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  1. Guest

    From brunette to blond bimbo

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  3. Laura knocked twice. "Be there in a sec!" Sebastian called, rubbing his throbbing head. He'd gone a bit too far on Deana, last night, and this was his consequence. Sleep deprived out of his mind, butt naked, and completely drained, he cursed his horny self for making such a rash decision. Thankfully, she'd conked out about an hour ago, giving him a chance to escape, but he still had one last thing to do before collapsing. Grabbing the prototype blaster and a pair of boxers, he checked its battery and setting. It had a shot or two left in. Oof, he'd really fucked her up, didn't he? And on the Fucktoy setting? Man, that wasn't like him at all. Back to Eye Candy, for Laura. The Don didn't care what she was so long as she was out of his way, and Deana filled that role nicely anyways. "Just grabbing pants!" He called, as he check the bathroom. Thankfully, they were there, thrown haphazardly into the corner underneath Deana's shredded bra and t-shirt. "Too much information." She teased, and he could just picture her sweet smile. Laura would be a much funner target than Ditzy Deana, but... Stopping short of the door, now fully dressed, Sebastian took a breath. Was he really going to degrade and ruin his friend's mind and body for a fat stack of cash? "Heyyy!" Sebastian opened up and rubbed his eyes, giving the most innocent grin he could. "Sorry about the delay. Deana brought some guy home last night." Laura had a bright future in at least three fields, but he'd just work harder in his one specialty to make up for it. "Really?" He closed the door behind her. She had a modest white blouse on today, and a pair of faded second hand jeans. "That doesn't sound like her." "Yeah," He waited for her to turn around. If this was gonna happen, then he shouldn't stab her literally in the back. And, as a bonus, he got to see her fill out pretty nice. "That's what I thought, but she was at it for hours." "You <i>look</i> tired." She was taking awhile to turn... Was she looking for something? She'd been over a couple times, so it wasn't the smell, or the roaches, or the hole connecting Deana and his apartments. "You could've just called." NOW! "We ca--" Hot pink light emitted from the gun thingy, and then it... bounced back...? He tilted his head. "Huh?" Everything got all soft and fuzzy. It was, like, um, like... his eyes had a rosey pinky tint or somethin'. "That's depressing." Laura was shaking her head at me. "I was really, really hoping you wouldn't do that, Sebastian." "What's happenin'?" He tried to frown, but it just sorta turned into a giggle. His head felt, like... funny. Not Ha-ha funny, but, like... funny? Ugh, whatever. "I monitor all my friend's IP addresses, phones, texts, and so on, for this exact reason." She said, and Sebastian felt himself shrink a li'l bit. Laura was mad, fer sure. "I knew you had the opportunity and means to do so, but I give friends the benefit of the doubt." She was holdin' a funny metal thingy up. It was shiny. He liked shiny... Wait! He was smarter 'n this! He just had to think! Think, think, think! If Laura... She did the, the thing! But... UGHHH!! Why did he feel so <i>dumb</i>!? It was like... like, his brain was, like, mushy, er something! "You're talkin' too fast!" He cried, puttin' the tippy top of his fingers on his forehead. But he made sure to not press too hard, and also to let the other arm just sorta dangle at the hip. He was mad, but it felt good to try and pose and pout for Laura. "It's makin' my head hurt!" "Don't strain yourself, sweetheart." Laura took his hands in hers, and it felt kinda good? Was she flirting with him? Um, did handholding make flirting? "Just turn your brain off and relax." Laura was smilin', so he did too. "Good girl." "Aww, thanks!" He knew he wasn't a girl, but he was totally blushing and giggling like a girly girl. "Now," She made eye contact, and talked super slow for her. "Do you remember the name of the man who hired you?" "Uh..." I knitted my eyebrows together and really tried ta think! It was just really hard for me. "No?" He sniffled and looked at the ground. "I-I'm sorry..." "That's okay, Tia, sweety," She pulled her into a hug!! "I know you're a little slower than the other girls." "Uh...!" Tia, didn' know what the heck Laura was talkin' about, but it felt like fireworks in her heart! "U-Uh...!" Laura was so soft? And warm?? It made her legs feel like jello! "L-Laura...?" "Now," It took her a sec, but when she finally stopped melting, Laura was walkin' away. She should follow her! Maybe they'd snuggle more on the bed. "Where's your roommate?" "Oh!" She giggled, and clasped her hands cyutely behind her back. "Oh, I know!" Wait... "She's..." Wasn't she supposed ta make Laura, like, super duper dumb, too? "Um," Oh yea! She had ta blast her ta make the mob guy happy!! "Over there?" "Thank you, Tia." Laura kissed her on the forehead, and she tried not to cringe. "I'll be right back." When Laura was gone, the bad thoughts started talking again and makin' her scared. They wanted to make Laura dumb and slutty, too! But she couldn't do that! Laura was, like, her bestest friend ever! If only she really could turn her brain off like Laura said, she wouldn't hafta be scare... ... Oh. O-Oh! She was soooo smart! Well, not anymore~ Deana was an even worse housekeeper than Sebastian. Her wallpapers was stained in places and there was a constant layer of dust and grime on the floors and ceiling. Something smelled of rot and another corner of marijuana, but Laura couldn't pin down where or if her nose was correct with all the other filth scattered around. Turning up her nose, Laura walked and ducked under the hole in the wall and immediately located Deana's swollen body. "Miss Deana?" The lump of tits and ass cuddled against the pillow and cooed. Frowning, Laura rolled up her sleeves and took tentative steps to the bed sheets. "You're going to make me do this," She said flatly, eyes locked on a particular spot of mold. "Aren't you?" The busty slob turned over in her bed and murmured something softly back. She'd been pleasant enough to begin with, but with her... mental shortcomings, perhaps that was gone. The ray's effects weren't measured, yet, on the highest power level. Laura sighed. "I really do not care for you, right now, Deana." Then pulled hard on the filthy sheet, sending the girl tumbling off the bed and face down on the floor. With a slow moving hand, the blonde rubbed her head and whined. "Owww...!" "Deane, it's Laura. I need you to wake up and put some clothes on." She looked the girl up and down and made a mental note on the quality of her butt. All things considered, it was modest. Realistic, if improbable, compared to her cumbersome chest. "My head feels fuzzy..." Deane murmured, her voice frail. "Yes, yes," Laura had heard that line too often to care. "We'll get you some food, water, and a chemical shower. Just come with me." She was nearly will less before the ray. If it had any effect, there would be virtually no safe way to check. Once, she'd stabbed herself in the arm with a swiss army knife because her boyfriend asked her to. "Okay!" Deane bobbed her head in a provocative wave and heaved herself up and at attention, bigger bust hunching her over. "Where're we going, Laura?" The girl's smile was contagious, and she couldn't help but ruffle her filthy hair a little before answering. "Once you get dressed, we're going to a science lab to do some science." Deane giggled and shuffled into a mini skirt two sizes too small for her backside. "That sounds, like, so cool." Catching the off balance bimbo, Laura frowned. "Do you have any bigger clothes, cutie?" "I gotta trenchy coat over there." Deane giggled and giggled, cheeks flushed at the compliment. Deane mindlessly giggled and stared at the scientist. She fanned her face daintily, and Laura returned with a confident grin. "Put that on, and let's head out." "Hey, um, Laura, can we, like," Deane opened the closet and chuckled nervously, eyes fixed firmly to the floor. "Ya know..." "I can't," Deane's face fell. "But I know someone who'd love to." "O-Oh...!" Deane gave an ugly, arrhythmic laugh. "I-I didn't mean, like, that, silly!" She covered up her lower... parts. "I'm a good girl." "We can talk about this more in the car." Laura extended her hand. The smell and filth wasn't that bad anymore. She'd been in here more than three minutes. Deane's eyes widened and she gasped. "H-Handholding?!" Touching the tips of her fingers over and over, she stammered out a bunch of nonsense. Laura didn't spend too much time with the girl, but this all seemed... new. Though, it was possible the girl had some odd sense of tight morality where clothes were optional but proper, actual physical contact was prohibited except for the married and dating. Focusing back in, Laura made eye contact with the green eyed beauty and seemingly silenced her by doing so. "I promise," She motioned a pseudo swear. "We'll be holding hands as friends." She didn't seem too sold at first with the way she shyed away and pouted, but her gently twirling foot gave her away. A short five seconds later, Deana'd turned back to her and gave a meek nod. It took a couple tries, but she settled her clammy hand into Laura's quite snugly. "See?" She gave up a warm grin. "Just friends." "Yeah..." Deane frowned and looked to the side, pouting a little. She'd have to talk to that girl later. It would be unfortunate for her to get the wrong idea about Laura so early on.
  4. “Any second now,” Elizabeth mumbled, “Any… damn… second.” The young woman, around the age of 19, sat alone in her recently obtained apartment. She eagerly stared at her dated laptop, twitching nervously in her seat as she waited for her package to be delivered. A few weeks ago, she had discovered the miraculous, and highly questionable, product known as Bimbos in a Box. From some shady business came a product that was designed to provide people with the equipment, makeup, and clothing that could change their appearance. Said appearance and look would be that of the stereotypical, busty, blonde bimbo. Elizabeth was someone who was perfectly fine with her looks… except when it came to her skin. No matter what she did or tried to do, her skin tone stayed the same pasty, sour cream white. It was quite ghastly and it made her look like a ghoul, at least in her mind it did. Her hope was that this product might be able to fix that problem. However, a simple ordinary Bimbo in a Box package wasn’t going to cut it for her in the slightest. She had been burnt before on similar products that were meant to give her a tan or a darker skin color and she wasn’t going to let this package lead her astray. She decided to instead get her hands on the BiaB’s special edition: Dark Chocolate. It was a special package that gave someone a really different look, but was discontinued after certain, unfortunate issues were raised about its content and how it was marketed in the first place. Such a thing wouldn’t stop Elizabeth though. After spending two weeks online hunting for a box, she managed to her hands on a pre-sealed special edition box. The product was pulled from shelves by a recall, but a store owner apparently had been selling a box off every couple of weeks instead of just sending them back. It costed a bit of change, but Elizabeth finally got one ordered and she was now just waiting for its arrival. And then… there was a knock at the door, Elizabeth nearly jumped out of her shoes in shock. “That was quick!” she declared, bouncing to her feet and rushing to the door, “I thought it would be another hour, but here we go!” She yanked open the door and a deliveryman was standing there. “One package for…” he started, but didn’t get to finish. Elizabeth snatched the box out of his hand, signed his clipboard, and then immediately slammed the door in his face in the span of twenty seconds. “Here we go!” she giggled madly, rushing back into the living room, not even bothering to lock her door. She set the box on the table and tore its top and tape off. Within the box, there were several items that she expected to see right away. There was a makeup kit, skimpy clothing, a brush, and even a contacts case. However, what really caught her attention, and what excited her the most, was the dark brown bottle at the bottom. The label on it read: Dark Chocolate Tanning Mousse. “Here we go!” she said eagerly, yanking it out first and looking it over, “My cure for looking like an emo vampire! This could be it……… but let’s start with something else first. Something basic to kick things off with…” With those words, she set the bottle down and pulled out the contacts case from the box. She took off her red-rimmed glasses and set them to the side before she opened the case. The contacts were a nice shade of almond brown. I like my pretty blue eyes and all, she thought as she carefully applied them in her eyes, but why not? I got the… oh wow! After putting the contacts in, her eyesight significantly improved. She could actually see things a decent distance away from her now. “Wow!” she remarked, looking all over the room, “Forget paying for personally made prescription contacts, these things are amazing! I’m surprised more people don’t buy these boxes just so they can get their hands on these things!” Elizabeth tested her new vision for a bit before deciding to move on. “OK!” she declared eagerly, but with also a touch of nervousness as well, “Let’s… let’s give this a shot and see if it actually works…” She took a deep breath and grabbed the can. She opened the can, the odd scent of tanning lotion drifting up into her nose. She glanced at the back of the bottle and gave it a quick read: 1. Make sure you’re clean from head to toe, and not wearing makeup or clothing before beginning. A shower is recommended. 2. Once you remove your clothing, place just a bit of the tanning mousse into one of your hands. You do not need to use much to gain the skin tone results that you want. 3. Gently apply the mousse to your skin in all the key locations: back, limbs, torso, and cheeks. You do not need to completely cover them. Also, be careful not to get any of it in your hair. 4. Let the mousse do its work. No need to worry about your skin being sticky afterwards. “Well alright,” she sighed, setting the bottle down on the coffee table. Elizabeth left the room and about twenty minutes later, return all refreshed and cleaned up from a quick shower. She closed all her blinds and tossed her towel to the side. Grabbing the bottle, she proceeded to squirt out some kind of gooey, sticky-looking brown substance into her palm. The feeling of it made her shiver uncomfortably, like there was something wrong with it. Despite that feeling, she spread some of it into her other hand and proceeded to rub herself down with the goo. It felt clammy and gross as she smeared it against her skin, covering all the areas that the back of the bottle mentioned. Also like mentioned, it did seem like she was able to cover every spot rather well with only a little bit of it. After applying it carefully, Elizabeth took a deep breath and sighed, “Hopefully this works soon. I feel rather icky right now…” Thankfully, the feeling soon subsided as the foreign goo was absorbed into her skin. It all went away very quickly, leaving dark brown splotches of pigmentation in their place. Nothing else seemed to happen though, leaving these ugly stains all over her face and body. Elizabeth puffed her cheeks and looked at her arms, “What gives? I thought this was supposed to…” Suddenly, the dark skin tone spread across her limbs, torso, and face like mad. Her pasty white skin tone was quickly overtaken by the richer color, wiping away any blemishes, markings, and body hair along the way. The new pigment stretched to each area of her body, her finger- and toenails even turning dark. Soon, Elizabeth had a new skin tone… or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she now had a new skin color. “Wow,” she remarked, “I look… well, black. …………I’m starting to suspect why this may have been pulled from shelves in the first place. …let’s keep going though! I’m already this far in anyways.” The next thing she pulled out from the box was a special hairspray can that read, “Puff It Up!” Curious, she gave it a good shake and sprayed her hair nice and carefully, getting every single long strand of it, even getting her cowlick. The second she did that though, all of her hair instantly retracted back to her skull. There, it instantly puffed right back out into a big ball. The texture, feel, and style of her hair had radically altered into a large, puffy, black afro. “Man, it’s so big!” she remarked, feeling her new hair, “It’s just like Misty Knight’s hair! So cool! I wonder what else I got in here?” Reaching in, she pulled out some large stickers that she saw earlier. She was rather curious about what these were, since they seemed out of place amongst everything else in the package. Looking them over, they appeared to be temporary tattoos, one with a purple heart and the other being a very stretched out butterfly tattoo. “I know what I’m doing with these!” she eagerly declared. She slapped the butterfly sticker tattoo to right above her bum area and placed the purple heart on her right shoulder. Both of them merged with her skin, turning into what looked like real tats. Curiously, the word “Lexi” appeared in the center of the heart tattoo once it had merged with her skin. “Lexi…,” she read out loud, looking at her shoulder, “…kind of like that.” She smiled and grabbed the next item from the box. This time, it was a pink thong and a pair of red booty shorts. Just from looking at the both of them, Elizabeth could tell they were for someone much bigger, or at least much curvier, than herself. However, she still eagerly put them on, exchanging her regular panties for the thong. With both pieces of clothing on, her entire body quivered with excitement. Her legs grew longer and shapely, stretching up an extra two or three inches. Her own thighs expanded and thickened, while her hips widened and turned curvier. Her ass also expanded, tripling its original size and turning much shapelier as well. “Oh that’s sooooo good,” she moaned as she felt her rear, the bottom of her butt cheeks sticking out of the shorts. She let out a happy sigh and glanced back into the box. “Hmm,” she remarked, “there’s not as much stuff in here as I thought… better savor what’s left then!” She chuckled softly and grabbed what appeared to be a makeup kit. Opening it up, there was blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and even lipstick. The main color of all the makeup there seemed to be purple and nothing more. “…works for me,” she remarked, taking her time to put on every piece of makeup. Applying just a tiny bit of blush made her cheeks fuller and her nose slightly wider-looking than previously. A touch of eyeliner and purple eyeshadow grew out her eyelashes significantly and brought her eyes to a continuous, half-opened, sensual gaze. Her eyebrows seemed to turn thinner as well from that addition of makeup, even though they weren’t touched at all. Lastly, she applied a nice, lovely coating of purple lipstick and her lips expanded, becoming fuller and quite plump. She licked her lips, her lipstick staying perfectly in place, and she said, “I’m feeling really good right about now… only two things left to go.” And those were the bra and shirt towards the bottom of the box. The bra was a stereotypical bra, just colored red for some reason and didn’t really stick out as much. The top was bright pink, very low cut around the chest region, had thin spaghetti straps that held it up, and the phrase, in glittery letters, “hawt” written across the chest area. “Hawt indeed,” Elizabeth softly giggled as she looked over the shirt closely before setting aside. Instead, she grabbed the bra and put it on. Despite a double D-cup herself, she found that the bra was not all that fitting. It was strangely loose on her, but not too loose. Still, it wasn’t too tight and that’s what mattered most to her. Her newest change was a bit more subtle this time around. Her stomach completely toned and flattened, giving her a more fit figure, despite her being already in decent shape. Also, her back pushed forward a bit, her chest being shoved out more than usual. “Hmmm,” she remarked, looking at her chest, “My breasts seem a bit bigger now… but I guess that’s to be expected! Time for the last addition.” She hummed to herself peacefully as she took the shirt and pulled it over her head, careful not to damage her new, fabulous afro. It went over her noggin and body quite smoothly, fitting rather loosely a bit. However, that issue didn’t last for long as her breasts started swelling and expanding. Due to the girl’s large chest size already, her breasts didn’t grow too much, just filling out to a nice, solid EE-cup. They fit her new bra perfectly, the shirt’s fabric clinging tightly to her mounds while also showing up some generous cleavage. And with that, she was complete. “Oh yeah!” the new, even curvier woman cheered, “I’m feeling and lookin’ super good and sexy now! Time for Lexi to make her debut!” Lexi didn’t know why, but she felt so much more cheerful and eager all of a sudden. She had this new, burning desire within to get out into the world and have some fun with all the hunks out there and shake her thing. It was weird, but not unwelcomed within her mind. With a big smile on her face, Lexi grabbed her purse and headed out the door. No more hanging around this drab place, she excitedly thought, it’s time to go out and make some new friends, especially the handsome ones.
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