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    An idle but cozy place for mutants
    If you are not 18+ I'm sorry but you have to go Back
    Feel free to lurk, contribute, share, etc... if you don't mind the constant changes and bugs.
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  • I'm merging and moving threads to the right locations. starting with the divergent mutant board
    Merging the duplicated threads
    Heh, i think the spammers found my website. implementing captcha for the time being
    Not too happy with the current theme but working on fixing all the bad layout formations
    Added similar thread in thread view lazy image loading is back to improve page load
    Thread view layout has been altered it now looks more like the front page. my plan is to do the same with search results etc...
    Anthro Mythical & Monster was overlapping too much with each other making it confusing where to post the content.
    Mythical/Monster has been deleted and the posts have moved to anthro mutants.
    I'm in the process of moving all the thread to the right forums you can help me by replying to a thread when it's posted wrongly.
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