenly the woman fell on top of him, pinning him to the ground. He could fell her claws piercing his chest, and sharp, pointy teeth ready to sink into his neck in a split second. "Okay! I give up! Please, don't bite me!" She let go of his neck and whispered into his ear. "Shh…my love, just relax. Relax, nyan…and keep perfectly still. I have something for you." Leif stayed silent, afraid of what this mystery woman would do should he cry out in terror. He didn't move a muscle, waiting tensely, breathing heavily as the woman removed her pointed claws from his skin and gently caressed his body. Both were breathing heavily from the struggle. Leif could feel his captor's hot breath on his forehead and the heaving of her chest against his own. It was at this time the Leif noticed something that piqued his interest. As his mind began to clear he could feel the soft mass of flesh resting atop his chest: the woman's large breast, comfortably sandwiched between her body and his like the warm, gushy marshmallow in a freshly toasted s'more. Leif started to become much more comfortable with his circumstances, enjoying the big boobs pressed against his chest and being caressed so gently. The woman gently ran her hand down Leif's side, letting her claws gently rip the fabric of his shirt, and then up his thigh, scratching his boxers. Then, gently slide alongside his waistband, over to the fly of his pants, and then, slowly… "Wait! What are you doing?" "I told you to relax, didn't I? We're going to have some fun, nya." "I…I don't think I want this now." Soon Leif felt her claws sticking into the flesh of his thigh. "I told you…" she growled, Leif struggling not to cry out, "…relax. You're mine, nyao." The woman continued to work on his fly, and then Leif felt something brush up against his hand. It was long and furry, twitching back and forth. 'A tail? It couldn't be…her, could it?' Leif, however, wasn't interested in figuring things out right now. Leif grabbed the tail and pulled hard. There was a blood-curdling screech, but Leif realized that the weight on his body was gone. Leif jumped up and ran for the door. "Owww! You come back here right this instant!" Leif, instead of listening, was running. As he reached the bend of the hallway he heard footsteps behind him. Tearing down the stairs he dared not look back, lest he get distracted and slow down. Whatever it was it was getting closer. Leif reached the bottom of the steps and jumped onto the floor, he was about to run for the front door, but he suddenly heard a scream. He whipped his head around, and out of the corner of his eyes he saw a person-like mass flying at him. Vaulting over the handrail, claws extended, eyes wide with excitement, the woman flew at him. Leif barely knew what hit him until he awoke on the floor. Sitting on top of him was Rosalyn. Then again, it wasn't Rosalyn. She was older, more mature, with her fuzzy cat ears sticking out of the top of her head and little fangs in her smile. Her tail waved excitedly back and forth, and Leif could feel the tips of her long, sharp nails sticking into his shirt. Leif marveled at her curvy, grown up body: her breasts bulging against her tight pajamas, her tight butt resting atop his stomach. He could feel her, and he wanted her: to touch her, to squeeze her, to seize her and make her his own. Rosalyn caught a glimpse of the amazement in Leif's eyes. "You like me now, nyan?" "Rosalyn…you are Rosalyn, right?" She nodded. "Nyan! I'm the better, super-kitty Rosalyn. You like it, nyan?" Leif looked at Rosalyn's body again. "Oh, yeah…" Then he quickly snapped out of it once her realized what he was saying. "I mean, yes, you…you are good. You look good! Yes, good." Rosalyn giggled and clapped her hands. "Oh, this is wonderful: I've already seduced you, nya! Nyao this marriage will be no problem!" "What?!" Leif started at the sound of the "m" word, but suddenly Rosalyn began acting strange ("stranger" , perhaps was a better word). She seemed to freeze, and then she started shaking uncontrollably. He voluptuous form shrank away, back to the thin, teenaged body that Leif recognized. Even the cat ears and tail were gone. Rosalyn shook her head and moaned. "No, no, I don't want to marry you!" "Oh good! I mean, you're back to normal, right?" "Yes, I'm back to normal, but what the hell is going on? I grew up, and then I was thinking about you, and then…" Rosalyn saw Leif smirk a little bit. "Stop that! This isn't funny!" She started to cry again. "I'm sorry, I just feel really weird! Don't cry!" Leif helped her sit down and got some tissues to wipe her face. Rosalyn held back the rest of her tears though, and quickly got a grip on herself. "Tell me what happened. Do you remember anything?" "Yeah, I remember all of it. I ran upstairs and looked in the mirror, and then I just started growing. When I was done I remembered that you were still in the house, so I waited. Then I pounced, and I chased you, and I…did other stuff." "Right." Leif remembered the other stuff quite well, though he thought it best not to speak of it. "Anyway, I did everything else, but when I started talking about marrying you I just kind of snapped out of it." Rosalyn patted her chest and the rest of her body, a look of disbelief on her face. "That was really…weird." "Yeah it was, but what was that whole marriage thing about?" "I don't know. It made sense at the time, but now I can't think of what it meant. It's all just…gone." Leif sighed. "Let me get you a drink of water. Then we can relax again, alright?" Rosalyn nodded, Leif left her to go to the kitchen. He was still confused, but he was glad that it was all over. He pulled out a glass and started to fill it from the tap. "Can I actually have some milk?" "Okay." Leif pulled out the milk. "Are you sure that you want milk, considering…you know." "Its alright. I just really feel like milk instead of-" Rosalyn went silent, and Leif didn't like the sound of that. Cautiously he peeked towards the living room. Rosalyn was still sitting on he couch, but feeling her body frantically. "What's wr-" "It's happening again! I…I'm growing!" "What do I do!" "I don't know! I-" Rosalyn suddenly reached up as cat ears again sprouted out of her head. She moaned as her tail quickly sprang out of her pants. "Just get away from me! I don't…I…can't…my boobs! They feel so good…I just-no!" Leif couldn't help but stare as he saw Rosalyn's body swelling up, her luscious curves returning and stretching out her cute heart-patterned pajamas. "Don't! Don't lose it! You lose…control. But…but they feel so good! Oh my love! Come and feel them! I cannot tell you how my body yearns for your touch, nyan! Do not deny me, my love!" Now Leif was staring at the same lusty, curvaceous cat-girl that had previously been perched on his chest. She massaged her bosoms with aching slowness, and glowered at Leif across the house, eyes half closed in desire. All wound up, she got up slowly, extended her claws, and made ready to run at Leif with full speed. Leif wanted to run, but he was mesmerized by the voluptuous temptress who crouched before him, ready to pounce and seize him. Half of him wanted to be caught, but he kept remembering that it was Rosalyn in there, still watching him, who would remember everything once she snapped out of it. He had to do something, and looking around Leif desperately sought something with he could use to fend her off. Suddenly looking down at the cabinet, Leif got an idea. Rosalyn was still eyeing him hungrily from the living room, so he carefully backed up and reached for the nearest drawer. It was full of big spoons and cutlery, and Leif rummaged through it, hoping he would find what he needed. "Looking for knife, nya? Nice try, Leify, but I'm much too agile for you to stab." Suddenly Rosalyn tore across the room, and was about to pounce on Leif when suddenly he shouted, "Got it!" and held it up before her. Rosalyn was confused; she had no idea why Leif had wanted a can opener, but she was somehow entranced and intrigued by the sight of it. Taking his chance Leif slowly reached into the cabinet, pulling out one of the numerous cans of tuna fish stored there. Rosalyn's eyes widened, and quickly she got on all fours, purring and rubbing up against Leif's legs. "So, you do like tuna after all." Leif remembered this trick from when his sister had a cat. That thing would scratch up the furniture and hiss at you whenever you tried to touch her, but just pull out a can opener and she'd become your best friend, if only for ten minutes. Leif started opening the can, and as soon as that seal was opened Rosalyn let out a long, desirous sigh. Leif dished the tuna onto a plate and held it up. Rosalyn sat back on her haunches, her tail sweeping back in forth as she looked up expectantly. Leif did not put the plate down, however. Rosalyn lifted her hand up and began to paw at the air. "You have tuna; why are you not giving me tuna, nyan? "Answer some questions for me." Leif had never tried to interrogate a cat-girl with tuna before, but he thought it was worth a shot. "Who are you?" "I'm Rosa-nyan! Give tuna!" "Is that your real name, or are you just doing that cat voice again?" Rosalyn's green eyes narrowed. "What cat voice, nya?" "That one you're-…never mind. What did you say earlier about me marrying you?" "Then tuna?" "Yes! Now tell me." "It's all part of the curse," Rosalyn began, still eying the plate of tuna. "When I meet the man I'm going to marry, I come out and chase him until he marries me." "Wait, so how do you know that I should marry you?" Rosalyn licked her lips. "I have my ways, nyan. Now give me the tuna!" "But why would I want to marry you? You're part cat, for God's sake!" Rosalyn took her eyes off of the plate instantly and stared at Leif. Leif impatiently waited for an answer, but he was soon captivated by how the light glinted off of her irises: how they shone like jewels behind her long, dark eyelashes. Her eyes had lost the youthful ignorance that Leif had seen before, and was replaced by a knowing look. Rosalyn arched her back a little, thrusting her boobs up into Leif's field of vision. "You don't think I'm cute…nya?" Leif tried not to stare into her sweet, dewy, sultry eyes, but the only other alternative was Rosalyn's rich, luscious cleavage. As marvelous as it was, Leif didn't want to just stand there, looking at her big, soft- Rosalyn pounced. The plate of tuna hit the floor, and once again Leif found himself pinned underneath Rosalyn's curvy body, but this time with the tips of her claws pricking his throat. "One more move, nya, and I'll bleed you dry." Leif was too surprised to fight back at the moment, but the threat put out of his mind any aspirations towards escape this time. 'Please Rosalyn, just wake up again and let me go. Please!' "Nyao, I'm going to eat this tuna, and you're going to wait for me, yes?" Leif said nothing, but Rosalyn gathered from the look on his face that he would comply. She bent down and began to eat, taking her time, nibbling at the tiny morsels of tuna on the floor and licking spots clean where it had fallen . "Oh, my love! Thank you so much for the fish. I knew from the moment I first saw you that you understood me." She used her free hand to pick up the rest of the morsels that were scattered around the floor, and when she was done she licked her fingers clean. "Now," she continued, putting a little pressure on Leif's neck, "Carry me over to the couch." It was an awkward process for Leif to lift Rosalyn in his arms with her claws struck in his throat, but eventually he was carrying her light, curvy form through the house. He couldn't put her down, so he carefully sat back on the couch, letting Rosalyn lay in his lap: a position that seemed to suit her just fine. She purred and nuzzled against Leif's arm, her tail also waving near Leif's head, brushing occasionally against his face. "Leif, do you love me?" Leif hesitated, but after a little prodding from Rosalyn's claws, he knew what she wanted him to say. "Yes…Rosalyn." "Then do me a favor," she said, rolling onto her stomach, "…and scratch me behind the ears." Leif obeyed. Eager to please, lest he be bled to death, he teased Rosalyn's furry, pointy ears, making his way to her scalp and starting to scratch. Rosalyn let out a contented purr, lifting her head and closing her eyes in enjoyment. Leif felt the warmth of her body and the light pleasurable trembling of her purrs. Quite quickly he became unconcerned about Rosalyn's claws at his neck. Suddenly, Leif had a sort of epiphany: he was sitting in a strange house with a real, live cat-girl on his lap, along him to stroke her fur and enjoy himself. In fact, she was insisting upon it! He was all alone with her, and she might not mind if he were to take things a step further. Would Rosalyn mind? 'Probably not. After all, I've already touched her boob." Gently, as he continued to scratch Rosalyn's head, Leif began to stroke Rosalyn's beautiful tail. His hand ran along it's full length, reaching the place where it joined Rosalyn's body. He stroked her tail, letting it wrap around his arm and uncoil, then ran his hand along the small of Rosalyn's back, then back again, softly stroking her backside. Rosalyn let out a small gasp, then smiled, tilting her head back into the palm of Leif's hand. She wriggled and nuzzled, getting a little closer to rub up against his body. Leif could feel her hot, heavy breasts brushing up against his thigh, and at that point the too let out a small breath of excitement. Suddenly Rosalyn flipped over and arched her back. "Rub my belly, nyan." His other hand now stroking Rosalyn's thigh, Leif began circling Rosalyn's belly button, rubbing her bare flesh with the warm palm of is hand. Rosalyn shuddered and her entire body resonated with her deep, full purring. Her tail whipped back and forth, unable to sit still and wanting to rub up against Leif as much as possible. Leif couldn't believe how soft Rosalyn's skin was. He had never held a girl like this before, and she was so warm to the touch. "Rub a little higher, nyan. I have a little itch in my tummy." Leif moved his hand upward to where the edge of Rosalyn's inadequate pajamas now rested. He could feel the bottom of her ribcage, and he ran his finger along the ridge where her soft belly stopped and the hard bones began. "Higher, nyan…" Leif's fingers traced the outline of Rosalyn's ribs, then rubbed along her tight pajama shirt. Her perky, soft breasts jiggled slightly as Rosalyn shifted her weight. Leif had his eye on them now. His hands stayed just below them, but he was unwilling to move any higher and even graze the side of her breasts until she said he could. For now he scratched Rosalyn's belly, caressed her bare flesh and tickled a little bit. Rosalyn removed her claws from Leif's neck and caressed his cheek. "Higher." Leif was still rubbing Rosalyn's belly, but his hands were starting to shake. He looked at Rosalyn's breasts, straining against the fabric of her pajamas, her nipples visible through the taut cloth. "Don't be afraid. I've been looking forward to this for hours." His hands still trembling, Leif slid them upwards until the back of his hand touched the underside of Rosalyn's bosom. She drew a deep breath, Leif hesitated, but he quickly took his chance and lifted his hand and placed it on top of her breast. "Oh, nyaaaaaahaaaaaannn…." Rosalyn purred so loudly that it seemed to drown out every other sound except for Leif's beating heart. Slowly, softly, he squeezed, getting a feel for the mass and weight of the fleshy mammary. He let his fingers sink in, moved the breast around, fondling and manipulating conservatively, but Leif's heart was pounding hard. He had never touched a woman's breasts before. He had imagined what it would be like, fantasized about it, in fact pleasured himself to the very thought of it. Now in these odd circumstances his wish had come true, and Leif wanted more. His other hand came up and grasped Rosalyn's other breast. Rosalyn moaned as Leif squeezed and massaged her through her shirt. She stretched out her long, supple limbs; the top button, long strained by her growing assets, popped off and flew into the air. Rosalyn was practically topless as Leif played with her, indulging every fantasy he had ever dreamed up involving a woman's breasts. "Nyan! I've never let anyone else touch me like this! What else can you do, nya?" Leif paused. 'What else could I do?' He eagerly pawed at Rosalyn's breast, which he thought was the penultimate achievement, but now he had a moment of doubt. Where should he go from here? Suddenly the answer became obvious. Leif took one hand off of Rosalyn's breasts, then worked his way down: tickled her ribs, poked and squeezed her soft belly, ran his hand over the curve of her hip, and then slid his fingers underneath her tight waistband. Little by little her slid his hand lower, deeper, further- "So, you kids made it?" Leif and Rosalyn whipped their heads around and saw Rosalyn's mother standing there, holding a bag of groceries. Leif thought his heart had stopped. All three of them stood there in silence, Rosalyn's frizzy tail standing up in alarm, and Leif with his hand still clutching Rosalyn's breast. Snapping out of it he removed his hands and dumped Rosalyn off of his lap. Rosalyn shrieked as she hit the floor, but was soon on her feet again. "Mom! What are you doing here?" "I live here, sweetie. What are you two doing, eh?" "I…we were…weren't doing anything! W-we…we…" The Rosalyn's voice quickly returned to its youthful tone, and her body also shrank back to normal proportions, cat ears and tail gone. She stood there in her oversized pajamas, trembling as her mom came closer. Leif was still frozen in place. He had no idea what he was going to say to Rosalyn's mom, though he was thoroughly convinced that he would not be invited over for dinner again. Mrs. Catalunia put down the groceries and walked up to Rosalyn, who could not stop shaking. Suddenly, she threw her arms around her daughter and laughed. "It's really happened! I'm so happy for you!" "What!?" Rosalyn and Leif shouted. Mom ran to the front door. "Jeff! Come in; it happened!" Leif and Rosalyn sat there on the couch as the entire family, Mom, Dad, and Hector, ran into the room and launched a thousand questions. "What took you so long?" "Did you have to fight? I know I did." "How did it feel when you transformed. Tell me everything!" "That's it! Someone tell me what's going on right now!" The room grew quiet as everyone stared at Rosalyn, whose face was now deep crimson. Hector and his father turned to Mrs. Catalunia, who sighed and put her hands on daughter's shoulder. "There's no more putting it off. I'm going to tell both of you exactly what's going on." Everyone sat down in the living room as she unveiled the story. "You see, Rosalyn, the women in our family have a special gift. Whenever oen fo us finds the man that they want to marry, another part of her self emerges." "That's what Rosalyn told me earlier, that she chases after him until he gives in." "Yes Leif, exactly. A lady like us is born with a cat spirit that helps her chase that man down, never taking no for an answer. We do not stop until he is ours. That's why you did what you did today." "But," Rosalyn shook her head and hid her face in her hands. "How do you know all of this?" "Well, how do you think?" Mom snapped her fingers, and quickly she sprouted cat ears and a tail. Her body became a little more voluptuous and she got down on all fours, snuggling up to her husband's leg. "How do you think I met your father, nyeh?" Rosalyn stared at her mother with her mouth hanging open. "That's why you have all that tuna!" Leif blurted out. Everybody stared at Leif in confusion, then quickly returned to the matter at hand. "We've been trying to find someone who you'd like," Mr. Catalunia continued, "So we just kept bringing people home, hoping that one of the guys you met would be the one." "Yeah," Hector chimed in. "I've been trying to get Leif to come here for weeks. Mom and Dad were going crazy whenever you said no, but I never thought that you'd actually be the one!" Hector slapped the unbelieving Leif on the back. "Congratulations bro: looks like we're going to be in-laws." Leif said nothing, but Rosalyn began to sob. "But…but…I don't want to marry him!" Rosalyn's Mom stood up, and pressing her daughter close to her whispered that everything would be alright. "But you do want to marry him, nyeh. That cat-girl, the woman you became, nya, she is a part of you. Perhaps you don't know her yet, but she knows you." Rosalyn looked up into her mother's green eyes, beheld her sharpened teeth and felt her tail brush against her hand. Mom smiled. "This is what you want. You'll see." But Rosalyn shook her head. "I don't want him. I wanted…I want…" Bursting into tears, she tore herself free from her mom's arms and ran upstairs. Everyone heard the sound of her door slamming, and then all was silent. The rest of the family turned to Leif, who was still on the couch, vacant look on his face. Dad stepped forward. "Well, don't be discouraged, Leif. She'll figure herself out sooner or later." "Yeah." Hector agreed. "I know that this isn't what you wanted right now, but I think that you two were made for each other. No one else likes anime like you guys do." Mrs. Catalunia turned back into a normal human. "Don't worry, she'll figure it out in the end." Confused, stunned, and exhausted, Leif replied that he needed some rest. Hector helped him to the spare room to let him alone. As his mind slowed down, Leif became more calm but was unable to sleep. What did the Catalunias want of him, and what was he going to do about it. Leif didn't want to get married, least of all to a cursed human-animal hybrid. What would his parents think? Even so, these desperate musing were interrupted by thoughts of the cat-girl cuddling on his lap, and of her soft, voluptuous figure.
  8. Down on the Paniola Ranch, a ranch down in the Alola region, nearly every day is a day full of hard work. Farmhands wake up every day in order to manage the Pokemon in the stables, maintain all of the equipment, and transport any of the goods derived from all the Pokemon back to the bigger cities for profit. It takes a lot of heavy lifting, a great fondness for animals, and a knack for working around the clock to ensure every task is finished by the end of the day, only for everything to start all over again the next day. Hudson was an individual that was up to the task, a bright-eyed and brown-haired young adult that had been working on the farm and still learning the ropes for about a month. He made mistakes every now and then, but was only getting better at his job with every passing day. He was forming more of a bond with the Pokemon in the stables, through all the cleaning and feeding that he went through every day. Today was a pretty big day for Hudson, a rite of passage for the career he was in; It was time for him to take Sundown, the most rambunctious Mudsdale around, for a ride over to the stables on the other end of the ranch. His alarm suddenly tore him away from any dreams he might’ve had about the task, turning over and deciding to nap for just a little while longer. “Just five more minutes…” He mutters to himself, hitting the snooze button with his hand. A bit more time passed, and the man would suddenly realize that he’d been sleeping through his alarm after it went off a second time. Reluctantly glancing toward his clock, he would realize that his shift was about to start in fifteen minutes. He hardly had any time to get ready in order to make it in time, immediately rolling out of bed and tossing a shirt on. “Shit, shit!” He mutters to himself, rolling on some deodorant and tossing on his blue-checkered vest and a pair of denim slacks, the typical working attire of the ranch. Once that was properly sorted out, he rushed out the door and began to make his commute to the ranch via bike. Driving wasn’t too common in the Alola region, as much as it would help him to get to work sooner. “I’ve never even ridden a Mudsdale before, how am I going to do this?” He pants to himself, pedaling harder as he spots his workplace over on the horizon. Deep down, he wasn’t sure if he was ready to handle such a beast like Sundown, with how agitated he tends to act during the best of days. Still, he’d rather not make a fool of himself by simply walking the big mudhorse over to the other end of the ranch on foot. His ego depended on it all, and he had to accept it, no matter how stupid it was that he had not yet practiced beforehand. Before long, he’d be right inside of the ranch to begin yet another day, his eyes set on the stables. Checking his phone, it would appear that he made it with a minute to spare. Inside of the stables, one of his higher-ups was checking his watch as well, looking up to greet Hudson with a handshake. “Well, there you are! I was starting to think that being thrown off by Sundown here might throw you off, heh.” The older-looking man would chuckle to himself, giving the other a pat on the shoulder. Hudson grit his teeth, not quite awake enough to handle it. “N-Never been better, man. Just help me onto the horse and I’ll have him over there in no time.” The farmhand replied, rubbing the back of his neck as he looks into Sundown’s eyes. The Mudsdale puffed a bunch of air into his face, wearing a sour expression. No matter what, something always seemed to be keeping him peeved. “Let’s just get this over with…” Hudson sighed, the other man pulling him up onto the saddle before opening the door out into the main field of the ranch. “Alright now, Hudson! Remember, don’t go losing the horse, or else we’ll be having a serious problem around here. Sundown’s been known to jump over the highest fences around these parts.” The man warned, before giving Sundown a pat on the behind. That seemed to be enough to send the Mudsdale running, quickly speeding to a gallop into the field with the human hardly able to hang on from the horse’s aggressive speed. It almost felt like the Mudsdale was already intentionally trying to shake him off of there, Hudson trying to pull back on the reigns to make him slow down. “Woah, woah! Come on, we aren’t even going in the right direction!” The human begged the horse, doing whatever he can to try and get some minimal control over the furious Mudsdale. However, it was already too late. A simple kick to Sundown’s side was enough to buck Hudson right off of the horse, sending him flying right down into the mud. Thankfully, the Mudsdale has taken him far enough away from the main areas of the ranch to be humiliated from his tumble, but from where he was lying, he could already see Sundown rushing to jump over a fence. Now, he was in the wilderness, and was all his fault. “Awww, shit… What am I supposed to tell everyone else?” He mutters to himself, stomping a foot down in the mud, upset from messing up his one job so soon. He’d lift up his fist again to realize that, upon further inspection, he didn’t have any fingers anymore. In fact, his entire hand was reforming into something more similar to a hoof. The mud seeping into his clothing began to melt everything he wore off into nothingness, simply becoming more of the mud surrounding him. “G-gah! What the hell is happening to me…!?” That was when the human was beginning to realize that his very form was beginning to change, rather drastically. His form was beginning to shift into something considerably larger, his hair sporadically growing into a combination of a black mohawk and large dreadlocks, resembling a mane… Was he turning into the very creature he was just forced to take control of? Was it supposed to be some kind of sick joke? Looking down, expecting to see his regular junk, he would see that everything was increasing in size and changing shape. He now had the cock of a horse, as well as a giant tail that resembled his new mane sprouting from his behind. All of the weight and size he was gaining started to take a toll on him, falling forward and continuing his sudden transformation on all fours. “How is this even possible! How is this mud...sdale! Mudsdale, dale!” His hair framed his eyes now, resembling a mass with a long muzzle replacing his regular face. Hudson’s very shape was more draft horse than human now, covered in sleek brown fur as a replacement for his typical smooth skin. He flicked his tail, long ears twitching as he started moving around again. He’d blink a few times, looking down at his rust-red hooves, and then glancing back into the mud pit he just pulled himself out of. The horse had no idea what could’ve caused this, and he may never find out. He didn’t even know if he would ever know what it’s like to be a human anymore after this. For all intents and purposes, he was a Mudsdale now. “Dale, dale!” He whinnys to himself, clapping his hooves against the ground in distress. What could he possibly do, now that he’d been turned into a feral farm animal? Perhaps he could go clopping around for something to snack on, possibly rush off and jump the fence much like Sundown did before him. However, taking only a few steps forward revealed a brand new problem to the draft horse. *GroArRrnnn…* The brand new form for him shifted his very anatomy around considerably, and his bowels seemed to be no different. The Mudsdale was filled with a unique, harsh urge to relieve himself in a way more heavily than he’d ever felt before as a human. Since nobody else was around, it wouldn’t seem like he’d have much of an issue simply squatting down and dumping into the very mudpit he was bucked off into… That was, until he heard a voice that made him freeze up. “Hey, hey! What’s happening over here? I thought I heard… Oh! ...Sundown? But where did Hudson go?” He didn’t even need to look to hear who it was, from the pleasant feminine tone. It was Sydney, a fellow farmhand girl that Hudson had a serious crush on. Despite his physical shape changing, his mentality stayed the exact same, and didn’t want to embarrass himself by going to the bathroom right in front of her. He awkwardly lifted his behind up again, legs quaking a bit as the blonde-haired young adult approached him. “Hmmmm… No saddle. I doubt Hudson would just steal the saddle and leave him here, would he?” She moved around, glancing into the quaking Mudsdale’s eyes. “And you don’t even seem too angsty! We should probably come and take you back into the stables, get you cleaned up and all.” The prompt made the horse whinny, prancing about in place. He was still on the verge of losing control of his bowels, right in front of the girl of his dreams, and he couldn’t even tell her any of that anymore. “Nnnghhh… Whatever’s gotten into you, you certainly don’t seem like moving.” She grunts to herself, trying to shove the desperate Mudsdale from behind. Hudson puffs a bit of air out of his muzzle, his tail trying to flick her away. He wanted her to go away so very, very bad right now, to avoid catching him in such a state… But he couldn’t run away. He couldn’t even move, or else he knew it would immediately begin to pour out. At the same time, Sydney wasn’t taking no for an answer, repeatedly trying to bump into his behind and make him move from that spot. “Yeesh, you really don’t feel like moving. I’d hate to call the others over here to try and bring you back… I don’t know what your problem is. It’s like you just saw an earthquake, or somethin’.” She said in passing, making the Mudsdale twitch like never before. Something about the phrase ‘Earthquake’ seemed to trigger something rather primal inside of him, suddenly squatting down a little bit as his doughnut-shaped asshole yawns open. “Wait a minute… I think I know what’s wrong with you, now! It looks like you really just need to-” *FbBbBLORRRAPP!!* A deafening, vile fart blasted out of the horse with the force of a cannon, immediately knocking the farmgirl back down into the same pool of mud Hudson initially tumbled into. “Shit, I should’ve seen that coming…” She complains, trying to get the mud off of her outfit, before looking up… “Oh, no, no, no-!” The Mudsdale was already squatting down, gritting his teeth and now completely unable to hold back as solid clumps of horseshit began to knock down onto the girl, forcing her back into the pit over and over whenever she tried to get back up. “E-ew, disgusting!” She cried out, getting muddier and muddier as the Mudsdale sighs and keeps going. As mortified as Hudson was to do this to someone he was so fond of, the immense relief was too great for him to deny. He squatted down a little bit lower, forcing the contents of his bowels all over the unfortunate farmgirl. “G-guh, give me some air, let me out from under here!” She begged, a solid log hitting her on the chest and sending her right back down back-first into the mud. When she shielded her face with her arms, she would begin to notice something strange was happening to her… She didn’t have hands anymore, being replaced with cloven cow hooves. She could feel herself getting smaller and wider, her thighs padding out and skin growing leathery and pink as more horse waste rains down upon her. “Help, I don’t know what’s happening!” Sydney begs, only answered with another sigh from the draft horse as more waste stretches out of him. Her ears were now long, black, and flappy. She felt herself growing a small button nose, with two tiny horns poking out of her head… It was too late, the transformation was already taking place, and she too would feel herself transforming in the midst of the Mudsdale relieving himself. The most prominent change she would undergo, besides the ball-tipped tail sprouting out of herself from behind, would be her breasts. No longer did she have any cleavage at all, being replaced with a huge set of milk-stuffed udders forming on her front half. She was quite clearly a Miltank now, being buried beneath a gigantic pile of manure spilling out of the Mudsdale’s behind. Sooner or later, the flow would finally cut off. Leaving the panting cow draped in logs behind him. She would grumble in a combination of odd pleasure and disgust, wiping the muck from her chest and udders, not even questioning where her clothing went at this point. “What on Earth was that for? Couldn’t you have held back for just a second?” She cried out, still somewhat streaked even after the fact. “I couldn’t help it! You caught me right as I was about to go, and was rather embarrassed. “Well, maybe you could’ve just… Wait a minute. I can understand you, now?” Sydney brought a hoof to her head, scratching it. The Mudsdale’s ears would perk up, feeling the same way. “You mean, we can both talk to each other? Oh man, this is great!” He’d jump up and down, hooves clattering against the grass and slightly on the mud. Sydney would shield her face again. “Alright, alright! Don’t get too excited, I don’t want mud or worse splattered onto my body more than I have to. First of all, what’s your name?” The Miltank questioned, making the draft horse blush instantly. “My name? Oh right… Well, errr… You might not recognize me, but I’m Hudson. Whatever just happened to you is the same thing that happened to me, after being kicked off of Sundown. Please don’t be mad…” The Miltank blinked a few times, rather surprised. “Hudson…? That’s really you? And how could I possibly be mad about that prick of a horse at this point, especially since we both seem to be barn animals now? The first thing we should do is find out how to get back to normal, if we even can…” She questions, sifting through the mud again for some kind of solution, minding the Mudsdale’s own mud added to it. The more she fumbled through all of that mud, the more the Mudsdale watched her, seeing her becoming more and more frustrated about the whole deal. “M-maybe there’s something with the puddle, some kind of weird chemical or…” She cut herself off, smacking her forehead with a hoof. “Ugh, it’s hopeless…” Sydney finally admits, feeling utterly defeated. It was at that point that the Hudson sighed, lifting up a hoof and placing it onto her shoulder, looking her in the eyes. “Look… If I’m going to be like this, I’m just happy that I get to be like this along with you. Truth be told, I’ve always kinda had a thing for you, even if I tend to screw up a lot. You know, like I just did.” He huffs, nuzzling his muzzle against the top of the Miltank’s head. She blinked a few times, before blushing deeply. “Oh, Hudson… We might not really be humans anymore, but you’re still just as great as ever. With you, I’m sure this will all work out.” Sydney smiles, clearly feeling much more relieved about the sudden situation forced upon the two of them. Not much of a situation anymore. The cow wiped any remaining mess from the Mudsdale off of herself with some of the mud’s water, drying off with the grass, before going a little bit closer to Hudson. The two nuzzled right up against each other, right about to kiss, until a familiar face suddenly distracted the two of them. It was one of the girls that worked at the ranch’s daycare center, with glasses and braided ginger hair. “What the heck’s going on here? Two Pokemon got loose? Should probably take the two of you back to breed. Both of you seem pretty lovey-dovey.” She said to herself, making the both of them very embarrassed. “Tanktank, Miltank!” The female would say, being pulled along by the arm as the Mudsdale is pulled along by one of his braids. “Jeez, pretty chatty…” The remaining human rolled her eyes, quickly leading the transformed pair back into the daycare center, just the two of them in a smaller, more fenced-off area. Pushing up her glasses, the Pokemon breeder would gaze back at the two of them. “You know, you almost remind me of a couple of dorks… Ah well, don’t have too much fun!” She joked, shutting the gate and leaving the both of them up to their own devices. The both of them were quite embarrassed, quite a bit of tension and pressure building up between the two of them for the entire trip there. Especially now that they were both held at the daycare center like that, practically expected to breed each other. Hudson looked over to Sydney, then back down at the grass below him. “Uhhh… Got anything better to do?” He’d simply ask, tapping a couple of his hooves together. The Miltank was shuddering a little bit, some sort of liquid dripping right down the side of her thigh, before finally giving a sigh. “I can’t stand sitting here like this, when I know you could be putting that new, massive cock of yours to good use. Just fuck me already.” She begged, immediately moving over to the edge of the daycare, near one of the fences. The Mudsdale simply stood where he was, completely in shock after watching the girl of his dreams, now a cow, simply lie on her back near the pole of the fence. Her legs were spread wide now, giving Hudson a great view of her sex beneath her udders, spreading it a little bit with one of her hooves. “Well, what are you waiting for?” She cocked her head to the side, as the draft horse finally steps closer. She was considerably smaller in size than himself, but it would still definitely work. Sydney could see the Mudsdale’s cock flaring out and stiffening up from the sight of her, dipping his muzzle down to quickly give his tongue a drag across her pussy. Her thighs quiver, letting out a light moan as Hudson gets a taste for her. It was absolutely invigorating… The Mudsdale kicked his front hooves up, dangling them over the fence in order to get into a good position, his throbbing cock pressed right against the Miltank’s entrance, dripping with pre. “Are we even in the s-same egg group…?” He questioned, glancing down to notice the cow adjusting the position of tip, stuffing it inside just a little bit. “Who cares? Just b-breed me.” She begs, spreading her legs a little bit wider and closing her eyes. That was all Hudson really needed, gritting his teeth and bucking his hips forward to cram his horsecock deep within Sydney’s folds. She immediately gasped out in pleasure. “Nnnnghhhh…” Hudson groans, pulling in and out of the Miltank as every inch stretches her wider than she’s ever felt before. She throws her head back, moaning as the bulb-tipped tail flicks around in excitement. Sydney didn’t even know she could take so much of the Mudsdale, but she managed to make the perfect sleeve for him. He bucks his hips, his monumental sack slapping back against her with every thrust, with a rather large bulge from his shaft visible in her lower body. “There’s so muchhh…” She groans, milk dribbling out of a couple udders from all of the stimulation, letting him keep going. Everything was wrapped so warm and tightly around the Mudsdale, knowing that he was railing the girl of his dreams making him thrust harder, hooves wrapping around the fence. He kept thrusting faster and harder, the Miltank drooling and kicking a little bit with all of the horsecock that was wrecking her walls. Sooner or later, the Mudsdale was about to climax, biting his lip and whimpering in a way rather similar to earlier after he first transformed. Sydney was stretching herself wider with both hooves, trying to give the horse as much room as possible as his legs begin to quiver. “I think I’m about to b-bust…” Hudson whinnys, pre oozing from his tip and lubricating everything up further as his tail flicks left and right. “D-do it inside, see how much you can fill me!” The panting Miltank replies, bracing herself for an intense climax. And soon enough, the Mudsdale would. He thrust his cock as deep into the Miltank as he could possibly manage, before letting loose. His eyes closed tight, feeling a little bit unsteady, before a torrent of cum blasts out of his tip and bloats the moaning Miltank, rope after rope. He was gushing like a hose, absolutely lost in the moment as Sydney braces herself and takes as much of it as she could, eventually ending up overfilled as it gushes right back out of her around the Mudsdale’s cock. There was only so much she could contain, and she loved every single minute of it. “Gaaaaah, haaaah~!” She squeals, going mostly limp as Hudson finishes climaxing, slowly pulling his shaft back out of the Miltank and returning to his standing position, shaking like he’d seen a ghost. “Hoooly shit…” He mutters to himself, shaking his head as he watches his own load gush back out of the Miltank. “Huff… Huff… I love you, Hudson.” She smiled, sliding all the way down onto her back as she continues dripping. The Mudsdale would approach her, nuzzling against her head as his limp shaft finally stops dripping. “I love you too, Sydney… When do you wanna do it again?” He purred, with a wink. The Miltank got the feeling that there was going to be a lot more where that came from, locked away in a breeding center with the stud of her dreams. The very thought of it made her shudder in pleasure. A few days would pass since the first time the Mudsdale and Miltank went at it, nuzzling against each other in the evening when Sydney suddenly felt something odd inside of her. “Oh jeez, something doesn’t seem to be sitting right…” She whimpers, her lower body making all sorts of odd noises. “Oh jeez, I hope it isn’t what I think it is.” Hudson joked a little, nosing at her. Sydney backed off, giving herself some space as she spread her legs a bit, squatting down. “No, not that! I think it’s our f-first egg…!” Something round-ish was beginning to press it’s way out of her pussy, cream-colored with green spots… It was an egg alright, and a massive one. She had to lift up a leg as it forced its way out of her birth canal, grunting and groaning to herself as the humongous egg squeezes from her folds. It was even wider than the Mudsdale’s girth, getting her to shudder… And finally, *SHLRRR-POP!* The oval-shaped object popped out of herself and rolled out into the grass, still covered in feminine fluids as it sat there. “Woah… That’s a huge egg.” Hudson said to himself, pressing at it a little bit with a hoof. The exhausted Miltank seemed to grin a little bit, looking into his eyes. “Take it as a sign of my affection for you… There’s going to be a lot more where that came from. <3” http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31793123/
  9. The storm raged on as Weston drove down the dark country road. The sky would light up with a flash of lightning before thunder cracked less than a second later. His wipers were working as fast as they could but he could still only barely see through the deluge. The nineteen year old was attempting a shortcut from work but was now regretting that decision. He was taller, at six feet, with blue eyes and short crop of dark brown hair. He was squinting to try and see better when a tremendous shock of lightning struck down a tree which he watched fall right into the road. Weston slammed on the breaks but the slick conditions caused him to careen sideways before smashing his passenger side into the fallen tree. Airbags deployed but were ineffective at the low speed. “Damn it,” he cursed as his dashboard lit up with issues before the car suddenly died. He tried to start the engine again but it wouldn’t go. “Great,” he sighed, looking out his window at the storm. Worse still, the crash had opened up part of his passenger door which was now letting the rain into the car. Weston knew he couldn’t stay there so he looked around through the dark for some kind of place to shelter. He noticed a fence on the other side of the road and, well beyond that, in the distance was a building with a few lights on. Desperate, Weston climbed out his car and and pulled up his jacket to cover his head. Making a run for it, he cleared the fence and then made for the building. As he got closer, he realized it was a barn. After a mile of wet drudgery, he reached the front doors of the barn, but they wouldn’t budge. Walking around, he tried two more doors, both locked, before finding an entrance that required him to jump a small stable door to get in. He landed directly in something squishy and when he looked down, he could have thrown up. He had sunk one of his shoes directly into a cowpie and barely missed it with the other foot. Stepping out carefully, Weston thought about how bad this day was going. He took off the soiled shoe and the other just to even things out. The floor was padded down dirt and straw and lacked any animals it seemed. He walked deeper into the barn and up a flight of stairs to the area that was lit up. It was the main area of the barn, with stables surrounding him along with ropes, reins, and tools you would commonly find in any barn. Weston was more interested in a phone as his own, he just realized, he left in the car. There was a small office area but it looked to be stocked with things circa 1800 with no phone and only a burning oil lamp. Sighing his frustration, Weston decided that the best course of action would be to just rest for the night and then go back to his car in the morning. It clearly wouldn’t be going anywhere until then. Finding a place to sleep in a barn was tricky as there were a few bales of hay but they weren’t exactly comfortable. There were some stables but when he approached one to see if he could sleep in, he was shocked to find a large, black bull resting peacefully. Backing away from the massive beast, Weston knew he had to find a different place. Checking the other stalls, he found two more bulls, all sleeping, and not much else. That was until he looked in the last stall which was thankfully not occupied by any animal but wasn’t empty either. Weston opened the gate and walked in where the most high tech piece of equipment was kept. It was polished metal all over and had piping, gauges, and several tubes with long suction cups at the end. Weston had no idea what this would be for exactly but at least it wasn’t a living thing. Deciding he would sleep with the machine, Weston was trying to build himself a place to rest when he noticed something on the side of the machine. It was a glass bottle with a green top and white liquid inside. Curious, he reached for it and was surprised to find the container was somewhat chilled. Shaking the bottle, it had a consistency which was familiar to him. Unscrewing the top, he confirmed his guess. “Cold milk? Just left out here?” he asked himself. The crash and long run had certainly made the man thirsty and after taking a deep whiff of the liquid, it felt like it would hit just the right spot. So with a little trepidation, he started to chug the glass. It wasn’t too long before he emptied and set the glass down. He made a satisfied noise while smiling big. “I needed that,” he said, wiping the excess from his lips. “Odd that they have cow milk without any actually cows here,” he also wondered as every animal he saw was a bull and as far as Weston knew, the white liquid you get from a bull isn’t something you wanna drink. Laying his back against the wooden stall, Weston tried to make himself comfortable against the wall. It was proving difficult as his ass was feeling lumpy and uncooperative. When he stood up again to try and look around for something to make a bed out of, he felt a dizziness strike him. His legs were wobbly and head felt like it just stepped off a rollarcoaster. Taking a few breaths, he calmed himself down. “I hope that milk wasn’t bad,” he mumbled to himself as he was somewhat regretting quenching his thirst before. Taking a few steps to regain his composure, he felt his bowels almost immediately start to grumble. The man wasn’t lactose intolerant but with the onset of nausea, he was starting to think that maybe he was. What came next was a rather lout and putrid fart from behind the man. He blushed in embarrassment, even if he was the only person there. He tried to keep in subsequent bouts of flatulence but it was as if part of his body was overruling his mind. As if urges and instinct were more important than shame and control. “I wonder if there is a bathroom nearby,” he grumbled. He was entirely unaware that his own asshole was puckering large and causing some discomfort between his ass cheeks. Ignoring this, Weston tried looking in every corner and room he could for a toilet but couldn’t find anything. He even checked the bull filled stalls and saw they had just shit right in the corner of the stall. Gulping, Weston returned to his stall with the machine and made for the corner. Pulling down his still wet jeans and boxers, he braced himself against the wall in order to give himself a feeling like being on a toilet. Once he finally let go, he felt a massive, retched stink come from him before plops of shit could be heard gathering under him. He pushed and pushed, not wanting to stop and was unaware of the bovine look of his asshole. Or even the small slit growing just behind his balls. All he wanted was relief and he finally had that, even if it was smelling horrible. He tried to use some straw as toilet paper, unsuccessfully, but did still pull up his jeans, even if he had to struggle a bit to get over his swollen ass. Relieved at last, he stood up and glanced back at what he had done and was shocked to see a pile not too dissimilar to what he had stepped in originally or what the bulls had left in their stalls. It wasn’t a major cause for concern but wasn’t exactly helping Weston’s mental state either. Fixing his belt, he decided to go into the office again and see if there was anything there that could help. Inside the small room with an old wooden desk, there were mostly riding crops, leather straps, muzzles, shovel, and other mundane equipment that did little to raise the spirits of Weston. Worst of all, no phone or blankets. Just a single chair so it seemed Weston would be sleeping as is. Another crack of thunder outside along with the pounding rain on the roof above meant going outside wasn’t an option. Weston paced around the central area, trying to calm himself down. This is when he started to feel the oddest sensation twitching at the base of his spine. Curious, he reached back behind himself and was shocked at what he found. Perhaps three inches in length and was slightly furry already. He tugged at it, thinking it something that must have got stuck to him at some point, he only wound up hurting himself and possibly growing the tail out another inch or two. “What in the hell?” he asked himself, turning around in the space trying to get a better look at what was happening. Sure enough, there was a small tail hanging from his backside. He quickly checked the rest of his body for any oddness and the only place he felt an odd tingle was from his asshole. He passed this off as just leftover feelings from shitting before but had he looked closer, he would have found his asshole had puckered up larger. Instead he again pulled his pants up and shoved the tail down into them. “I’m just imagining things,” he reasons. Taking a few steps forward though, he felt a fit of flatulence hit him. The smell that eked out of him was almost fit for his surroundings, as it was rank smelling and fit for a barn. “Ugh, and smelling things,” he spat. It was then that one of the bulls in the pen stirred and got up. It came to the front of its stable and sniffed at the air close to Weston. “What are you looking at, fatty?” Weston insulted upon seeing the massive girth of the animal. The bull huffed but just watched. Several more of the beasts also woke up, all with their attentions set on the man standing in the middle of the barn. Now Weston was feeling somewhat uncomfortable so he retreated to the stable with the machine and the relative safety of it. Sliding his back down the wall and coming to a stop on his ass, Weston was now just staring at the machine. “What are you even for?” he asked, giving the machine an idle kick. One of the tubes with attached suction cup dislodged and feel the ground near him. Taking it, it seemed to definitely be a machine built around sucking something up. It took Weston moments thinking where he was an his current company, along with that glass of milk, to realize what it was. “Milking machine. But I don’t see any cows?” True enough, aside from the three bulls that had been roused from their slumber by Weston’s moving around, there wasn’t anyone with an udder. While he considered the suction cup, he found he was now sporting a slight stiffy. As he grew, a strange idea entered his head. Undoing his pants and tugging down the front of his pants, he let his cock spring out. The size of it was very similar to that of a suction cup. For reasons he couldn’t even understand, he slid the cup over his cock. The fit was almost perfect. “Looks like cock is milkable,” he joked. Suddenly, the machine came alive. A small interface menu turned on and clicks and whirling sounds could be heard from inside of it. Weston leaned forward to see what the machine was doing but as he did, he felt a brush of air against his cock. “What the-” he said before the suction tube swelled slightly in order to trap his cock in the machine. This is when the panic set in. “Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no!” he said while trying to remove the suction cup from his member. He pulled as hard as he could but, shamefully, it only made his cock harder and even trickier to dislodge. More whirring noises were put out by the machine and then Weston felt a breezy sensation against the head of his cock. Then came an intense sucking sensation that caused Weston’s eyes to cross. He shuddered visibly and looking down at the tube, he could feel it trying to suck the life out of him. Whether it was the motion of the suction or just the air, Weston was soon brought to orgasm and finally the connected tubes were pulling out a white liquid. “Uhh, uhhhhhhhh,” gasped the man as he felt not only the initial release of orgasm but something beyond it. The machine continued to suck, and suck, and suck, which was causing his testicles to shrink more and more. This was lost on the man who was experiencing maybe the most complete orgasm of his life. By the time the machine began to slow down, Weston’s cock was beat red and somewhat shriveled. His balls were as tiny as a pair of cherries with his scrotum sagging. But this isn’t where Weston was drawing his attention at first. He was more concerned with the glass container that had been filled up entirely of his sperm. He had never ejaculated so much in his entire life so it was remarkable to see it. With a yank, he detached the suction cup and had his first shock of horror upon seeing his shrunken member. “What the hell?” he asked as he reached down and cupped the barely one inch cock above balls that looked entirely deflated. It was as if the machine had sucked the very life out of his manhood. Soon, though, that was the least of his issues. Weston started to wince as a strange sensation started tugging at ears. He batted away the invisible hands he felt but it did little. “My ears are burning!” he shouted. Getting up and away from the machine, he stumbled out into the barn properly, trying to find a mirror or something to see what was happening. There was nothing in the whole place that would suffice so he went back to the machine where, on the polished metal surface, he could somewhat make out the elongated ears. What’s more, when he turned, he could see the growth from the back of his spine was even longer now. “That milk must have had some kind of drug or hallucinogenic in it,” Weston reasoned, dabbing his sweating head with his shirt. Weston was now feeling uneasy and it was turning into a real concern of his. The first sign of real trouble was when his once loose fitting jeans started to get tighter, especially around the waist. He loosened his belt a few times before tossing it away completely. Looking down, he had a bulge there that was quite concerning for him. Reaching and grabbing the growth, it felt squishy to the touch and like a beach ball was trying to inflate in front of him. He had to keep his pants undone just for the growth to have the proper room. “This is, this is surreal,” a scared and shaking Weston said. Another gut pain and this time the focus was lower in Weston’s bowels. It felt like eels were at work inside him when in fact his entire physiology was being wracked with changes. The tail behind him wagged as it grew and lifted when Weston let out a fart. This fart was followed by a massive push of shit into his pants. His face could not have gone more red from embarrassment. He had to slide his pants and boxers all the way off and squat to continue making the mess he was making. He couldn’t ever recall shitting so much in all his life but as he glanced back, the pile had a unmistakable look of a cowpie to it. More tension, this time in his taint where flecks of his shit dotted the dark skin that now covered the area. His scrotum had diminished until it looked like it was forming a strange new function. A slit had opened up beneath it and the former scrotum was now being turned into the bovine folds of a cow’s cunt. His shrunken cock pulled down into this new pussy and was never seen again. All of this was lost on Weston who was more concerned with the growing mass on his waist. It now was a the size of a soccer ball and had four welts on it. The skin was also more pink than pale and had a very light coating of fuzz on it. Shaking his head as hard as he could, the reality of the situation wasn’t leaving him. “I can’t be changing. I mean, what is this on my waist?” he asked himself. Bubbles felt like they were growing in his abdomen, and more of that squirming eel feeling was spreading up his body. Arms crossed over his chest, he felt an ache in his spine. If he could have seen, he would have watched his vertebrae swell against his taunt skin as his entire back got longer. He felt it in that he was now stooping forward somewhat as a way to compensate. Weston, using the stall wall to help keep him upright, waddled along the fence partially to get away from the pile of shit he made but also to try and stay standing. Maybe he needed to get out of this place. On cue, there was a thunderous crash in the sky and the hard thumping of rain on the roof above. He was trapped, he knew, and was unaware that he would never leave the place on two feet. He decided the office of sorts would be the best place to be since it had a chair and some amenities. His legs wobbled and now a solid six foot six with his longer spine and ears changed was having trouble getting into the room. He ducked down and immediately sat on the lone chair there. It creaked with his weight. Weston spread his legs as far as they could go in order to make the unidentified bulge on his waist have more room as it started to hang. Veins bulged on it just before the sensation of being filled, like with a hose into a water balloon, started in the growth. No longer a paltry half soccer ball in size. It was now hanging between his legs like a basketball, only he could feel it gradually gaining wait. The four welts started to protrude more and went from nipples to teats really fast. It was just now dawning on Weston what his growth looked like. “An udder? No, no. That’s not possible,” he stammered in denial. As if trying to prove this, he leaned on his side and reached under the udder expecting to find his somewhat squished cock and balls. Instead, two fingers went into a wet bovine cunt and came out leaking vaginal ooze. He pulled his hand away in shock, looking at his fingers like he had never seen them before. “M-m-m-my cock?” he whimpered. Instead of just feeling for it, Weston picked up the udder and moved it to confirm what his fingers had already told him. No cock. No balls. All cunt. Feeling even past that there was a puckered asshole and then the tail. Yes, a tail. “This has to be, be… be,” but Weston’s mind was racing faster than his mouth could keep up. “I need to leave here. Now.” With that he stood up, knocking the chair over, and started waddling out the door. Just as he cleared the threshold though another pain struck his leg. Looking now, he saw something quite worrying. His knee cracked and shifted slowly and so to did his other leg. It didn’t hurt so much as felt like his legs were turning to rubber. Once they hardened again, his legs weren’t bending the way he was used to. This was made clear when he took just one step forward before he collapsed hard on his hands. This tore a rip down the back of his shirt and caused it to fall to the ground under him. “Ahhhh! Help me! Help me, someone!” he cried out. The only eyes there were the three bulls that were now all awake and looking at the man in the middle of the floor. Once on all fours, his back legs cracked and shifted, and then came the next major change. Weston felt a weirdness in his socks that was causing them change drastically. Pushing up to the balls of his feet, the big toe and little toe cracked backwards while hooves thickened from the remaining toes. Both ripped through the sock and were showing thickening hooves with dew claws forming in the back. Hair was now growing around the feet, white fur, and it was starting to go up his backside. “Oh no, please, please! Stop….stop!” he yelled at his legs and udder as both were becoming more bovine. His hind legs started to grow larger which only just kept up with his udder’s swelling growth so it was kept off the dirty floor. For now, anyway. Weston looked around for some kind of escape and spied the front doors. Walking awkward with his unchanged hands and shaky back legs, it was a slow go. He heard the smacking of wood and at first he thought it was the wind and rain outside. But it was coming from behind rather that around. When Weston looked back, he saw one of the bulls was pacing circles in its pen before sticking his head over the stall, banging into it, and sniffing the air. Had Weston known he was the reason the bull was so agitated, perhaps he would have tried to hide. Instead he got to the front door. Reaching up, he was coming up short when reaching for the handle. He tried jumping up but his hind legs were getting bigger and heavier so it was almost impossible to do so. Still, he kept trying until his face was beat red from frustration. “There has to be a, another way,” he panted, looking around. That’s when the change started to effects his hands as well. These he was even more afraid of losing since he couldn’t open a door anymore. He struggled against it, trying to pull the merging fingers apart but it was no use. “Please, please don’t do this to me,” he plead to the room as dexterity in his hand diminished to pure hoof. His ears were fluffier now and were wiggling on top of his head. He could clearly hear the snuffing of the bulls as they appeared to be ready for action. What action that was, Weston would rather not know. “I need to leave. Help me! Help me!” he yelled as his arms were next to start getting longer. Every breath he took cracked his ribs out further. And further. And now it wasn’t just the udder that was sagging but more of his gut as extra organs that were growing inside. All of this was making him very quezy. Gurgling noises from inside his body were loud and did not exactly inspire confidence. Weston grit his teeth as a sensation shot down his back which caused him to prickle up. Fur was now sprouting on his torso and it was spreading at an alarming rate. The stable doors leading to the bulls were all shaking loudly now as the beast would bend their horns down and ram into the door. Weston was so concerned with himself that the bull’s actions were mostly lost on him. Instead he was dealing with having the head of a man- minus the ears- and the partially formed body of a heifer for the rest. More fur was sprouting but it was finally the crash of wood behind him that startled Weston mightily. One of the stable doors had been bashed off its hinges and standing in the open was a black bull that was absolutely massive. It huffed at the ground and then allowed its nose to follow the sweet aroma that had driven him to bash down the door. When Weston saw the bull approaching, he quickly tried to move away but was still not used to the hooves and stumbled. The bull quickly caught up. It sniffed as her rear just before Weston began to urinate from a pisshole he didn’t know he had. The bull only seemed more enthused by this as he took to licking Weston’s wet cow cunt a good deal before finally mounting up. “No, no, no, no!” he stammered uselessly as the bull leapt onto his back. The force of the cock in him started to elongate and thicken his neck, allowing Weston to look back and see the bull on him. “Oh shit, oh shit, ohhh… OHHHHHH!” he moaned as the bull’s cock found its mark and pushed into the supple folds of the virgin cow. As it happened, Weston’s skull shook and started to grow. His mouth agape, Weston could feel the bull’s cock going deeper and deeper into his bovine body. As it did, hormones started to flood every inch of him and it was making it hard to not enjoy the feeling of being fucked. Even as he watched down his nose as his snout grew out. He shut his eyes to try and shut out the world but when he opened them again, his striking blue eyes were now a more dull brown. Once the bull was ready, he started thrusting sloppily but it was still effective in transforming Weston’s once human face into a strained bovine version of his old self. His teeth would tumble out of his mouth only to be replaced by thicker, heavier teeth made for grazing. His tongue got fatter and longer too. ‘I’m turning into a fucking cow,’ he thought internally, still trying to think of a way out. It was difficult as the bull had control of him and was so much stronger. Weston could even feel the bull’s massive balls slap against his back legs. More of his snout formed while the hair on his head shed away. The space soon filled with more cow hair making the very common white with black spots coloring. The last of the fur covered his face and despite every effort, it was then that Weston became, physically, a cow. ‘I can still think,’ he told himself even while thoughts were becoming hazy. The bull was finally reaching its point of no control and when he exploded into the heifer, he snorted on the nape of her neck before licking it and dismounting. The animal then trotted around, spent, as Weston tried to gain his bearings. ‘I look like a cow but, but I’m not a… a… a...’ but he was distracted by the feeling of cum dripping out of the back of his cunt. Then, with no control whatsoever, he started making yet another cowpie. Thoughts were now scattered in his head and stringing together sentences wasn’t even possible anymore. Linking one thought together became an impossible task and as Weston looked down at his old clothes, he didn’t remember where they came from. By the time the farmer came the next morning, he had quite the sight. A new cow had somehow broken into the barn and all three bulls had broken free of their stables that night. You didn’t have to wonder as to what they did as the cow’s cunt was stained with seed. Weston’s car was found but no other trace ever turned up. The farmer burned the clothes, not knowing how they got there, and that was that for Weston. Now a rather pregnant dairy cow.
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